Browse iPhone Backups, Manage App Data & Media Files With iBrowse

iTunes might provide the only official way of managing data on your iOS devices, but there are many third-party desktop tools that do the same with a lot less hassle. iPhone Explorer and iDevice Manager are just two of the alternatives iOS users have for iTunes. Thanks to such software, you can drag and drop media, app data, notes, and contacts to your device without having to figure out the complicated syncing hierarchies that can make using iTunes a real pain in the neck. iBrowse is yet another tool that offers iOS file access, but it is unique to some extent, too. With iBrowse, you get to go through the backup data stored on your computer, without having to restore it to a device. When an iPhone is connected to your PC or Mac, iBrowse also shows full app data, along with the usual photo and video files. Read More

Instagram For iPhone Gets The iOS 7 Treatment

Instagram has just been updated to match the revamped UI in iOS 7, but if you were looking forward to some new features, you are bound to be disappointed. The update isn’t anything like the overhaul the Facebook app has undergone, but it’s still more than what the Twitter update has to offer. The changes in Instagram are subtle enough to prevent users from getting lost in a maze of new additions, but are still sufficient to make the app look at home on iOS 7. There are no changes in the camera screen, or in the photo filters, but every other part of the app has received some attention. Probably the most important change is that Instagram now displays photos in the feed from one edge to the other – something that gives the app a really refreshed look. Read More

How To Qucikly Delete Gmail Messages In iOS 7 Mail App

Despite the myriad of changes that have come to the iPhone with iOS 7, the stock Mail app hasn’t undergone a major overhaul. Admittedly, there are a few UI changes, but no big features have been added or taken away. There is a minor change though, but since email plays such an important role in our daily life, this seemingly insignificant alteration has been bothering a lot of users. If you are a Gmail user but have so far avoided the official Gmail app for iOS, you have likely encountered the ‘Archive’ button that shows up in Mail every time you try to delete a message. Things were this way in iOS 6 as well, but in the previous version of the OS, it was quite easy to change this setting. iOS 7 has buried the option deep inside the Settings app, so you might not be able to discover it straight away, and that's what we're going to help you with. Read More

Phonly Is A Great Free Feedly Client For Windows Phone 8

Google doesn’t have any official apps available for Windows Phone, but developers often try to fill this void with third-party apps of their own. Back in the days of Mango, WP7 had some really good Google Reader clients like Aloud and Reader2Go. Now that Google Reader is dead, there is a clear need of some fresh additions to the genre of RSS readers in the Windows Phone Store. On other smartphone platforms and desktop, the one service that seems to have taken the place of Google Reader for most people is Feedly. So, it makes sense that the first major RSS reader to come to WP8 is a Feedly client. Phonly is a very thorough app, offering everything you are ever likely to find in similar apps on iOS or Android. You can manage your feeds, read articles, and even add new sources to the mix with ease. Read More

Mood-Based Music Streaming App Songza Comes To Windows Phone 8

With Xbox Music slowly gaining momentum (at least on Microsoft’s own platforms), a lot of third-party music streaming services are bound to feel a bit threatened. Although Songza is essentially a music streaming app, one can't help but feel that it is unique enough to always deserve a place on most people’s devices. For those not familiar with it, Songza automatically creates playlists depending upon the time of the day, and your current mood. You don’t have to painstakingly look for good songs that you feel like listening to; just choose an occasion, and the service does the rest. Songza has been around on iOS and Android for quite some time, and was released on Windows 8 a few months ago. The app is now available on WP8 as well, complete with all of the features that have made it popular on the other platforms. Read More

Sing Karaoke, Create & Share Your Own Music Videos On Windows Phone 8 With Singster

Sing! and Strum are just two of many karaoke apps available on Android and iOS, but Windows Phone hasn't been too lucky in this regard. If you are a Lumia owner, there aren't many options to consider whenever you get the urge to sing your heart out, be it alone or with your friends. Singster is a WP8 app that fills this void quite nicely, and in addition to offering karaoke for a variety of popular tracks, it even makes it possible to shoot a video to go with your singing. Based on your efforts, Singster awards a score to your video at the end of the recording. You can then share your song with friends and Singster followers, or just explore the app and discover what others are singing. Read More

Find The Right Lounge At An Airport With LoungeBuddy For iPhone

Travelling is not a simple task, specially if you happen to be a bit nervous about flying. Short flights aren’t too bad, but if you mean to transit one or more times during your journey, managing different aspects of the excursion can get a bit hectic. Like many other things pertaining to life in the modern world, your iPhone can help you with air travel and the planning related to it. Apps like Kayak Pro, FlightBoard, and App in the Air go a long way towards calming the worries of many travellers going on long trips. If you are a frequent flyer though, there are some luxuries that are bound to become necessities. Airport lounges might not be too important if you are on a short flight, but if you just got off the plane after 12 hours, the food, shower, beverages and comfortable couches on offer can be real lifesavers. Most busy terminals have an abundance of these lounges though, which is why LoungeBuddy can prove to be a really useful app to have before you embark on an airplane. The app lets you make the best choices regarding clubs and lounges at airports, taking both your finances and requirements into consideration. Read More

Memoir For iPhone Shows Photo Reminders Of Your Past Based On Time & Location

You might not have time for it often enough, but it can be a really enriching experience to look back at your social network activities every once in a while. Most users are just concerned with the latest happenings on their timeline, but the fact of the matter is that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a whole lot of other services maintain records of your every move starting from the time you create your account on them. Apps like Timehop can treat you to a blast from the past every once in a while, but the newly released Memoir can do a lot more in addition to that. The app strives to create a complete database of your memories picked from among the photos on your social network. You can search through this collection of memories, but even if you don’t, Memoir makes sure that you don’t forget the important stuff by coming up with reminders whenever you are with someone who is a part of your memories, or when you visit a place you have been to in the past. Read More

Bing For iOS Gets Easier Search Options & Better SkyDrive Integration

With the glut of apps that have been getting updated to match the new iOS 7 UI, it is quite a surprise to see an update that doesn’t have much to do with the new firmware. Admittedly, the Bing app has always had Modern UI, but it isn’t exactly iOS 7-like in any way. The latest update of the app focuses more on adding to the features, rather than the interface. A number of handy shortcuts have been added to the homepage, making the app a lot like the Search section in Windows Phone. You can keep an eye on the search trends from the past week, find places near you (the equivalent of Local Scout on WP8), and Bing now offers some pretty thorough integration with SkyDrive for users wanting to keep their search history and bookmarks synced across multiple devices. Read More

18 Lesser Known Or Hidden New Features In iOS 7

It is not an uncommon occurrence for Apple to give an approximate count of the number of new features rolled out with each new iOS update. This time around, the focus has been more on the UI, but there are still supposed to be more than 200 new additions to iOS 7. Of course you can’t miss things like the new Notification Center, and the super-useful Control Center, but it is nearly impossible to quickly discover every single addition made to the OS. In previous years, we have brought you collections of the minor changes made to iOS 5 and the lesser known features from iOS 6, and now it’s iOS 7’s turn. You might have come across some of these features already, but we are sure several of these have managed to slip under many people’s radars, too. Read More

AirDrop: iOS 7′s NFC & Bluetooth File Sharing Alternative

Until a few years ago, when people finally learned to live with it, iOS was often criticized for its lack of Bluetooth file sharing. Technology has moved on since then, and now many smartphones come with support for NFC. Apple has refused to add support for Bluetooth file transfer and NFC until now, but iOS 7 does ship with a new feature that can prove to be a worthy alternative. AirDrop allowed owners of the more recent iDevices running iOS 7 to share photos, contacts, and videos with other iOS users. The feature works a lot like Bluetooth file transfer. You can control your device’s visibility with ease, and there is also the possibility of refusing to receive a file if you think it is coming from an untrustworthy source. AirDrop chooses a destination for the incoming file automatically, so that users don’t have to fret over it. Read More

Facebook & Twitter Apps Get The iOS 7 Look & A Few New Features

iOS 7 is such a huge update that it has caused an avalanche of app updates of the magnitude that no prior firmware has ever triggered. Developers don't want their apps to look out of place on the OS, so all the big names have already jumped on the iOS 7's flat UI bandwagon, whether they like it or not. Yesterday, we covered updates for Flipboard and Foursquare, and two even bigger names have today joined that list now that iOS 7 is actually available for the public. Twitter’s latest iOS version focuses just on making the app at home on the firmware update, but Facebook has shuffled things around a bit more thoroughly. The navigation bar that was previously at the top of the screen has now been moved to the bottom, and is now omnipresent. There is also a new search button that enables users to quickly find any profile or page they want to view. Read More

New In iTunes 11.1: iOS 7 Support, iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle & More

iTunes 11 was released more than a month after iOS 6 came out, but that wasn’t really a big deal because users were able to continue syncing their iDevices without any problems, and none of the existing features were affected. With iOS 7, however, it is a whole new story. iTunes 11.0.3 does not recognize devices running the OS’ latest version. Some users who immediately updated to iOS 7 hours ago after seeing its new features were left feeling somewhat stuck for the short period of time that iTunes 11.1 was failing to download. The download page seems to be working fine now, though, and not only can you use it to backup/restore your iOS 7 device, but it also has iTunes Radio built into it! Another major addition is ‘Shuffle Genius’, which makes sure that even when in shuffle mode, your playlists are created intelligently. Read More

iOS 7: A Complete Guide To New Features & Changes

Apple has been quite unpredictable when it comes to new releases. Of course, the new iOS updates do come out around this time of the year, but you can never tell what changes will be awaiting you once you install the new firmware on your iPhone. iOS 5 was a huge update and brought a staggering number of new features to the mix, while iOS 6 didn’t have too many shiny new things as it focused on perfecting the existing features of the platform. The latest in this line, iOS 7, has been termed by many as the biggest change to ever come to Apple’s mobile platform since its initial release. iOS 5 might still win in a comparison of features, but there can be no denying the fact that everything regarding the UI and the overall feel of iOS has been completely revamped. iOS 7 bids adieu to skeuomorphism, and embraces a flat, simplistic look. Having said that, the update doesn't do too bad on the features front either, with plenty of new additions making sure that users get the best out of their iDevices with the utmost ease. Read More

Safari For iOS 7 Offers Sleek New Tabs View, Gestures & Social Media Integration

Until recently, it looked like Mobile Safari was losing a significant number of users to Google Chrome on iPhone, but with the release of iOS 7, the scales might be tipped in the default browser’s favor once again. Safari for iOS 7 incorporates almost everything that previously forced users to look for third-party web browsers. The new tabs view makes the previous iteration of Safari look like something from medieval times, the overall UI is great, and there is the new ‘Shared Links’ tab that takes the browser’s social media integration to a whole new level. Thanks to its iCloud Keychain integration, Safari lets users save and sync their personal information, passwords and credit card data in a rather secure manner. You also don’t have to exit the browser every time there is a need to initiate a private browsing session. Read More

iOS 7 Smart Multitasking, Background App Refresh & Automatic Updates Explained

iOS has been able to multitask for quite a long time (since iOS 4, to be exact), although it was not initially possible to switch between apps on your iPhone in an efficient manner, and those apps certainly couldn't function in the background. Things have been changing steadily after the introduction of the App Switcher tray though. Having said that, no iOS update has changed multitasking as much as the newly released iOS 7. Everything from the way background apps behave to the UI of the App Switcher has been revamped. You might not notice all the changes right away, but multitasking has certainly gone smart after the update. Your iPhone learns from your daily routine and the frequency of app usage, and keeps the more important apps active exactly when you need them. In addition to that, the App Store can be configured to automatically update your apps without even asking for your permission, and that too without adversely affecting your device’s battery life. Read More

What’s New In The Reimagined iOS 7 Notification Center

Notification Center was the among the biggest features that arrived with iOS 5, but a lot has changed since then. In iOS 6, we only saw minor changes to that part of the platform. iOS 7, however, has completely overhauled the NC, and you might even say that Apple has made Notification Center what it should have been all along. Not only is it more organized, users manage to get more information out of less data. The most talked-about change regarding the Notification Center in iOS 7 in undoubtedly its ability to show up on the lock screen, but there are even more noteworthy improvements in the mix. For one thing, the whole Notification Center is now divided into three sections. You get information and widgets on one screen, and notifications on the other two. Read on to find out what the changes are all about. Read More

Hands-On With iTunes Radio & Its Unlimited, Free Music Streaming On iOS 7

The days when the big players of the tech industry could prosper by specializing in just one business are long gone. Apple might have started as a computer company, but with the passage of time, it has grown into something much more universal. The iPhone revolutionized smartphone technology, and now it looks like the company is looking to reach out even further. iTunes Radio is not strictly a hardware or mobile venture, but it has the potential to beat Pandora and become the next big online radio service. Of course, there is stiff competition from the likes of Microsoft and Google in form of Xbox Music and Google Play Music All Access, but anyone who is already in the iOS fold is sure to prefer Apple's offering. iTunes Radio doesn't have many flaws to speak of, and its seamless integration with the iPhone makes the service close to perfect. It offers unlimited song skipping, custom radio stations, intelligent suggestions, and playback control via Siri. Read More

New Siri Capabilities & Commands In iOS 7

Siri might not have managed to become a part of many people’s daily life, but the talking assistant hasn't exactly failed either. To make it more useful, Apple keeps improving it with every iteration of iOS. Although iOS 7 hasn't brought as much new stuff to Siri as iOS 6 did, the additions are still pretty exciting. A lot of changes are related to Twitter, and Siri is now also capable of performing web searches without requiring the launch of Safari. Some other seemingly routine yet important tasks can now also be handled by Siri. You can make it check your emails, read out their subjects, and then start composing a reply, all through voice commands. The UI is also more in sync with other changes in iOS 7, and Siri is finally more than simply a microphone icon. Read More

A Look At The All-New iOS 7 Control Center

It no secret that Apple often takes cues from the Cydia store when it comes to adding new features in iOS updates. This might have resulted in diminishing interest in jailbreaking iDevices, because who would want to go through all that trouble and void the phone’s warranty when the best features are available in the OS itself by default. In iOS 7, we have seen dynamic wallpapers, the parallax effect, and a tabbed Notification Center – all features that you could get via the Cydia store on iOS 6. Another great jailbreak-inspired feature that has come to the party is Control Center. This menu is sure to remind any former jailbreak user of SBSettings, despite its superior looks (of course, Apple made it). Read More