Ski Champion: Super Fast Downhill Skiing Gameplay [iOS Game]

Who doesn't love skiing? This exciting and adventuresome sports pump in some serious adrenaline anyway. It surely is fun but for those of us who don't get a chance to do it on the snow, we have our iDevices for that. Ski Champion is a brand new skiing game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, developed by Majaka. This epica game will give you a taste of an exhilarating fast race down the hill, where you will engage in fast-paced gameplay that requires precise tilting to get pass the gates on your way. The game contains a total of 15 unique levels, each of which comes with a different location and difficulty setting. Is it worth downloading? Read on to find out after the jump, along with some screenshots. Read More

Blow Up Your Enemies With Fragger The Grenadier [iOS & Android Game]

Who doesn’t love exploding their enemies? Especially when they are all tied up? No, we won't advice such atrocity in real life but when you do it in videogames, it all becomes a lot more fun. Meet Fragger, a cute little grenadier who must destroy his foes using nothing but grenades. The game is developed by for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android, and is damn crazy fun. All you need is to blow up your enemies by throwing grenades with perfect precision and timing. The 2D graphics look beautiful, and the gameplay gives you endless hours of entertainment. Read on to find more after the jump. Read More

Solve Unique Puzzles In Puzzling Penguins 2 [iOS Game]

Puzzling Penguins 2 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is a new puzzle game developed by Bryan Mitchell that is about helping cute little penguins dive into the water hole via solving interesting puzzles. There are 189 unique levels in the the game that are equally split into three different weather conditions. The game has quite a lot to offer in terms of quality and the dazzling gameplay will not disappoint you at all. The players also have the choice to collect three stars in a level score if they may desire so, while the less time you take to complete the level, the higher the score you obtain. Do we think it is a worthy game for your device? Read on to find out after the jump. Read More

Defense Zone HD: Quality 2D Tower Defense Mayhem [Android Game]

Defense Zone HD is a new, promising addition to the line of 2D tower defense games for Android devices. The developer has aimed to fully utilize the potential of the latest dual-core line of devices through stunning visuals and smooth animations. As is the case with most games from this genre, there isn't any story to follow, but the gameplay promises hours of fun and action. If you love playing tactical/tower defense games, then this another title worth having on your Android device. Details after the jump. Read More

One Touch Drawing: Draw Unique Shapes Without Raising Your Finger [Android Game]

Google Play Store is filled with too many games and apps, but only a few make it to the top our 'hot favorites' list. And then those that make it to the top, doesn't stay there long enough. But we have discovered a new game that might be an exception. Developed by ECAPYC software, One Touch Drawing is a free puzzler released for Android, while initially only available on iOS as a paid app. In this easy to play but hard to master game, you will need to draw varying patterns in a single try, without letting your finger off the screen or overwriting. In short, you need to sketch a one-touch drawing. The gameplay may remind you of those childhood memories when you’d keep drawing endless patterns without overwriting on a piece of paper. So if you're ready bring back those precious memories, One Touch Drawing might help you out. More details after the jump. Read More

Our Favorite Pig Smashing Birds Go Galactic With Angry Birds Space

The wait is over – Rovio and NASA have joined together to bring everyone’s favorite birds and their green pig rivals to Android, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Windows & Mac in the latest installment of the franchise: Angry Birds Space. Set in a space-themed environment, this release brings an entirely new level of gameplay to the series not seen in any of the earlier three versions. Read on for more information. Read More

Total Defense 3D HD: Futuristic Tower Defense With Stunning Visuals [iPad Game]

Tower defense has become quite a popular genre of videogames on mobile phones, especially with the introduction of touchscreen devices. Touchscreens let developers create a more fluid experience for strategy games due to the fact that you can use tapping gestures that work in quite the same manner, and in some cases, even better than the clicks of a computer mouse. If you're fond of playing strategic tower defense games on handheld devices, then you'll absolutely love Total Defense 3D HD for the iPad. The game fully utilizes the iPad’s larger display, packing an easy control mechanism and amazing 3D visuals. Read ahead for an in-depth review of the game. Read More

Egg Story Is A Simple But Addictive 2D Platformer [Android Game]

Egg Story is a new arcade game, which is introduced on the Android platform, and developed by JVDroid. This addictive 2D platformer will let you play as a cute little egg named Eggie, who must collect Eggstars in its adventuresome journey. If you are looking for a fun pastime activity, then this game may be a great addition to your phone. Read on for further details. Read More

Zynga’s Scramble With Friends Is A Fun Way To Test Your Vocabulary [Android Game]

Zynga is one of the most popular developers of web and mobile games, specifically their ‘friends’ game series i.e. Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends. After the triumphant success of the duo, they have introduced a third title in the series, called Scramble With Friends Free for iOS and Android. Like former titles, this new game is extremely enjoyable. It lets you play scramble games online, either against your friends or a random opponent chosen by Zynga servers. If you have ever played a scramble game in your life, then you may already know its rules, but for first timers (like me), here’s how you play the game. The basic principle is to find as many words as possible in a grid of jumbled letters, in a limited amount of time (usually two minutes). The player with the most number of created words wins the game. Let’s take a closer look at the game after the jump. Read More

Hummingz EVO HD Is A Casual 2D Arcade Bug Shooter [iOS Game]

Wild insects, flying bees and venomous spiders, that's what Hummingz EVO HD is all about. It is a 2D arcade game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with excitingly fast-paced gameplay and beautiful design. The game lets you take control of a cute little lady bird who must defend itself from an onslaught of spiders, bees, wasps, beetles, and whatnot. The game is a lot of fun, and once you start playing, you will be having a hard time letting it go. The game has just recently gone free, but might not stay that way for long, so hurry on past the break to grab a copy for yourself. Read More

Burn Some Rubber In Carumba! The Ultimate Car Race [iOS Game]

Carumba! The Ultimate Car Race, developed by TenPearl LLC, is a new 3D single-player racing game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  The game will let you drive on a number of different locations, and choose from among some of the hottest cars in the world (the Ferrari, for instance). You can also personalize your cars by changing colors and make. Is this game worth downloading? Lets find out after the jump. Read More

Jewels Pro! Is A Casual Match-3 Arcade Game For Android

Some games simply are too good to be missed, especially, when the offer is free. Match 3 games have seen quite a lot of popularity on smartphones. If you love playing match-3 games, then here’s an awesome new entry for the Android platform. Created by Awesome Puzzles, Jewels Pro! is a casual arcade game, the goal of which is to match three similar jewels (both in design and color) either vertically or horizontally. The jewels that get a perfect match disappear, creating room for more jewels to drop in. The player uses sliding gestures to replace the jewels that are adjacent to each other (though you cannot move them diagonally). If you have played a match-3 game in the past, then it might not take a lot of time to master. The gameplay is really addictive and is sure to occupy your leisure time. More after the break. Read More

Hit The Apple: William Tell Set In The Jungle [Android Game]

There are several games in the market that involve shooting apples off a man’s head without killing him. One such game, called Hit The Apple, was released last year for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and created a lot of hullabaloo due to its violent gameplay and disturbing design. Well, the game is now available on the Android platform as well. The graphics and the overall design is not the same as that of the iOS version, but the basic gameplay mechanics are similar. It tests your archery skills how accurately can you shoot your arrow, as well as how far can you shoot it from. But at the same time it’s so much fun to play. Note that the following game contains violence and gore, and has been assigned an age rating of 18+ by the developer. Read on past the break for further details and screenshots. Read More

Applorer: Discover The Best & Latest Android Games On Daily Basis

Looking for a convenient and fun way of exploring some quality Android games without having to sift through the whole lot of apps from the Google Play Store? Look no further than Applorer – a comprehensive online app store dedicated to presenting you with some of the best and trending Android games from the Google Play Store. The web service has just recently released beta of its official Android client that vows to serve as your one-stop shop for exploring the best Android games right on your device. With the official Applorer Android client, you get a chance to try your hands on plenty of high quality free and paid games that are added to the Applorer’s app repository on daily basis. You can get handy game recommendations, download favorite games on your device (from the Google Play Store), bookmark the best and most attractive games, search for your favorite games manually, ask the app to come up with a surprise game suggestion, and easily manage all the games that you’ve downloaded via Applorer. For all the latest game releases, the app also keeps you apprised via notification alerts. The app’s interface is pretty neat, uncluttered, and you can share the best games with your buddies right from within the app. Read More

Strategy Plus Robot Violence Equals Mecha-Mecha Panic! [Android Game]

Meet Mecha-Mecha Panic!, another new entry to the ever-growing Android games library. This button-mashing, arcade fun will test your fingers & thumbs to the most extreme level (no it won't damage your fingers). The game is developed by Turbofish Games, and is based on cute little robots who are escaping the fortress and there is no stopping them but you. You're the last hope here and you’d need to finish them off before they destroy your only gun. The player uses a turret gun to take out the robots, who vary in size, strength and power. The game is highly enjoyable with nearly unlimited number of levels to play. Let’s take a closer look at it after the jump. Read More

Magic Farm: Time Management Game With An Interesting Storyline [iOS]

Time management games are fun to play, although the genre has a limited  user base, it's popularity's  been seen continuously on the rise. Magic Farm, developed by Big Fish Games, Inc for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a time management game which lets you play the role of a beautiful entrepreneur who must find her lost parents, but to take on such an expensive journey, she will need gold. Grow and sell your plants, save them from insects and water them regularly, this is what the  game is all about. The deep storyline will keep you from getting bored as well. Read ahead to find out if it’s worth downloading. Read More

Skater Boy: Side-Scrolling 2D Skating Fun [Android Game]

Are you a die hard Tony Hawk fan? Love those tricks he performs and wonder, if you could do the same? Well, it all seems good on TV, most of us can't do it in real life. So if you didn't get the chance to do it physically, you can do so now on your lovely Android device. Developed by Running Games, the acclaimed creators of Yoo Ninja, comes another welcome entry in the market, only this time, its for all the skating fans out there. Meet Skater Boy, an easy-to-play and super-fun 2D side-scrolling arcade game that involves skating to the end of each level while avoiding various obstacles on your way. The game is utterly entertaining, so if you're ready to kill some extra time, read on to find out if its worth a try. Read More

Six-Guns: Third Person Shooter Set In The Wild West [Android Game]

Six-Guns, developed by the popular mobile game studios Gameloft, was first released for iOS devices, back in December, 2011. Though the game was met with average reviews from the fans and critics alike, early anticipations were high for its Red Dead Redemption-like setting, stunning visuals and sandbox-style gameplay. Now, after almost three months since its inception, the game has finally landed on the Android platform. This third-person shooter is set in an Old Western Frontier and has open-world gameplay. Just like most Gameloft titles, the game’s size is quite large (please note that after the initial installation, the game requires 400 MB of free internal storage space for additional content download), but as this is a trending factor with todays’ mobile games, it won’t hold back most gamers. Saddle your horses and read on to find whether this game was worth the wait for Android users. Read More

Samurai vs Zombies Defense: Hack & Slash, Strategic RPG [Android Game]

Here at AddictiveTips, we always recommend only those games that provide pure entertainment to our readers and Glu Mobile’s Samurai vs Zombies Defense for Android is simply no exception. This latest hack and slash, zombie-killing mayhem will take you to an exciting journey where you will play the role of a heroic samurai who must defend his village from, well, the zombies. The zombies come in large waves , hordes and groups, and you need to flank them in order to protect not only yourself from these gruesome creatures, but also your sacred village, using different gameplay elements commonly found in strategic role playing games. Read on to find out whether this game deserves a place on your device or not. Read More

Gravity Project: Fast-Paced 3D Run-And-Jump Arcade Game [Android]

How much do you trust your eyes and reflexes? Yes, that’s what this new game is all about. Gravity Project for Android is one of the most splendid games we have played so far. This fast-paced, buttery smooth, 3D arcade game is all about running, jumping and sliding. You are thrown into some spaceship where the gravity level is zero, and you have to run your character to the finish line while dodging different objects and hurdles. The accelerating gameplay is fun, and the environments are also pretty amazing. If you’re looking for a game like this, then join us after the break for further details. Read More