Dropbox’s Carousel Is Photo Organization & Back-up In One

When you install Dropbox on your Android or iOS device, it asks you to enable automatic backup of all your photos. Despite being a long-time Dropbox user, I never opted in to this feature, something that I can attribute to being an iPhone user who has iCloud to rely on but Carosel changes that completely; it’s a new app from Dropbox that will back-up your photos to your Dropbox account. Sharing photos with anyone who has a Dropbox account is handled exclusively within the app and you can share a photo(s) without needing to switch to your email app. Photo sharing is handled very intelligently with a drawer that slides out so you can see your recent ‘conversations’. The app also manages and organizes photos by date. It’s somewhat like the Photos app introduced in iOS 7. As an iPhone user, I can easily switch to Carousel and leave my iCloud storage space for other app data, and Android users have a great way to organize and backup photos.

If you have Dropbox installed on your phone, you need only download the app and it will detect your Dropbox account. If you would like to keep you photos in a separate account, you can just as easily use it. It will access your photos and start syncing both photos and videos. Scroll through the images and videos and you will see they are grouped by the time taken. Tap the share button next to the time period that the pictures are grouped by and it will select all pictures in the group, ready for sharing. Tap an individual picture’s thumbnail to view it.

When viewing the image, you can swipe up to open share options, or swipe down to hide the image. Hiding images is like a filter option for images that you do not want to see. You can unhide them from the app’s settings.

Screenshot 20140410134516 Dropboxs Carousel Is Photo Organization & Back up In One View in gallery  Screenshot 20140410140432 Dropboxs Carousel Is Photo Organization & Back up In One View in gallery

When you share an image by entering a name, email, or phone number of your intended recipient. This works if your recipient is also a Dropbox user. In the event that you want to share the image or video with someone who doesn’t use Dropbox, you will have to go through your email app. You can enter a message with the photo or video you’re sharing.

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To access recent photos you’ve shared, tap the conversation bubble button in the top right corner and a drawer will slide out listing conversations where you’ve shared photos and videos. Tap a conversation to view it.

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To unhide the photos and videos you may have hidden, tap the Carousel logo on the activity bar to access the app’s settings. Here you can see how much space you’ve used, sign out of the app, and unhide anything you have hidden by tapping View hidden photos & videos. Select the photos you want to unhide and tap Restore. Alternatively, you can delete the photos permanently by tapping the trash button.

Additionally, you can manage the photos so that they sync over Wi-Fi only (to conserve data when you’re roaming) and limit battery usage. You can also manage notification sounds and sign yourself out of Carousel.

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The app is excellent not just because it backs up photos but because it organizes them well and offers you a quick way to share photos with other Dropbox users.

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