Select Which Browser Gmail Opens Links In On Your iPhone

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are three of the most popular browsers available for iOS.  Because iOS is a closed and restricted system, you usually end up using Safari. Apps like Twitter and Facebook have their own built-in browsers but any time an app needs to open a link and it doesn't have a built-in browser, you are forced to use Safari. Gmail for iOS has long had the ability to circumvent this. All links that you open in Gmail automatically open in Chrome if you have it installed on your system. A recent update to Gmail has now added the ability to select the browser Gmail opens links in. It's also added a feature that lets you select a browser each time you tap a link. Here's how to set it up. Read More

Perform A Case Sensitive Search On A Web Page In Your Browser

Web browsers have a search feature that allows you to search the text on the current web page. It's very useful when you want to search for a particular term that led you to the page in question but don't want to read or even skim through it yourself. It's the fastest way to get to the point of things, so to speak. The search or find bar as it is called in some browsers is basic text search that simply matches characters and disregards the case of the characters you typed. If you're looking to do a case sensitive search on a web page in your browser, you need Case Sensitive Find. It's a free bookmarklet that does a case sensitive search in whichever browser you use it in. Read More

Pale Moon For Android Is Firefox On Steroids

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser, which means anyone can take its source code, modify it and create their own custom built. Various projects, maintained by small, or even individual, developers have taken Firefox and released their own variants, either to optimize its performance, or offer additional functionality. Pale Moon is one such highly ambitious project for Windows and Linux that’s known for its fast performance. The browser carries many backend optimizations that make it faster than the stable Firefox build. The XDA-Developers forum member cyansmoker had been busy bringing the Pale Moon browser to Android for the past few months, and he’s now released its first version for anyone to download and use. Read More

Flynx: Load Links In The Background & Continue Using Other Apps [Android]

When I am usually browsing Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr on my phone, a lot of it involves opening links and then waiting for them to load in the app's own browser, barring my ability to navigate to a different screen of the app. And though it may all sound normal because that's just the way things are done, it is in fact cumbersome to stare at the never ending load screen. Previously reviewed  Link Bubble for Android has tried to remedy this by providing you with a nifty bubble to load link redirects in the background and take you straight to where your link ends up. Flynx is a new Android app that can open a link when you tap on it in any app. The link loads in a floating bubble and you are free to use the app. When the link finishes loading, you can tap to read it, and dismiss it the same way you do Facebook chat heads. Read More

Now Browser Offers A Clean, Minimal Web Browsing Experience On Android With Flash Support

There is no shortage of web browsers on the Google Play Store. Google Chrome, for instance, is a good choice if you want speed, an impressive UI and plenty of features. Opera, Maxthon, Mercury and Next etc. are also great alternatives to the stock offering, each carrying their own pros and cons. For a look at the best of the bunch, check out this compilation of browser apps that we covered back in 2013. Now Browser is the new kid on the block that provides a fast web browsing experience like Chrome, but what sets it apart is its super-lightweight design, weighing only a few kilobytes. Let’s take a closer look. Read More

Dolphin Zero Is MoboTap’s New, Privacy-Focused Browser For Android

The recent revelations of NSA spying over our internet activities has caused quite a hullabaloo among the masses. If you’re online reading this article, chances are that your online activity is being monitored by the NSA or some other government agency. However, you may now avoid this altogether by using MoboTap’s new app dubbed Dolphin Zero, which aims to provide James Bond-level super secure web browsing. Released by the same company that has brought us the popular Dolphin Browser for Android and iOS, and being described as the ‘Snapchat of browsers’ , Dolphin Zero automatically keeps websites that you browse from tracking you, and deletes any data and information about your browsing session as soon as you exit it. Read More

CyberDragon Is A Portable, Privacy-Centric Web Browser With An Anonymous Proxy Fetcher

The web can be a dangerous place. Malware can infest your computer, while hackers can steal your confidential data, crack your passwords and do a lot more damage to your life than you could imagine. We usually presume that our web browser that we use to surf the internet is safe – how wrong we are. This tantalizing prospect is exactly what CyberDragon aims to resolve. The open source web browser is designed as a secure medium of browsing the internet, so no one can track your online presence, intercept your sessions, and monitor your browsing habits. It lets you privately browse the web by blocking internet trackers, disabling cookies that do not have secure HTTP attributes, controlling proxy settings, and some other security features. Read More

10 Best Web Browsers For Android

Smartphones have become much more than just communication devices, and it’s years since they've been viewed just as that. In addition to playing the role of a capable media player, portable gaming device and personal information manager, your smartphone is probably your choice for all sorts of casual web browsing as well. In fact, when late Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone back in 2007, he touted internet browsing as one of the primary features of the new device. The trend continues to date, and I regularly find myself browsing some of my favorite websites on my phone the first thing when I wake up in the morning, before I’d even think of turning on my computer. In this arena, Android holds a distinctive advantage over iOS, owing to its open-source nature and larger variety of capable choices when it comes to picking your preferred web browser. Google Play Store is riddled with these, making the choice a tough one, so we decided to put together a list of some of our favorite web browsers for Android, along with the good and bad for each of them. Read More

Kronia Browser For Android Offers An Intuitive, Clutter-Less UI For Faster Browsing

Web Browsers are an important part of smartphones. People often rely on the internet for news, entertainment, and social networking tools, and even work is now moving towards the web. Although the stock web browser in Android sets the bar high for internet surfing on the go, there are an umpteen number of third party apps on the Google Play Store that provide a wide spectrum of features, ranging from gesture-based controls to plugin support and whatnot. Kronia Browser is a new entry for Android that aims to make mobile web surfing simple and painless. Its minimalistic interface makes browsing not only intuitive but also fairly fun. Read More

The Popular Mercury Browser Comes To Android; We Go Hands-On [Review]

Hands down one of the best and most popular web browsers on iOS, Mercury Browser, has finally come to Android! Luckily, the browser comes bundled with all the options that made it a hit on iOS, such as plugins support, gesture controls, user agent switching and much more. Of course, there are already quite a few top notch browsers available for Android, but Mercury has what it takes to give them something to worry about. How did we find the browser in everyday use? Is it really as fluid as it is on iOS? Head on after the jump to find out! Read More

Coast Is A Beautiful Yet Practical iPad Web Browser By Opera

Most iPhone apps that get ported to the iPad’s bigger screen look pretty decent, but there are times when only an app designed specially for tablets would do. When it comes to web browsers, all the popular ones like Safari, Chrome and Yahoo! Axis have universal apps, while there are a few iPad-exclusive options available as well, including Dolphin HD and Webnote. Another big name that has been around on iPhone for quite a while is Opera Mini. Although the app is optimized for the iPad, the company has come up with a complete new web browser designed just for the bigger screen. Coast by Opera is an iPad web browser that is sure to generate a considerable fan following, owing to its intuitive design and the convenience it offers for navigating the web. Read More

The Pirate Bay Releases Web Browser To Bypass Government Censorship

Arguably the world's most popular website for downloading torrents*, The Pirate Bay ( is known for being particularly rebellious against government censorship and anti-piracy corporate policies. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, they've launched a full-fledged web browser that allows you to circumvent censorship imposed by governments of countries like China, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, and United Kingdom, etc. We go hands-on after the jump! Read More

Dolphin Browser For Android Gets New UI, Web Store & Better Speed Dial

The developers behind the ever-popular Dolphin web browser for Android have rolled out an update to the app, bumping it up to version 10. The latest release sports a complete UI overhaul, improved search, an all new Web App store, and enhanced speed dial integration with support for up to an impressive 60+ shortcuts. It’s a substantial update and an important release by the company that has been hard at work to refine users’ browsing experience ever since 2010 – the time when Dolphin went out on Google Play for the first time. Let’s take a closer look at what the latest release has brought to the table in terms of features, functionality and, of course, looks. Read More

Kidzy Is A Configurable, Child-Safe Web Browser For Concerned Parents

Internet is a source of practically infinite knowledge and entertainment for all and sundry. Even our children can take great benefit out of it if used in the right manner and for the right purpose. But the fear of exposure to inappropriate content like pornography, online harassment, child predators etc. tend to worry people and keep them from allowing their children to use the internet unsupervised. Kidzy is a full-screen internet browser that can be employed to let small children browse the web in a secure and safe environment that isn't offered by mainstream web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. The application’s parental control features aren't very flexible, but they do ensure that your kids only get to surf the web pages that you have explicitly allowed them to. Read More

Bitdefender Safepay Is The Most Secure Browser For Online Transactions & Private Surfing

Both Firefox and Chrome are considered the big guns of today’s web browsing industry, with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer incessantly leaping behind. Even though Redmond’s offering still holds a large market share for now, Internet Explorer doesn't seem to have a bright future a head of it compared to the other two. Though apart from mainstream general purpose browsers, there are also niche browsers that specialize in a particular aspect of web browsing. Bitdefender is one of the most reputed names in the computer security industry and yesterday, they released a browser of their own that promises safer and more secure web browsing compared to any currently available option. Currently in beta, Bitdefender Safepay runs in its own full-screen, sandboxed more in order to make the activities of e-commerce, online banking and internet shopping secure, and keep users safe from hacking, phishing, tracking and session hijacking attempts that could compromise their sensitive information. Read More

GO Dev Team Enters The Android Web Browser Arena With Next Browser

Even if you aren't much of an Android fan, you might still have heard the name GO, which has long been rocking the Android ecosystem. No, it’s not a phone or a tablet, nor a pair of stylish headphones. In the Android world, the name GO is associated with a feature-laden launcher, a beautiful weather app, an exceptionally great SMS app, and loads of other great tools that are created by the super-talented GO Dev Team. Keeping their tradition, the folks behind the ever-popular GO Launcher have released a fascinating new app called Next Browser for Android. If you’re wondering why’d you need yet another browser when the likes of Opera, Chrome and Dolphin are already available for the platform, then we must tell you that Next Browser has what it takes to be in the same league as these names, packing in a plethora of features such as speed dial, an awesome Next View feature to find and explore interesting content, voice search, browser extensions support, bookmarks synchronization and more. Read More For iPhone Is A Cross Between A Web Browser & Feed Reader

There’s absolutely no shortage of RSS readers or news aggregators on iOS. Hop onto App Store and you will find plenty of such options there, each with their own unique features. Though if you’re looking for an RSS reader that doubles as a snappy web browser, try This fascinating app lets you browse your favorite websites just like you would in any modern mobile browser. In addition, you can subscribe to the ones that you frequently visit and receive push notifications for updated content published on them. Thus, it eliminates the need of using a web browser in conjunction with a separate news reader app for the purpose. Furthermore, any links that you want to open from your subscribed content wouldn't require a separate browser either, also eliminating the need to switch between a browser and your feed reader while going through your feeds. Read More

Opera Browser For Android Boasts Redesigned UI, Webkit Engine & All-New Features

Opera Browser has just been released for Android with a totally redesigned UI, new features, and Opera’s new Webkit-based rendering engine that is supposed to improve site compatibility across the board (update: now out of beta). The browser comes bundled with further improvements and features wrapped up in a very clean interface that retains the typical Opera theme we’re accustomed to, and minimal UI elements, with a focus on gestures for navigation. Whether you're an Opera fan (like me), or are just looking for a better alternative to Android’s stock browser, you can learn all about the new Opera Browser Beta after the jump. Read More

SlimBoat Is A Fast, Cross-Platform Web Browser With Several Built-In Tools

Firefox and Chrome have apparently become everyone’s favorite web browsers, thanks to their extensive add-ons/extensions support, excellent UI and countless features. Microsoft has also improved its browser in Internet Explorer 10 that was first shipped with Windows 8 and got released for Windows 7 as a stable build today. Though there are many other web browsers out there as well that are simply overlooked by most of us due our usual hesitation of making a switch to a different one. If you want to try out something different for a change, give SlimBoat a shot. It’s a free web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux that comes packed with plenty of features out of the box. Read More

UC BrowserHD: The Best Modern UI Web Browser For Windows 8 & RT So Far

Ever since I got my Surface tablet, I’ve yet to come cross a decent web browser on Windows Store. Even though Microsoft has bundled Internet Explorer with both Windows 8 and RT, it doesn’t stand a chance against the likes of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, both of which have yet to bring their Modern UI apps to the Store. Browsing through Windows Store to fight back my hard luck, I stumbled upon UC BrowserHD and couldn’t wait to give it a try. Already a big name on Android and other mobile platforms, UC BrowserHD does full justice to the Modern UI, and boasts a myriad of features that would leave anyone impressed, including smooth web browsing, bookmark syncing to the cloud, multi-tab support for simultaneous browsing, and an interesting speed dial feature to quickly access your favorite websites. Read More