Cisco DataMeter For Android: Monitor WiFi/Mobile Data & Get Speed Test Results Of Nearby Hotspots

One of the world’s leading network solution providers, Cisco, has been catering to the network management needs of worldwide users for quite some time now. The company is no stranger to the mobile world either, since it has plenty of nifty apps available across the stores of both popular mobile platforms, Android & iOS. In November last year, we reviewed Cisco Connect Express that let Android and iOS users remotely manage their Cisco routers right from their mobile devices. Cisco DataMeter, currently in beta, is the company’s latest venture in terms of mobile apps that allows Android users to monitor and take control of their cellular and WiFi data usage. However, that’s not its only feature – the app has some very handy options that can help you with keeping a close tab on your device’s data usage habits. To summarize the app’s list of features, you get a built-in data monitoring, estimation and projection tool, WiFi speed test tool, test results of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, graphical analysis of data usage, and plenty more.Read More

Cisco Connect Express: Manage Router Settings Remotely [Android, iOS]

The world-famous network solution providers Cisco have just recently released Cisco Connect Express – an app for Android and iOS-powered smartphones that empowers users to remotely access, monitor and manage the settings of their Cisco-based routers. Using the Guest Access feature of the app, users can send invites to as many as 10 different devices to connect to your home Wi-Fi network and hence, the internet. Invites that carry a user-defined router password can be sent to visiting guests via emails or to your nearby friends via Bluetooth. In addition, users can use the app to upgrade the firmware and check out detailed information pertaining to their router. Need to remotely reset the IP address or change the password of your router? No problem. Using Cisco Connect Express, you can personalize router settings as per you liking and view all the devices connected to it.Read More

Cisco Cius Specs And Price

The tablet world is booming ever since Apple released the iPad but there's a new entrant in the market that seems to blow out all competition. Yesterday, Cisco launched Cius – a new Android based high-end business tablet that boasts the most impressive hardware spec sheet for any tablet currently out there, and if marketed properly, it may become a major contender for the competition, capturing big-time tablet market share. More details after the jump.Read More