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Fully Optimize And Repair Your System With Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a complete system optimization and repair utility that provides options for registry and disk clean up, privacy protection, performance acceleration, internet speed optimization, safeguard of confidential files and performance maintenance. The aforementioned features are available in its free version, whereas, it also has a paid version.

It has an easy to use interface that can allow even a lay user to understand and use the available options for system maintenance and optimization. You can get a comprehensive list of categories and sub-categories for protecting, cleaning and optimizing your system in easy steps. For instance, its Cleanup and Repair module provides disk and registry cleanup, shortcut fixing and an uninstallation (for unwanted programs) options. Likewise, the Privacy and Security module provides file encryption, recovery, shredding and trace erasing features. In case you simply wish to perform system maintenance without going through the hassle of configuring advanced options, you can do so from the main interface in a few clicks, as explained below.

From the main interface , you can select maintenance options like registry cleanup, shortcut repair, startup management, spyware removal, etc and click on Scan for Issues to identify possible problems.

This way you can get an easy overview of your system problems without requiring to configure detailed options.

Scanning for issues

Once the scanning process is complete, a summary of the problems is presented. You can get detailed information about each issue by clicking on the Show Details below each category. Or you can simply click Repair Problems to let Glary Utilities to resolve the the system issues.


If you would like to find more features to refine your system maintenance and repair options, you can head over to the Modules tab.  The Cleanup And Repair module contains a disk cleaner, registery cleaner, shortcut fixer and program uninstaller.  You and click on any of the available features to perform the selected task. For example, if you wish to perform disk cleanup, you can click on the Disk Cleaner option and select a system drive to cleanup.

Cleanup and Repair

Similarly, the Optimize and Improve module contains startup management (to stop applications from automatically running at startup), memory optimization, context menu management (to manage menu entries from files and folders) and registry defragmentation options.


The Privacy and Security section contains some very robust trace erasing, file shredding, file recovery and encryption/decryption options.

Privacy and Security

The Files and Folders module contains disk analysis, file splitting, duplicate file finding and empty folder removing features. You can access Windows standard tools such as disk defragmentation, backup, etc from the System Tools tab.

Files and folders

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Glary Utilities


  1. how to use glary utilities using keyboard? because may touchpad is not working. and i have to enable something for my loptop to work. anyone can help please?

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