YouTuber Adds Background Playback & Download Options To YouTube App [Jailbreak]

We're going to start this of by saying that music piracy is not okay. It's not, and you shouldn't do it. Moving on, YouTube is so much more than just music videos; it's an amazing place to find tutorials from something as simple as folding a t-shirt to as complex as developing apps. People upload a great variety of content (that is not  copy right protected) and YouTuber is a Cydia tweak available in the ModMyi repository that lets you download YouTube videos in low, medium, or high quality and import them to your camera roll. The tweak can also block ads in the app but if you're benefiting from someone's content on YouTube, you should watch that ad. It can also play YouTube videos in the background  and play high quality videos on 3G and 4G. Read More

Muzeit Is A YouTube Music Player For Chrome With Social Discovery Features

YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing service out there, and a huge chunk of users still use it on their desktops. If you spend a lot of time streaming song videos there, then it seems counter-intuitive having to visit the site every time you want to check out which songs are running popular. We've already seen Streamus for Chrome provide a solution in the form of a music player that allows you to browse, discover and play YouTube music videos without actually visiting the site itself. Currently in beta, Muzeit is a similar Chrome extension with a focus on social sharing and discovery. It lets you search for and discover YouTube song videos, import all your YouTube playlists or create new ones, and share your favorite music with other Muzeit users and your friends over at Facebook. Details to follow. Read More

Streamus Is A YouTube Music Player For Chrome With Quick Playlist Creation & A Radio Mode

Many of us simply turn to YouTube when it comes to streaming free music from the internet, because the world's number one video streaming service is the definite place to find all kinds of music, no matter what genre, artist or album you like. But those who stream music from YouTube channels would be aware how tedious it is to first go to YouTube and then always keep that tab open while streaming your desired content. So, how about keeping YouTube at your disposal without any browser tab? Try Streamus, a brilliant Chrome extension aimed at audiophiles who want to keep YouTube always accessible to them without even opening the site. It acts as a companion music player for YouTube that lets you create and stream playlists from a popup. Read More

Video Pinner For Chrome Keep YouTube Videos In View As You Scroll Down The Comments

We've all been there - clicking on that YouTube link and then ending up getting caught up in clicking link after link from the suggestions and losing track of time over the next few hours. There are many reasons behind YouTube's massive success, but when speaking of the technical side of things, it’s the company’s highly optimized streaming and presentation that keeps users hooked to the service. That said, there are still some annoying quirks with YouTube that plague the deal for us die-hard YouTubers. One such problem is when you scroll the web page to read comments posted a video, it no longer remains in view as you scroll down. So, while you may read or reply to the comments, but you won’t be able to watch the video at the same time. Video Pinner is a Chrome extension that aims to fix this issue by pinning the video to the page so it remains in view even as you scroll down. Read More

Loop Part Of A YouTube Video For Set Number Of Times In Chrome

Whether it’s a Photoshop tutorial, a viral song or a baby laughing hysterically, we all have come across a bunch of addictive YouTube videos that we can’t help watching again and again. But when it comes to YouTube’s way of letting users repeat the same video, well, it’s rather unintuitive, to say the least, as one has to hit the Replay button in the YouTube player to reload the same video, and it doesn't provide a way to loop the video repeatedly. Previously, we've covered a handful of Chrome extensions that let you loop YouTube videos infinitely or for a specific number times. For instance, YouTurn is a great app to auto replay YouTube videos, eliminating user intervention of repeatedly hitting Reply. One option it doesn't offer, however, is the ability to replay only a specific portion in the video, and this is where Looper For YouTube comes into play. This Chrome extension allows you to auto-repeat / loop an entire video or only a selected portion of it, as many times as you want. Read More

YouTube Founders’ Social Video Sharing App MixBit Comes To Android

Just when you think there’s no scope for yet another social media service, yet another one comes in. While the social video clip sharing has seen its fair share of success with Instagram and Vine, it seems nobody has figured out how to do it right. Back in August, YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen launched their own video sharing app dubbed MixBit for iOS, and today marks the expansion of the service to Android as well. On its basic level, MixBit enables you to shoot and combine multiple 16-second video clips, edit them and publish them as one large video project on Facebook, Twitter and MixBit’s own social space. You can also add hashtags to your videos to make them easier to find and sort by others. Read More

Chromecatch Turns Your iPhone Or iPad Into A Chromecast Receiver

No matter how great a new gadget seems to be, there are always doubts in the user’s mind before shelling out some hard cash. Google’s new Chromecast dongle can be considered dirt cheap but if you still want to get a taste of it before making the purchase (or don't wanna shell out $35 for it at all), there are ways of emulating Chromecast on smartphones. We have already covered an app by the name of CheapCast that makes an Android device act as a Chromecast receiver. Won’t it be just awesome if there was a similar app for iOS, too? Fortunately, a clever developer has managed to come up with something that can help you in that regard. Chromecatch has the capability of turning any iPhone or iPad into a receiver for Chromecast, albeit a restricted one. For now, Chromecatch only works with YouTube, but support for more services might not be too far away into the future. Read More

How To Buffer Full YouTube Videos Before Playing

Unless you have always been using YouTube on a high-speed T2 or T3 broadband internet connection, you surely must have noticed how the YouTube streaming experience has deteriorated over the years. A few years ago when I had a terrible 256K 'Broadband' connection, I had to leave a YouTube tab open for about half the total viewing time of the video before I could start playing it smoothly till the end. Now when I have a better connection speeds, YouTube decides to switch to 'Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP' (DASH); it is purportedly better for faster connections, but on relatively slower ones like mine, it seems like a step backwards! Recently, we came across a browser extension called YouTube Center that lets you mitigate at least one of the issues I have - and I know you have, too - with the world's most popular video streaming website. Read More

YouTube For Android & iOS Gets In-App Floating Video, Continuous Playback & More

YouTube’s latest update to its smartphone app might not have the lengthiest changelog you will ever see, but the changes are pretty big nonetheless. In addition to getting a new icon on both platforms, the app is now capable of letting you navigate your account without stopping video playback. This means that the YouTube app finally lets you minimize videos, so that searching and browsing different areas of the service becomes possible. The miniaturized version of videos is reminiscent of the VideoPane tweak we covered earlier this month. Of course, the playback stops if you exit the app, but within YouTube, you can do anything you want without risking interruptions. The Android variant of the app has undergone several design improvements, while the long-awaited continuous playback option has been added to playlists as well. To top things off, the app now has a new logo. Read More

Playjack For Chrome Adds Style & Non-Stop Streaming To YouTube

Google Chrome offers a lot of features to make it worthy of recommending as a great web browser. It’s fast, fluid and just works. What’s even better about it is the umpteen number of extensions and apps available for it to extend its overall functionality, taking it to the next level. Playjack is an amazing Google Chrome extension that takes care of all your video streaming needs. It allows you to search, play, share and organize videos from a bunch of YouTube channels comprising of various categories ranging from sports, films, music, games and lifestyle. Boasting an infinite streaming mode, the extension can continuously playback videos one after the other. With playlist support, you can curate your own custom video collection that fits your needs. Read More

Get Responsive Embed Codes For YouTube, Instagram, Google Maps & Vimeo

Embedding web content such as YouTube videos is pretty easy, since the service gives you the embed code and you need only paste it. The problem is, if you're pasting the link into a website that has a responsive design, the video frame will not resize because the embed code itself is not responsive. Same goes for embeds from Google Maps, Vimeo, and Instagram. If you know how to, you can always edit the code yourself to make it responsive, but a much faster and easier way to do is by using Embed Responsively. It’s a web app dedicated to providing you with responsive embed codes for content on services like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, and Instagram. Read More

Run The Full YouTube App From iOS Home Screen With VeloxTube

It has been quite some time since we last covered anything related to Velox, and some of you might even have forgotten what the tweak exactly did. Essentially, Velox lets you use the most important features of some stock and third-party apps right from your iPhone’s SpringBoard. While a few third-party apps are supported by this awesome tweak by default, most are reliant on Velox add-ons if they want a share of the goodness. In our list of best third-party Velox add-ons, we  discussed many such ways of making additional apps compatible with the tweak. One app that was quite an obvious miss is YouTube. Now, however, a developer has finally come up with an add-on that makes it possible for users to get the full YouTube experience without even launching an app. VeloxTube has been designed to work with the official YouTube app from Google, and almost all areas of the app can be accessed and used right within its Velox folder. Read More

Let’s Loop: Social Music Discovery Powered By Almost All Popular Streaming Services

Online radio and music discovery services try to be social, allowing you to share your favorite music with your friends and at the same time, gauge just what kind of music you like. Most services start out first as online radio stations and add the social factor later on. Let’s Loop does it differently; it is social network for music in itself that lets you connect your Facebook and Twitter account with it. You can find music you like by becoming a fan of your favorite artists and follow users who share your taste in music.The service finds music from a large number of other services including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, Rdio, Vimeo, and more. It features top charts by tracks and artists, allows you to interact with other users much like you do with people on Twitter, and also helps you find events happening close to where you live. Read More

Epoch For iOS Brings A New Level Of Ease To Online Video Browsing

If you want to watch real-time streams of TV channels on your iPhone, Justin.TV and Universal TV can be useful. Apps like Squrl, on the other hand, offer the option to stream ordinary videos in a TV-like format. Epoch is just a video app that's a bit like Squrl, but you won't guess that by looking at it. In addition to having a gorgeous interface, Epoch has a smart concept behind it. The app has several video channels that are perfect for times when you are in the mood for some random channel surfing. The best thing about Epoch, though, is its ability to learn your likes and dislikes with the passage of time. The app analyzes the choices you make in skipping and watching videos, and uses that information to present you with channels that are better suited to your tastes. Read More

Have Firefox Pause Other Streaming Songs & Videos When A New One Is Played

Music is the backdrop of most of the work that I do and it's probably that way for a lot of people. Some listen to music saved on their computers, mobile devices or iPods, while others use online streaming and radio services. I favor Pandora and have it running most days in an obscure tab, but then there will almost always come a time when I unwisely open a YouTube link and have the video playback mix with the music playing on Pandora, thus creating some of the most horrible remixes I've ever heard. Be Quiet is a Firefox extension that can help anyone with the same problem avoid this whole situation. It automatically pauses any song or video streaming on another site when a new media streaming link is opened. For example, it will pause Pandora, or any other service that has an HTML5 based music player, when a YouTube link is opened and vice versa. Pausing said video or closing the tab will automatically resume the music from where it was paused. Read More

Enable Auto-Repeat For Videos In Official YouTube App For iPhone

Continuous playback and automatic looping of videos are features that have been in popular demand for YouTube on all platforms. The service itself still doesn't offer the feature by default, but we have seen a few third-party solutions to the issue. YouTurn for Chrome allows users to put videos on auto-repeat in their web browser but if you are using YouTube on your iPhone, there aren't many available alternatives that can do that. If you have a jailbroken device though, not many problems are impossible to solve. iYoutubeReplay adds the replay functionality to Google’s official YouTube app for iPhone, which means you don’t need to install an entire app on your device just because the official client lacks a single feature. Admittedly, the tweak is in its infancy and doesn't offer too much control over the feature it offers, but that is surely better than having no ‘replay’ for videos at all. Read More

Get A Clean Yet Complete YouTube Experience On Windows 8 With Hyper

In the world of online video-sharing, content is king, but aesthetics aren't a pawn either. YouTube may be the world’s premier video-streaming website, but it’s not necessarily the world’s best-designed one. We've covered a good many facemasks for YouTube before, some with real potential like Toogles and Cinetonic. Windows 8 users have it even better, cherry-picking their favorite from great-looking options like PrimeTube, MetroTube, and now, Hyper. This latest Windows Store YouTube app has at least two factors going in its favor: one, its generous, unapologetic emphasis on the viewing experience, and two, that you can sign in with your YouTube account, subscribe to different channels, access your uploaded videos, and customize the app’s home screen. Read More

How To Apply Slow Motion Effect To Videos In The YouTube Editor

Hours and hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day and they all differ in quality. For amateur movie makers who don’t have access to expensive professional video editing software, and the skills to use it, there’s a whole host of simple and easier to use apps that can be used instead, not least of which is YouTube’s own video editor. The editor is easy to use for beginners and it has every basic feature you would need to edit a video as well as some effects, the latest addition to which has been the ‘Slow-motion’ effect. If you often edit videos, you might be aware how rare it is to find this effect as a feature in an app or service. Here’s how you can use it to edit a newly video you've uploaded to YouTube, or to an existing one. Read More

Have Firefox Auto-Pause & Resume YouTube Playback When Switching Tabs

YouTube has had several overhauls in its graphical interface over the years, but better playback features, one can’t help complaining, have consistently been relegated to second position. A lot of people often use YouTube just to listen to their favorite songs but for the times when you are actually watching videos on it, pausing and playing a video should simply be a function of switching tabs; if you switch from the video to another tab, playback should automatically pause, to resume when you return, as demonstrated by the the refreshingly no-nonsense YouTube Smart Pause add-on for Firefox. Pair it with ResumeLater to finally fix yourself a much more intuitive and flexible YouTube watching experience. Read More

Discover New YouTube Music Videos By Taste With Kixar For iPhone

Rokker, Music Monster and plenty of other services have effectively demonstrated that YouTube-powered music services can gain popularity among users, since a lot of people go to YouTube to listen to their favorite songs anyway. Kixar is a bit different from other YouTube clients that focus on music streaming; this iPhone app is all about letting you discover music based on your preferences. You can use Kixar to browse through YouTube’s music collection based on what’s popular among users these days too, but the app shows its true colors when you start rating songs. Kixar generates song suggestions for you using these ratings, making the app a great music discovery tool. To top it all off, the app is pretty decent on the UI and playback fronts as well. Read More