Advanced Disk Defragmentation And Cleanup With MyDefragPowerGUI

MyDefragPowerGUI is a portable GUI based tool that provides additional options for easy defragmentation and disk cleanup of Windows based operating systems. Other than performing the normal tasks of manually or automatically defragmenting system partitions, it cleans additional directories such as the Prefetch folder, allows defragmenting all partitions simultaneously, provides detailed information about system partitions/hard disk in a graphical user interface, allows setting defragmentation speed, provides trace erasing options and works with RAM disks/external drives. It supports U3 devices and can automatically update its GUI interface without the need of user intervention. With MyDefragPowerGUI you can quickly and efficiently cleanup and defragment your hard drive for better performance.Read More

Fully Optimize And Repair Your System With Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a complete system optimization and repair utility that provides options for registry and disk clean up, privacy protection, performance acceleration, internet speed optimization, safeguard of confidential files and performance maintenance. The aforementioned features are available in its free version, whereas, it also has a paid version.It has an easy to use interface that can allow even a lay user to understand and use the available options for system maintenance and optimization. You can get a comprehensive list of categories and sub-categories for protecting, cleaning and optimizing your system in easy steps. For instance, its Cleanup and Repair module provides disk and registry cleanup, shortcut fixing and an uninstallation (for unwanted programs) options. Likewise, the Privacy and Security module provides file encryption, recovery, shredding and trace erasing features. In case you simply wish to perform system maintenance without going through the hassle of configuring advanced options, you can do so from the main interface in a few clicks, as explained below.Read More

DiskMax Is Brilliant Hard Disk & Registry Cleaner

DiskMax is a unique disk cleanup tool that has largely stayed out of our radar. Since Microsoft has made no changes to the default disk cleanup tool and does little to help users clean up disk space, this is where 3rd party cleaners come in. We all know about apps like CCleaner and the likes but DiskMax is brilliantly unique with a twist.Read More