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Dolphin Browser HD v8.2 Adds Bookmark Gestures, Customization & UI Improvements [Android]

Dolphin Browser HD, the favorite web browser of many iOS and Android users, has been among the few apps that have been consistently improving with each and every update. Living up to its reputation, one of the most downloaded Android browsers has just gotten even better with the latest update. The update sees the version count progresses to 8.2, and with that, Dolphin HD users are introduced to several other handy features, including the option to launch bookmarks through custom gestures, load images over Wi-Fi only, launch directly to the last closed tab, disable the Add-ons and/or the Bookmarks sidebar(s), and several routine performance improvements. That’s not all; the brand new progress bar (upon loading websites) and subtle animations upon opening and closing tabs brings some much-needed eye candy as well. Details to follow.

All aforementioned features are a welcome addition to the already feature-packed browser. Let’s, however, keep our focus on the various goodies that have come along with this particular update.


Gesture-based browsing and navigation have always been integral components of Dolphin Browser HD, but the new feature comes in handy particularly for your bookmarks. As soon as you bookmark a URL, you’re prompted to assign a custom gesture for it (optional). Once specified, the gesture can be used to launch the relevant (bookmarked) website without having to manually feed in the entire URL to the app’s Gestures List, as was the case with its previous versions.

Most of the other aforementioned options can be customized by navigating to the Labs screen from within the app’s main settings interface (Menu > More > Settings > Labs). On said screen, the very first option lets you decide the app’s Startup page, which can be either the usual New (Quick Dial) Page, or open directly to the last closed one.


Tapping the Advanced Swipe Settings tab on the same screen lets you toggle the add-ons and/or the Bookmarks sidebar(s) – a handy option particularly if you, like me, didn’t ever bother using or even looking at the Add-ons sidebar. Can’t say the same for the all-important Bookmarks sidebar, though. To set the app’s option to load images over Wi-Fi only, head over to the Load Images menu present on the Web Content settings screen.

In short, it’s an update that has added more value to one of the most powerful mobile browsers. As ever, Dolphin Browser HD is free and available in the Google Play Store.

Download Dolphin Browser HD for Android

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