Hubii: Create Magazine & Read Latest News Based On Geographic Location [Web]

Tired of jumping from one website to another to find the latest news online? Hubii, a web application, gives you faster access to news, & lets you browse international headlines in a completely different way. It provides users with a map, and lets them search for various news content based on locations. As you move through different locations on the map, the news content displayed to the left changes accordingly. You may use the Mapfilter option to filter news by date, language, time and more. Another useful and interesting feature of Hubii is Mapazine, your personal magazine that you can customize by subscribing to various publishers from whatever locations you desire. If you cant find a particular publisher, just click Contribute, and add one by providing the URL for the publisher’s RSS feed. Hubii minimizes the time you spend looking for the news; instead, it brings you the news.

To start off, zoom into a geographical area, and find the latest news as they change with the change in displayed region. Use the icons on the map to filter news by time, topic & language. As you move around the map and zoom in, you will notice that the news get updated according to the geographical location. Another very cool feature is the Heatmap, which shows where the latest news are being read and searched for.

You will find three control icons on the map, Contribute, Eyenew and Mapfilter. You can use these to control the way you see information.

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The icons on the map show you where different online news are located. Click on Mapfilter to filter out the news. Here, you will find four basic filters, which are Publisher Type, Categories, Timeline and Language. Select a publisher type from Blog, Corporate news, Magazine or Newspaper. Next, select a category and a timeline. Hubii brings news to you in several different languages.

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Zoom into the map and click on different locations to choose publishers and news you want to read. You can subscribe to various publishers found all over the world. Furthermore, you can search a particular topic, and Hubii will quickly find all the related information for you.

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Click on the Mapazine tab to read news from all the publishers you have subscribed to. You can filter news out in your Mapazine by different categories, such as International News, Business & Finance, Sports and more. Hubii easily allows you to customize your Mapazine; just click on Publishers and a drop-down menu with all your added publishers will be opened. Click the (-) button to delete publishers, and find more by zooming into the map.

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Click Contribute in order to add a new publication. You will have to indicate a URL that contains the RSS feeds of the publication. Click Continue and enter information such as Address, Name and more.

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