Squrl For iPhone & iPad: View Trending Videos From Your Social Networks & Video Sources Of Choice

Services like Google Reader are helpful in letting users view items from several news sources in one place. Such feed aggregators are not rare, and there are many similar apps available for iOS as well. Squrl Video Discovery is an iPhone app that is essentially a feed aggregator, but with a major twist – the app deals specifically with videos. With Squrl Video Discovery, you can create a personalized video feed, stay apprised of the latest video trends among your social media friends and discover new videos from sources of your choice. Squrl offers a network of its own too, where you can follow different channels and other users. Read on past the jump for further details.Read More

DoNotDisturb: Turn Off All iOS Alerts & Banners From Notification Center [Cydia]

A few days back, we covered a Windows Phone 7 Homebrew named Snotify. That app allowed users to silence the notifications on their WP7 device with a few toggle buttons. It doesn’t happen too often, but an iOS utility seems to have followed the Mango app’s example. The Cydia tweak is named DoNotDisturb, and is basically a Notification Center widget that includes a single toggle. If you switch DoNotDisturb on, all notifications on your device are immediately turned off. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see notifications at all - they will still be there in the Notification Center - but all pop-ups and banners will be killed for as long as the tweak is activated. Sound like something you would want to use? Read on for details.Read More

MusicBunk For Android & iPhone Is A Social Network For Music Discovery & Sharing

Want to know how many of your Facebook friends love Adele’s Rolling In The Deep, or who else in the world loves Pitbull's tracks like you do? Say Hello to MusicBunk – a cross-platform social music discovery and sharing app for Android & iPhone that connects you to worldwide music fans so that you may share, like and comment on all your favorite music tracks while enjoying high quality music streams through personalized playlists. Simply put, the app scans your device’s music library for locally stored songs, lets you create and share playlists from those tracks, listen to the music tracks via its neatly-designed native music player, and lets your friends learn what tracks you’re currently listening to. In return, your friends can respond to your choice of music by commenting on and liking your activities on the network. That’s not all; based on your musical taste, the app also suggests friends who have a particular favorite of yours added to their own MusicBunk playlists. In this way, you can befriend other app users who have the same taste in music as yours, creating a nice little music circle comprising only your Music Matches!Read More

Easily Create & Manage Your Website On The Go Using Weebly For iPhone

It might sound like a daunting task, but these days, creating a website or blog isn’t that difficult. Everything is automated for the user’s convenience, and thanks to services like Weebly, and even WordPress, you can create a new website in just a few minutes. Weebly, in particular, is so simple to use that you just have to choose a theme and domain name to have your site up and running. The service is now even more convenient, owing to the release of the new Weebly app for iPhone. Not only can the app be used to create new websites, it is also possible to manage existing Weebly blogs through this newly released iOS app. So, if you have always wanted your own blog, or have already got one via Weebly, head past the break to learn all about the service’s iPhone app.Read More

ShoeBox For Android & iOS Lets You Scan Old Photos, Auto-Adjusts Edges & Perspective

ShoeBox by 1000memories is an online image gallery specifically dedicated to your old photos. It is a platform where you can gather all the old, scanned snaps that might be lying on your computer, smartphone or across various social media sharing platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. The service presents you with various category-based ShoeBox (album) templates under which you can place all relevant snaps. You can also create your own ShoeBox, and share it with the entire world. Moreover, there is also the option to keep a ShoeBox private, wherein only authorized users (collaborators) can view the content contained within the album. ShowBox has both an iOS app (which has been around for a while now), and a freshly released Android client, both of which sport smart edge detection and automatic perspective adjustment so that you close to no effort is required at your end to make the scans look flawless.Read More

Consmr: View Crowdsourced Product Reviews, Ratings & Alternatives On Your iPhone While Shopping

Even if you have to buy a simple bottle of ketchup, there are so many options available in the market that anyone can get confused. There are a lot of apps in the iOS App Store that are designed to help users get the best items when they are out shopping. Some apps might be able to help you by pointing out the latest deals available for various products, but nothing is better than getting a real person's opinion while shopping. This is exactly what Consmr Barcode Scanner does for its users. With this iPhone app, you will be able to scan the QR code or barcode of any product, and view its customer reviews, ratings, available alternatives and even the places where the item is easily available!Read More

All-In-One Hack ToolKit For HTC One X, One S, Vivid, Rezound, myTouch 4G Slide & Amaze 4G

Tool kits for Android devices are a blessing literally. With the abilities to perform multiple functions from one app and mostly via a convenient one click method. XDA-Developers recognized member hasoon2000 has been hard at work developing a toolkit for the latest HTC devices out there, but best of all, he has released versions of the toolkit that are particular to the device at hand. The tool kit covers the recent HTC One X, One S, Vivid, Rezound and the likes of myTouch 4G Slide and the Amaze 4G as well. The tool kit lets you not only root the device, install a custom recovery, flash a custom kernel, but brings with a few very useful extra commands as well. We talk more about it, and how you can use this tool, in detail after the break.Read More

HTC Sensation Camera Mod Ported To HTC Vivid, Improves Photo & Video Quality

The HTC Vivid boasts an 8MP AF camera with the ability to record videos at 1080p. However it’s Android, and with that label comes the urge to increasingly push a device to its limit. Camera Mods are not really a new concept and have been around for quite a while now. However, as the camera sensors and over all technology crept to astonishing heights, it is only fair that all that potent hardware is used at its maximum potential. Something like this happened for the HTC Sensation a while back, where the device could record full HD videos at 40mbps! Stuff like 0 compression on JPG images (photos taken), experimental addition of ISO 1250 mode and more were part of the deal. In short, huge improvement in the video and photo quality overall was achieved. Well guess what? The HTC Vivid just got all that! In fact, XDA-Developers forum member zacgoesrawr has simply ported the mod for the Sensation onto the Vivid. So if you’re hungry for some uber camera improvement on your HTC Vivid, read on after the break.Read More

Informator: Use Action Menu To Paste Device Info While Entering Text [Cydia]

If you want to share your iPhone’s IP address or other device information with someone, you have to navigate to the depths of the stock Settings app, memorize the info (as it can’t be copied) and then write it down in the Notes app or somewhere similar; a fairly unintuitive way of doing things. Not many people are huge fans of the way text editing is done in iOS, but you have to admit that the text action menu it offers is quite a feature. This menu can be enhanced even further if you have access to the Cydia store. There are many tweaks available in the jailbreak store that focus entirely on letting users add more text editing options to the action menu for greater convenience. New to the Cydia store, Informator is a simple, free tweak that adds a new button to the action menu, using which you can add any device information (IP address, device ID, UDID, device name, etc.) to text in a couple of taps. The tweak works in all areas of iOS where the text action menu can be invoked.Read More

AT&T HTC One X Gets One Click Root

Root AT&T HTC One X
The HTC One X from AT&T has been rooted! Earlier we covered a rooting guide for the retail version of the HTC One X here, but the AT&T branded model was no where released back then. However, thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member kennethpenn, not only do AT&T users have the ability to root their device in a one click fashion, but users on Rogers and other networks as well. Even better, this method will work for Windows, Linux and Mac.Read More

Flipboard For Android Now Available For All Devices [Review]

Once the official Instagram Android app finally hit the Google Play Store last moth, most users (including me) set their sights on another popular iOS-exclusive app, Flipboard – an elegant, customizable magazine style news and social feed reader. Just last week, along with the announcement of the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III, came the news that Flipboard will be debuting on Android as an SGS III-exclusive app. Now, unless you’re one of the lucky few to-be owners of said device, chances are bleak that you’ll be getting a taste of Flipboard on your Android any time soon. That said, XDA member, Valcho, seems to have completely different plans, as he has managed to pull the APK of the much sought-after news reader from his Galaxy S III (a test unit, presumably). So, albeit not officially, Flipboard for Android is now available for download, and is ready to give Google Currents a good run for its money in the race of the best news reading Android apps. Update: A fully tablet-optimized version of Filpboard for Android is now officially available on the Google Play Store. We've added a link to its Play Store page at the end.Read More

City Lens For Lumia WP7: Identify Places Near You & View Info In Augmented Reality

When Windows Phone 7 was bumped to Mango, one feature that came across as a good addition to the OS was the search menu’s Local Scout. If you don’t already know, Local Scout provides users with search results that are related to their current location. It is a good way of discovering interesting and useful places near you. As attractive as the official feature might sound, it does have a few shortcomings, and it does not work outside the US and UK. Maybe that’s why Nokia has decided to launch City Lens for Lumia WP7 devices. The app has been around on Symbian phones for quite a while, but you won’t guess that by the Mango version’s polished Metro interface. City Lens is basically an augmented reality browser that allows users to discover places near them. Many other apps can do that, but the best thing about this Nokia app is the fact that you can use it to point your device at any place in real life, and it will give you all the information about it on your phone’s screen!Read More

xDownload: iPhone Download Manager With Support For Flash Videos, Simultaneous Downloads & More

It is possible to download and use a lot of file formats in iOS, but not all of them are compatible with Safari, and you might need a plethora of third-party apps in order to use those files on your iDevice. This can prove to be cumbersome, as you might not even be aware whether a particular file can be used with your device. xDownload for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch is one very simple solution to this problem. It is a download manager supports a staggeringly large number of file formats. Probably the best feature offered by xDownload is its ability to download flash videos, which are automatically converted to MP4 to facilitate playback on your FLV-crippled iOS device. Apart from that, you can archive whole websites with the app as well. Details to follow.Read More

Plan Events & Invite Guests Through SMS Using GetTogether. For iPhone

Event planning is never an easy task, and if you are handed the responsibility of arranging a large meeting, Murphy’s Law springs into action straight away, and everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Technology might not be able to help you too much in endeavours like setting up the table and scrubbing the floors, but if you have an iOS app like GetTogether., you can surely take the first step towards making any event memorable and successful. This iPhone app is designed to let you plan the timings, place and other similar particulars of any event, and once you're done with all that, you can invite all the guests right from within the app. The guests of an event don’t have to be smartphone users, as GetTogether. sends out all the invitations through text messages. Not only does this functionality serve to make the whole process more streamlined, it lets you concentrate on more complicated organization matters by keeping you and your guests in the loop and letting you interact with the whole invited group via broadcasting messages en masse.Read More

Cool Converter: A Holo-Themed Advanced Unit Converter For Android

There is no shortage of quality unit converters for Android in the Google Play Store, but if you are looking for an alternative that provides plenty of advanced conversion options, take a look at Cool Converter. Sporting a UI that borrows its elements from the Android Ice Cream Sandwich’s Holo Theme, Cool Converter offers you dozens of daily-use basic, as well as extended, conversion options. The app's conversion support goes beyond the routine physical units (time, length, temperature, area et al), and lets you perform necessary calculations on various scientific and computing units, including bits & bytes, numeral systems, force, torque, pressure, energy, electric current, magnetic field strength, power and metric prefixes etc. That’s not all; the app also lists values of all the useful universal scientific constants that you might be required to use in, perhaps, your homework.Read More

Metal Sniffer: Metal Detector That Exports Readings In CSV [Android]

I remember the time the HTC G1 came out, and with it, a metal detector app. To be honest, I initially thought it was a gimmick and more of en entertainment app rather than an actually utility, but as it is, the thing actually worked! Since then, the Android Market, now renamed to Google Play, has been flooded with tons of metal detector apps that offer quite a lot of different functions, but if you talk about free ones, most out there are ad-supported, which can be a nuisance at times (although for free, one shouldn’t complain). Metal Sniffer is just another metal detector app, there, I said it. However, the app brings in what most don’t, and that is a Holo themed interface that blends in nicely with the ICS UI – for those of you running Ice Cream Sandwich on your Android device – and best of all, the app is entirely ad-free. More on the app and how well it actually fares in what it does, after the break.Read More

PipeUp! Voice Alarm For Android Can Read Aloud Almost Anything via TTS

The smartphones (and tablets) of today have even smarter alarm & clock apps that provide way more functionality than presenting you with just the usual dismiss-and-snooze buttons. With the previously reviewed iHome Sleep, we’ve already seen an Android & iOS alarm app that wakes you up to your overnight social media feeds. Fresh to the Google Play Store, PipeUp! Voice Alarm is another immensely comprehensive, fully customizable Android alarm app that takes the aforementioned concept even further, and lets you specify various alarms that can be set to play aloud almost any content that you add to their respective playlists. Using the high quality Android Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine, the app can play your overnight social feeds in a typical radio broadcast style, business/stock news, custom text, unattended emails and text messages, quote of the day, daily language lessons, RSS feeds and podcasts, technology news, sports updates, custom audio/sound files, entertainment news, detailed weather forecast, wakeup messages from friends, Merriam Webster word of the day, trivia of the day, local traffic details, calendar event alerts, and lots more. The app supports playing all the content in multiple global languages, and lets you pick either a male or female voice to play the selected content in an accent of choice.Read More

EZBuzz Lets You Create Reminders With Audio, Notes & Photos On iPhone

Siri might be good for having a casual conversation every once in a while, but, arguably, its best feature is its ability to create reminders on the go. Apart from Siri, there are several third-party iOS apps that can create reminders in a variety of intuitive ways. However, no matter how a reminder is created, when it shows up on your iPhone’s screen, it is essentially just a snippet of text asking you to perform a particular task. Not if you are using EZBuzz! With this amazing iPhone app, users can create reminders quickly, but the reminders EZBuzz creates are anything but simple text strings. You can add voice recordings, notes or even images to a reminder using this app, and all of these items will show up on the screen of your iDevice as soon as the alarm goes off.Read More

Cross-Platform VoIP & Messaging App Viber Comes To Windows Phone 7 & Blackberry

Viber is one of the most popular free text and VoIP call services on both Android and iOS. After much success on both these platforms, the famous service has finally released its client for WP7 and the currently-somewhat-neglected Blackberry. Before you get too excited though, please note that the Mango version of Viber is still in its limited beta and you cannot make voice calls for now. Luckily, the text messenger service alone is enough to give WhatsApp a run for its money. Read on to know all about Viber’s features and current limitations.Read More

Dashboard: Add Up To 9 Bookmark Slots To Your Android’s Homescreen

If you’re an avid web surfer and frequently need to visit specific websites on your Android, but find it tiresome to navigate all the way to your browser app to open each individual website separately, then you must consider using Dashboard. This immensely convenient and customizable app lets you specify bookmark shortcuts to a maximum of nine (9) different most frequently used URLs on its main interface, so that you’re always just a single tap away from navigating to your favorite websites. What’s even better with Dashboard, is that it also supports a nifty skinnable homescreen widget, complete with the shortcuts to all nine bookmarks, so that you can head over to the required URL direct from your Android's homescreen. From the customization perspective, you can also apply various elegant skins/themes to your Dashboard widget to make it look even prettier, and in compliance with your default launcher. Details to follow.Read More