Track & Monitor Your Everyday Habits On iOS & Android With Chronos

Most of us have had moments when we just stop to think about what we’re doing with our lives, and often, that triggers a thought process that takes us way down memory lane, and also analyze whether we are spending the right amount of time doing the right activities that actually contribute to our goals, or just wasting our time in distractions that we might end up regretting later. However, it isn’t always easy to keep track of everything that we’re doing, and the forgetful ones among us (like me) can definitely use assistance in this regard. One way is to keep a journal of your activities, but that in itself requires time and effort. So, how about a solution that requires zero effort from you, and keeps track of your day-to-day activities in order to present you with that information in an actually useful manner? Enter Chronos – a web service that uses its iOS and Android apps to monitor your routine in order to give you insights on how you are spending your time. In addition, it also aims to help you with your goals and adopting a healthy lifestyle by showing you relevant alerts. More details after the jump.

The Android version of Chronos serves as a mere data collector, with no interface of its own. Upon installation, you’ll be asked to connect with your Facebook or Google account in order to access your collected data on the web. Once signed in, there’s nothing you can do in the app apart from just letting it run in background and collect data, which you can then view at the Chronos website.

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The iOS app, on the other hand, is more full-featured and while it also supports signing in with your Facebook or Google account, it’s not mandatory and you can simply choose to use the app and view all your stats right on your device.

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The data collected by Chronos includes your location as well as the time spent at each, and it is then used to provide you with insights to your working, sleeping, commuting, eating and exercising patterns.

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The app’s settings allow you to set the accuracy of its location tracking between low, normal and high. Needless to say, a higher level of accuracy will be more taxing on your battery. You can also toggle notifications for your goal achievements, friend encounters and friend highlights from there, as well as launch a tutorial to get you acquainted with all its features, leave your feedback, or log out on the device.

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Speaking of friends, the app allows you to add your friends to your network and once they have accepted your request, you can then view each others’ stats. However, while sending friend requests from iOS to Android works, tapping the received request on Android from the notification shade does nothing, since the Android app doesn’t really have an interface for now.

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As we mentioned above, Android users have to head over to the service’s website in order to view their collected information after logging in with the same Facebook or Google account they used on their phone. iOS users can also view their stats online in the same manner, provided they connected their Facebook or Google account to the app on their phone. These stats include your sleep and transit pattern for the duration the app has been monitoring your location. These stats are presented in a really clean interface, and laid out in a way that’s easily understandable at a glance.

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Scrolling down reveals similar stats on your work and exercise routine (I really need to start working out), and include your average time spent at work, the hardest working day and biggest exercise day you’ve had, the days you’ve exercised, and your weekly working and exercise trend (which will need the app to be active on your phone for a few weeks to actually be meaningful).

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Scroll further down and you’ll get to see how you’ve been socializing (and apparently, I need to go out more as well). Below that, you’ll see scores on your work life, spontaneity and wellness based on your activities, as well as meters that show how you rank in each among other users of the service.

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Switch to the Events tab, and you’ll get to see all the activities you’ve been doing (while having your phone with you and Chronos actively monitoring your location, of course). The app is intelligent enough to detect your workplace, home location and other places you visit based on data from Google Maps. You are also shown details on how much time you’ve spent on each activity, complete with the starting and ending time, the category of the activity, and the name of the place where you did it.

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Lastly, under the ‘Places’ tab, you get to see a map view of the places you’ve been at overlaid with marks for the activities you’ve been doing there, complete with further information in a table below including the names of the places, their categories (work, home, restaurants etc.), the number of your visits there, and the date of your last visit. You can also confirm your work and home locations here if they are correct, or edit them if they are being shown incorrectly.

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Chronos is probably the best service we’ve seen in its category so far, and the information it provides you about how you’re going about living your life can be surprisingly accurate. What you choose to do with it is up to you, of course, but the app can provide enough motivation to many for them to start changing their habits for the better. Even if you are satisfied with the way things are going with you, the information it provides can be interesting to view, to say the least. The only thing lacking is a properly working app for Android like its iOS counterpart. You can grab the app for your platform or visit Chronos’ website using the links provided below.

Install Chronos for iOS

Install Chronos Data Collector for Android

Visit Chronos Website