Sync Your Clipboard Across Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS & Web With

Imagine being able to copy text on your PC, save it in a user-friendly clipboard manager, and then access that content on your Android or iOS device. Sounds awesome, right? While we've previously seen a few apps doing it, is a new web service, mobile app and browser extension trio that does it in the most effective manner. Available for Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS and the web, allows you to sync your notes and links between multiple platforms in the most dead-simple manner. Read on for more details. Read More

Keeper Is A Cross-Platform Password Vault With WiFi Sync & Cloud Backup

Many of us use weak passwords and to make things worse, reuse the same ones on different websites. The reason behind this is the difficulty in remembering different passwords; the lengthier and more complex a password is, the more secure it is, but at the same time, the harder it becomes to remember. Password managers provide a handy solution to this problem by letting you store your login information for different websites in one secure vault, and reuse it whenever needed. There are the basic kinds of password managers that store information offline on your computer’s storage, and then there are more advanced ones that not only save login data online, but also have apps for smartphones like iPhone and Android. Keeper is one such application that is quite feature-rich. Sporting a really great design, it protects your login information in an encrypted database, and sync it across Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS and Android.

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Track Debts & Borrowed Items Across PC, Mac, Android & iOS With I Owe You

If you forget your phone at home or can't remember where you put the car keys, chances are you're the only one inconvenienced by your forgetfulness. Now imagine you promised to pay someone back some money you borrowed; not only does it make for an awkward situation when you are reminded of the pending debt, but it might also leave a bad impression of you on the other person. I Owe You is a web service with apps available for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone that lets you keep track of money or items that you've borrowed from someone, along with things or money that others have borrowed from you. The debts you enter can be one-time or recurring. A debt can easily be divided between several people (like a restaurant tab paid for all by one). I Owe You will send you notifications for overdue debts as well as for debts that are soon due. You can easily choose the type of notifications you receive. Read More

Filedrop Allows AirDrop-Like File Sharing Between Windows & Mac

AirDrop lets you share files from one Mac to another on the same Wi-Fi network. Unlike network sharing, Airdrop automatically discovers other nearby computers and lets you very easily share files between them using drag & drop. Filedrop is a free app available for Mac and Windows (and coming soon to iOS and Android) that makes the same drag & drop file sharing cross-platform. It searches the network for other Mac and Windows PCs running Filedrop, and these other computers then show up on your side in the app, allowing you to drag & drop files to any one of them for quick sharing. Likewise, your own computer also becomes visible to all other systems on the same network that are running the Filedrop app, and they can send you files in a similar manner. Transfer of files is subject to the receiving system’s acceptance. Being incredibly easy to use, the app greatly simplifies file sharing on the same network. Read More

Notee: Synchronize Text Notes Between Windows, Mac And The Cloud

Note-taking is a highly productive activity, and when it comes to jotting down your notes and appointments, Evernote is simply an unparalleled contender (okay, there’s also OneNote, but then again, it’s not available for free). Evernote has flourished the concept of how we can annotate and synchronize our work across different devices, making it at our disposal wherever we go. We have covered plentiful alternative note management applications for all major platforms as well, such as CintaNotes, which syncs notes in real-time via Dropbox. Today, we have another one for you called Notee. Akin to Evernote, the application effectively syncs your notes and other agenda between Windows and Mac machines (no Android or iOS love yet). Along with that, it provides remote storage access through the web browser, for which you’d obviously need a Notee user account first. Read More

Tomahawk: Powerful Cross-Platform Music Player With Online Streaming

In the world of music, incredible things keep on happening. Some drive in through technology, while others may come from innovative ideas from the open source community. One groundbreaking effort is made by the folks behind Tomahawk. On one side, it’s a beautiful looking music player to enjoy your local music collection, just as you’d expect from Winamp or iTunes. On the other, and which actually makes it stand out from the crowd, it’s an online music streaming application that sanctions you and your friends to enjoy the same music, at the same time. It is a cross-platform, open source application, which supports various Content Resolvers – Tomahawk plugins, to be more accurate – that help you instantly search music from supported services, including Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube,, Jamendo, Grooveshark, Dilandau, 4Shared and so on. It’s celestial feature is that it allows you to subscribe all these services from a single place, right on your desktop. It even lets you connect to your Twitter followers and Google Talk friends for instant collaboration of music. Whenever you search for your desired song, Tomahawk uses a combination of subscribed Content Resolvers, in order to make your songs readily available, so you can stream it just like you’d stream music from a P2P client. Read More

MyShelf: Evernote-Like Cross-Platform Note Taking & Syncing Without An Internet Connection

When I first discovered MyShelf, it looked quite impressive, but then I thought it's just another cloud service (until I saw the big noCloud logo on the developer’s website, of course) that provides synchronization between your various devices. MyShelf does provide synchronization of your personal documents that you create and add to it, but it's not a cloud-based service. The application is geared towards people who need to keep various personal notes at their fingertips. It allows you to add pictures, text snippets, links etc., related to those notes, which are referred to as Elements. Not only does the application support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, it also offers applications for both iOS and Android. The application is designed to let you Shelf anything you want on the go. Whether you’re at work or enjoying vacations, at a meeting or at friend’s place etc., you can instantly jot important notes down using MyShelf. Links, pictures or text snippets can be attached for any reference. For instance, you liked this baby’s photo on the internet, Shelf that photo with a text “cute” or a URL link from where you found it. The uniform interface across all the devices is easy on the eyes and feels great. Read More

TileMill: Powerful, Cross-Platform GIS Mapping & Cartography Software

Many cartographers use a combination of Maptitude, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, or CorelDraw to make those gorgeous looking maps. Although these tools are very feature-rich, they do come with a hefty price-tag. However, graphic artists or cartographers will be delighted to know that we have an alternative solution for you. Labelled TileMill, this open source application for Windows, Mac OS X & Linux aims to let you create beautiful looking interactive maps with a multitude of options. It’s built on Mapnik’s map rendering library (another open source tool), and is designed to help folks who work on cartography and GIS (Geographic Information System) in map creation. Every map you create can be either uploaded to Mapbox, or be exported as PNG, PDF, SVG, MBtiles and Mapnik XML. Axiomatically, if you haven’t worked with GIS or cartography before, you might need some serious learning before taking the step and using this application, but a usage manual has also been included to make you quickly learn a few basic things. What’s more, it also supports a number of additional plugins for increased functionality. Read More

Metamorphose: All-In-One File & Folder Renamer For Windows, Mac & Linux [Review]

Previously, we’ve reviewed many batch file-renaming applications like ReNamerNameChangerFile Grinder, and many more. Today, we will take a look at Metamorphose, a cross-platform, opensource batch file and folder renaming application for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows you to  selectively rename files and subfolders. It supports numerical, alphabetical and roman numerical system, allows use of regular expressions (Regex), can extract dates from files and ID3 information from MP3 files. It sports a multitude of methods to edit part of a filename and append text both at the beginning and the end of names. Read More

PhotoGrok: EXIF-Based Image & File Viewer With Metadata Filters

EXIF, or Exchangeable Image File Format, is a standard that specifies the formats for images, sound and other important tags commonly used by digital cameras, scanners and other systems, which handle recorded image and sound files. You can view this metadata information in the default Windows properties of images and other files. The default Windows Explorer lists down all meta data of images in the Details view, but it is a bit limited in its EXIF data representation. Handling an image collection using just the default options can be a bit difficult for a professional photographer. PhotoGrok is a Java-based application that allows you to view images and other file types grouped together according to metadata. More on PhotoGrok after the break. Read More

CloudDeck: Fully Functional Unofficial Desktop Client For SoundCloud

Being an avid music enthusiast, you might have already known about SoundCloud. It is an online audio distribution platform that allows collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings by both amateur and professional artists. As SoundCloud lets you upload any kind of audio file and share it with other folks, it has gained a lot of popularity among the people. Sadly, SoundCloud service only has a web portal, and you need to open your browser every time you want to access the music. Previously, we covered a few different applications that allow to easily download music from SoundCloud, for instance SoundCloud Downloader, a desktop application for Windows and a user script called SoundCloud Super +2 that provides song recommendation and download facility. However, we didn't quite see a promising application that allows users to access SoundCloud without opening their browser, up until we came across CloudDeck. CloudDeck is a third party Adobe AIR based application that simply allows you to login to your SoundCloud account and access the musical database right from your desktop, akin to various desktop clients of other major websites. It enables you to search for music, create playlists, bookmark songs to playlist, download it if the uploader has enabled it eand so on. Keep reading to find out more about CloudDeck after a short break. Read More

Create Flow Charts, Network Diagrams, Circuits & More With Dia

Ever found yourself required to make flowcharts, network diagrams, circuit sketches and more at work or for studies? Dia is a strong and very powerful application meant for all such occasions. Presentations are a particularly powerful tool to communicate your ideas, and at times, plain old text is just boring. So, for those of you who have a tough time creating diagrams in MS Power Point or MS Word, Dia will make it much easier for you to convey your ideas, with an elaborate set of preset tools that are custom made for a plethora of subjects. Packed in a tiny 19mb to 30mb package (varying with the OS), the application's interface – as boring and dull as it might seem – is actually very intuitive, with stuff like copy, cut, paste, delete, dragging, skewing all coming naturally as they would in most popular software. Even better, a portable version of the app is also available. Read on after the break to learn more. Read More

Ever Password: Store And Sync Your Credentials On Cloud Server

If you are a person who is cluttered by the gargantuan amount of credentials information, which may be related to your credit cards, driver license, bank accounts, passport and email accounts, etc., and need some support to manage and keep safe all that important data, then Ever Password might be what you were looking for. This handy tool works on the bases of cloud computing, and syncs your information across all the major supported platforms and devices that you may currently use, like Windows, Mac and iOS. The application employs a user account that you can create by signing up on Ever Password’s web server, and then access all your credentials under one umbrella. The easy to use, yet elegantly attractive interface provides access to the information under the Vault, which lets you see and edit your credentials, safely protected by one master password, so you don’t have to remember different passwords for different credentials that may further bewilder your mind. Read More

Aard Dictionary: Multilingual Offline Database With Wikipedia Support

Before the era of “auto-correct” and Google’s “Did you mean this”, hard copy and soft copy dictionaries were the only source to check for the correct spellings of words and their meanings. These days, Google and Wikipedia have replaced the dictionaries for checking our the meaning of words, and thanks to auto-correct, people have stopped even bothering to learn the correct spellings of words. The problem, though, lies in the fact that to get the definition and meaning of words, you have to be connected to the internet all the times. Aard Dictionary is a multi-platform, multilingual open source application that provides you with a dictionary module which lets you search words in the dictionary, as well as the Wikipedia database even when you are offline. It just requires you to download the dictionary once and you are good to go. More on Aard Dictionary after the break. Read More

Flypad: Turn Your iPhone Into A Remote Control For Racing Games On PC

Not too long ago, mobile phones were only meant to make important calls and send short messages to your friends and loved ones. The technological world has surely come a long way in a very short time, and smartphones of today claim and seem to be able to do everything for us, other than making us coffee and doing our laundry (which, looking at the current pace of technological development, might be available in a few years time!). They have put everything from listening to music to playing games, task management to browsing the web, in the palm of our hands. One of the groundbreaking inventions in smartphones are their unique and ever growing lists of apps. Smartphones app has broaden up their functionality and are acting as a gateway between user and their interaction with the phones. Today we have an application that lets your iPhone communicate with your PC in a very innovative manner. If you play a lot of racing games on your PC and don't like the idea of using your mouse or keyboard, for that matter, then Flypad might change the way you do your virtual races. It is a cross-platform application that turns your iPhone into a remote control for playing racing games on your PC or Mac. Its designed for those who like to play racing games using joysticks or gamepads, but don't have enough dough to buy one. Read More

Scup: Cross-Platform Batch Audio Track Uploader For SoundCloud

Established in 2007, SoundCloud is arguably the most popular online audio distribution platform for collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio content by artists and music promoters. While the web version of the platform is a no brainer for anyone who is familiar with the service, we don’t usually come across a lot of desktop applications catering to SoundCloud. For that reason, when we stumbled across Scup (short for SoundCloud Uploader), we considered it worthy of being taken for a spin. In its essence, Scup is an Adobe AIR-based, cross-platform application that lets you upload multiple tracks to your SoundCloud account and create a set on the fly. The application supports specifying all necessary parameters, such as genre, set and track types, license, record label etc, making your sets ready for publishing in every sense. Read More

RedNotebook: Journal With Calendar Navigation, Custom Templates & Word Cloud

Just a few days ago, we covered a cross-platform task manager named Conqu, which allows you to manage the tasks by providing a comprehensive set of features, including Quick Add, Tags, Dates etc. Today, we stumbled across an open source application called RedNotebook. It is not exactly a task manager, but more of a journal where you can record just about anything you want. You can write pending tasks, note down important events or use it as an everyday e-diary. It includes calendar, customizable templates, save and export options and a word cloud. You can manage the entries via tag feature, which helps you quickly search the journal entry you want to view or edit. More on RedNotebook after the break. Read More

ooVoo: Cross Platform Application For Free Text, Voice And Video Chat

ooVoo is a cross platform communication tool that can be used for voice calling, video calling and instant messaging on Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS based systems. It allows you to connect with anyone at anytime using video calls, video messages, voice chat, phone calls, text etc. If you cant meet with someone in person, don’t worry, ooVoo lets you have video chat with multiple people at a time. Due to the application being cross platform, it doesn’t matter if you or your friends are using Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone or any Android based tablet or phone. More on ooVoo after the break. Read More

IMGDissolver: Cross-Platform Slideshow Creation Tool With Transitions & Filters

To avoid the complexity of hard to understand applications, most of the people avoid creating professional slideshows by themselves, and mostly hire others to do the job for them. However, contrary to the common belief that professional looking slideshows cannot be created easily, there are a ton of free and easy to use applications that allow you to make slideshows in just a few steps. Previously, we have covered some very useful tools for creating slideshows, such as, PhotoStage for creating professional slideshows with any media file and the default Windows application called Windows DVD Maker available in Windows Vista and Windows 7. All these applications are limited to Windows, but if you want a cross platform application for creating slideshows, try IMGDissolver. It is an easy to use open source application for Windows and Linux operating systems that can be used for creating slideshows, DIVX and DVD of your photos and videos. Read More

Send Free SMS To Anyone With Cross-Platform Messenger HeyWire [WP7]

HeyWire is a messaging service that has been around for quite a while on iOS and Android. It is a very useful app, using which you can send free SMS to any number in the US. Even if the recipient is living outside the 'States, texts can be sent if they, too, have HeyWire, or any other service that assigns US numbers to its users (like Google Voice). HeyWire has extended its reach considerably now, as recently, the Windows Phone 7 client of the service was released. Read on to know of all the features HeyWire brings to the Mango platform. Read More