DVD Subtitle Extractor: Extract And Convert Subtitles From DVD & Bluray Videos

DVD Subtitle Extractor is an open source application that uses OCR (pattern matching) for extracting subtitles from DVDs & Bluray (.Sup) and convert them to Advanced Substation Alpha format. This format is often used to store subtitles in MKV files (for soft coded subtitle editing). The application provides a wizard for subtitle extraction; it presents options to select program chains, subtitle tracks etc, to create MPG, D2V and BIN (native format of the application) files. DVD Subtitle Extractor can convert SUP (Bluray), SUB and IDX subtitles into Advanced Substation Alpha format as well. Read More

7Burn Is Designed For Windows 7 Users To Burn Blu-Ray Disc

Earlier, we wrote about Tiny Burner, which is a portable disc burning software. Just today, we came across 7Burn (available as both portable and installer package), which is a more feature rich application. According to the developer, it is designed to work properly under Windows 7 through IMAPIv2, that enables to use any support for writing discs, including Blu-Ray. Read More

My Disc Collection Tracks Your Movies, Music, And TV Shows Collection

Do you have enormous collection of movies, music, or TV shows which you want to keep track on? Users having such a large collection of disks will tell you how difficult it is to manage and keep track on them. In most cases, one forgets which disk was lend out to family or friends, making it further difficult to find it. My Disk Collection is a small application to keep track of your physical media which solves the exact problem mentioned above. It also allows you have a quick overview of your media collection. Read More

How To Copy DVD Or Blue-Ray To HardDisk For Free

Many DVDs come with copy protection thus making it impossible to copy it to hard disk with ordinary DVD copy software. DVDFab HD Decrypter is an excellent tool that removes all copy protection from the disk and copies the content to the hard disk instantly. It also has support for HD-DVD, and Blue-Ray disks. It removes DVD protections such as CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS, and also removes AACS(Blue-Ray).

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