Check How Many Authentic Reviews An App Has On The App Store

The App Store has an exceptionally large number of apps available for iOS users. So large is the number that Apple boasts about it at least once a year when it announces the next iPhone. It may surprise you, or perhaps not, that the App Store has thousands of apps that have never been downloaded even once. Additionally, many app developers fall victim to app cloning where apps similar to theirs are copied and distributed under slightly different names. The point is, it's hard to get visibility and downloads in the crowded App Store. One way to improve your chances is of course through app reviews. Unfortunately, these too can be fake. Companies that can afford to do so will employ people to leave positive reviews on their apps. Developers will often unlock certain features in their apps if people leave them a review or rating on the App Store. AppRecs is a little free web app that aims to counter all this. It lets you look up an app and judges how many of its reviews appear to be authentic. Read More

How To Add Multiple Accounts To The Instagram App

Instagram is possibly the only social network of note that is totally driven by images. Where it's a great place for users to share amatuer photography, it's also an excellent marketing ground for brands that want to promote a lifestyle through their products. The app has recently received an update and the highlight of this update is the ability to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single device. The update has been rolled out to both Android and iOS. Here's how to add multiple accounts to the Instagram app. Read More

Enter Emojis By Long Pressing A Letter On The Keyboard [iOS]

iOS has had support for multiple keyboards for a while but it was only after iOS 8 that you could add a third-party keyboard. With support for third-party keyboards, you can do quite a few things from inside the keyboard. The only slight inconvenience with the keyboards is switching between them. If you have too many keyboards added then you have all the more to cycle through. Emojo is an iOS keyboard app that combines the emoji keyboard and the alphanumeric keyboard into one. You can associate emojis with any of the letters on the keyboard and when you press and hold the key, it will automatically enter the emoji. The app is free for a limited time Read More

How To Get Rid Of Maliciously Injected Ads In Chrome For iOS

iOS sandboxes apps which means an app, if it's malicious in itself and has managed to get past the App Store, cannot mess with or access data stored in another app. With any iOS device, it's assumed with good reason that your browser cannot be hijacked by some other app, or indeed even by a malicious website but if you're using Chrome, that might not be true. Back in December 2015, I experienced first-hand ads being injected on websites that I accessed in Chrome on my iPhone. The device isn't jailbroken and the website I was visiting at the time was one I had visited often in the past without an ad ever appearing. It took a two months to get to the bottom of where the ads were coming from but I ultimately realized it was cookies that were responsible for it. Read More

New Features In Firefox 44 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 44 is out for both desktop and Android with few noteworthy features for end users. Developers are likely to appreciate the slew of new animations tools added in the web console on the desktop version. For Android users, there's the ability to set a custom home page and hide the speed dial i.e. Top Sites panel. Firefox for iOS did not receive a simultaneous update however, it has been updated twice this month, once with bug and security fixes, and once with two major feature additions to the app. You can now request the desktop version of a website and use third-party password managers on iOS. Here's a detailed look at the major new additions in Firefox 44. Read More

Stream Live Video From Your Phone’s Camera To Chromecast

An old out-dated smartphone can be utilized as a security camera. It's one of the most commonly suggested uses for devices that are no longer receiving firmware updates but have, otherwise, great hardware that is likely to go to waste. The devices aren't worth selling and can't be traded in so they're best used as a baby monitor or just a way to remotely keep an eye on your pets. Another pretty awesome use for the device is to use it as a webcam or if you have a Chromecast, you can use it to transmit a live video from the camera to a TV on your network. Here's how. Read More

How To Watch A 3D Movie With A VR Headset

TVs have come a long way from the heavy, square, CRT screens they were years ago. Besides being slimmer, no longer needing a copper cable connection, and having exceptionally better resolutions, they've also gotten smart. Screens are so sophisticated now that you can watch a 3D movie all from the comfort of your home. The only thing stopping you is the price tag on these awesome screens which, given that the technology is still new, is a big one. That doesn't necessarily mean you can't watch a 3D movie at home. If you have a low end VR headset at home, it's actually pretty easy to do. Here's how you can watch a 3D movie with a VR headset. Read More

Watch Music Videos For The Songs In Your iTunes Library [iOS]

Music takes up substantial space on our phones. Rarely, if ever, would you save a music video to your phone because it takes up considerably more space and the videos are on YouTube anyway. Perhaps what you might like better is if you could just jump to the music video for one of your favorite songs without having to search for it. Vusic is a very simple and very awesome free iOS app that syncs music from your iTunes library and lets you watch official music videos for all songs that have one. The videos are played from YouTube. Vusic doesn't download the videos and instead streams them live when you want to watch one. Read More

Enter Obscure & Common Mathematical Symbols From iOS Keyboard [Paid]

The default iOS keyboard has buttons for standard mathematical functions i.e., addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For any other symbol you might need to enter, you normally have to copy and paste them from some place. MathBoard is a $0.99 app for iOS that is meant to meet any and all mathematical symbol needs. It's a third-party keyboard app that has every common and obscure mathematical symbol you might ever need to enter including Pi. Read More

You Can Do Quick Calculations From Inside Spotlight In iOS

What smartphone doesn't have a calculator app built into it? Even old feature phones had them as did those really cool wristwatches that were popular at some point. If you're picky about how the calculator app that came bundled on your phone looks or which features it has, you can download a different and exponentially better one for free. If you use an iOS device though, there's one thing you can't supplement and that's the ease of use that certain native features have in the OS. In this case, if you don't want to fumble around on your home screen tabs, folders, or the control panel, and want to be able to access a calculator anywhere, you can use Spotlight because it can do basic math problems. Read More

Set Periodic Reminders For Taking Your Medication [iOS]

round-add med
Reminder apps are a popular sub-category of productivity apps. These apps focus on organizing tasks and to-dos into smart lists that make it easier to keep track of the nature of the many tasks you need to do. Round is free reminder app for iOS with a very specific purpose; it remidns you to take your meds. If you're on any type of medication, especially if it's more than one type of pill, the app will let you add individual reminders for each one. It can add medicine from its existing database and you can specify the quantity (in mg) you have to take each time. Once you've taken a doze, you can mark the reminder complete. Read More

Track What Foods You’ve Burnt Off With Your Daily Activity Level

Losing weight is daunting. If you've got a lot of numbers to reduce on the scale you might already see it as a goal that's too difficult to accomplish. The key is to take baby steps. You can start out with just walking daily and don't necessarily have to hit the gym everyday until you're ready for a more aggressive approach to weight loss. If your smartphone has a built in activity tracker then you can use it to count the steps you take daily, and Movesum will tell you how many calories you burnt that day. It's a free app for Android and iOS that connects with your phone's activity tracker, takes your daily activity information, and translates it into food you've burnt off. Read More

Remember Where You Parked & Get Alerts When Your Meter Is About To Expire [iOS]

The Seinfeld episode Parking Garage is about a very real problem that dozens of people face everyday i.e., remembering where they parked. At the time the sitcom was made, smartphones simply didn't exist. There were no smart apps or handy little devices that you could maybe stick to your car to locate it more easily. It was just you and your brain back then but not any more. QuickPark is a free iOS app that helps you remember where you parked and reminds you that your meter is about to run out. Read More

The 30 Most Popular iOS Posts Of 2015

In 2015 some truly awesome iOS apps debuted and Apple released iOS 9 which had quite the odd bugs to its name. iOS 9 came with new features noteworthy of which is the new battery saving feature and the image annotation feature in the Mail app. Big name companies like Microsoft and Google released popular titles for the iOS platform like Office Lens and Chrome Remote Desktop. Here are the most popular iOS posts we covered in 2015. Read More

How To Play Games With Your Friends Over Chromecast

Chromecast is used mostly for watching movies and TV shows on a big screen. If you never dig deeper into what the device can do, chances are you'll always use it as a means to avoid using an HDMI cable and nothing more. Chromecast can be used for a lot of things and even as far as entertainment goes, movies aren't the end of it. You can play games with your friends over the Chromecast. We don't mean big title games like those on Steam but smaller ones that you can play with your phone acting as the controller. Here's how. Read More

Play Music From Your Dropbox Account When You’re Offline [iOS]

Dropbox has always made sure your files are on whatever device you need them to be. It's one of the best apps in the market for syncing and backing up files and it's saved lives on occasion with its version restore feature. What the app and service aren't used for is backing up music. Audio files can be played from its mobile apps but the experience is far from what you'd get if you could play music from Dropbox via an actual music app. Meet Jukebox, a free iOS app that can download music from your Dropbox account and let you listen to it in a proper music player. Read More

Play Movies From A Media Server To Your TV Using Your Phone [Chromecast]

VideoCast For Chromecast play
We reviewed Plex as a must-have app for anyone with a Chromecast app. Plex basically creates a media server on your PC but it's popularity stems from its support for Chromecast which very few other media server apps to. If you're already using a different media server app and don't want to switch to Plex, or it's near competitor Emby, you can instead use your iPhone or Android phone to control the media and cast it to your Chromecast. We've combed the app stores for both iOS and Android to find apps that let you play movies and TV shows from a media server and cast it to your TV. Read More

Play Windows Games On Your iPad Or Android Tablet

PC games very rarely have mobile versions and that's to be expected since a mobile device can't give the same experience as a desktop. Even if you were to use a mobile device that came packed with the best hardware available, playing the game wouldn't be the same. Remotr is a desktop streaming app that comes with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone clients and it seeks to challenge this very notion. The app lets you play games installed and running on your Windows PC from your mobile phone or tablet. The apps can detect which games you have installed and you can launch a game on your computer from one of the mobile apps. The mobile apps let you configure on-screen game controls to play the games. Read More

How To Cast A Presentation From Your Smartphone To Your TV

google slides-cast
Preparing for a presentation involves a lot of things; making sure the slides are in order, the presentation is cohesive and well-connected, a quick rehearsal, checking and rechecking that you have the presentation file on your laptop, and making sure it is working. Presentations largely still live on our laptops and if you forget your laptop, or don't have one available to access a presentation file from a cloud drive, it's a problem of nightmare proportions. If however you're presenting via a Chromecast device all you need is your smartphone and the Google Slides app to give a presentation. Read More

Find What The Laundry Symbols On Your Clothes Mean Using Your iPhone [Paid]

Laundry Day result
Laundry is complicated and you never really know just how complicated it is until your mom isn't doing it. It's more than just about separating your colored clothes from the white ones. Clothes haves needs and Laundry Day - Care Symbol Reader is the closest you'll get to having a laundry whisperer at your disposal. It's a $0.99 app for iOS that reads the laundry symbols on clothing tags and tells you exactly what they mean. The app is a genius QR code reader except it's meant to make sense of those symbols you ignore when you wash your clothes. The app has a 'scan' mode that you can use to live scan tags and a 'look up' mode that lets you manually select wash and care symbols to find out what they mean. Read More