Track Habits Like Calories To Develop & Reinforce Them [Giveaway]

Weightloss and dieting are considered one the hardest things to stick to. For anyone wanting to lose weight, or bulk up, it's hard to follow a taxing new exercise routine and watch what you eat. Those who are beginning to take their first steps towards fitness will find that there are a slew of services, apps, and communities that they can turn to for help, support, and advice. For other habits that get less attention, there isn't much out there in terms of a helpful app. Meet HabitBull, an app dedicating to helping you track your habits and stick to them. The app has been available on Android for well over a year and we reviewed it back in May 2014. HabitBull has a whole new look is now available for iOS. The developers are generously offering a free upgrade to premium to our readers. Details at the end. Read More

How To View All Photos Sent Over An iMessages Conversation Thread

There are a lot of messaging apps available for iOS but I've never really been sold on any of them. iMessages is my go-to app for messaging even though it doesn't work when I need to message someone who uses an Android phone. That said, my one reason for preferring iMessages over all other apps is that I know I can use it to send high quality photos and videos from my phone. The photos and videos aren't compressed and I don't have to worry about them not being sent/received. iMessages maintains a complete history of your conversation, including images, unless you choose to delete them yourself. This means you can scroll to the top and read older messages. If you aren't concerned with the text-based conversation you've had over an iMessages conversation thread and would simply like to see the photos and videos that have been exchanged, you don't need to load older messages to do so. There's a simpler way. Read More

Check Who’s Received & Read A Message In A Whatsapp Group

The great thing about text messages is that they don't send a 'Seen' report back to the original sender. You can always ignore a text message and if your carrier has the right kind of bad reputation, you can even get away with saying you never got a message. Just about any messaging service that sends messages over the internet has a 'seen' feature; iMessages, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, etc all make it hard to avoid conversations. It's hard to ignore a message in a one-on-one conversation though it is much easier to do so in a group chat. If you use Whatsapp and often have long conversations in groups, you might want to know if certain messages were read by all members of the group or not. Here's how you can check. Read More

Call Your Three Favorite Contacts From The Notification Center [iOS]

iOS 9 introduced a 'suggestions' feature that is coupled with Spotlight search. When you swipe down to open Spotlight search, both contacts that you have recently been talking to, and apps that you recently used appear as suggestions. The feature makes it easy to revert to a 'previous' app making multi-tasking work better overall. Since the suggestions feature is dynamic and set to update to according to how you use your iPhone, you can't rely on it always show the contact you want to call at a given time. Swipe Dial is a free iOS widget app that lets you add your three favorite contacts to the Notification Center and call them. You can add more than three contacts, and message and Facetime functionality with an in-app purchase. Read More

The Six Best Features In Firefox For iOS

Firefox is now available for iOS. The browser that is hugely popular on desktops has been around on the Android platform for a while now. As of today, it is now available to download on an iOS device. Firefox has always had very powerful features on the desktop and the Android platform. With the iOS version it faces restrictions that it normally wouldn't face on other platforms, thus limiting what it can and can't do. That said, it's still managed to offer a few unique features and improve on those already offered by Safari and Chrome. Here's a look at the five best features in Firefox for iOS. Read More

Use The Mono Audio Channel For Better Sound When Using One Earbud

Music helps us concentrate on work but with you can't always have your earbuds in when you're working. It annoys anyone who needs to talk to you. Simply getting your attention while you work and listen to music turns into a chore for people and it impedes work. The safe way to go about it is to perhaps only listen to music through on earbud. Listening to music with just one earbud doesn't make for a great experience but it doesn't have to be that way. Simply switch to the Mono audio channel and you will have an infinitely better listening experience through just one earbud. Here's how to switch to the Mono channel on iOS, Android, and Windows. Read More

Add Do Not Track Browsing In Any iOS App & Block Content

Apps like Facebook and Twitter improve the in-app browser they offer so that it will load content faster, and display it better making it easier to read. That said there are still times when a link only opens in an actual browser like Safari or Chrome. Although a browser's primary function is to display a web page, it must do so securely. Browsecurely is an iOS extension that adds a secure browser to any and all apps the have a built-in browser. It stops links from tracking you but it also lets you block any content that you've blocked via Safari's content blocking feature (iOS 9 only). Additionally, it also remembers services you're logged into in Safari and doesn't force you to log into them again should you open a link in a different app. Read More

Swipe Left To Unsubscribe From A Newsletter On Your iPhone

If there's one thing Tinder has proved it's that swiping left is the easiest way to reject something and never have to see it again. Tinder made swiping left synonymous with saying No and lots of apps that have been developed since use the gesture as though it were ordained by Apple or Google. Unroll.Me is no different; it's an app that connects with your email account and finds all the newsletters that you've subscribed to. It then presents each newsletter as a card that you can swipe left to get rid of and swipe right to keep receiving. It also comes with a Roll Up feature that lets you combine newsletters into one single daily digest for better and improved reading. Read More

How To Block Websites On iOS Devices & Keep Kids Safe

iPads have become a popular learning tool over the many years. Where an iOS device can be a great learning tool for a child, it can also give them access to age-inappropriate content. There's also the fact that kids just learn to use technology faster than you would expect them to and there comes a point when you can't just limit them to use certain apps. At times like these, you might want to consider blocking access to a few websites that you deem inappropriate for kids. Here's how you can block a website on an iOS device. Read More

How To Open An ePub File In iBooks On Your iPhone

The transition from reading physical books to reading ebooks is a difficult one. Apart from the complete lack of book-smell, you wonder whether or not the device you have will make for a comfortable reading experience. A lot of tablets that are dedicated ebook readers exist but if you can't splurge on a dedicated device, you will probably have to make do with what you have on hand. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can use the iBooks app to read an ebook in the ePub format. Here's how. Read More

Have Your Phone Call Out To You Every Hour So You Don’t Lose It

We've all misplaced our phones at some point. They're super thin and as each millimeter of their thickness is shed with a new model, they get easier to lose. It's getting so you don't have to let the phone slip between the crack in the couch and cushions to lose it. You can instead lose it by accidentally shutting it in a book. We once reviewed an app called Marco Polo for the iPhone that allowed you to call out to your phone if you had lost it but the app had one downside; it taxed your battery. Butterfingerz is an app for both iOS and Android that calls out to you after every hour so that if you can't find your phone, you can follow the sound to it. Read More

How To Disable Shake To Undo Typing In iOS 9

Shake to undo typing was a feature (gesture?) that I discovered purely by accident and that too after owning an iOS device for a whole year. I've never intentionally used it though it has popped on my screen unwanted by accident. Of all the gestures that iOS supports, not only is the shake to undo one the least I've ever used, it's also the silliest to execute. As of iOS 9 you can finally disable it from the Settings app. Here's how. Read More

How To Sync Your Menstruation Cycle Data With The iOS 9 Health App

Apple did not include a health app in its mobile operating system until fitness bands and other activity tracking devices became popular. It is, however, fact that long before the Health app debuted in iOS 8, there were plenty of health tracking apps available in the App Store. People used them to keep track of their blood pressure, their diabetes, their medication, and their reproductive health. The introduction of the Health app meant users could add and maintain their health data in one place. Unfortunately, the Health app in iOS 8 did not include a way to track your reproductive health, and more importantly, your menstruation cycle. This was rectified in iOS 9 and here's how you can now keep track of, and sync this data with the Health app. Read More

How To Get The iCloud Drive App On Your iPhone In iOS 9

iCloud is a fairly old service that Apple introduced on both its desktop and mobile platforms  a while back. For the most part, iCloud remains in the background on iOS. You may have turned the service on and everything, and apps may be saving documents and photos to it but iCloud itself exists as a preference to be managed in the Settings app. As of iOS 9, it's finally been given app status though it isn't apparent because you have to enable it. Here's how you can get the iCloud app on your iPhone or iPad. You need to be running iOS 9 (or above). Read More

How To Nest Folders Inside Folders In iOS 9

iOS comes with some apps that no one uses, ever. When Apple finally allowed users to move them all to a folder and put them out of sight, everyone cheered. As of iOS 7, Apple has sort of allowed users to nest folders inside folders. We say 'sort of' because it wasn't easy to do back then and often required lightning reflexes. With iOS 9 it's gotten much easier though there is still a small trick to how you nest folders inside folders. Here's a step-by-step guide to nesting folders inside other folders iOS 9. Read More

Send Apps From Chrome To Install On Your iPhone

The App Store has thousands and thousands of apps. Installing them is easy enough from an iOS device and a bit clumsy if you do it using iTunes. Where the App Store is amazing for its collection of apps it does fall short of being truly convenient when it comes to installing an app. If you're wondering what convenience looks like, take a look at how the Google Play Store lets you install apps on Android. You can send an install command from your browser and initiate an app download without ever having to touch your device. Apple doesn't have anything like that but LookMark is a free iOS app that works with a Chrome extension to give you a similar experience. Read More

How To Minimize A Video In The Facebook App

The Facebook app is updated regularly with bug and security fixes and little else to mention in its changelog. Every so often though, one of the updates is a big one that adds new features, or makes yet another change to the UI of the app. The most recent update to the app brought its design closer to iOS 9 (though it's still crashing like a drunk) and it introduced a new way to watch videos in the app. You can now minimize a video that's currently playing in the app so that it takes up just a small area at the bottom right of the app while you continue to scroll through the rest of your feed. Here's how. Read More

Block Comments When Loading Websites In Safari In iOS 9

With content blocking apps now supported in Safari, the App Store has seen an incoming of one particular type of apps; ad blockers. Ads can be annoying and a lot of websites don't bother to optimize them so that content ends up being blocked by ads, or the page keeps scrolling to the top as an ad loads. Where ads do make it so that websites need more time to load, comment plugins used by websites are often guilty of the same. Some sites make it so that comments aren't loaded when you visit a page unless you specifically tap the option to load them but websites like that are in the minority. Meet Shut Up, a free content blocking app for blocking comments in Safari. It comes with a whitelisting feature with a few websites such as Reddit and Stackoverflow already added to it. Read More

How To Enable A Content Blocker In Safari In iOS 9

Safari in iOS 9 comes with support for content blockers. Content blockers are a very specific type of extension that Safari supports as of the latest iOS version. This extension type aims to block content on web pages loaded in Safari with the aim to make browsing faster. The question is, how do you use a content blocker in Safari? Using one is much like using third-party keyboards in iOS 8 (and above). A Safari content blocker comes in the form of an app that you download from the App Store and then enable in Safari's settings. Here's a quick guide on how to enable content blockers in iOS 9. Read More

Use Recipes To Create Random Passwords That You Won’t Need To Remember [Paid]

I remember when I first signed up for Lastpass. It was at the end of the work day and I decided that I'd save my various login IDs and passwords to it later. The next day, Lastpass was hacked. Now, Lastpass is a very popular service that takes security very seriously but that hack scared me enough that I never wanted to rely on a password vault. I've had to rely on my memory to remember passwords and I've had to recover my password many times, many. PasswordChef is a $2.99 iOS app that is essentially a password vault but with a unique way of storing passwords; through recipes. The recipes are basically steps that, when performed as instructed, spell out your password for the service they were created for. Read More