Remotely End Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, And Twitter Web & App Sessions

I don’t always log into Facebook on a public computer but when I do, I forget to log out. Sound like you? Most people know that you should always be careful when you sign in to a public computer but there isn’t anything that can be done for forgetfulness. If you left an important personal account like your Gmail or Facebook account logged in on a public computer, there are ways to rescue yourself before your information is compromised, or before it falls into the hands of a dangerous prankster. Here is what you can do to remotely log out of your Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts and end web browser and mobile app sessions. Read More

Facebook Messenger Update Adds Free VoIP Call Feature

Within days of introducing group chat on its messaging app, Facebook has rolled out a new update for Messenger. This new update brings a free call feature that lets you call friends who have the Messenger app installed on their phone. The calls are free over Wi-Fi but data rates will apply if you aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi connection. When updated, the app will ask for permission to access the microphone and will also warn you that calls made over your mobile network will be charged at your standard data rate. Both iPhone and Android apps have received the update. Read More

Here’s How You Can Get Facebook’s Flat UI Version For Android

Back in October 2013, Facebook announced it would be offering a new ‘Facebook Alpha program’ for Android users who want to test out fresh features before they hit the stable release. Facebook has been testing a redesigned version of the Android app that looks similar to its iOS variant, offers a completely new flat UI and many changes under the hood, and brings new tabbed navigation to the table. The flat UI variant hasn’t hit the stable channel yet, and although the social network giant will begin rolling it out in the coming days, you can test it on your device right now by joining the Facebook Alpha program. In this guide, we’ll show you how. Read on! Read More

Create Facebook Chat Groups And Forward Messages On Your iPhone

Facebook is a social network, an all-consuming hole, the cause for a lot of drama, and possibly an excellent tool in helping you make poor relationship decisions when you are drunk. It is also one of the best ways to keep in touch with what happens in the lives of friends and family members. Despite the negativity that some would associate it with it, Facebook is a great communication tool because everyone is on Facebook, everyone. One very popular Facebook feature is chat and such is its popularity that Facebook has a dedicated Messenger app for your smartphone. Facebook released a new version of its Messenger app a few days ago and it greatly improves the chatting experience for  iPhone users. Users can now create groups and forward messages as well as pictures received from one friend to the other. Read More

Timehop Brings Its Social Media & Photo Time Machine App To Android

The great thing about social media services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is that you can always go back in time and see what you posted about something on a particular day. It may not sound useful or productive at all, but it feels pretty cool to have instant access to past memories at any time. Of course, you can't possibly remember everything. Timehop aims to ensure you'd never need to. A year ago, the company released an iOS app that lets people ‘go back in the past’ to view their posts on popular social networks for the current day. The far-famed Timehop app has now finally landed on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Read More

Save Any Facebook Post For Later In Chrome With Facebook Favorite

The social network giant, Facebook, is known for keeping its user-base engaged with new features and functionality, introduced throughout each year. Still, no matter how many features they add to the it, there will always be room for more. If the social network doesn't officially offer what you're looking for, there might be a third-party tool, app or browser extension that adds the required feature to it. One great example that I recently came across is Facebook Favorite for Chrome, a simple and lightweight extension that lets you save Facebook posts for later. It’s somewhat like Pocket for Facebook. Read More

Hands-On With Facebook Messenger For Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone has long had a special relationship with Facebook. Even back in the days of Mango, Facebook enjoyed deep integration with Microsoft’s mobile platform, with the People hub merging contacts with Facebook profiles and the stock Messaging app offering a tab for Facebook chat. So much focus on Facebook integration with the OS has led to the official Facebook app for WP remaining a little undercooked. The app has its positives, but there can be no denying the fact that it is not as feature-rich as its iOS and Android counterparts. The lack of a standalone Facebook messenger app is another thing that has been caused by WP8’s integration with Facebook. While the chat feature in Messages is good enough for simple communication, it doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that usually come with messenger apps. This is exactly why a lot of people have been rushing to the WP Store to get their hands on the newly released Facebook Messenger app for WP8! Read More

How To Post Audio Comments & Voice Messages To Facebook In Chrome

One of the best bits about Facebook is that it keeps us connected to our friends and family no mater where they are, whether we are siting in front of our computers or walking down the street with our mobile devices. Those who use it on the go should be familiar with Facebook’s Messenger application, which enables users to chat with friends for free over the internet. Besides simple text, the Messenger also carries a voice recording feature for those too lazy to type out their messages. Facebook is yet to bring the same option to the web version (and it might never), leaving us desktop users out in the cold. That’s where Talk and Comment, a lightweight Chrome extension, comes to the rescue. The purpose of the tool is pretty much self explanatory: to let you send audio messages and post audio comments on Facebook. The extension is fairly easy to set up and configures itself automatically upon installation. Continue reading past the break to learn how it works. Read More

How To Add A Dislike Button To Facebook Posts In Google Chrome

Facebook has acknowledged time and time again that it will never add a Dislike button to the site. Yet many users have been begging the web giant to release one as sometimes, one needs to show one's dissatisfaction towards certain posts. It doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon (if ever), so today, we browsed the web for a third-party solution, and came across a Chrome extension called Dislike on Facebook. Available for free on the Chrome Web Store, the extension simply adds a Dislike option next to the Like button below each Facebook post. Details after the jump. Read More

Muzeit Is A YouTube Music Player For Chrome With Social Discovery Features

YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing service out there, and a huge chunk of users still use it on their desktops. If you spend a lot of time streaming song videos there, then it seems counter-intuitive having to visit the site every time you want to check out which songs are running popular. We've already seen Streamus for Chrome provide a solution in the form of a music player that allows you to browse, discover and play YouTube music videos without actually visiting the site itself. Currently in beta, Muzeit is a similar Chrome extension with a focus on social sharing and discovery. It lets you search for and discover YouTube song videos, import all your YouTube playlists or create new ones, and share your favorite music with other Muzeit users and your friends over at Facebook. Details to follow. Read More

Facebook’s New Social News Feed Experience ‘Paper’ Is Simply Amazing

Facebook's philosophy of "move fast; break things" may hurt users in the short-term as they take time to get used to new interfaces and features, but it is no doubt beneficial in the long-term. On the web, Facebook basically changes up its News Feed every year, but the experience has remained largely the same on mobile for the past few years. Now, with a renewed focus on mobile, Facebook has launched Paper - stories from Facebook, a brand-new, almost revolutionary social media content consumption experience.  Read More

Unfriend Notify for Facebook Shows Unfriend Notifications & List In Chrome

For many people, Facebook is the dominant way to stay in touch with their friends, family members, classmates, colleagues and acquaintances. There would be hardly any one in your social circles who uses the internet but not Facebook. Unlike Twitter where you don’t necessarily have to follow back your followers and vice versa, Facebook still uses the classic ‘Friends’ feature, allowing users to add each other in a snap. You get a notification when someone sends or accepts your friends requests. and the list of all your friends can be viewed under one roof. However, Facebook doesn't send a notification or inform you in any manner if any of your existing friends suddenly decides to unfriends you on the social network. That's where the Chrome extension Unfriends Notify For Facebook comes to the rescue. As the name implies, it lets you view the list of people who have unfriended you on Facebook. Read More

Get Facebook Chat Alerts, Disable ‘Seen’ & ‘Typing’ Indicators In Chrome

The world's largest social network is now home to over a billion accounts, helping countless people stay in touch with their friends and family. Late in August, I covered a Chrome extension called Fruumo Notifier that could let you receive Facebook notifications for things like comments, likes, timeline posts etc. straight to your desktop, even when the Chrome window is not open. Facebook Chat Pro is a similar extension that performs the exact same job for Facebook chat. Whenever someone sends a chat message, the extension displays a notification near your system tray, and you can click it to immediately jump to the chat window.  Unlike Fruumo, however, it doesn’t work when the browser window is closed, though it does come with a bit more customization. Details about usage and screenshots right after the jump. Read More

Edit Facebook Photos In Chrome With The Aviary-Based ‘Photon’

Aviary is a popular cross-platform photo editing suite, offering free image editing apps for desktop, mobile and the web. Previously, we've extensively talked about its wealth of features when we reviewed Aviary’s official apps for Windows 8, Android and Windows Phone. Besides official clients, there are also many third-party image editing tools that are powered by Aviary’s engine such as Photo Genius for iOS. Photon is yet another new Aviary-based image editing tool designed to work in Google Chrome to let you edit photos from Facebook right in your web browser. You can adjust various parameters of the images, and save edited copies to your computer. The extension is fairly feature-laden, thanks to Aviary’s powerful image manipulation tools. Read More

Facebook & Twitter Apps Get The iOS 7 Look & A Few New Features

iOS 7 is such a huge update that it has caused an avalanche of app updates of the magnitude that no prior firmware has ever triggered. Developers don't want their apps to look out of place on the OS, so all the big names have already jumped on the iOS 7's flat UI bandwagon, whether they like it or not. Yesterday, we covered updates for Flipboard and Foursquare, and two even bigger names have today joined that list now that iOS 7 is actually available for the public. Twitter’s latest iOS version focuses just on making the app at home on the firmware update, but Facebook has shuffled things around a bit more thoroughly. The navigation bar that was previously at the top of the screen has now been moved to the bottom, and is now omnipresent. There is also a new search button that enables users to quickly find any profile or page they want to view. Read More

Control Who Sees Your Facebook Posts With AVG PrivacyFix CrowdControl

Not all might be excessively obsessed with their online privacy, but it’s been put at the center-stage during the past few months (PRISM, anyone?). While we are not here to share tens of different methods to protect your internet privacy, but if you’re a Facebook user (which would include most internet users), you might want to check out AVG’s new offering called CrowdControl. It's basically is an extension of AVG’s PrivacyFix app, a mobile version of which we covered just over a week ago for Android and iOS. For those who missed that post, PrivacyFix tries to fix various privacy-related settings on your smartphone for social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. CrowdControl, on other hand, is a web variant designed to control who sees your Facebook posts, by allowing you to easily set the relevant privacy permissions. Details after the jump. Read More

How To Post Playable Animated GIFs To Facebook Using GIPHY

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which makes moving pictures worth millions of words, doesn’t it? That’s why GIF files have been immensely popular over the internet, as they allow us to express our views and emotions in an animated way when a still picture just wouldn’t do, and a whole video would be overkill. While the blogosphere, forums and image boards are exploding with these animations, Facebook hasn’t been too kind to them, as the world’s largest social network doesn’t allow users to post animated GIFs to its timeline. No, Facebook hasn’t started to offer that option and you still can’t post your own GIFs to it, but there is now a way of posting GIFs from GIPHY’s collection to the social network in a playable format. Let’s find out how after the jump. Read More

Monitor Your Daily Facebook Usage In Real-Time With TimeRabbit

You will find a truckload of articles on the internet ranging from 101 ways to avoid wasting time on Facebook to 10 signs your dog doesn’t like you. Though have you ever wondered how much time do you really spend on the most popular social networking service on our planet? Or do you even waste it at all? Well, we’re not going to disclose another 'secret' on how to keep yourself from using Facebook, but rather share a simple utility to let you measure the time you spend on it and, at the end, decide yourself whether to do something about it or not. The Windows tool is called TimeRabbit and does a great job monitoring every second, minute and hour of your Facebook usage. So, how does it work? Read on to find out. Read More

Get Desktop Notifications For Facebook Even When Chrome Is Closed

Facebook has provided millions of people with an awesome way of staying connected with their friends and family. But how often do you keep your Facebook tab open in your web browser? If it isn’t all the time and you still want to keep an eye on your notifications whenever they arrive, Fruumo Notifier is a handy Chrome extension worth giving a shot. The extension is designed to show you desktop notifications for all your Facebook notifications right when they arrive, for instance when a friend likes your photo, comments on a status update, post on your timeline, even when your browser is closed. The developer cites that even though the extension currently only supports Facebook, more services will be added later down the road. Read More

Disable ‘Seen’ & ‘Typing’ Indicators For Facebook Chat In Chrome

When it comes to text based communication, Facebook keeps us connected even to our faraway friends and family. Although the social network juggernaut is trying to make messaging more convenient and fast as possible, it rolled out a pesky new feature back in 2012 that could lead to some awkward situations between you and your folks. The feature in question is the ‘Seen’ indicator that automatically pops up when your friends have read your message, both on mobile or web. Now just imagine the awkward situation it can lead to when you open your friend’s messages and close it to reply at a later time, leading your contact into assuming you simply ignored them. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't provide any option to disable this feature, forcing it down everyone’s throat. Previously, we covered a Cydia Tweak called FBMessengerUnseen that could disable read receipts automatically on Facebook’s Messenger app for iOS. If you’re looking for a similar solution for your desktop, Facebook Unseen is a minuscule Chrome extension designed for the exact same purpose and in addition, it works for disabling the 'typing' indicator as well. Read More