Explorer++ Is A Light, Portable & Multi-Tabbed Windows File Manager

On any computer platform, a good file browser is a integral part of a smooth user experience. Although Windows Explorer provides you with a lot of useful options to view, search and access your content, many power users require more than that to efficiently organize their files and folders, and quickly transfer their content between multiple folders. Explorer++ is a great portable and lightweight third-party file browser for Windows that has been around for a while and has recently received an update, fixing several bugs and making it more stable. It provides you with tabbed browsing, complete integration with the operating system, ability to split and merge files, search files with name and attribute filters, and a lot more. Read More

Get Proper Aero Glass Effect With Blurred Transparency In Windows 8

The lack of window border transparency (Aero Glass Effect) in Windows 8 has been a big subject of debate since the release of the OS. People have been coming up with many tools and hacks to get back the transparent borders, and we have followed the whole progress quite closely. Aero8Tuner was the first application to boast getting the feature back, but had a lot of bugs. Then came WinaeroGlass, this time with a lot less bugs but still without the blur effect of Windows Aero. Windows 8 is not completely void of transparency, as we can see in case of the taskbar, leading to tools like Opaque Taskbar that disables the taskbar transparency to make it match the rest of the UI. Aero Glass for Win8 is another transparency-related portable app that that has managed to bring back Aero Glass to window borders in Windows 8, complete with transparency and blur effects. Even though the application is still in beta, it works quite well. Read More

Metrogram Live: Windows 8 Instagram Viewer With A Pin To Start Option

Photo sharing is the craze these days with a lot of social networks, file sharing services, web applications and mobile apps gaining their fame by offering the ability to upload and share images with others, Instagram being the most famous example of this. The popularity of Instagram lies in the variety of filters that can be applied to an image, giving it the look as if it was shot with a professional camera. Previously, we have covered a third-party Instagram client for Windows 8 called Wingram that allows you to access and manage your Instagram account. However, it is a paid application and for those of you looking for a free alternative, we've found Metrogram Live. It is a Modern UI-based Instagram client that allows you to view different public image feeds, view new images from your followers and the people you are following, search for images, and pin your favorite images to the Start Screen. It also features a live tile for your Start Screen. Read More

Manage Windows Startup Entries & Get Notifications For New Ones With Startup Patrol

Windows startup management is very important, as the number of startup programs determine how long will it take for your computer to be ready for use after you boot it up. If there are a lot of applications and services scheduled to automatically start each time Windows boots, it is going to take a long time and can be quite annoying, specially when you are in a hurry to get something done. On many occasions, you don’t even need the applications that load at startup and they are there because they were automatically added during the installation of a software. You can edit the Windows Startup entries by either removing them from the Startup folder or by using the System Configuration utility, more commonly known as msconfig. While the native utility only lets you enable or disable entries, third-party applications provide more options. Startup Patrol is a Startup management tool for Windows that allows you to delete items from Windows Startup, as well as create new entries. Moreover, it monitors Windows Startup and whenever a program tries to add an item to it, a notification pops up to inform you about the addition, along with options to Allow, Disable or Delete the startup entry. More on Startup Patrol after the jump. Read More

Windows 8 And RT Touch Options Explained

Microsoft’s foray into the world of touch-based devices began a long time ago with Windows Mobile and Windows for Tablet PCs even before iOS and Android existed. Though after failing to compete with these new platforms, Microsoft decided to give Windows a whole new direction, resulting in the creation of Windows 8 based on the tile-based interface first introduced in Windows Phone 7. For devices equipped with touch screen and stylus input, Windows 8 and RT offers Pen and Touch options options in the Control Panel to tweak settings for pen and touch input on the devices. In this post, we will give an explanation of each setting for touch-based devices offered by Windows 8/RT, and guide you on how to change it to your advantage. Do note that pen options will not be available if your device doesn’t come with a pen/stylus. Read More

Hide & Password-Protect Personal Windows With Window Hider

It is quite usual to have multiple windows open on the same desktop if you have a single monitor. Multiple browsers windows, music player, instant messaging services, Windows Explorer and many other programs are part of our daily routine and prove as ingredients for most of the mess on our desktop screens. In this mess, if there’s a window displaying sensitive information, it is easy to lose track of it when you are leaving your workstation. You can lock the computer if you are going away, but what if you just have to show something to your boss or colleague and don’t want them to see contents of another window? Even when you minimize it, its icon can be easily seen in the Taskbar. Window Hider is a portable application for Windows that lets you hide open windows, both with and without a password. It is a simple tool that allows you to remove clutter from the desktop, and keep your privacy even when showing your desktop to someone else. Read More

‘Should I Remove It?’ Helps You Decide Which Windows Apps To Uninstall

Free apps are a great way to get more out of your computer without spending a dime. Even though paid applications often contain more features, there are a lot of free apps that surpass them in usability. However, free software often comes bundled with other free software, such as unnecessary browser toolbars and programs. Previously, we have covered some very useful applications that allow you to remove unwanted software from your computer, such as SlimComputer and Toolbar CleanerShould I Remove It? is another Windows application that performs the same function, but in a different manner. Instead of automatically deleting the software, it analyzes your installed programs and provides you suggestions regarding the ones you can safely remove. Read More

Search & Browse The History Of All Web Browsers On A PC From One Place

Every major internet browser saves the history of all the webpages that you have visited, including all your web searches. The purpose of this feature is to let you easily locate a web page that you have visited in the past, and can be a lifesaver if you have forgotten an important URL. A lot of people use more than one browser (I myself use Mozilla Firefox as my main browser and Google Chrome as the secondary one). Sometimes when you are looking for a particular URL in your browser history, you forget which browser you originally used to access the webpage, and Windows does not allow you to search the history of all browsers at once. Internet History Browser is a free portable tool for Windows that changes that, by letting you view and search your complete browsing history across all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. Read More

Add ‘Keep On Top’ & Other Handy Options To Application Window Menu

In the past, we have covered several tiny Windows utilities that help you with your workflow by providing quick access to certain actions. For instance, Peek Through allows you to make any window transparent and even click elements of the underlying window through it, and Volumouse lets you control several system components using the mouse wheel. Applications like these give you greater control over your system without interfering with its normal functionality. WindowMenuPlus is another similar tool that adds a set of options to the right-click context menu of every window. These extended options allow you to keep the window on top, move or  maximize it to a particular area of the screen, change its transparency, kill its process, view extended information about the program, change the process priority, and minimize the window to system tray. Keep reading to find out more about WindowMenuPlus Read More

Easily Correct Perspective & Vertical Line Distortion In Photos

Whenever we go on holidays, most of us snap a lot of pictures and bring them back to share them with our friends and family, or just to preserve our precious moments. Digital cameras have allowed us to capture thousands of images without worrying about the camera reel running out. However, due to the lack of any such limitation, most people don’t put a lot of thought or spend a lot of time in getting that perfect shot just right, and many of our pictures turn out to be a bit out of proportion. You surely wouldn't go back to the place just to retake the picture from a different angle, but what you can do is try to fix the original image. Previously, we covered an application called ShiftN that automatically fixes line distortion from images. Today, we have an open-source tool for you called PerspectiveImageCorrection that lets you correct the image perspective, but this one allows you to manually select the 4 points for specifying the correction criteria. You can draw a 4-point polygon for perspective correction and thus, have more control over the correction process. Read More

8StartButton Is A Unique Modern UI Start Menu App For Windows 8

During the last year, we have seen a large number of free and paid Start Screen modification and replacement tools for Windows 8. Some provide you with a Windows 7-like Start Menu and disable the Start Screen, while others change the way the Start Screen looks. Back in October, Waqas compiled a list of the best Windows 8 Start Screen modifiers and Start Menu applications to get back the old Windows 7 feel. However, several new applications from the same genre have appeared since and if a new tool offers something different, we try to review it for our readers. 8StartButton is one such Start Screen replacement utility that caught our attention. It allows you to replace the Start Screen with a highly customizable Start Menu providing you full control over the system. You can access all the installed programs as well as system options, and pin your favorite programs as tiles inside the Start Menu. You can choose to open Start Menu or the Start Screen as the default function for the button, disable the Start Screen hot corner, and choose to boot Windows directly to the desktop. Read More

My Computer Tweaker: Massive Collection Of Windows Registry Tweaks Under One Roof

There are several ways to change the look and feel of Windows, the easiest among them being applications that modify different aspects of the operating system. Windows Tweaker is one such application with 100+ tweaks for system utilities and UI related components. However, many power users go beyond just mere apps and manually tweak the group policy editor and Windows registry to achieve the level of customization that is not possible through regular means. A lot of times, soon after a registry hack becomes common, someone makes a one-click tool for it, allowing novice users to take advantage of the tweak. Though that requires you to install a different tool for each registry tweak. Today, we present you a portable application called My Computer Tweaker that allows you to choose from a large number of handy registry tweaks to apply on your Windows 7 computer without worrying about not having a fallback plan.The tweaks are divided into several categories, including Desktop and Taskbar, System, Security, Visual Effects, Media Center etc., making it easy for you to choose the ones that best suit your requirements. Read More

Quickly Uninstall Unwanted Windows Apps From Right-Click Menu

Here at AddictiveTips, we try to bring our readers several application reviews each day. Before writing the post, we test the application in question extensively to make sure that whatever we are writing depicts the truth about the tool in question. The process involves installing a number of apps, testing them, and then picking out the best ones for the day to share with our readers. By the end of the day, all this ends up in a lot of unneeded software installed on the system, adding to the clutter and making the computer run slower. The default Windows uninstall utility allows you to uninstall applications from your computer, but you have to open the dialog box and look through the list of installed application before you uninstall them. We have covered some very useful uninstallation utilities such as Revo Uninstaller that includes additional clean-up tools, and Geek Uninstaller that removes all residue along with the application, including registry entries and context menu integrations. However, today we present you a simpler solution called Windows Uninstaller that lets you perform the task right from the context menu of installed applications, without ever opening another dialog box. Read More

Get Multiple Virtual Desktops On Windows RT Tablets With VirtualWin

Virtual desktops allow you to have multiple workspaces without having to spend money on extra monitors. If you are one of those people who are easily distracted by multiple applications open on the desktop, virtual desktops allow you to compartmentalize your work by grouping related windows together on different virtual screens. This in turn lets you avoid the clutter and distraction created by opening multiple utilities, decreasing the time wasted in maximizing and minimizing different apps and ultimately increasing your productivity. As we know, Windows RT - the tablet-only version of Windows 8 with ARM processor - does not support x86 applications, and every useful tool that you normally use cannot be installed on an RT device. However, the guys at XDA have developed workarounds for some of the applications. VirtualWin is one such application that has been modified to run on jailbroken Windows RT devices. It is a desktop manager that allows you to take advantage of multiple workspaces and increase your screen real estate. Read More

How To Browse & Launch Windows 8 Store Apps From Desktop

Since the release of Windows 8, we've been seeing a lot of apps and hacks that allow you to access the functionality of the Modern UI or Start Screen from the desktop, or vice versa. For instance back in November, we covered a tip on adding an 'All Apps' shortcut to windows 8 desktop and taskbar. Even though Microsoft has aimed to transform the way people use Windows, there are a lot of people unwilling to embrace the change and simply want to use the OS conventionally. Some of the best examples are the sheer number of Start Menu tools that allow you to disable the Start Screen and bring back the Start Menu in Windows 8. While the desktop is still the default workspace for most people, one cannot deny the usefulness of Modern UI, specially Windows Store apps. However, if you have disabled the Start Screen, accessing these apps can be a bit difficult. Today, we will guide you through the process of enabling access to all your Modern UI apps right from the Windows desktop environment. Read More

Undelete Navigator Is A File Recovery Tool With Better, Structured Browsing

When you delete a file or folder from your hard disk, only the reference to the file data in the File Allocation Table is market as deleted and until more data is written over it, the content is not actually erased from the disk. From a security perspective, this can prove to be a problem if you don’t permanently delete the data using file shredders such as Super File Shredder and Eraser. However, this feature can be quite good to recover files that are accidentally deleted from the drive. You can use a file recovery application that checks the free space for deleted files and provides you with a list of files that can be restored, letting you restore the original file if new data hasn't been written in its place yet. Undelete Navigator is another app that allows you to browse for and recover deleted files from your hard drive using this method. The key feature of the app is the ability to browse different partitions in a way similar to a normal file browser, and recover any of the files that you want. Read More

Run Android Ice Cream Sandwich On Your PC With WindowsAndroid

The Android platform has come a long way since the first Android phone was released in 2008, but it still primarily remains a platform for mobile devices, smart TVs, in-vehicle entertainment systems and a few small computers like the Raspberry Pi. Having access to Android on your PC can be quite useful considering its huge app ecosystem. Back in 2011, we covered BlueStacks that allows you to run numerous Android apps in full screen mode on yoru PC but if you want to use the complete Android operating system on your Windows computer, emulation is the answer. WindowsAndroid is an Android emulator that allows you to do just that, bringing you the full Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich experience within Windows, complete with apps, widgets and settings. Keep reading to find out more. Read More

Get User Response On App Ideas & Preview Upcoming Apps On PreApps

In the last few years, we have seen tremendous growth in the mobile apps market, specially in Android and iOS. With the release of Windows 8 came Windows Store, another app market with a great potential because of the huge user base of Windows. When new developers launch their apps in one of these markets, they are faced with the problem of making a place for themselves among the already popular apps of the same genre. For instance, someone making a browser for Android will have to compete with the likes of Chrome, Opera and Dolphin HD. Since these apps have already made their name and provide users with a lot of features, investing all that time and money in app development and then not receiving positive feedback can be very demotivating. PreApps is a web-service for developers to upload their app ideas before launching them on the market, and for users to preview upcoming apps, rate them and post comments. Developers can upload the description of the app, with screenshots and videos, polls about the app price, and choose people for beta testing. Users can then rate the app based on the given information and provide their feedback on the available or missing features. Read More

Get Classic Start Menu & Disable Start Screen On Windows RT Tablets

The Start Menu vs. Start Screen menu has been going on endlessly since Windows 8 was first showcased by Microsoft to reveal the lack of a Start menu. Fans of the classic Start Menu have since released several third-party apps to bring it back on Windows 8 devices, and we have brought you several such tools here at AddictiveTips over the past few months, which you can check out in our compilation of best Windows 8 Start Screen modifiers and Start Menu apps. However, all these previously mentioned applications only work for the x86 and x64 versions of Windows, i.e. Windows 8 and if you have a Windows RT tablet that uses ARM architecture, you will not be able to take advantage of these apps. What we have for you today is a port of previously featured Classic Shell for jailbroken Windows RT tablets (like Microsoft Surface RT) that bring the Start Menu back on the device and disables the Start Screen. Read More