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Cisco DataMeter For Android: Monitor WiFi/Mobile Data & Get Speed Test Results Of Nearby Hotspots

One of the world’s leading network solution providers, Cisco, has been catering to the network management needs of worldwide users for quite some time now. The company is no stranger to the mobile world either, since it has plenty of nifty apps available across the stores of both popular mobile platforms, Android & iOS. In November last year, we reviewed Cisco Connect Express that let Android and iOS users remotely manage their Cisco routers right from their mobile devices. Cisco DataMeter, currently in beta, is the company’s latest venture in terms of mobile apps that allows Android users to monitor and take control of their cellular and WiFi data usage. However, that’s not its only feature – the app has some very handy options that can help you with keeping a close tab on your device’s data usage habits. To summarize the app’s list of features, you get a built-in data monitoring, estimation and projection tool, WiFi speed test tool, test results of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, graphical analysis of data usage, and plenty more.

Cisco-DataMeter-Help1 Cisco-DataMeter-Help2 Cisco-DataMeter-Help3

The app’s data usage monitoring tool is available for both the mobile as well as the Wi-Fi internet connections. Upon launch, it presents you with the option to configure your mobile data billing cycle, as well as monthly data limit. Using the menu button on the app’s homescreen, you may also specify both said parameters for your Wi-Fi connection as well. The data monitoring interface of the app is split into three different screens. By default, you are presented with the screen that displays your current data usage details, but swiping sideways, you can jump to the data estimation screen, as well as the one that displays breakdown of the overall data usage by individual apps.

Cisco-DataMeter-Android-Data1 Cisco-DataMeter-Android-Data2 Cisco-DataMeter-Android-Data3

Tapping the Data at a Glance button reveals a dropdown that lets you jump to other features of the app: Nearby Wi-fi test and Test Wi-Fi Speed. The former can come in handy particularly in situations where you wish to find out speed test results of Wi-Fi hotspots available in nearby Google Places. Oddly enough, these locations are not visible unless you conduct a test on your own Wi-Fi router. However, once said condition is met, you can view all nearby Wi-Fi hotspots on a map via individual placemarks. Tapping a placemark shows the test results on a popup window.

Cisco-DataMeter-Android-Test1 Cisco-DataMeter-Android-Test2 Cisco-DataMeter-Android-Test3

For tests based on your own router, the app determines the download/upload speed as well as the latency. Once the test is completed, the app prompts you to decide whether you’re currently present in one of the listed Google Places. If not, you can manually search for a location and supplement the app with relevant data.

Cisco-DataMeter-Android-Locations Cisco-DataMeter-Android-Map

Although usage of the app is pretty straightforward, still, if you feel lost with any of the available features, there is enough helpful material contained within the app to get you out of trouble.

Cisco DataMeter is free in the Google Play Store, and requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

Download Cisco DataMeter for Android

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