How To Get The Android O Developer Preview

Google unexpectedly dropped the first Android O developer preview yesterday. Android O is the code name for the next version of Android. Android 7 aka Nougat is the current stable version. This developer preview is intended for registered developers. If you've joined the Android Beta program, you will not receive an update. This means the preview is probably not stable enough to be run on your main device. If you still want to try it out, then you will need to manually install it. The process is simple enough and Google has made images of the new version available for some devices. Here's how you can get the Android O developer preview on your phone now. Read More

Root, Unroot & Unlock Nexus 7 (2013) & All Other Nexus Devices With Wug’s Toolkit

Earlier on, we covered a guide detailing how to root the new Nexus 7 and the older Nexus devices – barring the Nexus S and Nexus One – on Android 4.3. If you've owned a Nexus device, you probably know how the bootloader unlock and rooting process is pretty much the same across the board. While there are plenty of toolkits available for every Nexus device out there, Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit would be the first one that serves the new Nexus 7, complete with bootloader unlocking, one-click root and recovery flash, and more. Make no mistake, the toolkit has been around for a while, catering to Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, older Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, but it has just recently been updated to include support for the latest Nexus 7 as well. Read More

HTC One M7 Toolkit: Unlock Bootloader, Install Recovery, Root & More

The HTC One is becoming HTC’s biggest hit to date, and rightly so since the phone is not only amazingly beautiful to look at, but also packs quite a punch when it comes to specs and features. The device was rooted soon after getting released, and we brought you our rooting guide for the device as always, though it required you to do everything manually. If you are looking for an easier way to unlock your HTC One’s bootloader, flash ClockworkMod, TWRP or any custom recovery to it, root the device or any combination of the above, there’s now an all-in-one toolkit available to help you with the process. Read More

How To Unlock Verizon Galaxy Note II Bootloader

The Verizon Galaxy Note II’s bootloader has been unlocked! Verizon is and has been infamous for locking down all the devices it has to offer but fortunately, Android users have had the support of a massive developer community that is determined to defy all such ridiculous restrictions. Earlier, the DROID DNA from HTC had its shackles broken and now, the Note II has joined the list as well, thanks to recognized developer and XDA's Elite Recognized Developer AdamOutler. Custom recoveries and ROMs like CM 10.1 are now a possibility and luckily, the unlock method isn’t that complicated either, unlike the unlock for the DROID DNA. So if you own the Note II and are yearning for an 'in your face, Verizon!' moment, read on after the break! Read More

Unlock The HTC DROID DNA Bootloader Unofficially

HTC DROID DNA gets unofficial bootloader unlock! Verizon continued following its trend as it locked down the DROID DNA just as the phone hit the shelves, pulling the plug on the official bootloader unlock method from the HTC Dev website. Those who didn't get a chance to unlock and root their DROID DNA before this should know that thanks to the efforts of recognized developer Justin Case (and a working exploit by Sean Beaupre), Verizon has been outmaneuvered. Users can now unlock the bootloader and proceed with gaining root access on the device. The method involves software mod to change the carrier information, so that the device can be unlocked from HTC Dev. More on it after the jump! Read More

Nexus 10 Toolkit: One-Click Root, Unroot, Unlock & Driver Installation

I don’t own a Nexus device, never have, and throughout that time, I have envied those who do. The reason is simple; an unbelievably paced and strong developer support. To prove my point, recognized developer and XDA-Developers forum member ‘mskip’ has just released an all-in-one toolkit for the Google Nexus 10, just a short while after releasing his toolkit for the Nexus 4. In case you’re not familiar with the Nexus 4 toolkit, this Google Nexus 10 Toolkit, in addition to unlocking your tablet's bootloader and rooting it, offers a plethora of additional features that make it a must-have for both novice and advanced users. The toolkit, as per trend, is only available for the Windows platform. Read on after the jump for more on the toolkit and how you can use it to prepare your Nexus 10 tablet for some serious mods. Read More

Nexus 4 Toolkit: One-Click Root, Unlock, Recovery, Drivers & More

One click root for the Google Nexus 4 is now available! Earlier we brought to you an extensive guide on rooting and installing ClockworkMod recovery on Nexus 4, and it was no walk in the park, to be honest. However, thanks to the hard work and efforts of XDA-Developers forum member and recognized developer “mskip”, we now have a truly all-in-one Google Nexus 4 Toolkit. Now, what makes this deal even sweeter is the addition of more than just a one-click bootloader unlock and root. Automatic driver installation, backup, flashing, mods, recovery booting and more. The Toolkit is strictly available for the Windows platform for now. Normally, the paradigm of Android development related to specific devices is always unpredictable, but I’m looking at a Nexus here, so no surprises at how fast this has come our way. Read More

Switch Between Windows 8 & Old Bootloader In Dual-Boot Systems

One of the major changes in Microsoft’s latest offering is an all new Startup Menu (boot screen) that appears if you have dual-booted Windows 8 with another operating system. The redesigned light blue colored menu, for the first time, lets you interact with it using keyboard, mouse or touch gestures. The Startup Screen also offers some additional options, such as system Reset, Refresh, Repair, and command prompt access etc. Even though it looks great, it has a few nuisances that may plague the overall user experience. For instance, the new screen shows a loading screen before displaying the actual boot menu - which users may find bit of a hassle. More annoying, some times the boot screen either does not appear or hangs at a blank screen, leaving you with nothing other than rebooting the system. On the bright side however, you can switch to the old black and white Startup Menu which was found in Windows 7. NanWick Switch Boot is Windows 8 application that does that job. Read More

All-In-One Hack ToolKit For HTC One X, One S, Vivid, Rezound, myTouch 4G Slide & Amaze 4G

Tool kits for Android devices are a blessing literally. With the abilities to perform multiple functions from one app and mostly via a convenient one click method. XDA-Developers recognized member hasoon2000 has been hard at work developing a toolkit for the latest HTC devices out there, but best of all, he has released versions of the toolkit that are particular to the device at hand. The tool kit covers the recent HTC One X, One S, Vivid, Rezound and the likes of myTouch 4G Slide and the Amaze 4G as well. The tool kit lets you not only root the device, install a custom recovery, flash a custom kernel, but brings with a few very useful extra commands as well. We talk more about it, and how you can use this tool, in detail after the break. Read More

How To Unlock Bootloader On Sony Xperia S

The Xperia S, with all that it boasts, has ben moving ahead quite fast in terms of development for the device by Android fanatics. In case of the Xperia S, the only way you can actually manage to install a custom ROM, or for that matter root your device, is to have an unlocked bootloader. Renowned XDA-Developers forum member and developer DoomLoRD has come up with a guide that takes most of its essence from lollylost100’s guide for unlocking the bootloader on an Xperia Arc. So what we now have, is the official way of unlocking the bootloader on the Xperia S. Read More

Bypass Locked Bootloader On Motorola Droid RAZR With Kexec

The Droid RAZR gets an unlocked bootloader! Well not exactly, but if I am to sum up the achievement of XDA-Developers forum members  kholk and embeem, I can tell you that the locked bootloader on the Droid RAZR is not going to stop you from flashing stuff like custom kernels anymore. The rumored project was named Kexec and had been in the works for a while now. What the developers have managed to do, is come up with a way to bypass the bootloader signature checks on the device, thereby totally ignoring the existence of an otherwise locked bootloader. Given the attempts to pressurize Motorola into providing unlocked bootloaders for their devices, like petitions and reaching out via social media, nothing has changed at all at Motorola’s end. So Kexec right now - for the Droid RAZR and its users - is a huge deal. We tell you more about it, and how you can get it up and running on your Droid RAZR, after the break. Read More

How To Flash MAGLDR & Custom ROMs To Samsung Omnia 7 And Samsung Focus

The concept for Windows Phone 7 custom ROMs is nothing new, the Dark Force Team has developed ROMs for first-gen HTC phones using Mango (as discussed here), but now it appears that they are taking things a step further, and Samsung users can enjoy their work as well! Just yesterday, DFT released Sammy Rainbow, which is the MAGLDR for Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus (first-gen Samsung WP7 devices). If you are wondering what MAGLDR is, read our detailed guide on the subject. This release has paved the way for custom ROM development for Samsung WP7 devices, and even presently you can flash the Freedom custom ROM, which is pretty awesome to say the least. Read on to learn how to install MAGLDR on your Samsung WP7, and then flash a custom ROM through MAGLDR. Read More

Unlock HTC Flyer Bootloader Via HTC Dev Portal Now Available

HTC Flyer got an unlocked bootloader via Revolutionary couple of weeks back. Although Revolutionary does the job briliantly, but there are some who’d like going official way for unlocking their tab’s bootloader. HTC Dev Portal, the official developer resource from HTC, started operating some weeks back and also started offering unlocked bootloaders via web. Although HTC has tried it’s level best to help people cool off with this bootloader unlocking availability, but it’s complex nature makes Revolutionary the most preferred method. The upside of this HTC Dev bootloader unlocking for HTC Flyer tab is perhaps compatibility with most of the versions and models available.

Read More

Unlock Xperia X10 Bootloader With A Single Click [Unlock Tool]

Sony Ericsson became the first Android manufacturer to offer free bootloader unlocking service via a web portal. This was later followed by HTC and after Motorola’s takeover by Google, we believe that unlocked bootloaders will be offered by Moto as well. Although unlocking bootloaders through web application has been opted for by many users, but there are still some who want it to happen quickly and from the comfort of their desktop. Senior XDA member and Android developer, Mayazcherquoi, has developed a one click Sony Ericsson Xepria X10 bootloader unlock tool that does the unlocking job with a single click. Read More

Get HSPL / RSPL For HTC WP7 Devices To Flash New ROMs [How To]

Android users are pretty used to enjoying custom ROMs and it can take the color out of  the life of true phone enthusiasts if they are unable to customize their phone’s ROM according to their choice and needs. Windows Phone 7 users, however, have not been so lucky in this regard. Due to the closed-source nature of the operating system and the strict security measures that Microsoft has taken with it, it is difficult enough to merely get file system access on WP7, let alone flash a new ROM, but things are changing now. After Chevron, a slow but steady shift in the momentum of events has been observed and now, there’s a big development in this regard. Thanks to the efforts of Dark Force Team (DFT), it has become possible to change the Original Secondary Program Loader (OSPL) on your HTC device (to both RSPL and HSPL). Read More

How To Gain S-OFF On HTC EVO 3D With Revolutionary

After the super release of Revolutionary, the easiest way to S-OFF on select HTC devices, users are now aiming at making their phones / tabs really smart. For those who don’t know, Revolutionary is a joint effort of teams behind Unrevoked and AlphaRev and is available free of charge to unlock any compatible HTC device with locked bootloader. For those of you familiar with AlphaRevX, this utility acts more or less the same way. The developer preview release of Revolutionary, along with other devices, unlocks the bootloader and gains S-OFF on HTC EVO 3D as well.

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HTC Confirms Sensation Bootloader Unlocking Coming Soon

It seems as if HTC has started taking things seriously as they have confirmed that HTC Sensation bootloader unlocking process will be rolling out soon. This pleasantly surprising announcement came from HTC’s Facebook page where a user demanded a day of release for unlocked bootloader of Sensation. Although there isn’t a specific date mentioned in HTC’s reply, but  they are working on an easy and properly streamlined process for this purpose. Read More

How To Unlock Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Neo, Pro & Play’s Bootloader

We now have confirmation of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc’s bootloader being unlocked, just a few days into it’s release. It has been a long time coming since the release of the famous Xperia X10 and things have been quiet since, but not anymore. What’s more, is that Sony Ericsson have kept true to their word, and released the Xperia Arc along with the Neo, Pro and Play with an un-lockable bootloader. Let’s get straight to business shall we, so read on for more on how to unlock the latest Xperia devices bootloader! Read More

How To Unlock Google Nexus S Bootloader

Now that Google has finally released Nexus S, the first thing most users might want to try is to unlock their bootloader. If you are new to the world of Android and have no clue about what bootloader is, read our awesome guide here. The good news is that unlocking the bootloader in Nexus S is very easy, but unfortunately, it will perform a factory reset of your phone. This must be taken as a huge warning. Before you begin, make sure your data is backed up. Read More