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Server2Go – Web Server That Runs From USB or CD/DVD-Rom


Server2Go is a portable webserver that can be run from a USB or CD/DVD without installation. The web applications designed for Server2GO can be directly run from a CD/DVD-ROM or USB Drive without the need of configuring a PHP, Apache or MySQL server. It allows creating a standalone website or PHP application on a removable media device, which can be helpful for calculation programs, catalogue software CMS-based image campaigns and CBT (computer based training) lessons. Server2Go can be used with PHP software such as Joomla and Moodle. Although, it is particularly designed for removable media, it can, however, also be run from the local system drives.

PHP programs can be run via a browser. Some main features of Server2Go include the following:

  • It is an apache based full featured webserver
  • It supports Internet Explorer (6 and 7), Firefox, Safari, Camino and external browsers (e.g. Simple Browser, Discstarter, Portable Firefox S2G 1.6 and above).
  • It auto detects hostname and port at browser startup.
  • Auto shutdown of the server when the browser closes.
  • It has a customizable Splash Screen which shows a progress bar at start-up.
  • It’s database can be be mirrored to a local machine.
  • It supports PHP 5.x with multiple extension installed.
  • Complete WAMPP Server-Stack.
  • It Supports SQLite database.
  • It runs on all Windows versions including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.The developer has also assured of MAC OSX support to be added soon.
  • It supports PHP extensions and Perl 5.8.

Download Server2Go


  1. I’ve tried Server2Go previously, but Secunia PSI always told me that PHP, or the MySQL server was outdated. I never bothered to update by hand. Very useful though!

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