Fix the Voice Quality Issue On Evo 3D [Guide]

HTC Evo 3D has a lot of edge over its predecessor Evo 4G in the department of display, processing power and a bunch of other stuff. However a phone is still basically known as a “phone” which is by definition a device for making calls to other users. It’s a shame if an amazing smartphone running on Android Gingerbread and having an actual 3D display can’t even make a proper, good quality phone call. Sadly, that is  exactly the case with Evo 3D. There has been so many complaints about scratchy and slow voice and degraded voice quality that it eclipses the phone’s s other features in a way. Although many other good smartphones have suffered this same issue in the past (read iPhone), things are looking really bad on Evo 3D. But with the Android community growing by the minute, someone was bound to come up with a solution sooner or later, and that’s exactly what has happened.Read More

Speed Up Internet On HTC Evo 3D [Guide]

Running on Android Gingerbread, Evo 3D by HTC is the latest in the line of much sought-after smartphones. It has numerous features that have the ability to WOW you. After all, not every phone can promise to give you a full 3D experience on a 4.3 inch QHD 3D display, and that too without even using 3D glasses! But as they say, there’s always room for improvement and perfection is only possible in theory or fairyland. It has been brought to attention that the Evo 3D isn’t supporting internet to its maximum potential. Faster speeds can be reached and here’s how.Read More

Root And Install Recovery On HTC EVO Shift 4G [One-Click Root]

 Not rooting your Sprint EVO Shift 4G phone because it involves too much manual input and commands? Previously we have covered a  tool, Unrevoked that covers a majority of the HTC Android phones. Sadly, the EVO Shift 4G failed to make it into the list. However XDA-Developers forum member amoamare has come up with a tool called Shift Root And Recovery. The tool is designed to give you the ability to root and install a recovery of your choice with the click of a button.Read More