How To Reduce White Color Intensity On Your iPhone

iOS 9.3 added Night Shift, a new feature that lets you tint your screen a sepia color so that you can sleep better. The feature as it turns out is a major battery drain and as of this writing, you cannot enable both Night Shift and Low Power Mode at the same time unless you use a hack to do so. That means you've got to make a trade-off between better sleep or a phone that will drain your battery a bit more than it usually does. If you're looking for an alternative method you can try reducing white color intensity on your phone. Doing so will make the white color on your phone appear significantly less bright. It's a feature that's existed since iOS 7.1 so you can do this on an iPhone 4, and an iPhone 6S and all other devices in between. Read More

View Concert And Stadium Seats In VR Before You Buy Tickets [iOS]

Rukkus Tickets
Attending a live event, whether it's a hockey game or a concert, is about the experience of actually being there. In most cases the view you get watching something at home is always going to be better than the view you get from a fixed seat in the stands. That said, there is little that beats attending a live event such as a baseball game and some seats give you a better view than others. Rukkus Tickets is a service that sells tickets to sporting events and concerts. The service has an iOS app  that lets you check purchase tickets and as of a recent update, you can use the app to check out the view from your selected seats in VR. The app lets you 'try out' the seats in VR before you buy them. You will need either Google Cardboard or a similar VR headset. Read More

How To Cast A Video Or Image From Google Drive And Dropbox

Chromecast is natively supported on Android and you can cast just about anything, even your entire screen to a TV. If your device is running a much older version of Android that lacks native Chromecast support or you're using an iPhone, your casting options are limited to those apps that support the Chromecast. This is a problem because despite the device being incredibly useful and affordable, support for it is still lacking. Often developers pigeon hole the purpose their apps will be used for and don't take into account the fact that a user will always try and get more out of. Take for example Google Drive and Dropbox; both are incredibly popular apps with a myriad of uses and they do not support Chromecast. If you're looking to cast anything from either of these two apps you need an intermediary app called LocalCast. Read More

How To Edit The Geotag Of A Photo On Your iPhone

The photos you take on an iPhone don't just have image data but also a wealth of EXIF data saved. If you were to look at this data you could find when the photo was taken, the device used to take it i.e. which phone, the focal length, exposure, and the location a photo was taken in, among other things. The location is saved in the form of your longitude and latitude coordinates that you can use to pin-point where a photo was taken using Google Maps, Apple Maps, or any other mapping service. While the iPhone camera can save this information with ease, it doesn't let you view it or edit it on your device. If you want to edit the location a photo was taken in, you will need an app called Mappr. Read More

What Is A Facebook Messenger Bot?

At Facebook's F8 Developers Conference, Messenger Bots were announced. These bots are being developed by media corporations and retailers alike and very quickly so which raises the question as to what a Messenger bot is and how it's useful to so many different types of companies. Even more important to know is what these bots mean for the average user, whether or not they will always be safe or can they present a potential threat if they are developed by anyone with malicious intent. Here's a the answer to all that and more. Read More

How To Send Dropbox Files From Facebook Messenger

Dropbox can sync your files to multiple desktops, tablets, and of course your smartphone. The Dropbox app for both iOS and Android is pretty awesome; you can view some of the more common file types in it, upload files, create folders, and manage your files. As of a recent update, the Dropbox app has made file sharing even easier by integrating itself with the Facebook Messenger app. Where normally you would find options for stickers, emojis, and GIFs to send over Messenger, you will now also find Drobox listed as an option to send files. Here's how to use it. Read More

How To Translate Web Pages From Inside Safari [iOS]

Many features available on popular desktop browsers are often not available on their mobile counterparts. Likewise, there are some features that seem so basic almost every browser in the world ought to have them but don't. Case in point; the ability to translate text on the go. Chrome for the desktop and for iOS can do this on the fly but the same can't be said for Safari on iOS. If you prefer using Safari on iOS and would like to translate text on a web page you need to rely on an app that takes advantage of iOS extensions and can translate text. The app you're looking for is the Microsoft Translator app. Read More

How To Use The Text Formatting Features In Whatsapp

Whatsapp has been in the news as of late for adding end-to-end encryption to both text based and voice based messages. It also quietly added another feature at the end of last month; text formatting. Text formatting means you can now make text appear bold, italicized, and struck through in your conversations. The feature doesn't come in the form of dedicated buttons that will let you select text and apply the formatting style. Instead you have to use the correct syntax around the text you want to apply the formatting to. Here's how. Read More

How To Report A Player For Cheating In iOS Game Center

Game Center in iOS is pretty awesome when it comes to multiplayer games. Titles like Letterpress, Tallchess, and Fruit Ninja can connect with Game Center and allow a player to challenge a friend or find a random match to play against. Game titles like Temple Run use it to send challenges to your friends daring them to beat your score. The thing is, not everyone plays fair and some players cheat. If you know a player is cheating you can report them in Game Center. Here's how. Read More

How To Add Alt Text To An Image On Twitter

A large volume of media is shared on Twitter daily. It may not come close to rivaling Facebook in terms of images shared but images are nevertheless a very popular way of sharing content. Twitter expanded its image sharing capabilities by allowing users to share up to four images at once and even letting them search for and add GIFs to a tweet from inside the mobile apps. The latest improvement made for image sharing on the platform is the ability to add alt text to an image when it's tweeted. The feature is meant to help users with visual impairments make sense of images they come across in their timelines. Of course, people have to add an ALT text to an image in order for anyone with an impairment to take advantage of it. Here's how you can enable and use the feature. Read More

Test Your Hearing With An iPhone And A Quiet Room

Mimi Hearing-extended-results
Loud music can damage your ears and the best time to start taking care of your hearing is now. If you do have a habit of listening to loud music, or you've observed that you listen to most things on a higher volume you might already be suffering from mild hearing loss. Before you run to a doctor though, you should try Mimi Hearing, a free app for iOS that can test your hearing. Mimi Hearing requires iOS 8 or above to work. Read More

How To Duplicate A Photo In iOS

The Photos app in iOS has quite a few photo editing features built-in; you can crop a photo, straighten it, add filters, manage saturation, contrast, highlights, exposure, and so much more. The Photos app also lets you sort your photos into albums and moving one or multiple photos to a different album is pretty easy with the 'Move to' option. The 'Copy' option sounds as though it should also let you create a copy of a photo in the same album that it's originally in but it doesn't do that. Instead, it copies the photo to your clipboard so that you can paste it in an app like Messages. As of iOS 9.3 however, there is a new 'Duplicate' option that will let you create a copy of a photo inside an album. Read More

How To Turn On Night Shift In The Low Power Mode [iOS]

iOS 9.3 was released this past Monday and we covered in detail the new Night Shift feature that helps users sleep better by tinting the screen a warmer shade in the evening. The feature works pretty well but if you switch to the low power mode, Night Shift automatically turns Off. So long as your device remains in the low power mode, you cannot enable the Night Shift mode. All toggles and switches for the mode remain greyed out but perhaps that's just a bug. You can enable Night Shift in the low power mode by telling Siri to turn it on. Read More

How To Lock Notes With A Password And Touch ID [iOS]

iOS 9.3 now lets you password protect notes. The notes are locked with a password but can be unlocked either using Touch ID or by entering the password that you set for it. The app update now makes it possible for you to use the Notes app for storing more sensitive information instead of just random things you need to remember. One password, once set, is used to lock and unlock all other notes. Here's how the feature works. Read More

How To Enable, Customize Tint Intensity, And Schedule Night Shift [iOS]

iOS 9.3 has been released and with it comes the much awaited Night Shift feature which is a complete rip off of the Flux app banned by Apple. The feature tints your screen a warmer color, think a sepia filter, when it's evening or night so that every time you look at your phone, you aren't accidentally forcing your brain to wake up. The bright screen tends to do that and since most of us habitually read one more email or check one more social media app before going to bed, the bright white keeps our brain up. The tint counters that and lets us read whatever it is we want to read but the dimmed color doesn't force our brain to stay awake. The feature is neat and here is how you can enable and schedule it. Read More

Price & Specs For The New iPhone SE & 9.7 Inch iPad Pro

iphone SE
Apple's March 2016 event has just concluded and just about everything from Apple TV to the iPhone will see either an update or a new device added to the existing lineup. To get right to the point, iOS 9.3 will be released today and it features the much awaited Night Shift feature as well as the ability to have password protected notes in the Notes app. Apple TV will also receive an update that brings Siri integration among other things. The major product highlights though are the new 4 inch iPhone SE, the 9.7 inch iPad Pro and the serious price reduction of the Apple Watch that is now available starting $299. Here's the complete price range and specifications of the iPhone SE and 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Preorders start March 24, 2016 and begin shipping March 31, 2016 Read More

Test Your Flight Safety Knowledge & Learn To Survive An Air Disaster

Prepare for Impact-nav
Flight safety training is crucial for everyone on a plane but many of us barely listen to the safety instructions given at the start of each flight. Passively listening to the instructions means we retain very little of them and if disaster were to strike, chaos would more likely break out than order given how many people are usually on a plane. Prepare for Impact is an excellent iOS and Android app that quizzes you on the very basics of air safety and lets you go through air disaster simulations to test if you know what to do in them. It tests literally everything that you are told by air crew before you take off. The quiz is optional and you can opt to play the many disaster simulations instead. In the simulations, you must respond to the emergency at hand and evacuate the plane without dying. Read More

Add Files To A Zip Archive & Share Them Via Email Or iMessage [iOS]

A zipped file is one of the most efficient ways to send files. A zipped file not only provides a single container for multiple files, they also reduce the size as much as optimally possible. Unfortunately, zipping files on a mobile device isn't easy and if you use an iPhone, it's almost unheard of. Bundler is a free iOS app that seeks to solve that problem. It allows you to add files from your device to a zipped archive and share them via email or iMessages. The app isn't without its limitations e.g., you can't add a file from the Google Drive or Dropbox apps to Bundler but you can add them from your camera roll or any app that lets you save files on your device as opposed to cloud storage. The app bundles the files into a file with a BNDL extension which must be changed to ZIP before your recipient can extract and view them on the desktop. Read More

New Features In Firefox 45 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 45 is has been released to the stable channel with functional and UI changes for end users. The Hello  feature which has yet to graduate from its Beta version now lets you share a tab to initiate a conversation. The Android version of Firefox has also received an update. Firefox for Android now has a 'tap to load' option for loading images at the user's discretion. The option makes loading a page easier on a data plan. A more important feature has been added for tablets that allows a user to restrict access to the mic and camera in a restricted Android profile. Lastly, when users select and share text from a web page, the URL is no longer included. Firefox for iOS also received an update three days ago. The new version comes with support for third-party keyboards. Read More