Google Camera Lands On Google Play, Boasts A New Lens Blur Mode

From dead simple to the very feature-laden, there’s no shortage of camera apps on Google Play, but the search engine giant is now offering a standalone version of its stock camera app that ships with Nexus devices. Simply called Google Camera, the big G has made a number of improvements and enhancements over the stock variant though, introducing a much slicker user interface as well as throwing in a prominent shutter button for instant clicks. Besides the ever popular Panorama and Photo Sphere modes, there’s now a new Lens Blur option as well that aims to give you SLR-like quality ‘with shallow depth of field’. Read on for our hands-on impression. Read More

Whistle Camera Listens For An Audio Cue & Snaps A Picture

What if you could take a picture with your Android phone without needing to tap a shutter button or press one of the keys? If you’re thinking this is a timer-triggered trick, think again. Whistle Camera - Selfie & More is an Android app that is whistle activated; you focus on a subject, whistle and the app snaps a picture. You can set a timer and the whistle will activate it. Alternatively you can always hit the shutter button or press the volume up key to capture an picture with the app which can use both the front and rear facing camera on your phone to take pictures. Read More

How To Get The iOS 7 Photo Booth App On iPhone Or iPod touch

It might not be the most popular app on the iPad, but Photo Booth still has a considerable amount of fans. Many photo editors and camera replacement apps have tried to emulate Photo Booth on other platforms, but there is always a certain charm in using the real deal. Since Apple doesn't offer Photo Booth for iPhone, developers have been coming up with ports and alternatives for smaller screens. On iOS 7, Photo Booth (iOS 7) brings this classic iPad app to iPhone and iPod touch devices running the latest iOS firmware version. The port offered by the tweak is a little too simple, but serves the purpose for which it has been designed. You get all the popular camera effects, as well as a set of comprehensive sharing options. Read More

CameraTweak 2 Adds Gestures, Timer, Resolution Control & More To iOS 7 Camera App

If you are already a fan of some third-party Camera app for iPhone, you might not be missing CameraTweak too much after updating to iOS 7. Anyone who has previously had a taste of the tweak in the past, however, is sure to be thrilled by the news that CameraTweak 2 has just been released for iOS 7. The updated version of the tweak doesn’t just bring compatibility with the latest iOS version; it also offers a completely new UI and some new ways of enjoying extra camera features. CameraTweak 2 works in both photo and video modes, with options like White Balance Lock, countdown timer, a timelapse mode and more  added to the mix. To make CameraTweak 2 really convenient to use and unobtrusive, the developer has added gestures to it, which ensure that the added buttons don’t interfere with normal camera operations. Read More

Horizon For iOS Ensures Your Videos Are Always Recorded Horizontally

I'm going to start this post off with a bit of a controversial statement: Apple, Google, and Microsoft should join hands against... portrait/vertical video! It's a bigger usability problem than you think. Vertical video is fine for consumption on modern, widescreen mobile devices, but it is a literal 'pain in the neck' on desktops, and laptops. Since it is highly inconvenient to adjust your  monitor's orientation, you have no other option but to crane your neck in awkward angles for prolonged periods of time to watch those baby videos Uncle Grant sends every other week. Read More

Scan & Edit Printed Photos In Bulk On Your iPhone Using Pic Scanner

Casual, low-resolution scanners have been pushed out of the mainstream by smartphone cameras in recent years. Since your handheld devices are more readily available as well as easier to handle, it makes perfect sense to use them for as many activities as possible. While the superior quality offered by scanners is something that prevents users from relying too much on other cameras for converting physical data to digital form, the lack of a proper scanning mechanism and accompanying software also plays a major role in this choice. This is exactly why there are Android and iOS apps striving to come up with ways to ensure that the scanning process remains as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Handy Scanner and ShoeBox are just two of the many smartphone apps that mimic scanner capabilities, but Pic Scanner takes things one step further. The iOS app does offer point-and-scan capabilities, but it can also scan multiple photos simultaneously and then let users edit them with ease. Pic Scanner can distinguish between separate documents and pictures, cropping them to come up with multiple end results that can be saved as individual photos. Read More

CamFind Brings Its Awesome Image Search & Recognition To Android

Taking photos from your smartphone surely sounds fun. Just point and shoot, and you will have the moment stored as a digital image. But what if you need to find more information about a certain subject from the image? Back in 2013, iOS users got an awesome camera app released on the iTunes App Store by the name of CamFind that identifies the subject in photographs, and then searches the web for relevant results like similar images, price comparisons and more information pulled from various sources. CamFind has finally made its way to Google Play Store, bringing its powerful image recognition technology to Android. Read More

Enable Zoom Capability In Stock iOS 7 Video Camera On iPhone 4s & Other Older Devices

Despite having been there for still image capture in iOS for quite a while, users had to wait till iOS 7 to finally get zooming ability in video capture mode on iPhone. Even now, older iDevices are still missing this handy little feature. If you own an iPhone 4 or 4s, there is no way of zooming in on a scene while capturing video without physically moving the device closer. Thankfully, iOS 7 users finally have the Cydia store at their disposal, and that’s the place where solutions to such problems are usually found. Video Zoom Mod is a really simple tweak that lets you zoom into a scene before you start recording, or while you are shooting the video! You can even control the enlargement factor to suit your needs - something that makes the tweak useful for owners of newer iOS devices as well. Read More

Install Motiongraph For Xperia On Any Android Device

Since Sony completely took over its mobile phone business that was previously a joint venture with Ericsson, the Japanese electronics giant has been reworking many of its strategies. Besides launching their new Android tablets early this year, the creator of the Xperia lineup of smartphones has been augmenting them with many engaging features to get to the top of the very competitive market. One such feature is the Motiongraph For Xperia app built in-house by Sony exclusively for their Xperia devices that allows users to create 2-second stop-motion shots consisting of dynamically moving object within a static image, similar to the Drama Shot mode found in the Galaxy S4’s camera app. XDA-Developers forum member xperiaz2 has now ported Motiongraph's APK to work on any Android device, as long as it's running Jelly Bean or KitKat. Read More

Popular iPhone Photography App VSCO Cam Comes To Android

While they still don't come anywhere near DSLRs yet, there’s no arguing the fact that smartphones are becoming a serious threat to point-and-shoot cameras. Most people no longer fancy carrying the burden of a dedicated snapper in their pocket when their mobile phone can suffice for the job. Even in the native Android camera app, you will find many advanced features like exposure control, white balance, ISO settings, panoramic images and what not, to help you get the most effective results. Back in June, we covered an iOS camera & image editing app called VSCO Cam. It was a fantastic option for those who need a feature-rich photo editor and a camera app in one small package. VSCO Cam has also now landed on Android, carrying all those awesome features we loved on its iOS counterpart, and then some. Read on for details. Read More

Snapy Is A Floating, Resizable Android Camera App With A Built-In Editor

When was the last time you used a Camera app on your smartphone or tablet and you said ‘wow’? Because today just might happen to be that day after you use Snapy, The Floating Camera on Android. Unlike any traditional camera app, Snapy is designed to let you take photos no matter where you are or what app you’re using. With a single screen tap, you can launch Snapy over existing apps in a floating window, allowing you to take and edit photos on the fly. The floating window that carries the camera interface can be easily resized and moved around on the screen. It’s more like the floating video players we've seen in the past and on devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. Snapy gives you full control and flexibility over the quality of images, letting you adjust exposure level, contrast, resolution size, white balance etc. You can also upgrade to the Pro version to unlock features like Scene Mode, startup location of the floating window as well as its size, and an ad-free experience. Read More

Download & Install Android 4.4 KitKat Apps On Any Jelly Bean Device

So, you haven’t been able to sleep properly since yesterday after hearing about the launch of the Nexus 5, along with Android 4.4 KitKat, and can’t wait to get your hands on Google’s latest OS and device? Well, how about getting the goodies of KitKat and Nexus 5 on your existing device, while you wait for yours to get shipped (or spend your time envying those who have managed to order one)? Thanks to several community sources out there who managed to get their hands on the Nexus 5 system dump, we now have the APK files for all KitKat apps that shipped with the Neuxs 5, and what’s great is that many of them run just fine on any Android 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 Jelly Bean device. In what follows, we’ll be taking a look at many of these apps, complete with the download links for their APK files, and installation instructions. Read More

‘A Better Camera’ For Android Packs A Complete Suite Of Shooting Modes

If you’re an Android user who wants to take their smartphone photography experience beyond the offerings of the stock Camera app, there are plenty of third-party options available out there, including the likes of Say Cheese, LINE and ProCapture, among many others that we've covered here before. A Better Camera is yet another new camera app for photography enthusiasts that has been recently made available as Free and Paid variants at Google Play Store. The app is heavily inspired by the one Samsung shipped with the Galaxy S4, and contains many similar shooting modes. Although hardly unique from any aspect, the app is quite powerful & well-built, with HDR, Panorama, Group shot and Sequence shot modes being some of its key elements. Read More

Add The Photographer To A Group Photo With groopic For iPhone & Android

We all have that one friend who is really into photography, and somehow always ends up being the photographer during group shots. Even if you shuffle things around a little, it is not always possible to get the whole group into a single shot, unless you are willing to ask a passerby for help. iPhone apps like eyeReport and Signature Camera take a rather naïve approach towards solving this problem, which is a far cry from actually squeezing every member of the group into a picture. groopic might be offering the best solution to this issue. This iPhone app (update: now on Android as well) lets you capture two photos, both with different people behind the lens, and then combines the two photos automatically, giving the impression that every one posed for the picture at once. As an added bonus, you get some pretty decent photo effects, and the ability to share your group shots directly from the app. Read More

iOS 7 Camera App Boasts New UI, Burst Mode & Live Filters

A lot of people are accusing Apple of not making enough changes to the iPhone 5s, but if you look beyond the numbers, the latest model of the smartphone is certainly a huge improvement over its predecessor. The camera is still 8 megapixel, but its anti-shaking features and better low-light capturing capabilities make it a significantly better than the lens in iPhone 5. Having said that, no hardware can garner too much appreciation without the proper software to complement it. iOS 7 is the biggest change that has ever been made to Apple’s mobile platform, which means the Camera app is among the many areas of the OS that have been rebuilt almost from scratch. The app now offers a new UI to match the interface changes in other parts of iOS, and there are live photo effects on offer as well. Another addition that might not be too obvious is the new burst mode. Read More

Zittr Camera For iPhone Impresses With Extensive Feature-Set

With iOS 7, users will soon be getting a revamped default camera with some much-needed features. The changes include live filters, burst capturing, and even a new capture mode. If you are using a third-party camera app though, chances are that you already have access to all these features, and more. In the past, we have seen some really great alternatives to the stock iOS Camera app, like VSCO Cam and Blux Camera. There is no shortage of photography apps in the App Store, so a new app has to be truly remarkable or unique to make its mark on the audience. Zitrr Camera might not be completely unique, but it offers a buffet of features that just might make it a perfect app, ensuring that you don’t have to use any other photo editor or camera alternative on your iPhone. Read More

HelloLab Is A Powerful Photo Editor & Camera App With An iOS 7-Inspired UI

While it is certainly more fun using rather uncomplicated photo editors such as PicSee Pro, there are times when you need somewhat advanced editing options for making your pictures look better on the iPhone. There is no shortage of photo editors on iOS, as you can see from our compilation of the best apps belonging to this genre, but only a few desktop-level image editors exist for the platform. Adobe Photoshop Touch is one example that comes to mind, while HelloLab is a new release that might be worthy of being considered close to Adobe's offering. The app doesn't seem to have too many features at first glance but when you get down to using it, there is everything from aspect control to filters, along with a decent array of sharing options. HelloLab can be used for both post-processing and applying changes to the camera in real-time. Read More

Lock The iPhone Camera App’s Orientation In Any Mode With CamRotate

The orientation lock might not be the most discussed feature around on iOS, but it is certainly used several times each day by most people. Whether inside stock apps or third-party ones, control over landscape and portrait modes can really improve your overall user experience. In the past, we have seen tweaks like UIRotation for Activator, which expands the amount of control you have over the orientation of different areas of iOS. LandscapeVideos does something similar, but for a very specific type of items on the device, namely videos. CamRotate is another app-specific Cydia tweak, but it can still be really helpful in a number of situations since it deals with the stock Camera app, which is among the most frequently used entities on iPhone. The tweak can be used to lock the app in an orientation mode of your choice, change the way mode switching works, and even spice things up a little by tinkering with rotation animations. Read More

OneShot Is An Elegant WP8 Camera App With Real-Time Filters & More

The recent release of Hipstamatic Oggl isn’t great just because of the app’s Instagram integration. In its own right, Oggl is an awesome camera replacement app, which can give any app a run for its money. In the past as well, Windows Phone has had some decent camera apps like Camera360 and Fhotoroom. OneShot, however, demonstrates that there is still room in the WP Store for good apps belonging to this genre. OneShot offers everything you can ever want in a camera app. There are live filters (and plenty of them), image adjustment options, shutter control and manual focus. The app’s interface is pretty decent as well, offering a lot of features without erring away from the Modern touch a great deal. Read More

Hands-On With CyanogenMod Project Nemesis Camera App ‘Focal’; Now Available For Download

If you have been keeping a tab on CyanogenMod’s Project Nemesis, you'd likely be aware of the team’s latest developments in building many basic apps and components of Android from the ground up. The first component that recently made its public appearance is Focal, a brand new camera app that CM claims will provide you ‘the right pixel, look, path, spark, and feeling at the right time’. The app has been designed to fill that gap between stock Android and OEM devices. We all know that the stock Android camera isn't as feature-laden as those found in many device manufacturers' offerings such as HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz ROMs. Focal aims to fill the void by developing a feature-packed camera app that can be used by anyone owning any type of android device. Read after the jump for our full review. Read More