‘Back In Time’ Ubuntu Backup Tool Is Now Available For Natty

Back In Time is a backup tool for both Gnome and KDE based Linux operating systems. Recently, its package was updated on Launchpad for the Natty version of this app. Back In Time can be easily used to take snapshots of your system files and folders,which can be restored later. For example, you can backup your Home directory and restore it in case of a system issues to revert the changes. Although Deja Dup Backup will probably be the default backup app for Oneric, nonetheless, Back In time can be used as a viable alternative by Ubuntu users. Read More

Online Drive Benchmark Compares Storage Services, Picks Best One For You

When users embark on a journey to select an online drive where they want to backup all their data, it can be a hard decision to make. Once you select an online storage drive where hundreds of Gigabytes of personal data have been stored, you cannot move to another cloud service easily. Online Drive Benchmark wants to help you in making this difficult decision speedily. It benchmarks and compares the leading online storage drives and shows the one which is best suitable for your PC and your internet connection. Read More

Syncdocs – Backup, Synchronize And Open Local Files With Google Docs

SyncDocs brings Dropbox app like implementation for Google Docs, allowing users to sync their Google Docs documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other type of files across all the PCs. This eliminates the need of having  to either download the documents from Google Docs manually or use Google Docs plug-in for Office to open and edit them from desktop. Syncdocs takes an offbeat approach to make Google Docs your native document editing platform. You can for instance make Google Docs default document viewer and editor rather than using other paid Office suite applications. Apart from saving you a lot of money, it makes sharing and collaboration with your fellow team members a lot easier. You would just need to allow remote access to Google Docs documents in order to seamlessly share and collaborate with others over the LAN. Using the Google Docs native document sharing controls, viewing and editing constraints can be applied on the go to ensure data confidentiality. Read More

Encrypt And Backup Data To Amazon S3 With Leo Backup

The importance of data backup cannot be under-estimated in the wake of frequent malware attacks which often render important data useless, cause problems which can only be resolved by a re-installation of the operating system, or restoration from saved system image. Many backup programs are quite complicated to use for amateur user and have convoluted settings which eventually make data backup process confusing. Leo Backup is a simple application to backup data on a hard drive, USB, remote network location, user-configured FTP/SFTP server, and Amazon S3 storage.  It provides encryption for the backed up data for securing your important files, with options to restore them later. Read More

Backup Data From Gmail, Google Contacts, Docs, And Calendar With BackupGoo [Giveaway]

If you are a heavy user of Google services, which includes, Gmail, Google Calender, and Google Docs, you must have lots of important data saved on respective Google account services. Many users who fear that Google can deny access to their important data anytime, generally, look for a backup solution to quickly save their data hosted on Google services accounts. Since Google does not provide an easy way to backup data, you have to manually download all the data. If you need a universal tool which can seamlessly backup your Google accounts whilst allowing creating backups at defined intervals, BackupGoo is probably the tool you’re looking for. With BackupGoo, you wont have to follow complex methods for backing up Google accounts. Read More

How To Reset Windows 7 To Original Factory Settings [Complete Guide]

We all know that the next version of Microsoft Windows OS - Windows 8 will have an immensely handy option to reset Windows to original state, also referred to as, restore system to original factory settings. Many Windows 7 users feel that it'd be better if there is any tool or system recovery utility which can effortlessly revert the system running Windows 7 back to its original state (provided you have not made a recovery disk). As far as Windows 7 is concerned, there are lot of methods available online, claiming to bring back the original settings of Windows 7 with default set of pre-installed programs, application compilers, and software packages, but sadly, all the contrived methods seem tiring and require a lot of effort, leaving user with no other option than to manually reset Windows to original settings. In this post, we will look at to what extent a Windows 7 user can bring the original settings back to achieve super fast processing speed and best system performance. The process of resetting Windows 7 back to factory settings will ensure that Windows doesn’t contain any invalid Windows registry entries, superfluous Windows shell components and right-click context menu options, files and folders which were created by Windows for processing different kind of operations, bloated Temp folders, empty folders filled with junk files, application cache files, and other libraries which got registered in Windows System32 folder. Read More

QuickSync – Drag & Drop Folder Synchronisation For Quick Backup

If you’re looking for a smart synchronization utility having miniscule interface with not too many configurations to set up, an application having file drag & drop support with a blend of synchronization scheduling facility to automate the process, you need to have a look at open source QuickSync. It uses smart name detection technique to sync files when some of them are missing or moved from original location. Contrasting to other sync apps, it allows you to decide how you want to deal with file synchronization related conflict  - whether to overwrite existing files or not. File synchronization is easy. You just have to select the time interval or date & time to set up scheduled synchronization and data backup. So what makes it special? The following options: Ask before overwrite, Interval Sync, Date Sync, Binary Match and Backup. Read More

Backup SD Card In Nook Color Running Froyo Or Honeycomb

Plenty of Nook Color owners who have Android 2.2 Froyo or Android 3.0 Honeycomb running on their devices wish to backup entirely whatever the SD card contains using a no-frills method. The guide that will follow is built for Windows and Linux and it allows users to make an image of their entire SD card that they can use later to restore the device. Read on for details. Read More

Joukuu Manages Dropbox, Box.net, And Google Docs Backup Files

If you’ve signed up with multiple cloud based services for backing up and sharing data with your friends and colleagues, you might be looking for an application which serves as a centralized place for managing all the subscribed cloud services. Since managing each service is tedious, Joukuu brings a mashup of Drobox, Google Docs, and Box.net cloud services in a simple user interface (inspired by Metro UI). The basic idea behind its development was to facilitate those users who extensively use all these services, so they can easily manage all the uploaded files, move files from one service to another, and directly upload files and folders from a single platter. With Joukuu, managing files and folders is easy, you can simply drag & drop files to save them, create backups, and edit documents right from your desktop, and, most importantly, upload files and folders from Windows right-click context menu. Joukuu compiles a list of all the files and folders which are saved on added accounts. You wont need to open the account in separate windows to manage underlying files and folders. It can show the file and directory listings from all the accounts in multiple categories which are based on file types, such as, documents, music, images, and videos. Optionally, you can choose to pick up any of added service to organize folders and files. For instance, if you wish to view all the data contained in Box.net account, just select the service to add or remove folders and to move and edit files. Read More

Backup Windows 7 Special Folders And Restore Them On Fresh Windows Installation

Windows special folders must be backed up before installing a fresh copy of Windows on the system, as they may contain important files, saved preferences, application logs, game saves, music libraries, and many other types of items which you can't afford to lose at any cost. These folders are generally referred to as folders which are created and managed by Windows, including, My Documents, My Music, My Videos, Common Files, Music Library, Games, Common Startup Menu, My Music, ProgramData and many others. Backing up these folders manually is quite a hectic task, as one has to locate them and then manually move them. Special Folders Manager 2 is a backup utility which capitalizes solely on backing up and restoring Windows special folders. With this application, you wont have to search for special folders, just launch it, specify folders which you want to move, and start the backup process. It will backup all the folders in one go, saving you a lot of precious time and effort. Apart from creating backup, it allows you to instantly restore backed up special folders to their original locations, so freshly installed Windows can detect and fetch contained data automatically. Read More

Backup Source Code Files In Zip Format With SourceBackup

Backing up source code of an application which is being developed especially in Visual Studio platform can become quite a nuisance because some OBJ, BIN and other headers files are not to be copied to target location. If you’re a developer and looking for a simple way to seamlessly backup important source code files, try SourceBackup, which is, unlike other backup utilities, written specifically to backup source code file into ZIP format. What makes is special is that it comes with a pre-defined list of filters to exclude superfluous files, such as, ASMX, AXD, BML, ADDln, BTPROJ, etc from the backup process and can be integrated with Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010 External Tools, making backup process of edited source code in Visual Studio as seamless as it can be. Additionally, SourceBackup is an open source application, which means that developers can tweak with its inherent backup behavior according to their needs. Read More

Sync Android SD Card Files & Folders With Dropbox Using Dropspace

The official Dropbox application for Android allows you to pick files from your phone’s SD card to be uploaded to your remote Dropbox directory and vice versa. However, the files you select aren’t synced to their transferred (uploaded or downloaded) counterparts. That is, if you upload a file or directory from your SD card to Dropbox, any changes you make to that file after the upload will not be reflected in the remote Dropbox directory. Wouldn’t it be great if your phone would automatically back up an SD card directory of your choice (your photo gallery, for instance) every time changes were made to it? Well, now there is an app on the Android Market that does just that. Read More

Easily Backup And Restore Files In Ubuntu Linux With Deja Dup Backup

Deja Dup Backup is a simple tool which can be used to backup and restore specific data from a Linux based operating system. It has an immensely simplified interface which provides easy options for backing up specific segments of your operating system. The files can be saved to a secure location for restoring them if and when the need arises. It provides the option to not just backup data to a system partition but also allows connecting directly to an FTP, web or secure web DAV (HTTP / HTTPS), Windows network share and a public FTP server. Read More

Save Your Game Progress In Dropbox With GameSave Manager

Previously we have reviewed SaveGameBackup, which is an application that saves and restores game backups. GameSave Manager is a similar yet more dynamic application that allows users to save and restore game backup from a large number of games. Many hardcore gamers might be acquainted with GameSave Manager, however whether you are new to this app or already use it, you might be interested in its version 2.3 which has more dynamic options than ever before. Unlike, SaveGameBackup it contains Dropbox support which means that you can save your game backup directly to your Dropbox account. Read More

How To Configure Backup Options In Windows Home Server 2011

A new feature of Windows Home Server 2011 is that users can create a backup of the client PC’s backup database. This means that the backup of a system can be further saved to the home server. Furthermore, when the connector software is removed from an old PC, users are given the option to backup data from that system to the home server. In this post we will tell you how to configure Backup for your client system in Windows Home Server 2011. Read More

All You Need To Know About Windows Home Server 2011 (Vail)

Windows Home Server 2011 (aka Vail), is a home server operating system designed for families and small businesses (optionally) to securely organize and share photos, music, video, documents, etc. However, The Windows Small Business Server 2011 is more suited for businesses (small businesses) rather than the Home version. With Windows Home Server, Users can access and share content (including digital content) and stream media to other devices such as gaming consoles like Xbox 360. It automatically backup all computers connected to it, hence providing a centralized backup mechanism. A number of software and hardware add-ins can also be added in order to enhance the capability of the home server. In this post we will provide a comprehensive overview of “Vail” and its capabilities that you can benefit from. Read More