Manage Windows Startup Entries & Get Notifications For New Ones With Startup Patrol

Windows startup management is very important, as the number of startup programs determine how long will it take for your computer to be ready for use after you boot it up. If there are a lot of applications and services scheduled to automatically start each time Windows boots, it is going to take a long time and can be quite annoying, specially when you are in a hurry to get something done. On many occasions, you don’t even need the applications that load at startup and they are there because they were automatically added during the installation of a software. You can edit the Windows Startup entries by either removing them from the Startup folder or by using the System Configuration utility, more commonly known as msconfig. While the native utility only lets you enable or disable entries, third-party applications provide more options. Startup Patrol is a Startup management tool for Windows that allows you to delete items from Windows Startup, as well as create new entries. Moreover, it monitors Windows Startup and whenever a program tries to add an item to it, a notification pops up to inform you about the addition, along with options to Allow, Disable or Delete the startup entry. More on Startup Patrol after the jump.Read More

WinOptimizer: All-In-One System Optimization Tool To Speed Up Your PC

Most system maintenance utilities are developed to make it easy for you to manage your data and optimize the performance of the PC.  As you use the PC, random data keeps piling up, including temp files, logs, registry values, startup entries etc that slow down the data send and retrieval speed. Therefore, it's recommended to frequently clean the hard drive from junk data to make sure that the system keeps running smoothly. In order to optimize PC performance, one needs to deploy a system maintenance and optimization solution that can automatically scan the disk for junk files, remove invalid registry keys, detect internet tracks and empty cache folders, disable unauthorized data transfers and so on. If you've been looking for one such utility, look no further than WinOptimizer. Read More

AppBundle: 200+ Utility, Entertainment & Camera Apps For Your iPhone

With the passage of time, the Springboard of your iOS devices is bound to get more and more populated, but still, it is not humanly possible to have an app available at your fingertips whenever you need it. There are so many apps in the App Store that you can not even imagine to have a specimen from each category. Seeing this immensity of the App Store, AppBundle is an app which comes up with a pretty useful idea. This app is actually a collection of more than 200 apps, and acts as an alternative Springboard for your iPhone. Now, you can bid farewell to worrying about downloading minor apps like alarm clocks, timers, mini games and the like. AppBundle will make sure that you are never lacking in apps which fall under the category of Utility, Entertainment, Camera and Games.Read More

AppGarden: Compendium Of Several Must-Have Tools/ Utilities [Android]

Developed by XDA member, plbelanger, AppGarden is a comprehensive collection of some of the most sought-after (and some rather trivial) tools and utilities that you might require on your Android device on frequent basis, and for various purposes. Be it the dictionary/thesaurus tool, general device info, unit converter, weather updater, URL shortened, random number generator, spell check tool, global public holiday list provider, location-based postal code finder, Wikipedia info, sound recorder, movie synopsis, nearby populated places, rhyming words finder, artist image and lyrics finder, stock quote tracker, general questions and answers, and lots more, the app has you covered. Sporting a simple design, and even simpler purpose, AppGarden ensures that you do not have to install and/or resort to multiple tiny apps in order to find information regarding any of the aforementioned aspects of life. All the options/tools are available on the app’s vertically scrollable homescreen interface in the form of individual entries. All you need to do is navigate to the required tool, feed in any required information upon prompt, wait for the app to fetch the results from its servers, and there you have it! It’s simple yet quite effective.Read More

AppZilla Comes To Android: 40 Handy Tools In One App

Apart from those feature-rich smartphone social network and chat clients, games, note-taking and photography apps that make the news, there are plenty of small miscellaneous tools and trinkets that go unnoticed until need for them arises. Yes, your device might come preloaded with a simple calculator and a handful of other utility apps, but what if you find yourself in need of a currency converter, thesaurus, price and tip calculator, spell checker, translator, LED flashlight, group emailing/texting tool, or perhaps, even a simple random joke/quote generator? Developed by Fossil Software, AppZilla is a one-stop shop for all such apps. Currently available for a meager $1, AppZilla saves you from the hassle of searching for, and installing all such utilities from the Android Market one-by-one. The app offers a comprehensive suite of 40 commonly used tools packed within one interface.Read More

NirLauncher: Launch Any Nirsoft Application With This All-In-One Suite

We have previously covered a number of applications developed by Nirsoft, all of which have come from a developer named Nir Sofer. Nirsoft has always provided top quality software that have helped many advanced and novice users to perform laborious tasks easily, recover passwords, manage network connections, fix system issues and much more. Now, Nirsoft has released an application suite which contains all the useful Nirsoft applications, known as NirLauncher. It is a portable application that can be used to launch any Nirsoft application, and to get detailed information about each program present within the launcher.Read More

Gizmo Central: Utilities For Windows Power Users

Gizmo Central is a set of utilities that simplifies day to day computing, and adds some color to it. It contains a set of modules that allow a user to perform various tasks from the convenience of cool-looking toolbars, and customize them as per his/her liking. This tool is basically aimed at power users, and contains some essential features like image mounting to a virtual drive, file encryption, database management, script runner etc.Read More

Maintain And Optimize Your Windows With Perfect Utilities

Perfect Utilities helps you keep your system running smoothly and improves the overall performance. It is basically system utilities suite which contains many easy-to-use tools to help you optimize your computer and fix problems like slow speed, blue screen, deadlock errors, etc, thus it plays an important role in maintaining the system stability and security. It combines more than 20 system tools and has a very user-friendly  interface.Read More