What Are iOS 6 Game Center Challenges & How Do You Send Them To Friends?

Although we’ve seen a flurry of popular mobile games going cross-platform this year, the iOS App Store as yet remains the richest gallery of smartphone games, while Game Center, owing to little or no competition, retains its crown as king of mobile gaming ecosystems. The iPod touch isn’t the world’s most popular handheld gaming device for nothing. With the release of Mountain Lion, Game Center expanded beyond iOS and onto OS X, adding cross-platform gaming to the mix, but Apple didn’t stop there. Out of the many new features brought on by iOS 6, there is one that encourages users to be more social on Game Center. Labeled ‘Challenges’, this feature allows you to invite your friends to beat your score or unlock a certain achievement in a game of choice. The process, though fairly simple, has the tendency to confuse novice users. Hence, a brief guide is in order. Read More

Appy Gamer: A Sleek & Customizable News App For Gamers [Android, iOS]

Being a regular smartphone apps reviewer, I feel absolutely blessed to come across offerings from some of the giants and recognized names in business. Looking at the events of the past three days, first it was team Root Uninstaller that came up with Smart Settings – a nifty solution to personalize and automatically switch between Android sound and system profiles. Then yesterday, OneLouder Apps introduced us to arguably the most innovative and feature-rich Twitter client for Android and iOS-powered devices in the form of Slices for Twitter. Today is the turn of MobilesRepulic – the creators of several intuitive news aggregating smartphone apps, such as Appy Geek, Glam Life, News Republic and Sports Republic – to unleash yet another gorgeous-looking, free news app. While Appy Geek was aimed at geeks and tech lovers, Glam Life had you covered with all the latest happenings from the fashion world, Sports Republic tried to attract avid sports followers, and News Republic covered news stories from almost all wakes of life, the team’s latest release, Appy Gamer, aims to be the hardcore gamers’ one-stop shop for getting daily doze of gaming news from virtually every known platform, including PC, mobile, Xbox, PS3, Nintendo and almost every reliable news source out there. Read More

Uplay For WP7: View Tips, News & Achievements For Ubisoft Games

Since Microsoft owns a pretty decent gaming platform in the form of Xbox, it makes sense that there is an Xbox Live hub integrated with Windows Phone 7. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you can only play Xbox titles on your Mango phone, and there are games from a lot of different developers available in the Marketplace. Ubisoft is the name behind games like Assassin's Creed, Anno and Prince of Persia, among many others. Uplay is the companion app for all games developed by Ubisoft, and you can think of it as the Xbox Live hub for Ubisoft titles. Thanks to Uplay for WP7, you will be able to view all the information related to Ubisoft releases on different platforms. The app displays walkthroughs for games, along with tips and tricks, and you will also be able to get all the latest news and game reviews for upcoming Ubisoft titles. Read More

Jogobox Lets You Download From A Huge Database Of Free Classic Games

There are two types of gamers, the ones that always want to play whatever is new and latest, and then those who simply love the old classics that they grew up with (Super Mario?). If you’re from the former category then this review might not be fascinating enough, but if you're one of those gamers who simply can't forget those classic hits and wonder if you could travel back in time to bring those precious experiences, then look no further than Jogobox. This free application is here to awake your childhood memories by letting you download classic games instantly and at no cost  The vast library of Jogobox houses thousands of games that are free to download and play, including titles like EA’s Red Alert, Sid Meier’s Civilization, Super Mario, Tombo Raider and what not. Moreover, it automatically moves all the downloaded games to the built-in library, so that you can easily play them from within the application interface. Read on for more details, with included screenshots. Read More

aCheckin For Android: Check In To Games, Discover New Ones & Share Game Progress With Friends

Google Play Store offers quite a collection of games, but the means to discover, discuss and share your favorite games with the gaming community are few and far between. So, it's always good to see apps like aCheckin hit the store. Simply put, aCheckin is a neatly-built social network for avid gamers, using which they can explore games from the Google Play Store, get game recommendations, check-in to their favorite games, make friends with worldwide gamers, find out what games their friends are currently playing, share game progress with the world, and earn badges for checking in to games. Read More

Dropboxifier Syncs Game & App Data Between PCs Through Dropbox

If you use Steam to play a Steam powered game, you must have an idea of how the Steam cloud works. It does not matter which computer you use to sign in to your account, all your data will be saved in the cloud and synced across all the configured computers, whenever you log in to your Steam account. It actually works just like Dropbox, doesn’t it? The major difference between the Dropbox and Steam cloud service is that Dropbox only syncs your files and folders between all configured devices, while Steam syncs the game data and enables the system to read and write data to the sync location. Dropboxifier is an open source application for Windows that lets you create a symbolic link in order to place the game and application data in your Dropbox storage, allowing you to directly save and access applications/games data without having to manually move the files to the Dropbox folder. It basically tricks applications into reading and writing data directly to the specified Dropbox folder. Other than Dropbox, Dropboxifier also works with other cloud storage services such as SkyDrive, Google Drive etc. Read past the jump for details. Read More

Game Fire: One-Click Windows PC Performance Booster For Gamers

Games such as Battlefield 3, Crysis 2 and Skyrim, all require a high-end system to play them without any lags and video rendering issues. Even though buying a new gaming computer or upgrading your current one is always advisable, there is another way to free up system resources to get that extra boost for running the latest games. For instance, you might have run into a situation where your PC was able to run a game, but you experienced lag during game play. If you are tired of having low system resources available for lag-free gaming, you can check out the previously covered performance boosters including JetBoost (reviewed here), Game Booster (reviewed here), and Toolwiz Game Boost (reviewed here), to optimize the system resources usage. Game Fire is another Windows PC performance booster that lets you optimize PC’s resource usage for playing HD games, by shutting down unnecessary programs and services, so that you can play a high-end, resource intensive games without encountering any system performance issues. It actually does nothing except freeing up system resources needed by the game to run smoothly on your system. Read More

Tiggit Is An Open-Source Indie Game Downloader & Launcher For Windows

E-sports has been gaining quite a lot of popularity in recent times. There was a time when video games were considered to be something only for kids, but nowadays, games like Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Valve’s Dota 2 have become the part of a fervently followed virtual sport. While some people, the professional players, play games in order to earn money, most of us only play to relax and enjoy. Almost all of the mainstream games require you to have high-end PC’s and gaming consoles to be able to run them. However, if you don’t have a high-end gaming device, you can still enjoy open source and free indie games. The main problem in finding good indie games is that they are released on different blogs and there’s no central location where you can download them. Last year, we covered an application for Windows called Game Downloader (a portable utility to download and play free games). Today, we have another similar application called Tiggit, which is an open-source program that allows you to install and launch free games. More on the application after the jump. Read More

[Giveaway] Defense zone HD Is A Stunning, Challenging 2D Tower Defense Game For iPhone & iPad

Tower defense games never get old. With an abundant choice of such time-wasters available for iOS devices, there are a few that manage to stand out from the rest and demand respect. Defense zone HD comes as a fresh breeze for the tower defense genre, with a very simple gameplay and controls that one grows to understand in a few minutes. With graphics and animations worth awing at, and destruction satisfaction at its best, Defense zone will keep you occupied for hours as it begins challenging your strategies moving through the levels. The difficulty, unless you play with the it set to Easy, will mess with your head, enough to make you want to strangle someone. More about the game after the break. Read More

Get The Latest Deals For PC, Mac & Linux Games With Game PromoBox [Android]

If you’re tired of sifting through the websites of various online game distribution platforms/stores in search for the latest deals and promotional giveaways on offer, and are looking for a solution that provides all of this information under one roof, look no further than Game PromoBox – a free Android app that lets you view and share exclusive offers and giveaway announcements from various popular online game distributors, including GamersGate, Green Man Gaming, Impulse, Desura and Beamdog. Sporting a slick interface, Game PromoBox comes with a reputation of fetching the latest gaming content from all aforementioned distributors for common platforms, like Windows, Mac and Linux. Apart from being your one-stop shop for listing all the latest deals regarding your favorite games, the app also helps you instantly navigate to the website of the store from where you can place your orders. Read More

AppBundle: 200+ Utility, Entertainment & Camera Apps For Your iPhone

With the passage of time, the Springboard of your iOS devices is bound to get more and more populated, but still, it is not humanly possible to have an app available at your fingertips whenever you need it. There are so many apps in the App Store that you can not even imagine to have a specimen from each category. Seeing this immensity of the App Store, AppBundle is an app which comes up with a pretty useful idea. This app is actually a collection of more than 200 apps, and acts as an alternative Springboard for your iPhone. Now, you can bid farewell to worrying about downloading minor apps like alarm clocks, timers, mini games and the like. AppBundle will make sure that you are never lacking in apps which fall under the category of Utility, Entertainment, Camera and Games. Read More

Swerve And Destroy: A Run & Gun Android Game For Fans Of Classic Shooters

If you're looking for a fun-filled game that can be a serious time-killer, then you've probably come to the right place. Swerve And Destroy is a new Android game that will keep you busy for hours (yes and i literally mean it), and is, in my opinion, one the simplest yet most addictive games I have played on my device so far. Based on tilt control mechanics, the game challenges the player to destroy hordes of red little dots while avoiding them all at the same time. More after the break. Read More

Hit iOS 3D Platformer Temple Run Now Available On Android

Get ready to jump and run away from that angry pack of chasing simians. Yep, you guessed it right, I’m talking about Temple Run by Imangi Studios. Our favorite, Indiana Jones look-alike, after enjoying a successful run on the iOS App Store, is back to do the same on the Android platform. Temple Run is about escaping a violent group of demon monkeys running after you. The game doesn't provide much of a background story, but as it appears, our hero must have stolen something of great value to the apes. Be warned that the game is extremely addictive. Once you start playing and competing with your friends for the highest score, you will never want to stop. Read on for an in-depth review of the game. Read More

FMX IV Pro: Biking Coupled With Gravity-Defying Stunts [Android Game]

Glu Mobile are known for creating some of the best mobile games out there. Just a few days back, we covered a recent release by the company, Samurai vs Zombies Defense for Android. Now, they have introduced yet another great title, FMX IV Pro, which, as its name suggests, is based on freestyle motocross - the extreme sport that involves bikers running over ramps and performing insane aerial stunts. The game sports amazing graphics, five distinct game modes and various achievements that you can unlock either by performing stunts or making in-game progress. Is it worth your spare time? Find out after the jump. Read More

Move The Box: Solve Match-3 Puzzles In Limited Moves [iOS, Android Game]

Waiting for your next train? Lurking around at an airport? Why not solve some puzzles while you still have some spare time at your disposal? Available for both iOS and Android platform, Move The Box is a match-3 puzzle game that promises to give you mind-bending entertainment, and your brain an intense workout. In this exciting puzzler, the basic goal of the player is to drag, drop and swap a number of different boxes piled up near a dock. Three or more boxes of the same design in a line automatically get disappear. This may sound simple, but it isn't always, as you will need to do all the dragging and dropping in a specified number of moves, and some levels can even take a respectable amount of time to solve. Read past the jump to see if moving those boxes really worth it? Read More

Increase And Enhance Your Words Vocabulary With Word Stack [iOS Game]

Word games have grained a lot of popularity recently, especially on the mobile platform. They are easy to play and provide a great way for nourishing your vocabulary. Words games surely are fun and can help even your kids in learning new words. If this genre fascinates you to the extreme, then you might want to try games like Words With Friends or our previously covered Scramble With Friends. But if you've already gone through those and looking for another word game to quench your thirst then give Word Stack a shot. Developed by Mochbits for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the game lets you solve a number of different puzzles by sequentially matching word blocks and stacking them over one another. The words can be synonyms, antonyms, compound words and/or may have some other relation. What the player needs to do is intertwine the words in the best possible combination. Read on for an in-depth review of this awesome puzzler. Read More

Ski Champion: Super Fast Downhill Skiing Gameplay [iOS Game]

Who doesn't love skiing? This exciting and adventuresome sports pump in some serious adrenaline anyway. It surely is fun but for those of us who don't get a chance to do it on the snow, we have our iDevices for that. Ski Champion is a brand new skiing game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, developed by Majaka. This epica game will give you a taste of an exhilarating fast race down the hill, where you will engage in fast-paced gameplay that requires precise tilting to get pass the gates on your way. The game contains a total of 15 unique levels, each of which comes with a different location and difficulty setting. Is it worth downloading? Read on to find out after the jump, along with some screenshots. Read More

Blow Up Your Enemies With Fragger The Grenadier [iOS & Android Game]

Who doesn’t love exploding their enemies? Especially when they are all tied up? No, we won't advice such atrocity in real life but when you do it in videogames, it all becomes a lot more fun. Meet Fragger, a cute little grenadier who must destroy his foes using nothing but grenades. The game is developed by Miniclip.com for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android, and is damn crazy fun. All you need is to blow up your enemies by throwing grenades with perfect precision and timing. The 2D graphics look beautiful, and the gameplay gives you endless hours of entertainment. Read on to find more after the jump. Read More

Solve Unique Puzzles In Puzzling Penguins 2 [iOS Game]

Puzzling Penguins 2 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is a new puzzle game developed by Bryan Mitchell that is about helping cute little penguins dive into the water hole via solving interesting puzzles. There are 189 unique levels in the the game that are equally split into three different weather conditions. The game has quite a lot to offer in terms of quality and the dazzling gameplay will not disappoint you at all. The players also have the choice to collect three stars in a level score if they may desire so, while the less time you take to complete the level, the higher the score you obtain. Do we think it is a worthy game for your device? Read on to find out after the jump. Read More

Defense Zone HD: Quality 2D Tower Defense Mayhem [Android Game]

Defense Zone HD is a new, promising addition to the line of 2D tower defense games for Android devices. The developer has aimed to fully utilize the potential of the latest dual-core line of devices through stunning visuals and smooth animations. As is the case with most games from this genre, there isn't any story to follow, but the gameplay promises hours of fun and action. If you love playing tactical/tower defense games, then this another title worth having on your Android device. Details after the jump. Read More