Create Flow Charts, Network Diagrams, Circuits & More With Dia

Ever found yourself required to make flowcharts, network diagrams, circuit sketches and more at work or for studies? Dia is a strong and very powerful application meant for all such occasions. Presentations are a particularly powerful tool to communicate your ideas, and at times, plain old text is just boring. So, for those of you who have a tough time creating diagrams in MS Power Point or MS Word, Dia will make it much easier for you to convey your ideas, with an elaborate set of preset tools that are custom made for a plethora of subjects. Packed in a tiny 19mb to 30mb package (varying with the OS), the application's interface – as boring and dull as it might seem – is actually very intuitive, with stuff like copy, cut, paste, delete, dragging, skewing all coming naturally as they would in most popular software. Even better, a portable version of the app is also available. Read on after the break to learn more.Read More

Edraw Mind Map: Create Complex Diagrams And Models With MS Office Integration

Mind mapping applications help create diagram maps that represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked and arranged around a central keyword. Edraw Mind Map is a vector-based application that provides templates for creating mind maps, brain-storming diagrams, timelines for projects, financial and business based analysis such as the SWOT analysis and more. It comes with built-in libraries that contain almost everything, from clip-art, symbols, connectors, mind shapes, to objects that can be added for annotating mind maps. What makes Edraw better than other mind mapping applications like Mind On Track, is the availability of a wide range of built-in templates, automatic map layouts, support for multiple pages and MS Office integration. Once you have created mind maps or other kind of models, they can be saved in various image formats, as well as PDF and HTML files.Read More

Design Flow Charts, UML Diagrams And Plot Math Expressions With Diagram Designer

Diagram Designer is a powerful vector graphics editor which is written to quickly design flowcharts, diagrams and slide shows. Unlike many other diagram creators, apart from being helpful for beginners, it comes with a slew of elements which professionals may require while designing system structures. Diagram designer is not as powerful as MS Visio, but offers a handful of pre-designed shapes and graphics to create Unified Modeling Language diagrams, such as, Flowchart, State diagram, Activity diagram, etc., without having to define data sets for mapping them to diagram manually.You will find a huge library for UML diagram symbols and shapes to design even those diagrams which need shapes of different modeling techniques. Diagram Designer can export diagram into WMF, EMF, BMP, JPG, PNG and PCX format. Along with diagram creation tools, it comes with simple graph plotter to plot mathematical expressions, so you wont have to define axis manually neither it requires you to set labels and other graph elements to properly place values.Read More

Create Free Professional Flowcharts, Sitemaps, And Diagrams Online With LovelyCharts

Do you plan to buy a software to make professional looking flowcharts, sitemaps, or diagrams? You don’t need to pay for it. LovelyCharts is a free online service that lets you make professional flowcharts, sitemaps, people diagram, network diagram, and some basic symbols. This powerful service is online and free, thus making it possible to do work from home and while traveling.

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