• thank you very much for this very informative article. Keep em comin’

  • daniela danescu

    an intruder with IP browser is accesing my gmail account despite the fact I have been changed my password. I don’t know what more I can do by now. I feel insecure and unconfortable.

    • I searched for this IP address for you at this website http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm?GetLocation

      It says the IP is from Utrecht, Netherlands. All you can do is guess if anybody you know you might live in this city. Otherwise you can keep a more stronger password and also change the Forget Password Questions and Answers.

      • daniela danescu

        thank you so much Nakodari!

    • Vanessa

      The same happend to me last night!
      It says ppl from Canada and the United States accessed my account!!

      I changed my pasword but I don’t know what else to do and how they gained access to my account, help?

      • Angelix

        My Accounts shows logins from too many IP’s and I have only 3 devices from where I am accessing my G Mail account? What does this mean? Help me  out please!

        Looking Forward!

  • 3green drasgons

    my web history includes searches i never made and ii tried changing my password and sgning ouyt already

  • satz

    on the other side, is there any way where if someone accesses your account and the activity info of that session is not displayed in the activity history?


  • Yanko G

    hey guys, does anybody how to get the same info about my skype account? Thanks

  • guest!!

    how to know who tried to login in my account…?? i got 'account recovery -google password assistance' to my alternate email account… saying that someone tried to login your account..