Capture Screenshots Of All Open Chrome Tabs In A Separate Window

Recently, we covered a Chrome extension, Tab Expose, that allowed users to manage their open tabs more effectively with thumbnail previews. Chrome Tab Panel- Expose Tabs is a similar extension for Chrome that takes screenshots of all your open tabs and displays them in a new app window. This window is launched when the button is clicked in the toolbar and runs as a separate process. With it, you can quickly open or close selected tabs. Moreover, a tab count is displayed on the button in the toolbar to show how many tabs you have open in total. Read More

Search Tabs: Get Search Results From Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube & More [Chrome]

Search Tabs, a Chrome extension, allows you to get search results from popular search engines and social networking websites, such as Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube, Wikipedia, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. The extension adds a tiny toolbar with various sources to the right-hand side of Google search results. With it, you can enhance your search both for professional and personal purposes. It allows you to search various sources all from one place. Moreover, you can easily customize the extension by adding your own sources or selecting some from the different categories. Read More

Highlight Words & Find Expressions From Urban Dictionary [Chrome]

There are different kinds of dictionaries available online; some for different languages, some for specific fields like accounting, chemistry or biology. Then there is Urban Dictionary; a wonderful and rich resource of all the slang and slander on the internet. From the newest to the oldest terms used either as internet slang or to hurl insults on public forums without being caught by moderators, the site has it all, except for a quick way to access it. Urban Dictionary Search is a simple, but useful extension for Chrome that allows users to search all types of expressions on, right from their toolbar. Searches can be carried out in two different ways; you can either select a word on a webpage and click the button in the toolbar to lookup the expression, or click the button in the toolbar and enter a word. After typing the word, hit Enter and the results will instantly be displayed in the pop-up. Urban Dictionary Search is easy-to-use and has no options or settings, whatsoever. Read More

How To Download APKs Of Play Store Apps To Your Computer Using APK Downloader

Certain Android-powered mobile device manufacturers (Amazon and Barnes & Noble, for instance) design their variants of the OS without the Play Store, forcing users to make do with the limited number of apps in their native app stores. You could always install apps of your choice on a Market-sporting Android device, extract their APKs and side-load them onto such devices, but why go through all that trouble when you can use APK Downloader, a Google Chrome extension that lets you download Play Store APKs directly to your desktop. The extension seems to bypass any location or device restrictions, allowing you to easily side-load apps that aren’t yet available for your region, or try out those that are supposedly incompatible with your device. APK Downloader hit the blogosphere a couple of days ago, shortly after which the developer took it down, fearing that it would be used for pirating paid apps. Fortunately, courtesy the persuasion of a few users, the developer has now released a new version of the extension that only allows downloading free apps. Read More

Quickly Access & Filter Recently Visited Pages From Omnibar [Chrome]

Want to quickly access your recently visited webpages? Recent is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly find pages that you have recently visited. The extension is simple but useful, as it lets you access recent pages without having to navigate away from the page and open the history for Chrome. All you need to do, simply type the keyword Recent in the omnibox, hit Tab and the results will instantly be displayed in a drop-down list. With it, you can quickly filter down omnibar results and glance at your recently visited pages. Read More

Switch To Different Screen Modes With Full Screen Plus [Firefox]

Full Screen Plus, a Firefox add-on, allows you to switch between full-screen, full-screen with navigator bar, maximized window or restored window from any other window state. If you like to have your web browser at a certain size for certain tasks, then this add-on can be quite useful. The add-on adds eight small buttons right next to the address bar, but users can also add a one large button to switch between the two different full screen modes. After installing this add-on, right-click the six buttons to change the pattern and layout. You can either display four buttons or one large button at a time. It also allows you to move a particular Firefox window to another monitor without having to drag it. Read More

FDock: Group Similar Tabs & Quickly Launch Bookmarks [Firefox]

FDock is a Firefox add-on that adds a tab dock to your browser window. The dock houses bookmarks and the tabs you have open. Instead of going through the Tab bar which gets cluttered when you have too many tabs open, you can use the dock to preview your tabs and switch to them. It groups tabs from the same website into a single icon and if there are multiple items in a group, clicking the button in the toolbar opens a menu, listing the open tabs. The dock can be positioned to any side of the browser window and also has an autohide feature. Groups of tabs come with three basic colors, yellow for a tab that is currently selected, green for a tab that has been opened in the background but has not been visited and blue for a tab that has changed title. Read More

Find Related Bookmarks For The Current Website With Ease [Chrome]

If you’ve bookmarked an article from a website and can't find it, or if you simply want to look up all the bookmarks related to your current website, then Find My Bookmarks, a handy Chrome extension, can be quite useful. This easy-to-use extension locates all your related bookmarks for the current domain. and the icon appears in the address bar whenever it finds bookmarks for a particular website. Just click this icon and get a list of all related bookmarks in a pop-up. Moreover, users can enable or disable the Show URL on Hover, Ignore Subdomains and Ignore Current Page options from the Settings. Read More

Change Chrome User Agent To View Device & Browser-Specific Content

If Google Chrome is your favorite browser and you’ve come across websites that do not load correctly or do not work at all in Chrome, then User-Agent Switcher a Chrome extension can be of great help. A user-agent is a small text description of your device that is sent with every web request. Websites can detect the browser you’re using and serve browser-specific content. This handy extension lets you change user-agent to spoof websites/devices, which present browser-specific content. User-Agent Switcher overrides Chrome's default user-agent, tricking the target system into thinking that you’re using a different browser. For example, Microsoft presents some additional content for their websites, when accessed via Internet Explorer. If you often visit such websites via Google Chrome, you may not be able to access the additional content. Using User-Agent Switcher, you can easily change the user agent to Internet Explorer to view and access all the available content on Microsoft websites. Additionally, you can switch between Safari (iOS), Safari (OS X), Kindle, Internet Explorer, Chrome on Mac, Android Tablet and other devices' browser user agents. Read More

DevSearch: Search For Programming Technologies & Frameworks [Firefox]

DevSearch is an add-in for Firefox that provides numerous search features to make your web search easier. The add-in is specially designed for web developers, and gives programming technologies and frameworks-related search results from multiple popular websites. Apart from providing specified type of search results, it comes with a Magic Copy feature to quickly search highlighted word on the page. Moreover, it includes General, People and Technology search categories. Each category has different levels, such as level one, two and three etc., to help you customize the search results. Read More

Open Multiple Webpages In Panels With Panelize For Chrome

Panelize is an extension for Google Chrome that enables you to open multiple websites in separate panels. While the extension comes with some predefined links to mobile version of Google Apps, it includes Reopen current tab as panel option for moving the content of the current tab to a standalone panel, which stays visible when you switch between the tabs or windows. Moreover, the extension allows you to synchronize all opened panels using Google Chrome native Sync feature. This makes it easy to reload all the panels you opened in recent sessions. Read past the jump for more. Read More

Save & Restore Google Chrome Tabs & Location/Size Of Windows [Add-in]

Layout Manager is an extension for Chrome that allows you to save windows layout and set up of tabs, so that you can easily restore them later. It may come useful in situations where you're dealing with a lot of opened tabs and windows, and want to quickly save all the URLs to open them later without having to manually bookmark each web page. Unlike Session Manager (an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox to save sessions of your opened tabs and windows),  it remembers the setup of all opened tabs and Google Chrome windows, including the size and location of the window.  Once the windows setup has been saved, you can restore it with a single click. Read More

Janus: View Likes/Dislikes Under YouTube Video Thumbnails [Firefox]

Browsing YouTube can be quite entertaining, but sometimes you get to a point where you start coming across ridiculous videos, even though they have high view counts. This means that a view count can be quite misleading and you shouldn’t really judge a YouTube video based on that alone. Previously, we covered a Chrome extension called YouTube Ratings Preview, that displayed a like bar on YouTube video thumbnails. Janus is s similar Firefox add-on that adds a like/dislike bar under YouTube video thumbnails in both featured videos, search results and related videos. This like/dislike bar allows you to decide whether or not to watch a particular video. Read More

Use The Inspector Tool To Remove Page Elements In Websites [Firefox]

There are quite a few add-ons out there that let you remove and edit page content before you print it, but most of them are either too complicated or come with too many options. Remove Temporarily is a simple, but handy Firefox add-on that adds a Remove Element button to the inspect element toolbar. This button conveniently allows you to remove parts of a webpage of your own choice. Remove Temporarily can be used to remove parts or items on webpages before printing or for reading purposes. It helps you get rid of all the unwanted content, such as advertisements, sidebars and more. Moreover, the page goes back to its original form once you reload it. After installing the add-on, simply right-click an page element that you want to remove and select Inspect Element option from the right-click context menu. As you do this, the inspector tool will appear at the bottom of the page with the Remove Element button. Click this and you're good to go! Read More

ConvertICO: Batch Convert PNG/JPG to ICO & Back, Combine Multiple Images Into One Icon [Web]

As the world has moved towards Web 2.0, and with the advent of HTML5, highly capable web apps have started to become a norm, ranging from capable image editors, multimedia creators, document manipulators, to the likes of architectural simulation and 3D anatomy of the human body. However, a web application doesn’t necessarily have to be complex and feature rich to prove useful, and that’s exactly what I found ConvertICO to be. This simple web app lets you convert images to icons, and vice versa. Supported output icon types include those for Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Favicons and even any custom dimensions that you choose. Moreover, ConvertICO adds batch processing to the mix, and lets you even merge multiple PNG files into one icon. Read More

Save Browsing Sessions & Sort Tabs By Multiple Criteria In Chrome

Awesome Window & Tab Manager allows you to apply multiple filters to Chrome's open windows and tabs. With it, you can manage and organize your browser windows into different categories, with text filtering and alphabetic sorting of tabs. It can categorizes tabs by window, domain, or category options.  The Category option sorts tabs by your bookmarked websites and sorts others as unknown. Window, domain, or category groups can be refreshed, closed or saved as a session. All windows and tabs can be saved as sessions and restored at a later time. Furthermore, multiple themes for the pop-up can also be applied from a drop-down menu. Read More

Right Inbox: Schedule Emails In Gmail To Be Sent Later [Chrome]

Right Inbox seamlessly integrates with Gmail and lets you schedule your emails to be delivered at a later time. Using this extension, you can set a date and a specific time for your emails to be sent in future. What should've been incorporated in Gmail by default, Right Inbox makes up for that missing scheduling feature. You can choose any date/time for your messages to be delivered, and Right Inbox will automatically send your emails at the specified time. With it, you will never forget to send an important email. Moreover, the extension has time zone support, so you can even schedule your emails if you're sending them overseas. The extension lets you make sure people receive your emails at an appropriate time. Read More

HelloSlide: Add Audio To PDF Presentations via Typed Text [Web]

Helloslide is a smart service that transforms PDF slides into a rich audiovisual format by letting you add audio to presentations in PDF format. This web application works by adding speech to each slide and then automatically generates the audio. Simply upload a presentation, type the text you want to hear for each side and the audio will instantly be generated for the particular text. With HelloSlide, your slideshow is just like a live lecture. The service allows you to customize slides and add audio for them, which can be listened to instantly. Read More

DefinePlug: Highlight Words & View Definitions In A Compact Pop-up [Chrome]

The Search Google for option in the right-click context menu of popular browsers is a great way for looking up a word or a topic. The only problem is that it is more suitable if you want to find background details or a comprehensive summary of a term related to the topic you’re reading. If you quickly want to look up the definition of a word, you can still use this option but there are two disadvantages here; the definition might not be in the search results and you hace to switch tabs. DefinePlug is a Chrome extension that allows you to find the meanings of various terms and words on any website. With it, you no longer need to navigate away from your current webpage to find the meanings of different words. Whenever you want to look up the meaning or definition of a word, simply highlight it and click the button in the toolbar. As you do this, a pop-up will be displayed with multiple meanings of the word. In addition to that, users can simply click the button and enter a word in the pop-up to find its meaning. The meanings will be displayed right within the pop-up, without opening any tabs or new pages. The extension is powered by Read More

Save Separate Browsing Sessions With Different Tabs For Each Window [Chrome]

Everyone has different browsing habits; some people keep opening more and more tabs in a single window until the only thing that distinguishes one tab from the other is a very obscured and thin line. Others will open several tabs across several windows and end up working with something like ten different browser windows. It’s difficult to manage them either way but separating tabs into several windows might still be the better more manageable way to do it. The problem with working in different windows is that it’s a lot more difficult to switch to a different window. Simple Window Saver is a Chrome extension that makes it easier to manage the windows you have open and also to switch to them. Simple Window Saver lets you name the windows and keeps track of how many tabs are open in a single window. Unlike other session managers, Simple Window Saver remembers when you've saved a window and keeps track of changes. It also saves all the tabs and you can switch to a window simply by clicking the button in the toolbar. The extension is not full of features you don't need, and works perfectly. Read More