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How to mass delete Facebook posts

Not every Facebook post should live past a few hours. You can always go back and delete something that you’re not too proud of but if you have one too many posts that you need to delete, there’s a faster way to mass delete Facebook posts.

Delete Facebook posts

Open your web browser on your desktop and sign into Facebook. Go to your profile and just below the cover picture and your profile tabs, you will see a ‘Manage Posts’ button. Click it and select the posts you want to delete. You can select up to  50 posts in one go.

Select the ones you want to delete however, you cannot delete a photo that is currently set as your profile picture so if you select it, the delete option will not be available. Once you’ve selected the posts you want to remove, or you’ve reached the fifty post limit, click the Next button on the bar at the bottom.

A menu will pop up with options to hide posts, remove tags, and delete posts. Select the Delete option, and click Done to delete the posts.

You cannot recover a post once it’s been deleted so be careful what you remove. If it’s a photo, and it’s important to you, make sure you have it backed up somewhere first.

You can of course hide posts if you’re not sure about deleting them. The option is there on the same menu and you can hide posts in bulk so remember that you have that option.

You can also mass delete Facebook posts from the Facebook apps. Open the app, and tap the hamburger tab. At the top, tap your profile. Scroll down until you find the Manage Posts option. It should be below your friends list. Tap it and select the posts you want to delete. The app doesn’t tell you that you can only select fifty posts at a time but it’s safe to assume the same rules apply on your phone. Once you’ve selected the posts you want to delete, tap the Delete button at the bottom.

Like the desktop website, you can also hide the posts or remove tags from them in bulk. Again, nothing that you delete can be recovered so if you’re deleting photos, back them up if they’re important to you.

Both the mobile apps and the desktop website have filters that you can use to narrow down the posts and select them more easily.

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