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Use Your Android Device To Listen To Emails And News On The Go

Mobile apps are starting to take mobility much more seriously these days, and the latest to exemplify this is Listen to Emails and News for Android. The app is a narrator for your favorite news websites and RSS feeds, and what’s more, you can also add multiple email accounts to its list of channels, allowing you to have the app read your mails out loud while you’re on the move. The app supports automatic grouping of channels by genres or categories such as health, sports, technology etc, like a personalized radio. The app supports intuitive gesture controls for navigation and even offers hands-free control via bluetooth, the proximity sensor and speech recognition. We take a closer look at the app and all that it has to offer, right after the jump!

Earlier, we covered a similar app called Auri, but unlike Listen to Emails and News, the former doesn’t have email support. However, Auri does allow users to add custom feeds, a feature that Listen to Emails and News currently lacks.

Listen to Emails and News 09 Listen to Emails and News 11 Listen to Emails and News 01

On first launch, the app will download the files it needs for text-to-speech conversion. To shuffle through the categories, simply swipe right or left across the screen. Swipe down within a selected category, and you will see all the channels under it. To go back, simply swipe upwards.

Listen to Emails and News 16 Listen to Emails and News 02 Listen to Emails and News 06

To play or pause the audio, tap the screen once. Hit the button in the top-left corner to access the slide-out navigation menu. Here, you can see all the channels that are available and can select the ones you want to have displayed within your list.

Listen to Emails and News 07 Listen to Emails and News 04 Listen to Emails and News 17

The ‘Set Profile’ option will let you define the default profile for the channels every time you run the app. Weather and Stocks Symbols can be customized, and there are a few tweaks for the text-to-speech voice as well, including voice pitch and speed adjustments.

The process of adding a mail account is fairly simple. The app lets you choose from the email accounts you’ve already added or enable IMAP to add more.

Listen to Emails and News 08

As for the hands-free use of this app, you can activate it by hitting the Enable Handsfree button at the bottom and slowly waving your hand over the proximity sensor (right above the screen, close to the front facing camera or phone speaker).

The app is available for free on the Play Store page linked below.

Install Listen to Emails and News from Play Store

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  1. I work for StreamShell… We have just released version 1.70 with new capabilities. You can now delete emails with a swipe of a finger or using voice recognition. We added many new channels including major news, business and lifestyle sites such as CNN, Businessweek, The Onion, Medium blogs and more.

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