How To Nest Folders Inside Folders In iOS 9

iOS comes with some apps that no one uses, ever. When Apple finally allowed users to move them all to a folder and put them out of sight, everyone cheered. As of iOS 7, Apple has sort of allowed users to nest folders inside folders. We say 'sort of' because it wasn't easy to do back then and often required lightning reflexes. With iOS 9 it's gotten much easier though there is still a small trick to how you nest folders inside folders. Here's a step-by-step guide to nesting folders inside other folders iOS 9. Read More

Send Apps From Chrome To Install On Your iPhone

The App Store has thousands and thousands of apps. Installing them is easy enough from an iOS device and a bit clumsy if you do it using iTunes. Where the App Store is amazing for its collection of apps it does fall short of being truly convenient when it comes to installing an app. If you're wondering what convenience looks like, take a look at how the Google Play Store lets you install apps on Android. You can send an install command from your browser and initiate an app download without ever having to touch your device. Apple doesn't have anything like that but LookMark is a free iOS app that works with a Chrome extension to give you a similar experience. Read More

How To Minimize A Video In The Facebook App

The Facebook app is updated regularly with bug and security fixes and little else to mention in its changelog. Every so often though, one of the updates is a big one that adds new features, or makes yet another change to the UI of the app. The most recent update to the app brought its design closer to iOS 9 (though it's still crashing like a drunk) and it introduced a new way to watch videos in the app. You can now minimize a video that's currently playing in the app so that it takes up just a small area at the bottom right of the app while you continue to scroll through the rest of your feed. Here's how. Read More

Block Comments When Loading Websites In Safari In iOS 9

With content blocking apps now supported in Safari, the App Store has seen an incoming of one particular type of apps; ad blockers. Ads can be annoying and a lot of websites don't bother to optimize them so that content ends up being blocked by ads, or the page keeps scrolling to the top as an ad loads. Where ads do make it so that websites need more time to load, comment plugins used by websites are often guilty of the same. Some sites make it so that comments aren't loaded when you visit a page unless you specifically tap the option to load them but websites like that are in the minority. Meet Shut Up, a free content blocking app for blocking comments in Safari. It comes with a whitelisting feature with a few websites such as Reddit and Stackoverflow already added to it. Read More

How To Enable A Content Blocker In Safari In iOS 9

Safari in iOS 9 comes with support for content blockers. Content blockers are a very specific type of extension that Safari supports as of the latest iOS version. This extension type aims to block content on web pages loaded in Safari with the aim to make browsing faster. The question is, how do you use a content blocker in Safari? Using one is much like using third-party keyboards in iOS 8 (and above). A Safari content blocker comes in the form of an app that you download from the App Store and then enable in Safari's settings. Here's a quick guide on how to enable content blockers in iOS 9. Read More

Use Recipes To Create Random Passwords That You Won’t Need To Remember [Paid]

I remember when I first signed up for Lastpass. It was at the end of the work day and I decided that I'd save my various login IDs and passwords to it later. The next day, Lastpass was hacked. Now, Lastpass is a very popular service that takes security very seriously but that hack scared me enough that I never wanted to rely on a password vault. I've had to rely on my memory to remember passwords and I've had to recover my password many times, many. PasswordChef is a $2.99 iOS app that is essentially a password vault but with a unique way of storing passwords; through recipes. The recipes are basically steps that, when performed as instructed, spell out your password for the service they were created for. Read More

How To Markup Images In The Mail App In iOS 9

iPhones are powerful devices; they let us take amazing pictures, record high resolution videos, play some truly awesome games, and even give us insight into our physical well-being. Where they do so much, it's no surprise that we forget an iPhone is also a great device for anyone who has to work on the go. The iPhone, or more precisely iOS 9, comes equipped with tools that make it easier to work from what is essentially just a phone. Taking things a bit further, iOS 9 has introduced a set of markup tools for images that you attach with a message in the Mail app. They leave nothing to desire for; the tools let you draw on the image, magnify a portion of it, add text, and even sign your name. Read More

How To Set a 4 Digit Passcode In iOS 9

Before Touch ID was introduced in the newer iPhones, passcodes were what we used to lock our devices and keep them secure. The passcodes we could enter were one of two types; four digit codes, or longer alphanumeric ones. The four digit code was the easiest to enter but also equally easy to memorize by someone looking over your shoulder. With the introduction of Touch ID, users could keep a simple four digit passcode on their devices but still easily avoid entering it near prying eyes. With iOS 9, released just a few days ago, the passcode is now a six digit code by default. Fortunately, for those who have gotten used to having a four digit code, there is a simple way to revert it back to the four digit code. Here's how. Read More

How To Move To iOS From An Android Device With Apple’s App

A while back Google made it easier for anyone tired of their iPhone to switch to an Android device. There is an official page that helps you move your data from an iOS device to an Android device and make the transition as painless as possible. On September 9, 2015 Apple at its iPhone event fired back and announced an app called Move to iOS. It's the first (and possibly last) Android app that the company has ever built and the names pretty much says what it does; it helps you move from an Android device to an iPhone. Since iPhones work differently than Android devices you might be wondering just how the whole move works. Here's how. Read More

Downgrade From iOS 9.1 Beta To iOS 9 Official Version

downloading ios9
Apple made iOS 9 (and subsequently iOS 9.1) beta public for anyone to test out. You were no longer restricted to needing a developer account with Apple to give the upcoming iOS version a try and lots of people got to preview the operating system before hand. That said, it is iOS day and iOS 9 has been released to the stable channel. As you read this, countless users are downloading and upgrading to it (while others are going to wait until the jailbreak is out). If you took the iOS 9 or iOS 9.1 beta for a spin, you might be wondering how you can get the stable and final release of iOS 9 on your device. Here's the walkthrough. Read More

Translate And Send Text From Inside The iOS Keyboard

The internet and the overcrowded market of messaging apps have more or less removed any barriers to communication that may have existed a few decades ago. Sending someone across the globe a message is easier than having food delivered to your home and even language isn't an obstacle anymore. Lot of services let you translate text and support a large number of languages. Meet TransKey, a free iOS keyboard app that lets you type and translate text from the keyboard. The app supports lots of languages including Klingon. You can write something and have the app translate it for you, or you can copy text and paste it in the app's keyboard to see what it means. Read More

Preview App Icons On Your iPhone Against Different Wallpapers

Design is huge part of any app that's developed but it's all the more important when you're making an iOS app. Apple not only  has a lot of rules in place but users of Apple products also expect a finesse when it comes to app designs. Sure you can still find apps that look like a trainwreck in the App Store but the best apps have a great design and Apple duly rewards apps like that. Good design is key to giving your app a fighting chance. One very important past of the app design is the app icon users will see on their home screen. ICNS is a newly launched iOS app that lets you upload your icons to Dropbox and then preview how they would look against different backgrounds on your iPhone. Read More

Apple September 2015 Event All Device Specs & Pricing

ipad pro price
The Apple Event has just ended (just the music part left now) and that pencil got me drooling. A larger iPad has indeed been announced and it comes with lots of improvements. There's Apple TV with Siri now integrated in it. The App Store can now be accessed from Apple TV and then there's a Smart Keyboard that you can hook up to the new iPad Pro. Here's a brief look at the devices announced today complete with price and specs. Read More

How To Watch The September 2015 Apple Event Online

Apple Event September 2015
Apple September 9, 2015 event where the next iPhone and iPad models will be announced is only hours away. Apple invites the media to witness and report the event live but it also lets anyone who's interested in viewing the event and owns an Apple device to watch it live. Here's where you can watch the event live and which devices you can watch it from. Read More

5 Features To Look Forward To In iOS 9

Each successive version of iOS that's released has users asking what its defining feature will be. For a while, iOS always had a big feature that users anticipated with each new release; iMessages, Siri, Facebook integration, Third-party keyboards and widgets, etc. The bigger features get a lot of attention but come iOS 9 there are five smaller features that will have you waiting all the more impatiently for it to come out. Read More

Share Files From Dropbox, Google Drive, & OneDrive Via The iOS Keyboard

As of iOS 8, third-party keyboards can be installed on your iOS device. We've reviewed quite a few of these third party keyboards and a lot of those available in the App Store are geared towards GIFs and other texting/messaging needs. Third party keyboards aimed at productivity are some what rare compared to the more fun options. ThingThing is one such rare keyboard app that's aimed at productivity. It lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, the Calendar app, Instagram, Flickr, OneDrive, Google Drive, Pocket, and Wonderlist accounts all from your keyboard. You can use the app to insert photos quickly from your camera roll or from your Facebook account, and you can use it to share files from Dropbox , Google Drive, and OneDrive. Read More

Check Which Apps Are Draining The Most Battery In iOS 9 [iPhone Tip]

Battery drain is a common smartphone problem. We might like to pretend it's something that only plagues Android users but iPhone users have it just as bad as they do. The battery and how quickly it might drain limit how much time we can spend and duly rely on our device when we're outdoors. People do resort to back-up options like cases that can charge your phone or provide a small charge boost. One very basic way to conserve your battery's charge is to not play games when you're outside. Basic communication is a more important function that you need your phone for. The satisfaction of breaking a striped candy combo comes later. iOS 9 takes a much more proactive approach to helping you find which apps are the bigger battery drain with a dedicated feature that reports battery use on a per-app basis. Here's how you can find which apps tax your iPhone battery the most in iOS 9. Read More

How To Enable Low Power Mode To Save Battery Charge In iOS 9 [iPhone Tip]

Before smartphones were as common as they are today, feature phones reigned supreme. One exceptionally amazing thing about those feature phones was that if you were low on battery, you could turn them off and it would still sound an alarm that you had set for it. With smartphones, you can no longer do that. I remember the first time my iPhone was low on battery and all I could do to conserve it so that it would last the night was turn on Airplane mode. This meant I wouldn't be able to connect to the internet nor would I get any calls or emergency texts. With iOS 9, Apple has introduced a new Low Battery Power mode that conserves the battery but keeps radio switches on. Here's how you can enable it. Read More

Exclude Mail Events From The Calendar App In iOS 9

The Calendar app in iOS 9 comes with two new tricks; it can tap into your Mail app and show you which events you're supposed to be attending on the Calendar itself. It can also get a traffic report and let you know when to set out for an event so that you get there on time. That said, if you aren't too excited about the changes you might be searching for an off button to these Mail app events. The Calendar app will automatically show these events if you've added an email account to the Mail app. If you find it annoying or unhelpful, there's a pretty simple way to turn it Off. Read More

How To Create Checklists In The Notes App In iOS 9

In iOS 9 the Notes app gets a major overhaul; it is no longer limited to simple text or image based notes. It now features bulleted lists, headings, free hand drawing, and of course, the ability to insert a photo or take one from within the app and add it to a note. It also has another super useful new feature that is bound to encroach on the space of many popular apps; the Notes app in iOS 9 now lets you create checklists. Much like the lists you create in the Reminder app but without the stipulation to set a due date, alarm, or repeated occurrence for them, the lists are meant for the simple things you need to remember; groceries or stuff you have to pack for a trip. Here's how to make a checklist in the Notes app in iOS 9. Read More