Onefeed Turns Chrome New Tab Page Into An RSS & Social Feed Reader

Since we finally saw the end of Google Reader a couple of weeks ago, many of us have been searching for an alternative. Not only has it given us the chance to discover something that could be better than Google Reader, but it has also given developers an opportunity to create some great RSS applications. One such app that we recently came across is Onefeed. It’s a Google Chrome app that turns your New Tab page into a place for combining your social media accounts including Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram with RSS in order to let you keep a tab on all your important content in one place. In short, the extension provides you a seamless way to access RSS and social networks from Google Chrome. Read More

New In Chrome 28: Rich Notifications & Blink Engine

Google Chrome updates just as regularly as Firefox, but doesn't always introduce something for developers or end users that would matter much. The last major update from the browser was version 27, which brought a Google Now-like voice search to Chrome. Chrome 28 is now available and this new release brings one major change as well as a brand new feature that both developers and users will love. Chrome 28 is the first stable release to use the Blink engine for rendering pages. It also introduces rich notifications that had made an appearance earlier on in the beta version of the browser. The new notifications come with a unified notification center as well, though it appears to be very basic at the moment and is available only for Windows and Chrome OS, with release planned for Mac OS X and Linux soon. Read More

How To Use The New Voice Search Feature In Google Chrome For iOS

The revamp of Hangouts, a new Google+ UI and plenty of other exciting announcements were made at this year’s Google I/O, but a lot of people might have forgotten that Chrome has been updated with an awesome new feature as well. Chrome 27 for web and Android now supports voice search, and is also capable of reading out some of the search results for your convenience. iOS was a bit slow in getting Google Now, but the official Google Search app was finally updated with the feature a couple of months back. Following that pattern, some might have assumed Chrome 27 and its awesome voice search won’t arrive for the iPhone for the next few months but surprisingly, the app has been updated a few hours ago and now supports almost all the new features that are available in Chrome for Android. Read More

How To Use The New Natural, Google Now-Like Voice Search In Chrome

Google Now is growing in popularity; it started out as a feature in Android but can now be used on iOS as well, if you have the Google Search app installed. Even better, if you’re running the latest version of Chrome, i.e. Chrome 27, you can take advantage of the new Google Now-like voice search feature that lets you ask your browser what time it is in a specific country, what the weather is like, and so on, to receive both an audio answer (limited in response  for now) and Google Now-like cards with your search results. Disappointingly, the voice search feature isn't accessible from the Omnibar, and you have to visit to use it, but other than that, it’s quite good. Here’s how to start using it now. Read More

Disable Two-Finger Horizontal Swipe Gesture For Chrome Or Any Other Mac App

The swipe gestures in OS X are an impressive way to move between desktop spaces, open the Launchpad, or do a number of other impressive things. Though they can also be annoying at times because they work system wide and there are some apps where a two-finger swipe function wouldn't make sense or even cause inconvenience. Unfortunately, the OS offers no way of customizing these gestures. A common beef that some of you might have is the way the two-finger swipe gesture, when accidentally executed in Chrome, will move you to the next or previous page in your browser’s history. Fortunately, there is a little script to disable it. The method works not only for Chrome, but for any other app as well, only requiring a change in the command to refer to the appropriate app. So, let's get it up and running, and get rid of this annoyance from Chrome on OS X. Read More

YTVD Is Like TweetDeck For Your YouTube Channel Subscriptions

YouTube can prove to be immensely distracting; you start off by watching a new video uploaded by one of the channels you're subscribed to, or simply a video from a link someone shared with you, and then get distracted by the trending videos and the countless suggestions, some of which you just can't help but click. YouTube Video Deck is a web and Chrome app that lets you manage your YouTube subscriptions and check for new videos from the app itself, without having to visit YouTube. Sadly you still have to go to YouTube to watch the video itself. The interface is really nice but it does have ads at the bottom of the page. The app connects with your YouTube i.e. Google account and detects the channels you've subscribed to. You can add any number of them - or even all of them at once, if you like - to the app. Videos can be marked as watched as well. Its column layout makes it sort of a TweetDeck for YouTube. Read More

10 Great Chrome Extensions For Twitter

Twitter is a very engaging network; you can open your timeline and before you know it, you've spent the better part of an hour reading links or conversing (read: debating trolls). For this and several other reasons, many users prefer Twitter clients over the web interface. Most Twitter clients not only have better features, but also support notifications for your @mentions, direct messages etc. At the same time, they give you control over the content you see, ensuring that only important things disrupt your work. The problem is that Twitter likes to axe the abilities of third-party Twitter clients by restricting its API, and many users have to turn to its web interface whether they like it or not. It’s situations like this when extensions can be very handy. Provided you have the right ones installed, your browser can act like an impressive Twitter client itself, and we've compiled a list of extensions for Chrome that will help you do just that. Read More

Toggle Quiet Mode, Manage & Turn Off Desktop Notifications In Chrome

Notifications are one of the best features that several modern browsers now offer, not simply because they alert you on events happening in a tab in your browser, but also because they do for web apps what Notification Center in OS X & iOS and Notifications in Windows 8 do for system-wide apps. Granted that browser notifications are not as powerful as the notification feature of an operating system, browsers are definitely moving up in this regard. Chrome for one has implemented an experimental feature that allows you to mute notifications either for a day, an hour, or indefinitely. It is similar to the Do Not Disturb feature available for Notification Center in both iOS and Mountain Lion. Read More

Add Chrome & Firefox Bookmarks To Mac Spotlight Search Index With Brow

Spotlight in OS X indexes a lot of things but when it comes to browser bookmarks, it does index the ones saved in Safari, but not the ones saved by other browsers. If you use more than one browser and often struggle with different bookmarks libraries for each one, you might like Brow. It’s a small free utility that adds your Chrome and Firefox bookmarks to Spotlight’s index. While it runs in the background or the Menu Bar, it continually monitors the profile folders that each browser creates, and keeps the bookmarks up-to-date in Spotlight’s index. This makes your bookmarks saved across three different browser searchable from one central location i.e. Spotlight. Read More

How To Force Google Chrome For Mac To Open In Incognito Mode

Most Chrome users use the Incognito browsing mode every now and then, while others use it quite often. If you prefer incognito browsing over normal browsing sessions (we’re not judging) but are vexed with the fact that there is no one-click method to launch Chrome in Incognito by default, you can do so with a little script. This particular method is meant to work in OS X only, as Windows users can always directly launch Chrome in Incognito mode from its Jumplist (just as Mac users can do so from the Dock icon’s options). The script is meant to launch Chrome in Incognito mode with one click using a dedicated shortcut created in form of an AppleScript app. Read More

A Look At Chrome For iOS’ Fullscreen, PDF To Drive & Print Features

The iOS app of Google Chrome has gone through a few changes since its release last summer, but the app hasn't received any major updates yet. The previous update gained more popularity for the crashing issue it introduced in jailbroken devices, rather than the few new features it brought. The latest update, however, is a lot more significant. The app now has a full screen mode, lets you convert any webpage to a PDF, and enables you to print pages via AirPrint or Google Cloud Print right from within Chrome. This brings Chrome almost at par with Mobile Safari, as other than the ‘Reader’ mode, you can now do everything with Chrome that can be accomplished in Safari, and then some. Read More

Add Articles To Read-Later Services From Safari & Chrome On iOS With Readr

If you have ever tried to read a lengthy article (like Haroon’s extremely detailed analysis of Ubuntu Touch Preview) on your iPhone, you are sure to have realized the usefulness of Mobile Safari’s ‘Reader’ view. However, you have to wait for the Reader button to show up by itself, as there is no way of invoking the mode at will. Readr is a new Cydia tweak that adds the Reader option to the sharing menu of Safari. And if you aren't satisfied with Safari’s own Reading List, the tweak also lets you associate your Pocket, Instapaper or Readability account with the browser so that you can add any post to these services without requiring a third-party app. The fact that it works with Chrome for iOS as well makes Readr absolutely perfect at what it does. Read More

Get A Video-Focused YouTube Layout That Resizes The Player With Window Size

YouTube's new design overhaul looks pretty neat, but its left-alignment is going to overshadow most of its positive changes. If you want to fix the orientation of the design, try this user script to realign YouTube to the center. If you've given up trying to like it altogether, try Unique Youtube Skin. It’s a script that completely changes YouTube’s layout. The change only effects individual video pages and not the front page or channel pages. It replaces the player with a larger one that takes up the entire left side of the page and resizes itself when according to the size of the window. The comments appear on the right with suggested videos below them. The search bar is repositioned to the top right above the comments. Read More

Save Web Pages As PDF To Hard Disk Or Google Drive & Fax Them In Chrome

When Google introduced Google Cloud Print, it added a really great tool for sharing a printer and perhaps made a lot of lives easier in the process. The Chrome print dialog is well equipped with options, providing you with a preview of the document you want to print, allowing you to choose which pages to print, and letting you change the layout and margins of your document. If you never ventured to the Google print page because you don’t have a cloud printer set up, here are three other things you can do with it that might make you visit it more often. The print dialog allows you to not just print with a cloud printer but also a network printer and should your printer double as a fax machine, you can fax documents from Chrome’s print dialog as well. You can also save a web page as a PDF, and even connect Chrome with your Google Drive for saving web pages directly to it. Intrigued? This post details exactly how you can do each. Read More

Save Web Pages For Offline Reading In Chrome For iOS With WebOffline

A lot of people who are new to iOS are fooled into thinking that when Safari fully loads a page, it will remain available for reading even after you go offline and exit the app. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Every time any iPhone web browser is re-launched, it has to refresh already open pages, and if you are no longer online, this means that all the stuff you intended to read during your daily commute will have to wait. Many were hoping that Chrome would be able to address this issue, but looks like this annoying behavior is related to iOS’ lack of true multitasking. While for most users, there is no sure way of avoiding this inconvenience, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, there’s a tweak for that. WebOffline for Chrome is a new release that adds a convenient offline reading list to the Chrome browser. A tweak called WebOffline has been available for Safari for a while now, but Chrome has amassed so many fans since its release that WebOffline for Chrome was really needed. Read More

Get Rid Of Unwanted Toolbars From Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer

Recently, I have noticed that a large number of freeware applications are being bundled with toolbars and miscellaneous spam. Toolbars tend to allow the developers to make money out of something they are giving for free. Some toolbars, for instance, Google Toolbar (or StumbleUpon, for that matter) are quite handy. In fact, StumbleUpon is one of the best ways to come by some fresh and unseen internet content. But other toolbars that are usually installed with the software package without your consent, do nothing other than kicking down a browser’s performance. And to make matters worse, some even push useless extensions into the browser. Not to mention, I really dread it when my browser’s homepage is automatically altered without me even knowing. Read More

Better Late Than Never; Chrome 23 Adds Do Not Track Feature

The next version of Chrome, Chrome 23, was released to the Stable channel yesterday and it seems Chrome has finally caught up with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, and implemented the Do Not Track feature. Do Not Track prevents websites from tracking your activity for feedback or other purposes. It stops analytics services and ad networks from collecting information on which website you’ve navigated to or how you landed on a particular page. This feature was first introduced in Internet Explorer 9 and since then, all other popular browsers have adopted this system. Before, it was down to services themselves or to browser extensions/add-ons to add this feature and it wasn’t 100% effective in any case. In addition to the Do Not Track feature, Chrome has also changed where you manage website permissions and moved it to the URL bar. Read More

Preview Links, Photos & YouTube Videos Within Selective Websites With SwiftPreview For Chrome

Have you ever opened a link from a list and later forgot which one you clicked? In such cases, you have no choice but to go through every link on the list one by one. SwiftPreview is an extension for Chrome that shows a preview of any picture or link in a customizable window when you hover the mouse pointer over it. You don’t need to open a link to see what it is about; you can use this extension to take a peek at its contents without leaving the current page. This can be particularly useful for twitter users, as it also supports shortened URLs. However, that's not all the extension has to offer. With SwiftPreview, you can disable previews for selective sites, pin previews to the browser window and play YouTube videos right within pinned previews. Needless to say, it is one of the best quick-preview extensions out there and a must-have extension for people who don't like to navigate back and forth between web pages. Read More

Bring Back The Old Filmstrip In Twitter’s Image Viewer With This Chrome Extension

Twitter changed its layout a while back and it was mostly well received with the text buttons replaced by icons and the bar on the moved to the left. These changes were the most obvious ones for anyone who regularly used Twitter’s web interface. For those who relied on a desktop or mobile app for most of their Tweeting, the changes were obviously of little consequence. There was still some criticism on the new design, but users eventually adjusted to the change. A few months back, another change to the Twitter interface removed the filmstrip-like view you would get when viewing images shared by a particular user. You can still use the left and right arrow keys to move to the next or previous image but the thumbnail previews are no longer available. Please bring back photo grid view! is a Chrome extension that restores the old view. Read More

15 Great Chrome Extensions For Reddit

Reddit may have started out as a simple website for sharing and discovering content, but it’s evolved into an entire community, and a very large one at that. Reddit is now spread over many subreddits and has played (and continues to play) an integral part in many online campaigns, often raising money for a charitable cause, while occasionally sending rappers to Alaska. The only thing is, as things get bigger, it gets harder to manage them. The website itself has built-in methods for managing the people/posts you follow, but there are still more ways to do it. This post lists 15 great Chrome extensions that will help you browser Reddit more easily and are equally effective if you actively participate in discussions, or are just a lurker. Read More