Hide Menus And Links On Wikipedia To Improve Readability [Chrome]

Wikipedia is a free, collaborative internet encyclopedia that has become the largest and most popular general reference work on the internet. Whenever we need to look up information regarding a topic, most of us directly go to Wikipedia. While it provides us with accurate, detailed information about almost anything, the large number of links in articles can clutter the website, which can also be a source of distraction. Beautipedia Modified, Chromified is a Chrome extension that solves this issue by restyling Wikipedia into a more readable and attractive site. The extension removes all the extra content, such as the left menu and other options displayed at the top of the page. Moreover, it transforms the links and makes them less distracting.

Reading articles on Wikipedia can sometimes be difficult, especially when they are cluttered with too many cross-linkings. The menu and logo displayed to the left can also be a source of distraction for some users.

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After you’ve installed the extension, it will convert links to plain text with a dotted line, so you can focus on the content more easily. If you hover your mouse over these links, they are highlighted in a blue color. The menu, Wikipedia logo and options displayed at the top are also removed from the interface, making it clearer and clutter-free.

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The extension cleans up the Wikiepedia interface considerably and makes it look more like a catalog than the website it is. The only thing is that Wikipedia is an informative website. Which parts are important and which aren’t is rather a subjective question that can only be answered by the user and each case may just be unique. Bearing this in mind, it also doesn’t make sense for someone to remove the elements they don’t want to see one by one. To avoid an impasse in this situation, perhaps the developer should consider adding options that allow a user to selectively remove entire sections of the page. The sections to be removed can be selected and saved in the options and rendered when a Wikipedia page loads.

Beautipedia Modified, Chromified extension allows you to focus on your reading by providing you with a slick interface for Wikipedia. It does not decrease the page load time and only modifies the arrangement of the elements slightly. Install the extension from the link below, give it a try and let us know what you think!

Install Beautipedia Modified, Chromified For Google Chrome