50 Best Wallpapers For Windows 10

Windows 10 handles colors a whole new way compared to its predecessors and we’ve touched on how those limitations effect the colors we can choose for the interface, as well as which UI elements we can modify when it comes to customizing it. With limitations like that, it’s rather tricky to find a good wallpaper that will suit the design, and set the right accent colors to go with it. We’ve compiled a list of 50 great wallpapers that pair excellently with Windows 10; you can choose to let the operating system pick an accent color to go with these wallpapers, or you can set a custom color of your own. 

1. (Better) Windows 10 Wallpaper By kirill2485

better  windows 10 wallpaper by kirill2485 d95e6hs screenshot 50 Best Wallpapers For Windows 10View in gallery

2. Windows 10 Wallpaper Material Red By zhalovejun

This wallpaper is also available in blue, green, and yellow.

windows 10 wallpaper material red by zhalovejun d956w17 screenshot 50 Best Wallpapers For Windows 10View in gallery

3. 01 by ihabkoura

01_by_ihabkoura-d94wjj9-screenshotView in gallery

4. Gradient W GREY by zhalovejun

Also available in other colors.

gradient_w_grey_by_zhalovejun-d96t79w-screenshotView in gallery

5. Flow by zhalovejun

flow_by_zhalovejun-d972eph-screenshotsView in gallery

6. Make It Simple Blue by zhalovejun

make_it_simple_blue_by_zhalovejun-d95byum-screenshotView in gallery

7. Boat by CarlosTown

boat_by_carlostown-d96gyxf-screenshotView in gallery

8. Beach Rocks by fourkwp

beach_rocks_4k_nature_wallpaper_by_fourkwp-d95yd0u-screenshotView in gallery

9. Fear The Death Darkscape by Charlie-Henson

fear_the_death_darkscape_wallpaper_by_charlie_henson-d95sm2m-screenshotView in gallery

10. lithium by gieffe22

lithium_by_gieffe22-d97uf2t-screenshotView in gallery

11. Low Poly Mountains by PlebMaster

low_poly_mountains___hd_by_plebmaster-d95mat6-screenshotView in gallery

12. Yosmite by amdpastrana

yosmite_by_amdpastrana-d96orw5-screenshotView in gallery


13. Waterfall in the Valley by amdpastrana

waterfall_in_the_valley_by_amdpastrana-d97cszf-screenshotView in gallery

14. Cool Cat: Genius by ToValhalla

cool_cat__genius_by_tovalhalla-d95cisd-screenshotView in gallery

15. Day 376. Fish Background by AClockworkKitten

day_376__fish_background__by_aclockworkkitten-d97tipt-screenshotView in gallery

16. Dinosaurs by LEMMiNO

dinosaurs_by_lemmino-d96r1tb-screenshotView in gallery

17. Kermit De Frog Here Wallpaper by LlamaMoofin

kermit_de_frog_here_wallpaper_by_llamamoofin-d96slva-screenshotsView in gallery

18. MantisWallpaper by seckinburakcengiz

mantiswallpaper_2560x1440_by_seckinburakcengiz-d94shf9-screenshotView in gallery


polygon_chameleon_by_polygn-d9672zs-screenshotView in gallery

20. living on the edge by baspunk

living_on_the_edge_by_baspunk-d96qjpw-screenshotView in gallery

21. Eclipse by SonOfaB***hF**kYou

eclipse_by_sonofabitchfuckyou-d95p427-screenshot.png-screenshotView in gallery

22. Vector island: Space adventure by D0wnload

free_wallpaper_vector_island__space_adventure_by_d0wnload-d95lwlc-screenshotView in gallery

23. Lightyears by teddybearcholla

lightyears_by_teddybearcholla-d97j726-screenshotView in gallery

24. Planets: Flat Design by Beijing54

planets__flat_design_by_beijing54-d97bp6i-screenshotsView in gallery

25. Rosetta and 67P ChuryumovGerasimenko by RobertsURL

rosetta_and_67p_churyumovgerasimenko_by_robertsurl_by_robertsurl-d951zlm-screenshotView in gallery

26. Space symphony by ZloyKritik

space_symphony_by_zloykritik-d96uca1-screenshotView in gallery

27. Space tunnel by ZloyKritik

space_tunnel_by_zloykritik-d96bflp-screenshotView in gallery

28. Vector Meteor by DiZtort

vector_meteor_by_diztort-d97pjcv-screenshotsView in gallery

29. death by cr42yh17m4n

death_by_cr42yh17m4n-d94wwkb-screenshotView in gallery

30. Neon2 by jinks11

Available in lots of great variations.

neon2_by_jinks11-d95nghs-screenshotView in gallery

31. Tex 95 by WALLGOTH

tex_95_by_wallgoth-d82kgck-screenshotView in gallery

32. Rising Of A Galaxy by mena1261

rising_of_a_galaxy_by_mena1261-d96t0xn-screenshotView in gallery

33. AnotherAbstractThing by Ricsmond

anotherabstractthing_by_ricsmond-d93nwra-screenshotView in gallery

34. Red Gem Wallpaper by RAJEN13

red_gem_wallpaper_by_rajen13-d97qvhe-screenshotView in gallery

35. Artech Wallpaper Red by zhalovejun

artech_wallpaper_red_by_zhalovejun-d95qiz6-screenshotView in gallery

36. Bokeh by micycle

bokeh__1920x1080__by_micycle-d97r07q-screenshotView in gallery

37. Build by CosmoSamsa

build_by_cosmosamsa-d92xmzk-screenshotView in gallery

38. Denim by manoluv

denim_by_manoluv-d9591qz-screenshotView in gallery


39. Flame by Scania78

flame_by_scania78-d96ukl1-screenshotView in gallery

40. Digital Circuits Fan Pink by LittleJacob

digital_circuits_fan_pink_by_littlejacob-d9783g4-screenshotView in gallery

41. Marvin’s mustache! by teddybearcholla

marvin_s_mustache__by_teddybearcholla-d97uldk-screenshotView in gallery

42. Steel Corruption by SovereignViolette

steel_corruption_by_sovereignviolette-d97qkyn-screenshotsView in gallery

43. Fellbeast by Joanna1993

fellbeast_by_joanna1993-d96byuj-screenshotView in gallery

44. Guardians Of The Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Groot by TheAuraKnight

guardians_of_the_galaxy_rocket_raccoon_groot_wallp_by_theauraknight-d95zvn9-screenshotView in gallery

45. Minecraft Wallpaper by zaktech90

minecraft_wallpaper_by_zaktech90-d91dpqh-screenshotView in gallery

46. Pokeball4 by kasperja

pokeball4_by_kasperja-d9579m0-screenshotView in gallery

47. Swordman Wallpaper by JonnyClark

swordman_wallpaper_by_jonnyclark-d968hdx-screenshotView in gallery

48. S.H.I.E.L.D. by desous

wallpaper___s_h_i_e_l_d___no_text__by_desous-d96wclv-screenshotView in gallery

49. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey by Calypso1977

wibbly_wobbly_timey_whimey_by_calypso1977-d97sy3n-screenshotView in gallery

50. Xbox Master Chief wallpaper by Spectalfrag

Available in lots of different variations.

xbox_master_chief_wallpaper_by_spectalfrag-d96fdqh-screenshotView in gallery