Hands-On With CyanogenMod Project Nemesis Camera App ‘Focal’; Now Available For Download

If you have been keeping a tab on CyanogenMod’s Project Nemesis, you'd likely be aware of the team’s latest developments in building many basic apps and components of Android from the ground up. The first component that recently made its public appearance is Focal, a brand new camera app that CM claims will provide you ‘the right pixel, look, path, spark, and feeling at the right time’. The app has been designed to fill that gap between stock Android and OEM devices. We all know that the stock Android camera isn't as feature-laden as those found in many device manufacturers' offerings such as HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz ROMs. Focal aims to fill the void by developing a feature-packed camera app that can be used by anyone owning any type of android device. Read after the jump for our full review. Read More

Hipstamatic Oggl Comes To WP8 With Instagram Upload & Great Photo Filters

Lack of Instagram support has been a thorn in the side of WP8 for quite a long time now, and although a few upload-capable unofficial clients of the service have recently been released, there is still no word on the official app. If you are a fan of the image effects offered by Instagram, your wait must continue, but if you just want to post photos to the service after editing them, the newly released Hipstamatic Oggl might be more than enough for you. The app has been around on iOS for quite a while, and has gained quite a reputation owing to the quality and quantity of real-time camera filters it offers. The collection of photo effects is similar on the WP8 version of Oggl, but one thing that can make the app an instant hit is its ability to let users upload pictures to their Instagram account, making this Hipstamatic offering the first major app to officially bring Instagram support to Windows Phone. Read More

Download Samsung Galaxy Camera App For Google Play Edition (GE) S4

Samsung ventured into uncharted territory last year when they released the Galaxy Camera running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It combined the best features of a point-and-shoot camera – significantly better than smartphone image quality, and optical zoom – with that of a modern smartphone – quick Internet connectivity and hundreds of great apps for editing and sharing photos. Now, if you already own a Galaxy S4 and don't wanna carry yet another Android device but still want the features of Galaxy Camera on your smartphone, today is your lucky day! XDA-Developers member LastStandingDroid has ported Galaxy Camera’s camera app and made it available for the GE (Google Play edition) version of Galaxy S4, and you can get it running on yours in a few simple steps. Read More

New Features & Changes In The Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

Even those who didn’t quite fancy Windows 8 when it came out did like its elegant lock screen. The lock screen presents a static background of your choosing, the date and time and notifications for certain apps. It basically replaces the simple logon screen found in previous iterations of Windows such as Windows 7 or Vista. As you may know that Microsoft released a public Preview build of Windows 8.1. Along with many other areas of the operating system, the lock screen has also been spruced up with new options like slideshow, additional app notifications and quick access to the camera. After the break, we'll be discussing all these features in detail. Read More

Download Android 4.3 Camera App APK With New Interface

Yesterday, Google - in association with Samsung and HTC - released the Google Play editions of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Hardware-wise, these phones are exactly the same as their skinned counterparts running Touchwiz/HTC Sense, but it’s the software side where things get really interesting as these devices eschew proprietary skins for stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Technically, this isn't 100% pure stock Android 4.2, as it includes the updated camera app that is supposed to be a part of Android 4.3. Thanks to the Android enthusiasts' community, this new camera app is now available for other Android devices as well. Details after the jump! Read More

Realmac’s Analog Camera For iPhone Updated With Support For All Albums

There are so many photo editors in the App Store that one might be tempted to think that every possible camera-related feature is already out there in one iOS app or another. The team behind Analog Camera seems to have realized that, since their app doesn’t try to do too much on the feature front, but is still good enough to be relevant in the iOS scene. The app’s interface is really minimalistic, which is to be expected from the developers of Clear. Of course, Clear is a to-do app, and you can't compare it to Analog Camera, but the UI of the two is certainly similar to some extent. Analog Camera is a camera replacement app that comes complete with a collection of nice filters. The app has been around for some time in the App Store, but we didn't get a chance to cover it until now. Today is a good day to write about it though, since it has received its first update that adds support for albums other than the camera roll. Read More

Search For & Compare Cameras To Find The Perfect One With CameraRocket

Finding the right laptop to suit your needs is difficult, but finding the absolutely perfect camera is near-impossible. Unless you’re a photographer by profession or pursue it aggressively as a hobby, it’s very likely that you do not keep up with every single camera that is released. Even professional photographers aren't walking-talking camera catalogs so when the time comes to buy a new one, you find yourself lost in the different specifications, brands and models. CameraRocket is a website that helps make the search simpler. It lets you find the right camera based on the specifications you need. You can filter the results by price, brand, MPs, weight, and much more. From the results, you can compare in detail any two cameras to make the best decision. The reviews on CameraRocket are curated from all around the web. These include customer reviews from Amazon. Read More

Microsoft BLINK For WP8 Now Creates Animations From Burst Shot Photos

Windows Phone already has Action Shot, so the presence of Microsoft Research's BLINK might seem a little redundant to some as the two serve the same purpose of making sure that you never end up taking a bad photo. Blackberry’s Time Shift feature and third-party iOS apps like timelyy also employ the same concept, but thanks to its latest update, BLINK is different from all of these apps/features. This is because it doesn't just capture multiple still shots to let you choose the best of the lot; it also creates an animation out of the photos to make the whole thing even more useful. The app has been around in the WP Store for some time now, but people have often complained that it lacks some of the options that could have made it their default camera app. If you are among those people, you are going to love the latest BLINK update. Read on for details. Read More

Front Flash For Android Allows For Brighter In-The-Dark Selfies

Front-facing cameras on mobile phones have usually been quite neglected by most manufacturers, especially in light of the major improvements in their rear-facing counterparts. Improved lenses, sensors, flash etc. have all been targeted at the rear cameras in smartphones, leaving a lot to be desired in the front-facing cameras' quality – which is at best suited for casual video chats or some occasionally impulsive self-shots. Sensors and quality aside, the user is also set aback when taking a self-shot in low light conditions due to the absence of a flash. While smartphones manufacturers really need to address this issue in the future, and not just for self-shots but for video-chats in low light conditions as well, if you have an Android device and find yourself taking self-shots more often than you would have us believing, Front Flash may just be what you need. Read More

VSCO Cam Is A Flat-UI iPhone Camera App With Great Filters & Its Own Sharing Network

VSCO Cam might not be as feature-rich as Camera+ or as gorgeous as Blux Camera but there is still something about this app that sets it apart from all of its competitors. For one thing, it is one of the first camera replacement apps for iPhone that have a flat UI. It doesn’t lack much on the features front either, offering image effects, editing options and full control over the camera while snapping pictures. You can even unlock additional filter packs via in-app purchases, which makes VSCO Cam a perfect photo editor as well as a viable alternative for the stock Camera. The significance of VSCO Cam’s flat UI has increased manifold in the light of Apple’s revelation that iOS 7 is going to be “flat, black and white”. Read More

Add A “Flash” To iPhone Front-Facing Camera With FrontFlash

Rumors about iOS 7 and the next iPhone are pretty abundant these days. Of all the wild ideas that have been thrown around the blogosphere, one that has particularly appealed to me is the possibility that the next iDevice might have a dedicated notification LED on its front. The mention of an LED on the device's front also brings to mind the idea of having an LED flash for the front-facing camera under low light conditions. For now, there are no mainstream smartphones that come with a front-facing camera flash. App developers are clever folk though, and they usually come up with ways to overcome any obstacle. Last November, Camera+ introduced a neat way of adding a sort of flash to the front-facing camera. It has taken some time, but a developer has finally thought of adding a similar feature to the stock Camera app. As you might have guessed, we are talking about a Cydia tweak. FrontFlash increases the screen brightness and turns the screen white momentarily while shooting a photo or video, resulting in improved lighting in dark conditions. Read More

SntapCamera Is A Completely Gesture-Based, Buttonless iOS Camera App

Everyone likes apps that are capable of accomplishing their target tasks without coming up with too many bells and whistles. One might argue that stock iOS apps aren't too heavy on features, being quite simplistic in their own way. The stock Camera app has been endowed with panorama mode only in iOS 6, but the overall look-and-feel of the app is still rather uncomplicated. There have been a few third-party camera apps around though, that clearly show that there are ways of making the process of capturing photos even simpler. The previously covered TapShot uses gestures to make photo capturing efficient, but the newly released SntapCamera takes the same concept to the n-th degree. The app has no buttons, and works completely with gestures. You can use it for capturing photos & videos, and sharing your media over Facebook, all with a few swipes. Read More

Hipstamatic Oggl For iPhone Is Like Instagram, And Then Some

After Twitter’s introduction of photo filters of its own, one might make the case that the future of standalone photo editors for smartphones is not too bright. For now, however, there are some things that just can’t be done without the help of apps that have been designed specifically for the purpose of tweaking photos. When it comes to third-party image editing apps, Hipstamatic is not a new name in the game. We have already seen some really good photo-related apps from Hipstamatic, including the popular IncrediBooth and Hipstamatic Disposable. That hasn't stopped the vendor from spotting room for more, and has come up with the new Hipstamatic Oggl. This app supports both real-time filters and post-capture editing. The main feature of Oggl, though, is its ability to let users combine different filters and lenses to come up with unique results. It is also possible to snap photos of your own using the exact filter combos used in any of the photos publicly shared by others. Read More

Connect Camera Flash Of Multiple iDevices To Get The Perfect Lighting In Photos

Smartphone cameras can make anyone feel like a photographer to some extent. It doesn't hurt to try and think like a professional photographer even if you are going to shoot a photo using your iPhone. There are some things, however, that just can’t be accomplished outside a studio. With an iPhone, you get a camera flash, but that doesn't give you full control over the lighting conditions of your surroundings. You can use tweaks like PhotoTorch to control the intensity of the camera LED, but there’s a limit to what a single flash can accomplish. In situations where you need more light than a single iDevice can provide, External Flash can come to your rescue. This great app allows users to access the camera flash of up to 16 iOS devices! You can ask your friends to let you access their device’s flash, and then shoot photos as the app simultaneously turns on the LEDs of all the connected iPhones. Read More

Capture HD Time-Lapse Videos On Android With Droid Timelapse

Time-lapse photography has become enormously popular during recent times, particularly since widespread DSLR adoption and the availability of some point-and-shoot cameras as well as smartphones that boast this feature. Even if the time-lapse option doesn't come as default on your smartphone, there are now plenty of mobile apps available on all major platforms that may turn anyone into a time-lapse photographer. Fresh in Google Play is Droid Timelapse – a new Android app that allows you to easily create time-lapse videos. The application is fairly feature-rich and powerful at what it does, letting you capture videos by specifying the total number of frames to be captured in a single second, resulting in a full fledged time-lapse sequence. Click Read More for our full review. Read More

Add Torch Mode & Flash Intensity Control To iPhone Camera App With PhotoTorch

iPhone’s camera has a always been among its strong selling points but in recent months, it has been upstaged a bit by devices like the Nokia Lumia 920, the HTC One, and even the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. One issue that has often been raised by critics of iDevices is their inability to use the camera flash optimally while taking pictures in a low-light environment. More often than not, photos shot in the dark appear overexposed or at times out-of-focus. Also, since flash comes into action only at the instant of snapping the photo, you are likely to end up orienting the device wrong before capturing the photo. PhotoTorch is a tweak that solves this issue by giving the control of the iPhone camera flash into the hands of users. You might have come across different ways of using your iPhone’s camera LED as a flashlight. PhotoTorch does roughly the same thing, but it adds this control within the stock Camera app, and also lets you adjust the intensity of the flash before you shoot a photo. Read More

Discretely Shoot Videos & Photos On iOS Without Launching Any App

Although a bit controversial, methods to capture photos secretly have always been in high demand. In the past, movies depicted agents and spies using concealed cameras in things like shoes, walking sticks, pens and even coat buttons. Though these days, technology has taken a more practical turn. In the past, we have covered Cydia tweaks like SlyCam for iOS that lets you discretely shoot photos via the Notification Center. An even better option is QuickShoot - the amazing tweak that captures photos every time you double-tap the icon of the stock Camera app. Both these solutions are meant to let you get snap pictures only, and aren't capable of shooting videos. QuickShoot has recently received an update, which brings exactly this capability to the tweak. Not only does QuickShoot Pro capture videos, but you can also control basic camera settings right from your SpringBoard now. Read More

Get Galaxy S4′s Dual Camera Photo Capture On Windows Phone 8

The importance of front-facing cameras in smartphones has increased manifolds due to apps like Tango and Skype, but there are other perks of having cameras on both sides of your phone. Front cameras make sure you don’t have to hand your device to strangers when you want to take a picture of yourself, or even use the front cam as a handy mirror every once in a while. Despite all these advantages though, there are some things that even two cameras can’t accomplish. While taking a group photo, there always has to be one person who is forced to assume the responsibilities of a photographer and is left out of the picture. iOS and Android already have a few apps that can solve this problem by simultaneously activating front and rear cams to take a photo with both views. Signature Camera is a perfect example of this, while eyeReport is based on the same principle as well. It is good to see that a similar app is now finally available for Windows Phone. With Dual Cam Photo, users can easily add a shot from the front camera every time they take a picture from the rear one. Read More

Camera360 Comes To WP8 With Live Photo Filters & Great Interface

Among the crowd of photo editors available for iOS and Android, Camera360 has been among the best for a long time. The app is so good that it even made its way into our list of top ten Android photo editors. Windows Phone has been getting a lot of big apps lately, but no one expected Camera360 to pop up in the WP Store out of the blue. Yet, the app is here in all its simplistic glory, bringing with it all the great image effects you can expect from a photo editor of this class. Camera360 for WP8 lets you apply filters to a scene in front of you, even before the picture is snapped. The app also lets you view your entire image collection in the form of a calendar, or sort photos based on the exact time they were snapped. Read More

Enable HDR & Grid Mode For iPhone Front Camera

When it comes to the camera hardware in iOS devices, the rear cam has always had better resolution. Though in recent times, the differences between the software features enabled for the rear and front camera have started coming to the fore as well. HDR mode has been around in iOS for a long time and even after that, the stock Camera app has been updated with a few new features. When you are using the front-facing camera though, the app is pretty much like it has been since the days of iOS 4. There are no options, and you can't do anything other than shooting your photo. It has taken a while, but a developer over at the Cydia store has finally come up with a solution in Front HDR, which brings the front-facing camera almost at par with its rear counterpart. The tweak adds the familiar Camera app options menu that houses the HDR, panorama and Grid options. The panorama mode doesn't work, but the other two options are fully functional. Read More