Cretica Invoice: Create & Manage Automated Invoice Databases

If you’re an owner of a small scale business or organization, you must have known how hard it is to create and manage product invoices, whether you’re selling physical items or any service(s). The clutter of customers and the products you’re selling can cause headaches if you don’t manage your invoices in a timely manner, especially if you have a large number of clients. There are several different programs available that take the burden off your shoulders, and provide an easy way of handling invoice databases for managing them easily. Cretica Invoice is a user-friendly and highly efficient invoice and bills handling application that would definitely support you to cope up with your clients. The program contains extensive set of databases to manage and generate mass invoicing, thus saving you time for creating each invoice one by one. Read on for an in-depth review of the software.Read More

AccdbMerge: Compare MS Access Databases, Find Differences & Merge Objects

Comparing multiple objects from two separate MS Access databases is not only difficult, but also quite a tedious task, as one needs to first check each data set in databases, and then make required changes to DB objects. If you’re working with multiple versions of Access database, you may be looking for a tool that can help you identify the differences between all major objects of database, including tables, forms, reports, queries and so on. Instead of tallying each dataset and DB objects, you could use AccdbMerge to instantly view the differences, and import & export selected objects from both database versions to easily merge the required sections. AccdbMerge supports both widely used Access database formats, including MDB and ACCDB, allowing you to read all the elements of database without having to install any additional tools.Read More

DataCleaner Is All-in-One Data Analysis And Database Cleaning Software

Database analysis tools help DBAs in identifying the discrepancies and illogical connections between data sets, so that they can be removed from the database. However, the capability of database analysis tools depend upon the platform on which database is built. For instance, small-scale relational database created on MS Access needs a whole lot of different DB analysis utility than one created using MySQL. If you’re looking for an all-in-one database analysis tool that can help you identify and clean redundant entries from the database, odds of you coming across a paid utility are high. Today, we discovered an open source, java-based utility called DataCleaner that implements a variety of database analysis and cleaning concepts including Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Profiling, and Data Quality Monitoring, to remove all superfluous data sets off the specified data store. The application supports a wide range of database platforms and data files including CSV, MS Excel (XLS and XLSX), MS Access, SAS library, DBase database, Fixed Width File, XML, OpenOffice Database, MonoDB, MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server.Read More

Coollector Movie Database Is A Feature-Rich Personalized Movie Manager

If you are a movie buff and looking for an application to organize your movie collection, Coollector Movie Database is worth a try. The application has a massive encyclopedia of over 80,000 movies and T.V series.  It's been designed to give quick access to movies details without having to manually search them online. The best part is that it quickly saves the movie database, including cast and crew, plot and summary, movie poster, IMDb rating, and current price of DVD and BluRay releases. You can filter the movie database by price, rating, genre, country, year of release, media type, etc. Moreover, it lets you search movies as well as actors to check all the related data, i.e , all the actors starring in a movie and all the movies a particular actor starred in. You can watch trailers, maintain a wish list, and mark the movies which you have already ordered to buy. Keep reading to find out more about how Coollector Movie Database can help you manage your movie collection.Read More

Transfer MS Access Database Directly To PostgreSQL In 4 Simple Steps

PostgreSQL, casually known as Postgres, is a cross-platform, open source object relational database management system (ORDBMS) which supports a hosts of operating systems, including, Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD. Postgres includes support for all SQL constructs, ranging from subselects, user-defined types, transactions, etc., while containing a variety of native data types such as, Boolean, XML based Xpath queries, Geometric Primitives, Composite and so on. Users who frequently port MS Access database formats,  ACCDB, ACCD, MDB, and ACCDE to PostgreSQL database generally relies on different complex methods which often include exporting and importing database tables manually. If you want a relatively easier way to send selected MS Access database tables to PostgreSQL server or create a compatible SQL dump file for PostgreSQL database, check out MS Access To PostgreSQL.Read More

Analyze And View SDF Database Files With SQL Compact Query Analyzer

Need to analyze and execute queries of database designed in SQL Server Compact edition? Setting up SQL Compact on a new system is tiring, as it takes a lot of your time and effort to deploy the database. If you’re carrying SDF database file, SQL Compact Query Analyzer eliminates the need of installing SQL Compact on your system to view and analyze database files. It’s a portable SQL query executor, analyzer, and table data viewer for SQL Compact databases. All it takes to analyze the database is exported SDF database file to analyze the table listing, execute queries, view error logs, view DB tables. Moreover, you can Shrink or Compact the database and edit the content of DBs as well.Read More

Easy SQL Builder – Execute SQL Commands Without Learning The Syntax

SQL is considered to be one of the core languages for handling databases and one who needs to deal with large and complex database structures must get a hang of it prior to organize the database properly. If you’re going through SQL basic learning phase and trying to deal with complex databases, Easy SQL Builder is designed just for you. You can use it for entering SQL commands for, let’s say, creating databases, filtering table’s data, search data values, join two tables, extract columns and rows data, merge two data tables, etc., without having to learn the syntax and proper usage of commands. You just have to choose the operation you would like to perform over the table, table column or row, and it will write all the complex commands for you. In a nutshell, it automates the process of applying and executing the SQL commands over the database.Read More

Edit Structures Of Different Databases With Database Editor

Dealing with different types of databases and tired of switching between different RDBMS software to establish and check connections, execute queries, handle forms and tables, generate reports, etc? Perhaps, a database management solution capable of handling multiple databases would reduce the time and effort involved in managing different types of databases. You may find a handful of database viewers, having the ability to render a range of databases but what about editing and modifying structure of databases? Database Editor is a database explorer and editor which supports all database types of ODBC whilst supporting schemas of Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, SQLite, InterBase, etc.Read More

FlowHeater – Import And Export Data Between Different Database Types

FlowHeater is a database transferring application which supports transfer of data to and from many database management systems, such as, MS Access, MYSQL, Oracle Database, ODBC data sources, .Net tables, MS Excel sheets, etc. For example, data from an Oracle database table can be copied to SQL Server database without going through complicated manual data copying procedures. Moreover,  the data can be converted, amended, transformed, manipulated and injected by a definition set. This eliminates the need of going through time consuming and error prone manual import, exports from CSV files and databases. When a Definition set is run, the adapter exports data from a data source and stores it internally. Once the input is complete, the data is transformed.Read More

Decrypt SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, & Triggers With SQL Decryptor

The With Encryption option in Microsoft SQL Server is used to encrypt database object definitions and hide Stored procedures, Functions, Triggers, etc., to prevent any unauthorized usage. If you’ve encrypted the object definition and are trying to restore the original script back, SQL Decryptor is probably just what you need. It’s a small tool developed to easily restore original script and explore encrypted SQL server object definitions. It supports all MS SQL Server versions, including, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008 R2. You can decrypt almost all kind of Stored procedures, including both numbered procedures and replication filters, Functions – scalar, inline, and multi-statement table value, and Triggers on tables, views, databases, and on other server instances.Read More

Manage Multiple Database Connections With Pretty Database Explorer

One problem which I face a lot with database related utilities is that they, generally, are not easy to configure, as one has to specify details ranging from DB username to live host addresses, establish multiple connections, connect with required set of DB modules and so on. If you find it quite challenging to deal with setting up and establishing database connections, try Pretty Database Explorer to connect with live web databases and open all major database formats without having to follow any complex procedures. The application was specifically built for those who’ve just started managing databases. It requires only basic information, such as username, password, DB name, and host address, etc., to open the database in isolation without demanding any extra database modules to connect with. Pretty Database Explorer, unlike other DB viewers, lets you export databases into user-specified delimited character values format, Excel (XLS), Word (RTF), HTML, and XML format.Read More

MyWebSql Is Open Source MySql Client To Edit And Run SQL Commands

Many website hosting services do not provide an all-in-one and easy-to-use direct MySql configuration, which becomes quite a nuisance when you have to execute some queries, resolve database related issues, and tweak with databases default settings. Even if you’ve configured third party web server stack, like XAMPP or WAMMP and want an easy to use MySQL client to create and execute SQL queries, import and export databases and to perform other operations, check out MyWebSql. It is an open source MySQL client which requires a single click for setting up all the configurations. You can choose to use it with local web server or upload to live server via FTP to administer databases. Furthermore, it comes with a customizable UI with different theme packs to quickly overhaul the layout with a facility to create your own themes.Read More

Transfer MS Access Database To MySQL In 4 Simple Steps

Looking for an application that can help you easily migrate your MS Access database to MySQL without having to follow any tedious procedure? Transferring databases from one system to another is always a headache regardless of how big or small the database is. Therefore, database managers and administrators look out for a simple tool that can perform an export and import operations with all the variations involved. If you’re planning to migrate data from Access to MySql, you’d probably have a lot methods in mind to port databases. Before implementing any of them, try MS Access to MySQL. It is an ingeniously simple utility for Windows that is designed to quickly port Access database to user-defined MySql database. It supports a wide range of database formats, including, MDB, MDE, ACCDB, and ACCDE database formats, and also shows you the MySql database hierarchy to choose the destination database path. Furthermore, password protected (encrypted) databases can also be exported on the fly without having to decrypt them.The application supports two transfer modes – Direct transfer and Dump file creation. In direct transfer mode, you need to enter the host address, port, DB username and password along with the DB name where data has to be directly ported, whereas the Dump file creation method lets you choose a local location to create SQL dump file for importing it later.Read More

Manage Unlimited Number Of DB Connections & Run SQL Scripts With Database Browser

Database managers mostly prefer using a portable tool, which can establish database connections while on the go to perform basic level of database management operations. Apart from administering all the established connections, if you’re dealing with multiple types of databases and want one standalone utility capable of managing all of them, Database Browser is probably what you need. It not only let administrators connect with multiple databases but allows establishing multiple connections with a wide range of DB types including, Oracle, Ms SQL Server, ODBC, MySql, PostgreSql, Firebird, OleDB, SQLite, and Sql Server CE. Sounds perfect, right?What sets it apart from recently covered database tools – MySQL Explorer and Exportizer, is that it can handle unlimited connections, quickly switch between listed DBs while maintaining the execution history. Intrinsic SQL Builder is the most significant tool, which can run SQL scripts and design relationships among tables. Database Browser is developed to edit table data, export table entries to Excel 2010 compatible formats - XLSX and CSV, print selected table columns and to sift through data entries.Read More

View, Edit, And Export Multiple Types Of Database Files With Exportizer

Since database storage containers are of many kinds carrying relative features and usability, to edit and view each database type, you need to have respective database engines/compilers. What if you’re dealing with multiple types of databases? Would you go for installing a list of database engines to manipulate data tables? Exportizer is one application which support multitude of database types, letting user view and edit them under one window. With an ability to export and copy database content from different DB storages, it is accompanied by Microsoft Excel, HTML, Text (txt), CSV, RTF and dBase format support. Since it comes with BDE (Borland Database Engine) and ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) database engines, you will be able to work with databases supported by these engines.Read More

Simple Recruitment System Automates Recruitment Tasks

Simple Recruitment System is a free application that can be used to manage database of individuals who have applied for different positions at your company. You can quickly jot down basic information for all job candidates using this application. Additionally, you can also add personal memos for any candidate. This can help you record any strengths/weaknesses, which you observed in the potential employees.Read More

Build Websites With Microsoft WebMatrix

Microsoft has recently released a tool called WebMatrix for simple and easy development of websites. It is suitable for both advanced Windows user and novices. You don't have to worry about web server configuration, data base management, or any advance concepts, since it does it all for you. Read More

View, Insert & Modify Data Table Without Using MS Access

Usage of databases are extensive but for viewing, editing, and modifying databases you need to have an compatible software, Microsoft Access being the most popular. MDB Viewer Plus is a portable freeware software, which lets you to open and modify two very commonly used database formats MDB and ACCDB. Apart from mere a viewer, it enables you to insert and modify records, filter down table record, sorting table data in different orders and importantly allows you to execute SQL commands. Adding more, it also provides you with an option of exporting and importing databases, which could be very handy for viewing database stored in different files like; Excel, Word, Text, Lotus, Quattro Pro etc.Read More