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View Customizable Pop-up Alerts For Any Android App With Notify Me!

iOS has used popup alerts for a while now, and is a feature that could be dearly missed once you get the hang of it. Android has its rich Notification Drawer, but no native popup alerts for incoming notifications except for apps that have individually implemented this feature for their own notifications. There are some third-party Android apps like Notification Popup Alert that bring this functionality to the entire OS, though if you want more enhanced and customizable notifications, there’s Notify Me! Temember the popup message alerts from the CM10 Messaging app‘s popup alerts? This app brings something similar for all notifications. You can select any app to be notified about, and even alter the style of the popup. Let’s take a more detailed look at Notify Me!’s features after the jump.

Notify Me! Notify Me! iOS-like alerts for Android

The best part about Notify Me is the ability to display contact pictures, and to turn on the screen for displaying the alert if it is off. Notifications can be configured to be expandable as well, for apps that support it, such as Gmail and SMS. You can dismiss a notification, just view it, or hit the ‘Expand’ button where available to perform actions relative to the app.

Notify Me! settings List Editor

To begin using the app, you will have to firstly enable it under ‘Accessibility’ in ‘Settings’. Once enabled, hit the ‘Add App’ button in Notify Me’s main page to select an app. You can select any number of apps, and notifications for each app can be altered independent of each other. Customizable settings include enabling expanded mode and choosing whether to just show the popup alert, or to turn the screen on as well. Notifications can also be filtered based on the keywords of your choice for an app.

Apps Notify Me! 2 Notify Me! 4

To tweak the looks of the popup alert, hit the Menu button from the app’s main page, and enter ‘Popup Preferences’. You can invert the background color of the popup if the text is unreadable. In addition, there’s a slider interface available as well that replaces the normal buttons on the notifications with a slider that works like the unlock ring on the lock screen. However, it removes the options to call back contacts or reply to incoming texts etc. Instead you can either view the notification or dismiss it by sliding the button in the center to the appropriate eye or cross button respectively.

Apart from enabling the slider, you can give it a background color of your choice by playing with the color sliders. For a second, I was wondering what these sliders will be changing, as they did not have labels of any sort. Turns out, they change RGB values, and a hairline bar gives you a preview of the color you’ve selected.

Notify Me! is a must try any Android users wanting to give their device’s notification system a rich makeover with popup alerts. You can grab the app’s APK from the XDA link provided below, and sideload it to your phone using any file manager.

Download Notify Me! From XDA-Developers

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