Unreal Commander Is The Swiss Army Knife Of File Managers For Windows

Poor file management can lead to poor performance of your system, and can cause a lot of problems in finding the right files at the right time. Although, Windows comes with its native File Explorer out of the box, it’s not the most comprehensive solution around. This is where third-party tools like Unreal Commander step in to the game. It’s a feature-laden desktop application for Windows that acts as Swiss Army Knife for handling your folders and files. First and foremost, its dual pane support makes file management a breeze by letting you view and transfer files between multiple folder under one window. Secondly, it boasts a plethora of settings and options that you aren't likely to come across in any other single file management app. Read More

FullSync Is A Comprehensive Backup & Sync Solution for Local & FTP Storage

A few months ago, one of my friends lost his steadily working hard drive, which happened to be quite a disaster on him, for not only he had to shell out money on a new one but even worse, he lost all his data as well. When I asked him about any file backups he might have created, what I got in return were those skeptical glances. This is just one of the many such scenarios people often face by not backing up their data in a timely fashion. But if you think that creating backups is a tedious chore, you won’t do so anymore after using FullSync. It’s an open-source application that makes file backups a breeze by letting you create backup profiles, using which you can either automate the whole thing by scheduling the task, or manually executing it whenever needed. It boasts a host of features and lets you create backup to remote locations using FTP, schedule its operations, and perform two-way folder-to-folder synchronization as well. Read More

FileFort Backup: Backup All Documents, Photos & Music Folders To FTP Server/Optical Drives

FileFort Backup is a simple, yet powerful data backup utility that lets you automatically back up your critical folders and data to a number of different places such as; Internal storage, CD/DVD/Blu-rays, USB Flash drives and Remote FTP servers. The application provides you with a quick solution for backing up all of your emails, documents, photos, music and other types of files. Being a lightweight application, it doesn't take too much of your system resources while performing the backup operations. It offers a simple backup wizard to quickly set the backup options and configurations. All the currently running and scheduled backup jobs can be handled from a dashboard. You can either choose to run any scheduled backup task or change the tasks scheduled time and date according to your requirements. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Z-DBackup: Modular File Backup Solution With Advance Directory Sync Options

Looking for a data backup utility that can do a lot more than just copying all the files or just newly created files from source to target locations? An application that supports numerous types of target mediums, while allowing you to create and configure file backup schemes, design synchronization jobs, set automated backup tasks, perform post-backup operations, burn files to optical discs, and compress backed up data? Z-DBackup is a modular backup system that offers a comprehensive set of features that may help you customize backup jobs as per your data backup and synchronization needs. Although it comes packed with an exhaustive list of backup features and tools, it doesn’t make it difficult for users to select the required tools that they want to use while backing up their files. Some of the noteworthy tools included in the application are backup data at network location, burn CD/DVD with backed up data, auto-shutdown after specified job finishes, create ZIP archive containers, virus self test,  run pre and post backup operations, and backup active and locked files. Read past the jump for details. Read More

NppFTP For Notepad++: Access, Download & Edit Code Files On FTP Server

Software Development IDEs like Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Netbeans etc., support establishing and managing remote connections including FTP and SFTP. This enables developers to directly connect with FTP server without having to manually download the files to access and edit the source code files of live development projects. If you’re an avid Notepadd++ user, and want to bring this very feature to manage remote connections, add NppFTP to your plugin list. It’s a lightweight extension that allows you to add as many FTP profiles as you want to directly connect with your web servers for uploading and downloading code files. It’s been specifically designed to eliminate the need of using a separate FTP client to first download the files from FTP server, and then import them to Notepad++ to make the required changes. Read More

How To Setup Personal FTP Server Using FileZilla [Step-By-Step Guide]

FTP clients like FileZilla, Cyberduck, WinSCP etc. are widely used to access, download and upload files to web server by creating an FTP connection. The FTP connection uses a special network protocol namely File Transfer Protocol to not only send and receive data requests, but also transport data by making direct connection with target host. Unlike HTTP, which is specifically designed to transport hyper-text over a TCP connection, FTP connection makes sure that server will respond to request as soon as it receives one from source host. Not only does it provide quick file transfer facility, it also brings bulk file handling capability in terms of both downloading and uploading data, and file transfer resume feature. Today, we bring you a step-by-step guide on setting up your personal FTP server, so that you can access it from anywhere via FTP client, and allow others to download and upload to your server. Read More

AnyConnect Allows Multiple FTP/SSH/Terminal Connections In Mixed Mode

AnyConnect is an FTP client that provides a simple mechanism for connecting to an FTP, FTPS, SSH and Telnet/Terminal client. It supports connectivity with multiple simultaneous sessions, and provides the utility of connecting to an FTP and terminal connection at the same time. While not as feature rich as Filezilla, however, it provides a simple interface to connect with single or multiple remote server simultaneously. Read More

Map FTP Server As Local Disk Drive With FtpUse

Although Windows 7 allows users to map a remote location as network drive over FTP, it often fails to register the FTP account upon Windows logon, which compels users to manually map the network location after logging into Windows. FtpUse is a simple CLI based application for Windows operating system that lets you map FTP servers as local disk drive from Windows CMD. All it needs is a connection string including FTP host address, username and password to connect & map a FTP location. Moreover, if you want to connect with the remote server upon Windows logon, you can create a batch script, and then put it in Startup folder to establish FTP server connection as soon as you log into Windows. Read More

Simon: Monitor Website Changes And Track Server Failures & DNS Invisibility

Website monitoring utilities help users identify all the surreptitious changes made to website as well as analyze the causes of server failures, domain invisibility and FTP connections issues. If you manage multiple websites and need a tool that can conduct HTTP tests to find websites changes and server failures, monitor FTP connection for uploaded files, query DNS to check if domain is accessible and run simple PING command to check remote location access, server response time and packet loss, Simon is a solid pick. It’s an application for Mac OS X that includes 4 monitoring services including DNS, FTP, Ping and Web. These services define the criteria of monitoring the remote servers and websites. You can use HTTP service to instantly detect changes and server failures for a website, apply DNS check to keep tab on domain visibility and employ FTP service to identify changes made to uploaded files. Read More

MySQLBackupFTP: Create, Schedule & Zip MySQL Database Backups

You may know that DBMS (Database Management System) backup tools offer a limited set of options to backup databases. That’s the reason why database managers rely on third-party, powerful database backup solutions which can automate the process of backing up all the system and non-system databases at convenient location. Take phpmyadmin as an instance, you may choose its Export tool to create backup of your database, but what if you want to create database backups on regular basis, or after every major update? Since it becomes tedious to manually pick output format followed by compression mode from Export tab to create backups, you may need a database backup automater like MySQLBackupFTP (a.k.a MySQLBF) to automatically perform the database backup operations. Read More

Map Your SFTP Server As Local Drive With SFTP Net Drive

Secure File Transfer Protocol or SFTP is a secure version of FTP, which is highly recommended due to its strong encryption of data. SFTP is used for a number of operations related to remote file management just like FTP but provides an encrypted channel for file download/upload which makes remote file/directory operations more secure. SFTP Net Drive maps your SFTP server as a local drive, giving you secure access to mange your files over SFTP connection. The application can only map SFTP Server and does not support FTP. We have covered a method for mapping FTP Server here, but we would highly recommend SFTP since it is more secure. Read More

Capture Screenshots, Edit Images & Share Them Online With PicPick

Screenshot tools are available in tens of numbers around the internet, but only a few of them actually worth giving a try (not bashing the rest of them in anyway, however). PicPick is a feature-rich, desktop image manipulation tool to capture screenshot, edit images, share them via Facebook, Twitter, email, ImageShack, Min.us and upload them to an FTP server. It contains some complimentary image editing tools such as a CorelDraw style color picker, screen pixel ruler, magnifier, protractor, crosshair and more. You can use PicPick to instantly transform your desktop into a whiteboard and use it for drawing anything on it in a selected color. It can also send edited images to MS Office programs such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Read More

FlagSync – Sync iTunes With Portable Media Player, Backup Data On FTP / USB

Job-based synchronization and backup utilities are generally hard to configure as users often require setting up options to schedule sync/backup operations and one-way or two-way incremental and decremented modes before specifying source and target locations to run jobs. If you want to create and run sync jobs without having to configure such complex options, try out FlagSync. Read More

FTPDroid – Remotely Transfer Files Between Android Device & Computer

FTPDroid is a free (ad-supported) Android app that serves as an FTP client for your device and allows you to transfer files and folders to/from various devices and/or computers over a wireless connection. No USB required, no data cables required and no hectic IP configurations required. In fact, FTPDroid is quick, responsive, fully-configurable, extremely secure and allows multiple file and folder sharing options. Extensive log history, stringent check on anonymous access, restricted access to personal folders and efficient port management allow you to monitor file sharing activities in an ultra-secure way. FTP server on the app can be enabled/disabled as per requirement. An FTP client (like FileZilla) can be installed on the computer to avail greater convenience in data sharing between both the devices in question. Read More

Dropf – Upload Files To Multiple FTP Servers via Drag & Drop

If you don’t like FTP clients which requires lengthy settings to be configured prior to establishing connection with your FTP server, you will love using dropf. It’s a tiny yet intuitively smart application that lets you upload and share files using an FTP server. It presents a small on-screen upload box to quickly send files, folders, images, text, etc., to your defined FTP servers. Furthermore, it allows managing multiple FTP accounts as well; apparently, there is no limit on number of FTP accounts that can be added, so you can add as many as you want and switch between them with a single click. All you have to do before uploading files is to enter your FTP server details. Once details are verified, you will just have to drag the files and folders over its upload box to send them directly to your FTP server. Read More

Lookit – Take & Save Screenshots To Cloud, Supports CloudApp [Ubuntu]

When it comes to apps which can take screenshots and save them to the cloud, Linux arguably lacks quality applications. A commonly used app for taking screenshots in Ubuntu is Shutter, however, Shutter has suffered from functionality issues frequently. Lookit is a screenshot taking application for Ubuntu, which allows quickly taking screenshots of a selected area, the entire desktop and the active windows, with the help of custom assigned hotkeys. You can also automatically upload a screenshot to an FTP server, SSH, Imgur, Omploader and CloudApp. Read More

FTPbox Uses Your Host Server To Sync Files Across All PCs

In the wake of hundreds of freely available cloud based services, Dropbox is considered to be the best cloud service primarily because of convenience it brings for sharing and syncing files. But as we all know about Dropbox data security related vulnerabilities that were revealed just recently, the best alternative would be using your own host server to sync files across all the PCs. FTPbox provides live real-time synchronization between specified local folders and your server via FTP. Just like Dropbox desktop app, you can install it on your PCs to perform file synchronization seamlessly. You specify local folder and it will start syncing its content with specified server location. In similar fashion, you have to configure it on other PCs to let it automatically download and sync data from the server. Read More

Codeanywhere For Android Is A Code Editor With Built-In FTP Client

Codeanywhere for Android is the mobile client for the free, multi-platform code editing web service by the same name. The app syncs with your codeanywhere account and like the web service, allows you to add multiple FTP or SFTP servers, browse through and edit the added servers’ files and folders, download and edit any HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS and XML files on the go. Simple, fast and easy to use, the app is particularly useful for users who own a website and consistently find the need to make quick changes to it while away from their computers. While we may elaborate on the app's feature set past the break, let's first look at what the official Codeanywhere Android client has on offer. The app's long list of features comprises multi-platform support, an integrated FTP client, dedicated editors for PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript & XML, compete (S)FTP support, built-in file editor, search & replace, support for photos & videos, file permission management, support for SSL and lots more. Read More

Transfer Files From One Server To Another Using FTP Rush

FTP Rush is an FTP client which provides robust features, such as, assigning custom mouse actions, built in scripts/commands, and support for SFTP and FXP  (File Exchange Protocol). Other supported formats include FTP and TFTP. FTP Rush is quite similar to FileZilla. However, it's settings appear somewhat easier to configure than the former, with the option to easily assign mouse actions for execution of common tasks according to defined parameters. Read More

Encrypt And Backup Data To Amazon S3 With Leo Backup

The importance of data backup cannot be under-estimated in the wake of frequent malware attacks which often render important data useless, cause problems which can only be resolved by a re-installation of the operating system, or restoration from saved system image. Many backup programs are quite complicated to use for amateur user and have convoluted settings which eventually make data backup process confusing. Leo Backup is a simple application to backup data on a hard drive, USB, remote network location, user-configured FTP/SFTP server, and Amazon S3 storage.  It provides encryption for the backed up data for securing your important files, with options to restore them later. Read More