Jux Offers 6 Creative Ways Of Sharing Picture, Text & Video Content

Blogging is one of the easiest ways of sharing your opinion online; with platforms like Blogger and WordPress you can have your own personal blog up and running in a matter of minutes. People blog about a lot of things; some maintain travel logs, others family stories and the ones on the slightly nutty side dress up kittens and post pictures of them. While blogging has many forms, not everyone would create and maintain an entire blog for a once in a while idea or event. Jux is a free web service that lets you share pictures, videos, articles, lists or quotes in 6 different full screen templates that not only look great but can be conveniently shared on Twitter and Facebook. There are no long boring blogrolls, just content, beautifully displayed.

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Once signed up to the service, you can select what kind of ‘Jux’ you want to create from one of the six templates presented to you. The BlockQuote template lets you add a quote to any image, the Article template lets you add a background image and text, the Photo template lets you add a single picture, Video template is for sharing a video, SlideShow template lets you share multiple pictures and CountDown template lets you create a descending list of any 10 items. To get started, pick a template based on what kind of content you want to upload.

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Upload the content, pictures or videos to the template. The service lets you upload images from your computer, Flickr, Facebook or directly from the image’s URL. Videos can only be linked to from YouTube. Once you’ve added images or Videos you have the option to add effects or captions to them.

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You can add styles and effects to practically any content that you upload. Fonts can be changed and font size can be increased or decreased. You can add effects like Black and White or Tilt Shift to images. A noteworthy effect is the Mustachify effect which detects faces in an image and adds a handlebar moustache to each. You can add a title to your Jux and all subsequent ones that you make are visible under this one title.

The service is a unique and quick way of presenting content, it drowns out the noise and brings focus to what you really want to share. Additionally the content is viewed in full screen format which means more fun on both a tablet and on a widescreen monitor.

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