Gravity Project: Fast-Paced 3D Run-And-Jump Arcade Game [Android]

How much do you trust your eyes and reflexes? Yes, that’s what this new game is all about. Gravity Project for Android is one of the most splendid games we have played so far. This fast-paced, buttery smooth, 3D arcade game is all about running, jumping and sliding. You are thrown into some spaceship where the gravity level is zero, and you have to run your character to the finish line while dodging different objects and hurdles. The accelerating gameplay is fun, and the environments are also pretty amazing. If you’re looking for a game like this, then join us after the break for further details. Read More

Wings Of Fury: Classic Flight Action From The WWII Era [Android]

Being a flight simulation fan, at some part of your life you might have come across the name Wings of Fury, a classic action/flight simulator game that lets you take control of an American plane from the World War II era. The game was an instant success and garnered mostly positive reviews from gamers. Hold on to that nostalgia a little more, because the game has now landed on the Android platform to deja-vu it all over again. Wings Of Fury (yeah they kept the original name) is a 2D action game (with some simulation factors, of course) that is here to test your piloting skills. With its addictive gameplay and classic feel, you might instantly get intertwined with those old memories. Die-hard flight simulation fans may not find it satisfying enough, but casual gamers are bound to find it a delightful treat to whet their appetites. The game is pretty fun to play but also requires a little getting used to. Does it fare well with the original title, came out a long ago? We are here to find out. Read More

Unleash Your Inner Bean With Killer Bean Unleashed For Android

Killer Bean Studios, known for their animated feature film Killer Bean Forever, have released the Android version of a game based on the film. Killer Bean Unleashed, a fun yet challenging game, lets you take control of the protagonist named Killer Bean. The game is exciting and will keep you busy for some time, with adorable and quite satisfying graphics, despite it being a 2D side-scrolling arcade shooter. The gameplay does require several minutes to get used to, but the fun factor never lessens. Is it a worthy game or just a waste of your precious time? Read on to find out. Read More

Flypad: Turn Your iPhone Into A Remote Control For Racing Games On PC

Not too long ago, mobile phones were only meant to make important calls and send short messages to your friends and loved ones. The technological world has surely come a long way in a very short time, and smartphones of today claim and seem to be able to do everything for us, other than making us coffee and doing our laundry (which, looking at the current pace of technological development, might be available in a few years time!). They have put everything from listening to music to playing games, task management to browsing the web, in the palm of our hands. One of the groundbreaking inventions in smartphones are their unique and ever growing lists of apps. Smartphones app has broaden up their functionality and are acting as a gateway between user and their interaction with the phones. Today we have an application that lets your iPhone communicate with your PC in a very innovative manner. If you play a lot of racing games on your PC and don't like the idea of using your mouse or keyboard, for that matter, then Flypad might change the way you do your virtual races. It is a cross-platform application that turns your iPhone into a remote control for playing racing games on your PC or Mac. Its designed for those who like to play racing games using joysticks or gamepads, but don't have enough dough to buy one. Read More

Overachiever: Force-Unlock All iOS Game Center Achievements [Cydia Tweak]

Almost every game you play on your iOS device has some sort of scoring system, designed to motivate users to get ahead of their friends. For extra incentive, some games have additional “Achievements” that are logged in the Game Center. Some of these achievements are next to impossible to gain, and a thorn in the side for avid gamers. As always, the Cydia community is here with a solution. Overachiever is a new tweak that lets you force-unlock all the achievements of any Game Center-supported game you have on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read More

Gameloft Live! Is A Social Platform & App Store For Gameloft Android Games

Android gamers seem to be receiving lots of love from gaming giants these days. Just recently, Valve Corporation released the official Steam client for Android, and now Gameloft has introduced Gameloft Live! – a highly interactive social platform and app store for Gameloft games. Apart from its name, Gameloft Live! somewhat takes after Xbox Live! with respect to features as well. The app lets you connect to and socialize with the entire Gameloft community, keep in touch with friends via chat, create your own 3D animated avatar, view the Gameloft product catalog, get access to exclusive game deals and discounts, check out upcoming game promos, and win perks and rewards for playing games. Read More

Official Steam Client For Android & iPhone Out Of Beta & Open To All

After almost a week of its release in the Android Market and iTunes App Store, the official Android and iOS client of probably the largest online gaming distribution and discussion platform, Steam, is finally open to all registered Steam users, and not just the lucky ones with a beta invitation. The initial beta-only phase, as announced by Valve didn’t sit all that well with avid gamers all across the globe, especially those who already had a valid Steam account yet had to wait for an invitation. However, with the official Steam mobile app now open to all, you can access and manage your Steam profile, friends and groups on the go, chat with friends on the network (both in and outside a game), view their activities, search for games in store, view exclusive offers, manage your Wishlist and gaming cart, check out the latest gaming-related news, reviews and previews from the Steam network, as well as from multiple syndicated sources, and much more. Read More

Game On: Share & Download Game Progress Data To Get Past Tough Levels

Apart from serving as a means to provide you with some quality pastime, certain Android games can also test your mental skills and patience. Gamers often are confronted with a wicked situation within a game where they just can’t get past a certain level despite trying their best. It could be an unbeatable monster, or worse, those close-to-impossible yet equally tempting last few stages of a game that you keep thinking will be crossed in "just one more go". Enter Game On; an Android app that lets gamers share game data with others to help them get past a particular level in a game. The app is currently in beta, and requires both root access and BusyBox to run. Priced at just $1 in the Android Market, Game On supports a little over 60 games right now, each of which is hosted on the Game On network. For each game, you can search for and download multiple files to instantly jump to a particular level, thereby skipping certain tough or boring parts. Read More

BT Controller: Use Your Android Device As A Bluetooth Gamepad For Another

A couple of weeks ago, we reviewed Tablet Remote – an Android app that let the users remotely control one Android device with the other through Bluetooth. Now, while said app can be used to, say, remotely control media being played on another Android phone or tablet connected to your TV through HDMI, BT Controller allows playing emulator games in the same way. The app turns your Android device into a bluetooth gamepad, allowing you to remotely control emulator games running on another device (the host). Like Tablet Remote, BT Controller must also be installed and running on both the devices - the host as well as the controller – that are paired with each other over Bluetooth. As of now, the app only works with a handful of game emulators, and supports controlling one Android device with the other over Bluetooth connection only. Read More

Boxerapp Lets You Import And Play Any DOS Game On Your Mac

If you’ve ever used a PC back in its old days, then you might have enjoyed DOS games. PC games have come a long way since then, but DOS games are something that people play when they want to reminisce on their earlier gaming days. While that is no big deal for anyone using a Windows PC, those who use a Mac can’t just download a DOS game and start playing it. Boxerapp is a free Mac app that lets you play DOS games on your Mac. You can download any DOS game, import it via the app, and you’re all set to play. Read More

Steam For Android: Unofficial Mobile Client For Steam With An ICS-Like UI

If you’re an avid gamer, then you must surely be familiar with the popular online gaming discussion and distribution platform, Steam. Using the services of Steam, not only can you browse and purchase the latest games from major game developing companies, but also join its online community, and share your gaming experiences with others. Oddly enough, Steam currently does not have an official mobile client for smartphone users, which means that hardcore Steam fans have to resort to the Steam website, or third-party clients to access the service on their devices. Fresh to the Android Market, Steam For Android is yet another handy addition to such clients that has certainly got better looks and a more extensive set of features than most, if not all, of its counterparts. Sporting an extremely user-friendly interface that is reminiscent, in look and feel, of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich UI. Steam For Android lets you check your Steam profile, group updates, view special deals/discounts for your favorite games, sort the unending list of games by various filters, find out what games your friends are playing, and share the best games with your buddies right from your Android device. Read More

AppAware For Android: A Comprehensive Social Network For Apps & Games

With apps such as AppLovin and Hooked, we’ve already seen some fun ways of discovering and sharing the best Android apps and games with your buddies. Fresh to the Android Market, AppAware is a free app that merges the concept of both apps, providing a much better blend of social networking and app discovery. The concept of AppAware is simple; it fetches recommended apps and games from the Android Market as well as friends from various social networks, and lets you try, share, bookmark and comment on those apps. In short, it is a comprehensive social networking platform for Android apps and games where you get to know the preferences of others, and share yours in return. A neatly designed UI with various app categories, support for launching apps and games from within the app itself, location-based app suggestions, and a handy little homescreen widget carrying new app recommendations are among other highlighting aspects of AppAware. Read More

Blippar: Scan Products To Reveal Virtual Info & Games [Android & iOS]

Augmented reality is a field which really has a lot of potential, and up until now, one can’t help but feel that only a fraction of that potential has been unleashed. There are a few apps, on both iOS and Android, which make good use of the concept, and Blippar is one of them. At first glance, you might feel that the app is all fun and games, but it does have some pretty useful features as well. You just have to scan an object/product recognizable by Blippar, and the augmented reality engine kicks in, overlaying the object's image with an interactive layers of information or games. Read More

Move Steam Games Without Changing Junction Points With Steam Mover

Almost all games, by default, are saved in the C: drive, which can result in running out of disk space pretty quick, considering the huge sizes that games come in these days. By the time one realizes this issue, it might be too late already, as moving game files can result in making the game data (particularly game progress), redundant. Steam Mover is a portable application for moving Steam-supported games from Steam’s common folder to another destination folder. While Steam Mover can be used to move any kind of file by simply defining the alternative source path, the major benefit lies in the fact that it keeps the links intact for the moved files, which ensures that you are able to play your games without losing your progress. Read More

Discover Music The Fun Way With Song Mix For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Most of us like playing video games on our mobile phones, and even more of us are in love with music. Song Mix is an iOS app that combines these two areas of entertainment into one, and the outcome is pretty cool if you ask us. Using this fun app, not only can test your knowledge of music, but also discover new songs. The game/app asks you to guess the artist of a particular song by playing a short snippet from it. Read More

Create & Schedule Game Saves Backup With Gameston

When playing games like Assassins Creed, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Need For Speed, losing game progress is something all gamers fear. Imagine all those hours spent on completing quests and missions wasted just because you did not have a fresh backup of your game progress. Even though, gaming clients like Steam save the information related to a user, as well his progress, on the cloud servers, however, that option is not available in all games. Having a backup of your game is important if you do not want to lose all progress just because a file was corrupted in the game directory. Previously, we reviewed GameSave Manager, a tool that allows users to save and restore game backup for a large number of games, and SaveGameBackup, an application that simplifies the backup process for games and makes it easier to migrate saved games to a new computer. Both of these software are useful, but they lack the option of scheduled backups. Gameston is a backup and restore application that lets you backup games, transfer them to other PC’s and restore them with the added ability to set an automatic schedule for creating game backups. Read More

CheatBook Lets You View Cheat Codes Of PC & Console Games When Offline

The gaming industry has grown into a huge business in the past few years. What was considered to be a casual activity just to pass some time, has now turned out to be an industry where gamers, bound by contracts, are on the payroll of organizations. Even then, there is still a huge number of people who like to play games, not seriously, but just for having fun. While playing a game, sometimes it happens that you get stuck somewhere, or the level is too difficult for you to cross, and you look for walkthroughs to help you in completing the main goal of the game. CheatBook is an offline database of cheat codes for PC and Consoles games, and walkthroughs for PC games. The application is released once a year by the developers with the updated database to keep up with new games. All the data is available offline, so if you are going some place where you will not have an internet connection, you can take CheatBook with you to have a database of cheats available when playing games. You can print cheat codes and walkthroughs of games, or save them individually into text files. If you are connected to the internet, you can share cheat codes with your friends. The search bar allows you to quickly access the CheatBook database and view the desired cheat codes. Read More

Boost Performance And Temporarily Free System Resources With JetBoost

With increase is graphical and processing prowess, games are also getting bigger and better. But this also comes at the cost of eating more system resources than ever before. Games would take a mere few MBs not so several years back, but now, they crunch memory in GBs. If you are tired of never having enough system resources for lag-free gaming, and getting disturbed by automatic Windows updates during work, then give JetBoost a try. JetBoost shuts down unnecessary background processes and services, and prioritizes running processes to free system resources, which in return gives you butter smooth gaming experience. Obviously, don't expect miracles, as not meeting sufficient hardware requirements is primary concern, but it may aid you in better gaming than you'd do before. You can choose between Work, Game or Custom mode to temporarily stop processes, and resume them later when you are finished. Read on past the jump and see if it really helps improve your gaming. Read More

Decide-O-Tron For iPhone Recommends Games That Match Your Taste

Decide-o-Tron is an iOS app which recommends games for you based on a variety of criteria set by the user or upon the games present in the library it offers to users. Because of the huge collections of games available across multiple platforms, deciding which title you really want to spend your time (and sometimes money) on can get tricky. This is an app for your iPhone and iPad that will take away this headache, and because of the thoroughness of the criteria settings, you can really rely on it to provide you with optimal results. Not only can you find out everything regarding iPhone games using the app, it will let you search for titles related to Xbox Live, Wii and PS3 (among many others). Read More

Play Gameloft Games In Multiplayer Mode Over 3G [No Wi-Fi Required] [Guide]

We all remember that there was a time when many people didn’t opt for Android because of limited gaming options. However the scenario took a surprisingly good U-turn when gaming giants like Gameloft etc. decided to launch games for Android platform. Gameloft has a pretty impressive collection of games available in Android Market. They multiplayer option is great as you can challenge your rivals in real time for a faceoff in games in Modern Combat 2 etc. But there is one downside that you can’t go into multiplayer mode unless Wi-Fi connectivity is available.

Read More