Dropbox’s Mailbox For Android Arrives With Swipe Gestures & Smart Search

After months of speculation and teasing, Dropbox has finally launched its popular Mailbox email client for the Android operating system. Originally designed for iOS, Mailbox was added to Dropbox’s ever-lucrative portfolio back in 2013 when the cloud company acquired it for no less than $100 million. Since then Dropbox had bee working on its Android version which has now finally released on Google Play as a free download. It seems the wait was worth it though, because instead of a straightforward iOS port, the Android variant rather includes some really handy features, the most noteworthy of which we found is ‘Auto-swipe’ that not only enables you to archive unwanted emails with a simple swipe gesture, but also automatically archive similar messages you receive in future. Read on for our full hands on review. Read More

Reme.IO Is A Simple Reminder Service That Works With Your Email

For a lot of people, email is work. Many of use spend hours answering emails, reading emails, and writing emails. Our email app is one of the most frequently used ones on our phone, I can safely bet you have your email open in your browser at the moment, and that your email client, understandably, runs on your desktop all day long. Most email services and desktop clients have some sort of task scheduling feature but if you want things to be super simple, and completely independent of both email service and client, you can give RemeIO a try. It’s a reminder service that lets you create a reminder which is delivered to your inbox. Regardless of what email service you use, or which client you use, you can set up a reminder using RemeIO. Reminders can be rescheduled as easily as they are created. Read More

MailDeck Is An iPad Email Client With A Colorful, Flat Interface & Unified Inbox Support

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular these days, and not just for playing games. They're becoming an integral part of the daily routine of working professionals, as it allows them to showcase their projects, manage documents, and perhaps most importantly, send and receive emails on the go, eliminating the need to carry their laptops along while travelling. So, a good email client is always a necessity for anyone who relies on a tablet for their work emails on the go. While many of you may prefer to use the stock email app on your iPad, give MailDeck a try and you might never look back. Read More

myMail Is A Beautiful Replacement For Stock Android & iOS Email App

Although we have super fast smartphones in our pockets that enable us to play 3D games, watch movies, check on the news, and update social media accounts, what do the professionals among us really use them for the most? You got it right - checking emails on the go! Sending and receiving emails right from your mobile device can be a lot more convenient than having to power up your computer. Both iOS and Android devices have the excellent Gmail app available, besides generic stock email clients, but besides these, there’s a wide spectrum of third-party options available as well. Pretty much the same holds true for iOS devices. myMail is one of the newer email apps for iOS and Android that’s nothing short of spectacular.  It lets you manage messages from multiple accounts including Gmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Outlook, Hotmail, and other IMAP/POP3 services in its refreshingly impressive UI. Read More

Hop For iOS Aims To Make Email More Accessible By Giving It An Instant Messaging Feel [Review]

I didn't quite understand all the hoo-hah around achieving 'inbox zero' until I started working at multiple blogs, enrolled in an educational institute with a proper mailing system, and took up several other side-activities that relied on email for communication. I thought 'inbox zero' was just another concept made up by the overly & unnecessarily hyper-productive to sound productive. Now, however, I don't just want to achieve Inbox Zero; I need to. If there is any unread, unreplied or unarchived email in any one of my three Gmail inboxes - separate for work, school, and personal - I feel as if I am lagging behind. In other words, modern email is a chore. It's a laborious task to manage. It's something you have to deal with in the modern world. Apps like Mailbox, and Triage do make the process shorter but it still feels like work. Hop (previously known as Ping) wants to make email a more playful experience - much like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik or the dozens of other instant messaging apps available across all mobile platforms today. Does it succeed? That's what we shall find out in this review. Read on. Read More

CloudMagic Is An Android Email App With Faster Search, Multiple Accounts & A Unified Inbox

I still remember the day I became the owner of my first Android smartphone, and the experience was nothing short of exhilarating. I could have started off with playing games on it, streaming YouTube videos, or listening to Spotify, but the very first thing I did was checking my email – a task I had been performing as one of the first things every morning even before my smartphone life began. Mobile and emails have become an indispensable part of our lives. Therefore, having a good email app on your smartphone or tablet is always a good idea. For most people, the default Gmail app works well but for those who use other email services or just want a different option, try locking your sights at CloudMagic. Why use a third-party email client when Android comes with one out of the box, you might ask? Well, it’s because CloudMagic is so much better than the stock Email app on so many levels. So, let's take a look at them right after the jump. Read More

Download & Install Android 4.4 KitKat Apps On Any Jelly Bean Device

So, you haven’t been able to sleep properly since yesterday after hearing about the launch of the Nexus 5, along with Android 4.4 KitKat, and can’t wait to get your hands on Google’s latest OS and device? Well, how about getting the goodies of KitKat and Nexus 5 on your existing device, while you wait for yours to get shipped (or spend your time envying those who have managed to order one)? Thanks to several community sources out there who managed to get their hands on the Nexus 5 system dump, we now have the APK files for all KitKat apps that shipped with the Neuxs 5, and what’s great is that many of them run just fine on any Android 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 Jelly Bean device. In what follows, we’ll be taking a look at many of these apps, complete with the download links for their APK files, and installation instructions. Read More

Use Your Android Device To Listen To Emails And News On The Go

Mobile apps are starting to take mobility much more seriously these days, and the latest to exemplify this is Listen to Emails and News for Android. The app is a narrator for your favorite news websites and RSS feeds, and what's more, you can also add multiple email accounts to its list of channels, allowing you to have the app read your mails out loud while you're on the move. The app supports automatic grouping of channels by genres or categories such as health, sports, technology etc, like a personalized radio. The app supports intuitive gesture controls for navigation and even offers hands-free control via bluetooth, the proximity sensor and speech recognition. We take a closer look at the app and all that it has to offer, right after the jump! Read More

Tipbit Combines Mail, Calendar & Contact Management In One iPhone App

Apps like Mailbox and Boxer have certainly raised the bar when it comes to email apps on iOS. The stock Mail app isn’t too bad either, but anyone looking for that something extra is sure to gravitate towards  third-party mail clients. Tipbit isn’t as shiny as some of the bigger names in the App Store, but this new app certainly has its own unique way of handling email. Rather than focusing on just your inbox, this app gives you a refreshingly unique view of your contacts. If you choose to associate your social media accounts with Tipbit, it makes sure you have all the important information on a contact any time you need it. In addition to that, Tipbit makes it really easy for users to associate events with contacts, and there is even a Google Search section to make the experience complete. Read More

Overview Packs Mail, Reminders, Calendar Events Into One iOS NC Widget

iOS doesn’t have any widget APIs for developers to use to build their own widgets, but that isn’t much of a problem if your device is jailbroken, as there are dozens of capable widgets to choose from under alternative app store Cydia. Today, we came across a nifty new widget for iOS Notification Center called Overview that will make you slightly more productive. Check it out after the jump! Read More

Schedule Text Messages, Emails, Tweets & Facebook Posts On Android With Schemes

Productivity is all about management and scheduling. And if you’re doing everything on a timely basis, why not have the ability to communicate with friends and family on a planned time? That’s what Schemes aims to address. In short, it is a very simple yet handy Android app that lets you schedule four types of outgoing communications: SMS, emails, Tweets, and Facebook statuses. The best thing is that all of this is done without any unnecessarily complicated steps. By the way, did you know that the name of this app is actually an acronym? Read on to find out what it means! Read More

Auto-Save Gmail Attachments To & Attach Files From Cloud With Kloudle

Earlier this year, we covered a Chrome extension called Cloudy that allows you to attach files in Gmail from multiple cloud storage services or your Facebook account directly, without having to download them to your desktop first. Kloudle is a similar service that can connect with Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, and lets you attach files to your emails in a way similar to Cloudy. Kloudle supports far fewer services than Cloudly but coupled with its Chrome extension, the service does something else as well that can be really useful - it allows you to save files from your Gmail account to any one of your cloud drives. Files are saved automatically based on ‘rules’ that you create, and you can create up to ten rules. Think of it as the famous service IFTTT, working entirely in your email. Read More

Get Email Alerts & Mac Menu Bar Shortcuts For Multiple Gmail Accounts

Mac users who aren’t happy using the default Mail app have the choice to use other desktop email clients like Thunderbird or Sparrow. Many are satisfied with just using their email service’s web interface. If you’re a Gmail user and like to stick to its web interface but at the same time receive notifications for all your emails, Mail Ping is an app worth $1.99 in the Mac App Store that might interest you. The app works with Notification Center in Mountain Lion to give you alerts every time you receive a new email. The app supports multiple accounts, just like Gmail’s web interface, and allows you to open your inbox or the compose message page for any of the configured accounts from the Menu Bar. Read More

Temporarily Archive & Set Followup Reminders For Emails In Gmail [Chrome]

Reading all your new email messages everyday is a routine task that many do without any trouble. The real problem with email is remembering to reply to an important email or to follow up on one that you’ve sent. We’ve covered some reminder tools to help you manage follow ups. MailFred is a Chrome extension with the same purpose. It integrates itself in Gmail’s interface and allows you to schedule reminders for any received email. The reminder can be set for as early as 4 hours from the time it is set, to any future date. This is, of course, typical of such a tool; what sets MailFred apart is that when you schedule a reminder, the email itself can be archived, marked as unread, moved to your inbox, or starred. That is, you can choose to either keep an email out of your inbox until it is time to reply to it or follow up on it, or you can keep it marked as unread and in your inbox until you are finished with it. Read More

Mailstrom Helps You Reach Inbox Zero By Deleting & Archiving Emails

Almost every single time we feature a tool to help sort your emails and manage your replies better, we take the time out to remind you of the importance of getting your act together and reaching inbox zero. We take it all back - you can continue to procrastinate for the rest of your life and still have zero messages in your inbox, thanks to Mailstrom. It’s a simple yet pure genius web service with the aim to help you achieve the much coveted inbox zero. Mailstrom isn’t a magic button that you push to make all your useless emails disappear; the deleting and archiving process is still manual, but the service organizes your emails in such a way that you can tell at a single glance which ones you should keep, and which ones are better discarded. After that, deleting and archiving can be performed en masse and within a few minutes or hours (depending on the amount of emails you have), your inbox should be clean. Mailstrom works with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and almost all other email services. It also lets you unsubscribe to newsletters. Read More

Copy & Save Email Content From Mail In OS X With Mail Clips

Like any other form of communication, its not just an email's content that's important, but also the other information they contain, including email addresses and names, subject, headers, and other metadata. This information can come useful in many circumstances, but most email apps hide it in order to keep everything simple and clutter-free. Mail Clips is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that lets you copy this information from a selected message in Mail. You can copy the complete text in a message, its subject, the sender and recipients’ email addresses, their names, the header message and ID, the date and time it was sent on, and the HTML source of an email. It can also save a message in PDF and RTF format, and add the sender and recipients to your address book. While you can do all of this from the Mail app by opening an email, selecting the information and then copying it manually, Mail Clips offers you the short way around. Read More

Attach To Gmail From Cloud, Image Hosting Services & Facebook [Chrome]

Google Drive has been integrated in Gmail so that you can attach a file to a new email directly from your Google Drive cloud storage. The feature is very handy for Google Drive users, but it’s of no use to those of us who primarily use some other cloud storage service. Cloudy is a Chrome extension that lets you attach files to your emails from a large number of cloud services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Facebook, Picasa, Instagram, Flickr, Github, FTP, Evernote, and more. Furthermore, it can also connect with your computer’s webcam and record a video or take a picture to directly attach with your email. The extension also gives you the option to upload files from your computer, pick attachments from other emails in your account, and search & attach images from Wikipedia, Flickr, and Google Image Search. The best thing about the extension is that it works flawlessly with Gmail’s new Compose view. Read More

Find The Email An Attachment Was Saved From In Mac OS X Mail

A common problem with a bulky inbox is finding emails. Almost every email service and client has a search feature, with some offering very smart parameters for refining the search (like Gmail’s web interface) but still, at times quickly finding the right email can be a pain. Similarly, if you’ve downloaded an attachment that came with an email and are trying to trace it back to the original message, you could be out of luck if you have renamed the file in the meantime, and will likely need to go through several emails individually to find it since for the most part, you are relying on memory to remember who the email was from, or a snippet from the email’s subject. If you’re using the default Mail app on a Mac, though, finding the email that an attachment came with is much easier than you know, as every attachment that you download saves details of where the file originated from i.e. the email’s sender and subject. You can use this to find the original email thread. Read More

Receive Email Alerts With Screenshots When Apps & Services On Your PC Start Or Stop

Have you ever been worried about what’s been running on your PC in your absence? Don’t want your kids to play video games all day? Process Notifier is probably what you need. This well-thought Windows application is designed to keep an eye on multiple processes on your computer, and notify you via email when a process such as an application like Google Chrome or Firefox starts or stops. The tool scans and monitors the selected processes according to the time interval defined by the user ranging from ten minutes to a day. This can come really handy if you have to share your PC with others and want to keep a tab on their activities while you’re not around. Read More