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Jottacloud Releases Android Cloud Backup App With 15GB Of Free Storage

Besides being an exceptional cross-platform cloud storage service, Jottacloud specializes in the way it keeps your personal data organized by type and the device that it has been synced from. Be it from your Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device, Jottacloud takes care of all your online data backup and restoration needs, and lets you remotely access contents of one device from the other. Not only that; it also lets you retrieve accidentally deleted files from cloud.Same goes for its official Android client that has just been released to the Google Play Store. In addition to the initial 5GB of cloud storage that each user gets upon registering, the service is offering an additional 10GB to the early adopters of the Android client, making it a grand total of 15GB of free online storage space. All that, combined with the prospect of having your valued mobile data automatically synced with the cloud makes Jottacloud a contender worthy of a try.


As with any online service, Jottacloud requires you to first log in to the app with your account. First time users have the option to register for a new account right from within the app for free. Upon successful registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email from the service about the addition of the bonus 10GB of cloud storage. Here’s some more good news: by spreading the word among your friends and family, you better your chances of availing even more space!

Using the app’s Autosync feature, you can opt to create automatic backups of the following categories:

  • contacts
  • photos
  • songs (MP3s)
  • videos


Once you’ve selected your preferred categories, the app automatically starts pushing your content to the cloud. From the app’s main interface, you get to see your various devices connected with the service. As mentioned above, you may start exploring contents of any synced device, directory-by-directory. Using the app’s search tool, you can also search across the your entire cloud storage on the service for required content.

The app also supports a built-in image viewer, lets you download files from the cloud directly to your device, and allows sharing public links of any file with your colleagues/friends. The restoration feature automatically detects all the mobile devices that you’ve connected with the service, and lets you restore required content from the selected ones in just a few taps.


As with the Jottacloud desktop client, the mobile app allows allocation of local storage for file caching. It also presents you with individual tabs to access your shared, archived and deleted files, with the option to restore any accidentally removed files. In addition, it offers separate toggles for syncing content over 3G and/or Wi-Fi connection only.

All in all, it’s a promising début for the official Android app of Jottacloud. If anything, we’d love to see the app support inclusion of universal file formats within its automatic data backup mechanism. You can grab the app from the Google Play Store for free via the provided link.

Download Jottacloud For Android

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