How To Find The Dominant Colors In An Image [macOS]

Good design takes time and often years of experience and experimentation to get right.It is built on certain conventions and rules that serve as the basis of a good design. A common example of a design convention is the use of contrasting colors to make text look better on a colored background. Vaunt is a free macOS that lets you find the dominant colors in an image. It's a simple menu bar utility that you can drag & drop imaged on to. It will find the dominant colors in an image and display all shades of it that appear in the image. You can click a color and its HEX code will automatically be copied to your clipboard. Read More

How To Enable Screen Filters To Compensate For Color Blindness In iOS 10

Smartphones have played an incredible, possibly even unpredictable role in helping people with disabilities live a more normal life. Technology on a whole has played a key role in this regard but personal devices like smartphones and smartwatches provide incredible support where compensating options simply aren't available. Smartphones, either through apps or through built-in features of the OS they run, are one of the key tools that help people with disabilities. Apple is no stranger to this concept and it actively works to make its devices easier to use for everyone. With iOS 10, a new screen filter feature has been added to compensate for color blindness. The feature tints the screen according to the type of color blindness the user has and makes it much easier to interact with the device. Here's how to enable it. Read More

Adobe Kuler For iPhone Lets You Create Color Themes From Images Or Your Surroundings

Some people are tone deaf, others just fail trying to mix, match, contrast, or create color combinations. This might pose a problem for people in everyday life and occasionally, for designers who have hit a wall trying to come up with a good theme. One really easy way to come up with a great color theme is to look at your surroundings for inspiration; anything from a soothing landscape to the floral arrangement on your desk can be instrumental in finding a nice combination of colors to use in your project, and Adobe’s new iOS app Adobe Kuler is is a helpful tool that lets you do just that. The app, which is available for free in the App Store, lets you take pictures and detects the different colors in them to give you a theme. You can either snap an image and extract color themes from it, use an image from your camera roll to do the same, point your camera at anything in the room and have the app pick colors from the input, live, or use the built-in color wheel to create themes from scratch. Adobe Kuler also has a web app that gives you a color wheel for creating themes but doesn't allow you to pick them from an image. Read More

Generate Up To 64-Color RGB & HEX Palettes From Any Image [Chrome]

For web designers, one of the most daunting tasks is coming up with a color scheme from scratch. In this regard, other well-developed websites and apps can prove to be a great source of inspiration. Then there may be times when you'd just want to locate the exact value for a particular shade? Palette For Chrome is an extension that lets you create as many as sixty four color palettes from an image that you like. You can then use the RGB or Hexadecimal values for your website design. The extension adds a Palette For Chrome option to the right-click context menu, which contain further sub-options in the form of Create 16-color palette, Create 24-color palette and Create 32-color palette. You will also find a Create custom palette option in the menu, which lets you move a slider to adjust the number of colors you want in your output. Read More

Pick Colors & Create Directional Gradient Images, Save To Clipboard

Every developer aims to create an attractive and good-looking software or website, because, as the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey (even if its just in appearance). However, this eye candy is only achievable with the best use of color combination and a perfect blend. That’s where gradient applications jump in. They let developers create an indefinite amount of color combinations to produce the most suitable combinations they want to use on their software and webpages. We have covered various color picker apps in the past, such as ColorHexa and Gradient (for Mac), just to name a few. Gradient Actualizer is yet another portable color picker utility that can help you create a gradient image of your choice, then use it on your projects or photo editors to make any further enhancements. Read on for more details. Read More

Colorwheel: Convert HEX & RGB Values, Preview Colors In A Pop-Up [Chrome]

Getting colors to look just right or finding the best color theme for a website’s design is critical because websites being developed nowadays are works of genius. They combine minimal design, functionality and possibly some of the best color themes you can image to make a good website. If you’re a designer or just thinking of having a website designed, it’s a good idea to play with colors and developing a good sense of which colors render well. There are many apps and extensions out there that let you preview different colors using HEX and RGB values, but most of these are way too complicated. Colorwheel is a simple Chrome extension that converts HEX and RGB values and lets you preview colours in a pop-up. All you need to do is enter HEX and RGB string values in the universal input bar, the output for which will be displayed right there. Clicking on the preview box places the content of the box into the universal input bar. Users should also note that HEX values can be entered with or without the hash tag. Read More

Customize Notification Banner & Font Color With Vexillum [Cydia Tweak]

The Cydia store has a lot of tweaks and widgets for the Notification Center, like the recently covered Lorem, but you will be hard pressed to find tweaks which will let you customize the notifications, instead of the whole NC. However, now we do have a tweak which will let you personalize the way individual notifications appear on your iPhone screens. Vexillum is a tweak for jailbroken iOS devices which will let you change the color of the notification banner, as well as the color of the font used within the notifications. Read on to know all about this cosmetic tweak for iOS 5. Read More

Find The RGB Value Of Any Object With Augmented Colors [WP7]

Being a relatively new field of technology, augmented reality hasn’t got a lot of apps on any platform, let alone one like Windows Phone 7, whose app collection is not as large as iOS and Android. The apps that do feature Augmented Reality are mostly just for fun, and serve no serious and useful purpose. So, it is always nice to see an AR app that actually does something useful, no matter how small or insignificant. Augmented Colors is a rather simple app, but the functionality it offers is very useful if you use photo editing tools, or if you like to have an exact knowledge of everything that interests you. Using the app, you can point your WP7’s camera at any object, and find out the RGB and hex value of its color. The user doesn't have to do anything, the app will just take a moment to scan the target object, and tell you the colour's exact name straight away. Read More

Smart Note 2: Create Colorful Text And Freehand Notes On Windows Phone

There might be a lot of note-taking apps available for Windows Phone 7 that make use of live tiles (we have even covered a few, like Sticky Tiles and Live Tile Now), but none as colorful and eye-catching as Smart Note 2. Not only can you create notes with this free app, you can pin them to the start screen of your Mango phone in the color of your choice. And if you are in a hurry, or just in the mood for doodling, you can do that, too, with Smart Note 2. The app can serve the dual purpose of letting users create new notes, and managing reminders or to-do lists. Read More

Gradient Scanner Picks Gradients From Images & Manipulate Colors

You might like an image or background for its colors and might find a good color or two for something you’re designing from a single picture. If you wanted to pick up on the gradient effect used in an image and perhaps play with it a bit to see what you can improve it might prove to be a long and tedious process. Gradient Scanner is a web application that picks colors from gradients in an image, lets you blur or sharpen the color differences and pick which colors were used to get that precise effect. Read More

Make Complex Color Schemes & Export As Photoshop, HTML & GIMP Palette

We’ve previously reviewed two apps that help you create color schemes; Chroma was a Chrome app and ColorSpire was a web app that made it easy to find the right color or the right shade for whatever you wanted to design. While both apps in their own capacity worked well, the Color Scheme Designer out does them by a mile. This web application lets you create color schemes with a single color or in a combination of two, three or four colors. You can adjust the brightness and hue of the colors, select from many preset contrast options, and view samples of what a web page would like in the current scheme. Each scheme that’s created has it’s own link that you can use to share it with your designer, a co-worker or a client. Read More

Create Color Schemes For Websites using ColorSpire

Before you can get any website design off the ground, the first thing you need to decide is the color scheme. Whether you’re designing a page yourself or having someone do it for you, the colors are something that will take a lot of time. Colorspire is a web app that makes it easier to play around with colors; it lets you try different combinations in a simple interface by giving you simple blog type layout for a page. The page is divided in to five sections (including background); the color for each section can be changed. The hex code for the colors you select are given so you can share them with your designer or use them yourself. Read More

WindowShades Adds Colored Overlay On Screen For Better Viewing

WindowsShades is a portable screen color adjustment tool to create tinted overlay which can be easily configured by defining the color and opacity. Along with these primary adjustments, it offers many other color-specific settings to overlay specified color on screen for better viewing. According to the developer, it is built for notebook users who need one full-fledged color adjustment application. Read More

Professional Color Picker Tool (Select From 16 Million Colors) For Free

When it comes to picking a color, a tough choice has to be made. Every color gives a person different impression, to select the finest color is still a difficult task for many designers, artist, and, photographers. Whether you are looking forward to make a logo, a design for your client, or simply a graphic drawing, selecting the right color will definitely help. Read More

How To Generate Colors Pallete Of Any Image Online

I covered a post on extracting colors from websites. But what if you want to extract colors from an image? CSS Drive's Image to Colors Palette Generator is a free online service that lets you generate colors pallete instantly. You can either upload the image from your computer or enter an image link. Only png, .gif, .jpg and .jpeg images are supported and they must not be bigger than 1MB in size.

I uploaded a very unique multicolored art image, the end results were astonishing.

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