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Sync Your Clipboard Across Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS & Web With Belt.io

Imagine being able to copy text on your PC, save it in a user-friendly clipboard manager, and then access that content on your Android or iOS device. Sounds awesome, right? While we’ve previously seen a few apps doing it, Belt.io is a new web service, mobile app and browser extension trio that does it in the most effective manner. Available for Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS and the web, Belt.io allows you to sync your notes and links between multiple platforms in the most dead-simple manner. Read on for more details.

For Belt.io to work, you need to download and install the Firefox or Chrome extension as well as the mobile app, and then sign up with the service. The sign up process is fairly simple, and all you need is click its link in the extension of your choice, followed by entering your email and password credentials. After that, enter the login details in extension and click Submit.


After logging in, you can begin adding your text snippets to it. Belt’s interface isn’t complicated at all, and the PC part work entirely in your browser. To synchronize your desired text, simply copy and paste it into the text field and click Add. That note is then saved to the cloud and synced across your devices.

Belt also allows you to share notes with your friends who are also using Belt, and email invitations to join the service can be sent to them on the fly. Unlike on some other similar services, you cannot share notes with friends over social media services such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, though that doesn’t really fall under the purpose of Belt.io, and shouldn’t be an issue for most users.

Belt_New Note

One significant shortcoming that I noticed is that users cannot copy notes directly into the extension’s interface when using the service from the browser, but rather have to rely on its web UI. The extension only serves to let you access notes already saved to the service via the mobile app or the web interface.


Coming to the mobile app, it looks really exquisite and alerts you via push notifications whenever a new note is added to Belt.io. Not only does it allow you to view the existing synchronized items, but any new text in the clipboard is also copied into your notes automatically.

Belt.io_Android_Sign in Belt-io-Android Belt-io-Notification

To sum it up, Belt.io is a fantastic cross-platform clipboard manager that can make the process of copying chunks of text or links across devices a breeze.

Download Belt.io

[via Lifehacker]


  1. Nice. The title is misleading though. I thought the extension was more like a clipboard manager that syncs across browsers. However, this is basically just a note app that syncs across browsers. You have to manually add the text, so it’s not so automatically. Still pretty useful thought.

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