Outlook 2010: Auto Archive Email Messages

The Outlook inbox grows in size with every passing day as a user receives hundreds of emails daily, thus causing Outlook to operate sluggishly. The Auto Archive feature of Outlook lets you remove or move old email messages, so that the inbox remains neat and smaller in size. Read More

How To Generate OPML File From RSS Feeds

If you are switching from one feed reader to another then it is a hectic process to go to each of your feed sites and subscribe again. In order to migrate from one feed reader to another, you need to create an OPML file for your current feed entries and then it is used to import your URLs to the new feed reader. Read More

Quickly Block/Unblock Attachment File Types In Outlook 2010/2007

You might have noticed that Microsoft Outlook prevents certain file type attachments from opening so that your computer remains  safe. However, sometimes you need to be able to handle these attachments(for example Word or Excel files). Instead of playing with the complex settings, try the Outlook Attachment Enabler which can enable/disable any attachment file types. Read More

PowerPoint 2010: Set Up Default Presentation Theme

Whenever you create a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint, it opens the new presentation in the default theme. If you are not okay with the default theme and are bored of changing the theme every time you create a new presentation, then here is a small tip which will come in handy. Read More

Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular application suits which no doubt facilitates the users to the full extent. But due to its high price or due to any compatibility issue with the operating system, it is always desirable to have some alternatives. Lets have a summarized look on the available alternatives.

Read More

Outlook 2010: Backup/Export Email Rules

Rules filter incoming emails as per the predefined criteria. Whenever a new email is received, Outlook 2010 processes it according to the applied rules. If you receive hundreds of emails daily and have dozens of rules applied then it is wise to make a backup of these rules. Read More

Import MS Access Database To Excel 2010 Using MS Query

Microsoft Query is one of the most popular techniques to import data from external data sources into your Excel sheet. It offers a very flexible way of  importing data such that if the data changes in the source database then you can also get the latest updates in your excel sheet by just refreshing your spreadsheet. Read More

Digital Janitor: Auto Cleanup Download Folder By Sorting Files

The Digital Janitor helps in sorting folders on the basis of where you wish specific file types to go. Suppose you have a Downloads folder where every type of files are downloaded, in the end you have to manually sort them out by copying files to various folders depending on file type. With Digital Janitor and a couple of clicks, you can define which file type should be moved to which folders, thus making the sorting process automated. Read More

DeskMenu – Access Desktop Items The Easy Way

Desk Menu is a light-weight and simple utility which sits in the system tray and  provides you faster access to your desktop shortcuts and items. There is no need to minimize all opened windows only to access the contents on the desktop. Read More

Outlook 2010: Keep The Email Category Of Sender

Outlook is very popular and is commonly used in organizations. However in normal practice we usually miss out on a very useful feature because there is a recommended rule which disables this feature. Let me shed some light on this, Outlook allows the sender to assign a category to an outgoing email, this assigned category is automatically created if not already present on the Outlook app installed at the receivers end. Read More

How To Block Unwanted Website In Ubuntu Linux

If your Ubuntu computer is used by some one else besides yourself, specially children, then you might want to restrict some websites and make sure they do not open on your system. Here is a quick way to block such sites in Ubuntu. It is extremely simple doesn't require any third party application, you just need to make a simple entry in the /etc/hosts file. Read More