Nexus 4 Toolkit: One-Click Root, Unlock, Recovery, Drivers & More

One click root for the Google Nexus 4 is now available! Earlier we brought to you an extensive guide on rooting and installing ClockworkMod recovery on Nexus 4, and it was no walk in the park, to be honest. However, thanks to the hard work and efforts of XDA-Developers forum member and recognized developer “mskip”, we now have a truly all-in-one Google Nexus 4 Toolkit. Now, what makes this deal even sweeter is the addition of more than just a one-click bootloader unlock and root. Automatic driver installation, backup, flashing, mods, recovery booting and more. The Toolkit is strictly available for the Windows platform for now. Normally, the paradigm of Android development related to specific devices is always unpredictable, but I’m looking at a Nexus here, so no surprises at how fast this has come our way. Read More

Install TWRP Touch Based Recovery On The HTC DROID DNA

Touch recovery from the folks at Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) has now made its way onto the recently-rooted, monstrous HTC DROID DNA. In a league of its own for now, I’m sure if you’re here by now, you are already well versed with the screaming specs of this phone and have either rooted it and planning on installing a custom recovery, or are weighing your options. Either way, this touch based TWRP recovery is a must have if you’re planning on an extensive try out of custom ROMs or mods which will be headed the DNA’s way in no time now. Not sure why you need a custom recovery? See our guide on what is ClockworkMod recovery and how to use it. It is by no means what TWRP recovery is actually like, but TWRP recovery will serve the same functions with the added functionality of a touch based interface. More on it and how you can install this recovery on the Droid DNA, after the jump. Read More

8 Best Video Players For Android

I remember the days when the coolest cellphone was the smallest and most compact one and in the course of a few more years, out came PDAs; some with phone functionality and some as a personal assistant. The screens on those things were huge but they made for some very good multimedia players, something that carried into what we now term as Smartphones. Phones were again headed for an increase in screen size and a larger screen soon became sought after. Phones were soon judged by their screen quality and the ability to play videos. Today however, most smartphones have decent screens in terms of both side and resolution and furthermore, their CPU, GPU and RAM specs are also adequate enough for the job. So now the question isn't which phone plays videos better but rather which app is able to play videos better than the other. Of course, a countless other questions arise, like, 'which player will support 1080p playback?' or 'does this player support subtitles?' or if you’re more aesthetically conscious, 'which player has the best UI?'. In what follows, we will try and answer these questions and a few more, as we list down some of the best Android video player apps out there today. Read More

How To Easily Root The Kindle Fire HD 7″ On Android 4.0 ICS

The Kindle Fire HD 7” Tablet gets rooted amidst all those fresh claims by Amazon to keep a tight lid on all that can be exploited on the tablet to gain root access. The device was dubbed as invulnerable and uncrackable over at XDA-Developers given that Amazon was giving it all it had to keep the device as tightly locked as possible. The device was supposedly very well protected at the bootloader level, but that now, is something that belongs in the past. Thanks to the efforts of recognized XDA-Developer sparkym3 who was responsible for finding a universal exploit for Android 4.0 ICS, the Kindle Fire HD has given in to the same exploit but with a re-written code. More on the root method, after the break. Read More

The New iOS 6 3D Vector Maps With Turn-By-Turn Navigation [Hands-On]

I never thought I’d say this, but iOS 6’s new Maps app has given Google Maps a run for its money. Extremely detailed vector based 3D maps courtesy of TomTom and OpenStreetMap and a few more unannounced sources, have given the all new iOS 6 some serious oomph. Apple is also reportedly using data from local sources in different areas for a more localized and up-to-date map data, like Yandex in Russia. This has led critics to question the accuracy and coverage of these maps, which, unfortunately, we cannot verify for ourselves right now. We can tell you public transit routes are missing for a quite a few areas, and it’s critical that Apple either fixes that or comes up with some updates quick. Other than that, Apple has boldly made a statement, and we take a look at what the fuss is all about just past the fold. Read More

The New iOS 6 Native iPad Clock App With Alarms, Timer & Weather

Finally, a Clock app lands on the iPad 2 and iPad 3, courtesy of iOS 6! There could be a number of reasons why Apple didn’t feel the need to include a functional clock app on a device that set the trend for a high performing tablet, but finally, it is here and I have to admit, it looks really impressive with some really intuitive features. Oh, did I mention that the clock app also comes close to delivering the function of the weather app as well, despite lacking in details as can be found on an iPhone or iPod Touch. With a World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer built into one app, the Clock app is a definite welcome, even if it’s subtle and replaceable. However, a native feature is always more fun. For more on this wonderful app and how it works, read on. Read More

iOS 6 Privacy Feature: What Is It & How Does It Work?

There’s a lot of debate around the internet over the practicality and future of the Privacy feature introduced in iOS 6. There’s talk about the feature becoming annoying for users as iOS 6 grows, since installation and consequently the first time use of an app that requires access to Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photos, Bluetooth Sharing, Facebook, Twitter and of course Location Services, will prompt a dialogue box whether the user wants to allow that app access to one or more of those elements. The current buzz around the blogosphere is that this feature may ultimately backfire, but if you ask me, it’s a move bound to be welcomed by iOS users, as it provides them greater control over their devices. Requiring stringent app approval methods for the App Store is one thing, but it’s about time Apple trusted iOS users to make their own calls over Privacy concerns. For more on the Privacy feature and how it actually works, read on! Read More

All About iOS 6 ‘Reply With Message’, ‘Remind Me Later’ & Do Not Disturb Features

Do Not Disturb for iOS 6 is something that should have made its way to users a lot earlier, given its practicality and need. Earlier, iPhone users had to resort to third party apps for this very purpose, but a native feature is almost always more effective and easier to handle. Now, with Do Not Disturb enabled in iOS 6, all incoming notifications will be smartly filtered and you will, literally, not be disturbed. If you are – of course, considering the Do Not Disturb feature is disabled – actually disturbed, simply reject and reply with a message, or reject asking the phone to remind you when you want. Read More

List Of Free Holo Themed Apps For Android

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was a game changer for Android, bringing in, for the first time, hardware acceleration through most of the UI elements, including the much needed acceleration for the Home Launcher. What made this deal even sweeter was the introduction of a color scheme and theme that will spread like wildfire across all that is Android. The ‘Holo’ theme, as it is came to be known as, included more than just the new Cyan/Black/White color scheme, such as the inclusion of tabbed/column-based browsing and the addition of a navigation ribbon for apps (mostly official). Yes, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is here, but it continues on with the same color scheme and the same UI. Read More

Completely Backup Android Devices To PC Without Root Or Bootloader Unlock

Unlocking the bootloader and consequently rooting an Android device, means loosing all your apps, the data that followed along, and all your settings. This may not seem like a big deal to experienced Android users who will take a few minutes in setting up their phone as it was before, but if a user has build up quite some data on a completely stock Android device and now wishes to root it, it's safe to to say, will be caught up in loads of trouble trying to get the apps back and obviously the data will be lost. Luckily for such users, XDA-Developers forum member Gigadroid has released a Windows based tool called Ultimate Backup Tool that lets you backup all data onto your PC, letting you restore it later. The specialty that Ultimate Backup holds over its peers is the ability to backup apps and data without root! The tool was tested by the developer on a Galaxy Nexus and is said to work for an Android device running Android 4.0 and up. Read More

Dramatic Black & White: Add Greyscale Sophistication To Your iPhone Photos

For me, the good old fashioned black and white effect for photos was a quick and effortless way to make an ugly picture, somewhat tolerable. However, with recent advancements in camera and photo editing apps, have made an otherwise simple black and white effect into a lot more then simply applying a preset filter. Dramatic Black & White is one such app that comes built with a plethora of b&w effects that are actually quite intuitive and easy to use from the word go. Yes, the app is to the point and will not leave you caught up wondering “oooh…what does this button do?”, in case you remember Dee Dee from Cartoon Network's Dexter. Read More

Turn Off Notifications For Individual Apps In Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean’s hottest features are easily the new Google Now and the detailed notification drawer. For a summary of all the features that Jelly Bean has to offer, take a look at our overview of the new and improved features of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. These details, as welcomed as they are, and as excited as Android fans are about it, are not always best suited to everyday use if your phone shuffles through different hands - say, at the office or amongst friends. Being notified of an email is fine, but having the first few lines laid out in the notification menu, not so much - well, not for me, at least. Another prevalent issue with all versions preceding Jelly Bean was notifications popping up for apps that are irrelevant, or those that you just don’t need them at times. Unfortunately, Google offered no way to turn that off, except for removing the notification itself. With Jelly Bean, however, things have changed, and finally, you can stop these 'nuisances' from popping up without having to delete the app itself. Read More

BBC Olympics For iOS & Android: Live Text Commentary For London 2012

Dubbed the ‘digital' Olympics, BBC has just reinforced that notion with the launch of their new BBC Olympics app for iOS and Android platforms. Bringing you extensive and detailed coverage on every aspect of Olympics 2012 when it begins, the app, whilst offering the usual news and other reading material related to Olympics, offers users live coverage in terms of text commentary by journalists. A true Olympic fan, this app is all you need to not only follow every activity, but the activity of your favorite team or country, based on your current location. Read on after the break to learn more about what the app has to offer. Read More

Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Port On HTC HD2

The HTC HD2 gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean! Surprised? Guess not, and after all, why should you be given the feats this device has achieved. From Windows Mobile to Android 2.2 Froyo, Gingerbread, ICS, and now, Jelly Bean. The truest veteran of the Android world, the HD2 has received its first taste of Jelly Bean courtesy of Smokin901 over at XDA-Developers, who has ported the ROM from a Pre Alpha version of a Jelly Bean custom ROM for the Nexus One developed by Evervolv. So when I say port, it means the ROM is not intended to be used as a daily ROM for reasons that will be made clear after the break, and then we’ll tell you how you can get this ROM on your device if you really want to take your HD2 for a spin in the Jelly Bean world. Read More

One Click Root For Google Nexus 7 On Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

The Nexus 7 gets rooted before it’s even launched! Not that it’s surprising at all considering we’ve been through this before in the past with other Android devices, but the device was actually rooted quite a few days back. However this time around Google’s and Asus’ 7” Android 4.1 Jelly Bean running tablet has received a simple One Click solution for users to gain root access. Even more, this will install ClockworkMod recovery as well. So if you do not fancy going through long geek like procedures, this One Click root solution courtesy of XDA-Developers forum member m.sabra is just the tool you will need. Read More

Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean On Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy Nexus may be Google’s flagship device that gets all the Android updates before any other device does, but with the mass Galaxy S3 fan following and the fast paced development by users, I can confirm that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has found its way onto the SGS 3. Just a day back, we covered a detailed guide on how to install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean custom ROMs on Galaxy Nexus, and today, we bring you a guide on getting Jelly Bean running on the SGS3. The ROM is in fact a port from the very first OTA release that was ripped from the Galaxy Nexus GSM device, and therefore, there are quite a few things that will be missing from the ROM. Credit for releasing this ROM goes to XDA-Developers forum member Faryaab. The ROM is definitely not suitable as a daily driver if you’re wondering, and I’ll go across those reasons as I take you through the installation instructions after the break. Read More

How To Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean On HTC One X

The HTC One X gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean! The Galaxy Nexus GSM (the tajku model) received an official OTA update, the HTC One X gets a ported ROM, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 soon followed with its own ported ROM. The top of the line Android devices seem to be going hard at this Jelly Bean craze and why not, this is what Android is all about! The ROM comes in from XDA-Developers forum member tgascoigne and it is important to note that this ROM like most early ports, is a work in progress, so yes it does contain missing features and you may encounter some issues. We’ll walk you through the installation, but first we take a look at what the ROM has to offer for now, after the break. Read More

Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM On Galaxy Nexus GSM

The Galaxy Nexus GSM fixates itself on some Android 4.1 Jelly Bean goodness! Just a while back Google released an OTA for the GSM based Tajku Galaxy Nexus that were handed to the conference attendees at Google I/O. Well, the idea was to keep the release exclusive, but we’re talking Android, and that fact alone, is enough to guarantee that Jelly Bean will be ripped out of one of those devices and released onto the internet. Well, guess what? XDA-Developers forum member PTzero has made that happen and the release went viral on the internet in no time. However, not to undermine PTzero’s effort, the release was actually an update to the Tajku devices running the IMM30B build and only a handful of people actually had that going for them. That said, those who did have that build, had to flash the update via Fastboot and some users were looking to flash the IMM30B build just so they can flash this update on their phone. However, all of this was too complicated and too sketchy where you were almost shooting in the dark. So while some dismayed and some eagerly awaited for a proper zip package they could flash, it has finally happened and that too, at quite some speed. Galaxy Nexus GSM users are now looking at not one, but three Android 4.1 Jelly Bean based custom ROMs, including a stock ROM, ready to be flashed on any Galaxy Nexus GSM device, without the worry about the current build you’re on. Read More

Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On Samsung Galaxy S3 GSM

The Galaxy S III gets its due share of the touch based ClockworkMod recovery! Development for this device is just beginning and the pace, is testament to the popularity the Galaxy S, S2 and S3 have garnered for themselves. Earlier we covered a tutorial on how to install, what was an unofficial port of the basic ClockworkMod recovery, but finallt the real deal has arrived on the SGS3 thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member mskip who also brought us the all in one Galaxy S3 toolkit. The ClockworkMod Touch Recovery is official and has been repacked by mskip into a tar file do that it can be easily flashed via Odin or Mobile Odin. Installation is a breeze, head on after the break for the instructions. Read More

How To Run Ubuntu Linux On Samsung Galaxy S III

The Galaxy S III is making some serious inroads with development that seems to be speeding up with every step. The latest big news to hit SGS3 users is Ubuntu and Backtrack Linux beeing booted onto the device. Honestly, I don’t personally see the point of using Linux on an Android device, but if it’s Android and you’re a true geek, having the option and being actually able to pull it off, is a feat on its own. As for the procedure, we have XDA-Developers forum member tiborri to thank for jotting up a tutorial, and of course, a few pieces of the tutorials have actually been borrowed from other tutorials. So if you have patience and are familiar with executing scripts, read on after the break to learn more about how you can get Linux running on your Galaxy S III. Read More