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Firefox: Refresh Web Page Directly From Server Without Clearing Cache

Have you ever tried refreshing you webpage in Firefox and you experienced it displayed the cached version instead of downloading the page from the server? Mozilla Firefox is the most loved browser in the world and its not just the hatred towards Microsoft rather its the support of thousands of little add-ons and tweaks that make it the most customizable and secure browser. To further customize the way your browser behaves you can tweak Firefox to refresh the web page without clearing cache.


You may have experience this often that when you try to reload your webpage, Firefox sometimes shows the cached version instead of directly downloading the new content updated from the server. You can refresh instead of closing all the browser window by Pressing CTRL + F5, this way Firefox will directly request the data stream from the server instead of showing the cached version.

I hope this quick tips would make Firefox experience more seamless. Enjoy !


  1. yeah well… FF28 doesnt reload from server. Actually clearing the cache doesnt clear ther cache….

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