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Is the iPhone 14 Waterproof? All about Splash, Water, and Dust Resistance

As phones get increasingly sophisticated, so does their ability to resist things like water and dust damage. Still, how advanced are they? If you’re wondering, “Is the iPhone 14 waterproof?” We have all the stats for you. This information applies to iPhone models 14, 14 Pro, 15, and 15 Pro. Each model has similar ratings and resistances so if you have a newer model, we’ve got you covered. As for the waterproof question, the answer is no. But also kinda. Let’s dive in. 

Is the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max Waterproof?

So, is iPhone 14 waterproof? No. Is it water resistant? Absolutely. There is a difference between the two terms. All iPhone models from version 12 up to the current 15 and 15 Pro, have the ability to be submerged as deep as 6 meters for up to 30 minutes. At least, that’s what they were tested at by Apple. It is a bit confusing to say your phone isn’t waterproof but it can be submerged underwater. The thing is, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Some users report no problems dunking their phones for long periods of time whereas others say it completely ruined them. Either way, Apple does not cover damage caused by liquids. Clearly, it’s not a perfect system. Let’s get into why. 

IP Rating – What is it and what does it mean?

If you’re researching, “Is the iPhone 14 waterproof?” you’ll probably run into the IP rating. More recent iPhone models have a rating of 68, certified under the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), an entity that rates how much electronics malfunction with exposure to dust or liquids. The IP code (Ingress Protection) has two numbers. The first rates protection against solid matter, like dust. A score of 0 means zero protection whereas the highest score of 6 means no ingress of dust. 

The second IP number refers to liquids. This score goes from 0-9, 9 meaning protection from high-pressure hot water from various angles. The iPhone’s score of 68 means it’s very resistant to dust and small particles and very close to the highest score of water resistance. Keep in mind, if you have any damage to your phone such as cracks, this will affect how well it resists these things. Also, long term exposure to liquids and particles could weaken protections too.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant

Is the iPhone 14 Pro Max waterproof? No. Water resistant? Yes. Here’s the difference in the two terms, which applies to all models: 


  • Any liquid penetration is prevented
  • Submersion depth and length of exposure do not change this protection

Water resistant: 

  • This is the rate that liquid permeates the surface covering and into the phone
  • Liquid is likely slowly entering the device, but if you adhere to the limitations such as depth and submersion time, you can lessen or avoid damage. Ignoring these means water can enter faster and impair your phone
  • Most iPhones are also splash resistant, meaning if you’re in the tub and you splash water on it, usually it’s undamaged.

Can I go swimming with my iPhone 14?

Apple specifically instructs users not to use their iPhones while swimming. As tempting as it sounds, considering the claims you can submerge it up to 6 meters, it’s best not to chance it. Here’s why: 

  • Pools can have chemicals that may affect the water resistance of your iPhone
  • Saltwater can also affect your phone differently, adding unknown elements to the water resistance
  • There is no warranty for liquid damage. Why take the risk? 
  • Some users report success with swimming with their phones, but many also experience damage. There are too many unknown factors to predict damage or not
  • Besides the water element, it’s a lot easier to lose your phone while swimming if you don’t have it properly secured

Can I take pictures underwater with my iPhone?

As already mentioned, exposing your phone to water purposefully is a bad idea. That said, if you get the proper waterproof casing, you can take pictures underwater. Keep in mind

  • Not all cases are as effectively waterproof as claimed. Do your research, read reviews, and don’t skimp on quality
  • You won’t be able to interact with your touchscreen underwater so you’ll need to prep your photo settings beforehand
  • Lighting is important or your pictures won’t turn out well
  • Secure your phone so you don’t lose it

What if your iPhone gets wet?

You know the answer to, “Is the iPhone 14 waterproof?” But what if you accidentally get it wet? Here are some tips: 

  • Wipe off your phone with a soft, non-abrasive cloth
  • If you have a liquid other than water on your phone, you can gently rinse it with tap water
  • Don’t open your SIM tray or try to charge your phone until it is completely dry, at least 5 hours after exposure
  • To dry it faster, gently tap it against your hand and put it in a dry area with good airflow
  • Don’t insert items in your charging port to try to dry it (like a cotton ball, etc.)
  • Don’t use heat to dry it, such as a hair dryer or heater
  • If you get dust in your phone, don’t use compressed air to get it out. Instead use a lint free cloth to clean it