How To Easily Root Sony Xperia S On Gingerbread

The Xperia S, with it’s 342ppi pixel density, a 12mp camera packed in a beautifully crafted body, and upgradable to Android 4.0 ICS, certainly deserves to be rooted and it isn’t surprising that the device got rooted pretty quickly. This comes in from XDA-Developers forum member Bin4ry, who has uploaded custom firmware images for Xperia S running the 63 firmware or the 67. Not exactly the most convenient and preferred method of rooting, but this is all that is available for now at least. The good thing about this root, is that you don’t really need to do much in terms of commands or moving around files. Read More

How To Unlock Bootloader On Sony Xperia S

The Xperia S, with all that it boasts, has ben moving ahead quite fast in terms of development for the device by Android fanatics. In case of the Xperia S, the only way you can actually manage to install a custom ROM, or for that matter root your device, is to have an unlocked bootloader. Renowned XDA-Developers forum member and developer DoomLoRD has come up with a guide that takes most of its essence from lollylost100’s guide for unlocking the bootloader on an Xperia Arc. So what we now have, is the official way of unlocking the bootloader on the Xperia S. Read More

CamSpeed: Test Focus & Shutter Speed Of Your Android Or WP7 Device’s Camera

Easily one of the best camera benchmarks for Android and WP7 out there today, CamSpeed is not your average benchmark app highlighting the time it takes from pressing the shutter button to capturing an image. The apps measures variables such as Focus Time, Shutter Time and JPEG available. With mobile phone cameras catching up fast with digital cameras, with the pixels per shot and quality of sensors increasing year by year, the competition between the phones is heating up as well, and it always helps to try and roughly figure out how fast the camera on a device is. Comparisons are always fun; benchmarks, even more. And where most users gauge cameras by their results alone, others might want to take comparisons a step further, which is where CamSpeed comes in handy. Read More

Flash ClockworkMod Touch Or Stock Recovery With One Click On Optimus 3D

Custom recovery for a rooted Android device should not be an option, but at times, the procedure involved puts off most users who try and do without a recovery installed. The Optimus 3D is not exactly a new phone on the market, but certainly one of the most popular Android devices out there. For that said device, recovery installation never really came easy, or if it did, you never got the option of 3 recoveries in one package. Yup, thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member Paki0402 the device gets a recovery toolkit containing the option to flash ClockworkMod recovery, ClockworkdMod Touch recovery and if things get really out of control, the stock LG recovery. Read on for more on how you can use this app for your Optimus 3D. Read More

Unlock AT&T iPhone 4S Without Losing Jailbreak Using SAM

You can now unlock your AT&T iPhone 4S without having to lose the jailbreak privileges on your iPhone 4S, thanks to SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module). Right now, this is the only working method for unlocking a jailbroken iPhone 4S on AT&T, so do not bother trying it out with jailbreaking tools, such as redsn0w. SAM basically allows you to activate your iPhone using legitimate certificates generated through iTunes. Read on after the jump to understand how SAM works and how you can use it to unlock your iPhone 4S in no time! Read More

Bypass Locked Bootloader On Motorola Droid RAZR With Kexec

The Droid RAZR gets an unlocked bootloader! Well not exactly, but if I am to sum up the achievement of XDA-Developers forum members  kholk and embeem, I can tell you that the locked bootloader on the Droid RAZR is not going to stop you from flashing stuff like custom kernels anymore. The rumored project was named Kexec and had been in the works for a while now. What the developers have managed to do, is come up with a way to bypass the bootloader signature checks on the device, thereby totally ignoring the existence of an otherwise locked bootloader. Given the attempts to pressurize Motorola into providing unlocked bootloaders for their devices, like petitions and reaching out via social media, nothing has changed at all at Motorola’s end. So Kexec right now - for the Droid RAZR and its users - is a huge deal. We tell you more about it, and how you can get it up and running on your Droid RAZR, after the break. Read More

Lost Phones & Personal Information: Precautions & Recovery [Guide]

Things were a lot simpler and safer back when the mobile phone technology was new, and in use by only a few people. Then came the SMS, which was then followed by making internet access available on these mobile handsets. Today, over 45% of the world's population is covered by a 3G mobile network, while countries, such as Norway, Sweden, Ukraine and the United States are already moving to 4G networks. Over 90% of the worlds population is covered by 2G networks, supporting GPRS and EDGE. Point being, with the rise in demand and supply of smartphones, and with these devices slowly becoming affordable as well, more and more people are increasingly connecting to the internet everyday and communicating very sensitive information at times. With this need, and at times, the urge to stay connected, our mobile phones today carry more than just our phonebook and texts. Read More

Revert To Stock & Fix Soft Brick On Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

The Blaze 4G from T-Mobile sure packs a punch and with eager users out there who were able to get thier hands on the rooting and ClockworkMod installation guides for the the device as soon as they came out, it is inevitable that a few of us were a little too excited, and in the process of rooting or installing ClockworkMod recovery, messed up somewhere to end up with a soft bricked phone. However, users need not be dismayed over this fact, as the device is still recoverable and you can get back to your stock factory settings in no time thanks to k0nane, the guy who is responsible for bringing us the root procedure in the first place. As long as you can access download mode on the Blaze 4G, this guide should just be what you were looking for. So for those of  you with a Blaze 4G hanging in limbo, read on after the break to learn and attempt to bring your phone back to life. Read More

Install Official ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On HTC One X And One S

The HTC One X (GSM) and One S get ClockworkMod Touch recovery! This touch based recovery from Koush has been released for quite a while, for a handful of Android devices, but has just made it’s way onto the newly released HTC One X and the One S just after the device was released over a week back. The touch recovery is a serious improvement over the older ClockworkMod recovery and gives the user a very intuitive way of using the recovery. You can always install it via ROM Manager by paying a meager $1.99, but if for some reason you don’t want to do that, there’s always the manual, and cheaper method. We take a look at how you can manually install the recovery on your HTC One X and One S, after the break. Read More

How To Root HTC One S On Android 4.0 ICS

HTC One S has now been rooted thanks to XDA-Developers forum member paulobrien. The One S can be said to be the younger brother to the HTC One X, with still specs impressive enough to challenge most modern day Android devices. The best part, you get to run Ice Cream Sandwich on a handsomely large 4.3” Super AMOLED screen. Like the rooting guide we covered earlier for the HTC One X, the rooting procedure is more or less the same, using the superboot image which is basically a modified boot.img. Read More

Root Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G & Install ClockworkMod Recovery [How To]

The Blaze 4G from T-Mobile gets rooted! Released in January 2012, so let’s just say it was about time. Thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member k0nane you can now root your device in no time at all through ODIN (more on that later) as is customary with most Samsung Android devices, but that’s not all. Renowned developer shabbypenguin has also managed to make the famous ClockworkMod Recovery available for the Blaze 4G as well, paving the way for users to flash custom ROMs and and kernels that will soon be made available. So if you had been using the Blaze 4G for a while now and had lost all hope concerning root access, you have it now! Read More

Install Boot Animations On Android With One Click [How To]

Boot animation was truly revolutionized with the launch of Android based mobile devices. One of the first things you see when you turn the device on, a true Android fanatic will never take the boot animation part lightly. It’s like the build up in progressive trance lifting you up as the beat kicks in, or for that matter the OS boots up. Bootanimation Manager by D4rKn3sSyS over at XDA-Developers is just the app enthusiasts were looking for to manage their boot animations on an Android device, without getting into the whole ADB mess. Well, still using the ADB framework of course, the application executes all those commands through a simple and easy to use GUI. There are always the boot animations one can flash through a custom recovery to get the desired boot animation, but that’s not universal and you have to do it manually at times. We take a look at the ease and convenience Bootanimation Manager offers, after the break! Read More

Kirara: Portable Video Encoder With Comprehensive Editing Features

Here we have yet-another video encoder titled Kirara Encoder. This application supports majority of the popular media formats, be it video or audio, and sports a very user friendly UI, which is instrumental in letting the user access all the advanced functions as well. Best of all, the application is a portable one for Windows, bringing you a tad bit more than just any other video encoder. Screenshots and more on the features after the break. Read More

Wavosaur: Powerful Portable Audio Editor With 3D Spectrum Analysis

If you feel the name "Wavosaur" sounds like a wannabe dinosaur, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However, Wavosaur is an immensely feature rich audio editor meant for the serious. What do I mean by serious? The plethora of features this editor brings to the table are meant for users well versed with audio editing, for tasks that involve more than just trimming, looping or adding fade in/outs to the audio file. While the editor retains the more common editing functions such as cut, copy, paste, paste mix, paste replace/insert, paste to new file, trim/crop, delete, undo for casual users, there’s way much more to explore here. Screenshots and some important salient features of the application after the break. Read More

Spending Viewer: Track Expenses, Manage Monthly Budget & Multiple Accounts

Managing your personal finances these days is not exactly a walk in the park, as you find yourself all beat up trying to remember a transaction you may or may not have made yet. There’s simply too much to go around for us to keep track of, without either your bank doing the job for you, or you writing it all down. We have covered plenty of personal finance managers earlier, with Personal Finances Pro being the latest. However, as brilliant as the application is, it sets you back a hefty $19.74. This is where Spending Viewer comes in, with a plethora of features, all for free. Well, not entirely, as the free version lets you manage up to two accounts only. Purchase the app for $6, and you can track multiple accounts, as well as free lifetime upgrades. Read More

How To Transform Windows 7 & Windows 8 Into Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion skin pack hits Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview shortly after the preview version of the OS was released a few days back. Earlier, we had covered skin packs for Windows 7, and more recently, Windows 8 as well, but as Mac OS X Mountain Lion gets ready to take on the computing world by storm, user and fans will have to wait it out. However, if you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 8 and want a taste of Mountain Lion’s aesthetics, this skin pack will do it for you in no time. The skin pack will automatically install a few 3rd party apps as well in order to mimic the Mountain Lion UI and experience. Screenshots and brief guide on how to install it, after the break. Read More

How To Root HTC One X On Android 4.0 ICS

The HTC One X gets rooted, even before being released. We’ve seen devices getting rooted in no time at all earlier, but rooting a device before the official release in down right wicked. The One X is shaping up to be HTC’s flagship device, running the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset and sporting the second generation of SLCD with an HD resolution at 1280 x 720 on a 4.7” screen. Best of all, the device will be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The root for this monster of a device comes in from PaulOBrien over at Modaco, who has released a modified boot.img called Superboot for the device. More on it and how you can root your HTC One X, after the break.

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Install Custom ClockworkMod Recovery Touch On AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket

ClockworkMod Recovery touch is already available for the AT&T Galaxy S II, but the Skyrocket is yet to find itself getting the touch goodness. Since Koush released his touch based ClockworkMod recovery onto a handful of devices, porting the recovery onto devices that are yet to get the touch based recovery, is all the rage right now. Guess what, XDA-Developers forum member sk8erwitskil has managed to port and already ported recovery by gweedo767 to the Skyrocket, but in doing so, has tweaked up it up a notch as well. We’ll show you what those changes are, along with how you can install this recovery on your device as well. Read More

Enable Apps2SD On Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Using ClockworkMod Recovery

The 158mb internal memory on the Galaxy Ace can quickly become a real pain for a user fond of utilizing the maximum apps on an Android cell phone. Almost most old, and budget oriented devices are plagued by this very issue where the internal memory runs out and you find yourself wondering which app to delete in order to make a new one. Luckily for the users of the Galaxy Ace, these worries can now be bid farewell to if your device is already rooted and has ClockworkMod recovery 5 installed. Unlike before where users had to partition the SD card on the PC using programs like gPart, this can now be done through the recovery. Read More

PolyMagic For iPhone: Customize Polygon Frames For Photo Collages

Photo editing apps are truly available in abundance today, and it is actually hard to choose the one that fits your needs. If you happen to be into more than just adjusting the contrast, sharpness, or cropping and resizing a photo, PolyMagic may just be the app that causes you to play around with your photos to creatively construct collages on the go. Yes, the app mainly focuses on letting the user easily and quickly make a collage. Earlier, we covered an app named Nostalgio, which served the same purpose as PolyMagic, but the former does not seem as polished as PolyMagic, owing to a few very useful features. We will show you what that is, and, more importantly, walk you through the app step by step. Read More