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Norton Identity Safe: Cross-Platform Alternative To LastPass

LastPass is a widely used password manager, which is available as a plugin for all famous browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. While LastPass works as a browser extension, there are also desktop applications that deliver similar functionality. Norton has recently created a comprehensive application, which brings the functionality of password management browser extensions like LastPass and desktop application like 1Password. Norton Identity Safe is a cross-platform password management application that integrates with your browser and allows you to you safeguard your login information. It quickly and securely logs users into online accounts from computers and mobile devices on the go, with a secure master password. Unlike most password managers, Norton Identity Safe also provides information regarding the safety of a website to protect you from phishing websites.

To get started, you will require logging in or signing up with a Norton account.

Norton Identity Safe

Once done, you can easily begin importing passwords saved in your browser and also disable the default password manager (of you browser).

Norton Identity Safe Final

You can use this application like LastPass to login to you multiple online accounts from a single master password, and to protect your passwords within a secure online vault, rather than an unsecure password manager of your browser, which can allows viewing passwords to anyone who has access to the computer. You can also edit and manage your saved passwords via your Norton account.

Edit Logins

Norton identity Safe is available for a number of platforms, including Android and iOS devices. You can also use the mobile version to secure your login credentials and avoid remembering them, when browsing through the internet via a mobile device.


It is worth mentioning here that Norton Identity Safe is an ad-supported application, as it displays ads during the installation process, which are third-party components/services that are intended to generate income. Please make sure that you pay due attention to the installation process to skip ads. Norton Identity Safe has versions for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, iOS and Android.

Download Norton Identity Safe


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