Haunted House By Atari Is Out Now For iOS [Review]

Haunted House originally came out for the Atari 2600 back in 1982. This is a console that had less processing power than the kind required to display a dot at the end of a sentence today. The game was understandably limited at the time, but it was still unique. You were a floating pair of eyes trying to find your way through a haunted house looking for pieces of an urn. The property was rebooted in 2010 for consoles with an abysmal release (it wasn't scary or fun). Now, it is back, re-imagined for realm of mobile gaming. Haunted House is out for iOS. Let us see how it fares.Read More

Snap Attack: Real Time Word Building Game For Windows 8

Whether you’re on public transport or just trying to kill time during a rest break at work, a challenging word puzzle is often the right tonic for a quick mental exercise. You might have played cross-platform games like Scrabble or Words with Friends and there are literally thousands of other word games that you may not have tried yet. Windows Store is now slowly catching up with iOS and Android for the number of word building games available for it, and Snap Attack is just the latest entry in this genre. Published by Microsoft Studios, Snap Attack is a free real time word builder where the player races against time and competes with thousands of online players trying to complete word puzzles using the exact same word board as they are.Read More

Metal Slug Defense Released For Android & iOS [Review]

Metal Slug is a Neo Geo (SNK based Arcade) game first released in April 1996, back when 16-bit wasn't fashionable, it was all we had. At the time of its release, the graphics on Metal Slug were as revered as Unreal Engine 4's 4k resolution demos today. The gameplay options were limited to top-down or side-scrollers, Metal Slug fell in the latter category being a run and gun game. Metal Slug brought an element of superior animation, violence, gore, a myriad of characters all layered with an element of serious goofiness that it became an instant classic. To this day, there are new games being released and old ones being rereleased (and equally appreciated) on virtually every platform. In order to confine to the realm of mobile gaming, SNK have released Metal Slug Defense available on iOS and Android for free. Let us take a look at how it fares in the new age.

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Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Is Engaging, Funny & Stuff [Game Review]

Social Networking simulation games tend to blend into one thick gruel over time, with users unable to tell one apart from the other. However, innovation continues to come at such a rate that games - like Farmville and Hayday - serving the same demographic with similar content, tend to do great business. Take any incarnation, be it Clash of Clans, Castle Clash or Clash of Lords (the last two are from the same company). You might not be able to tell them apart, but they sure are popular. The reason this genre still thrives, is because a new one comes about and changes the game. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is one such game, out now for iOS and Android. It's hilarious, it's fun, here is our review.Editor's Note: This game contains mature content and has an age recommendation of 17+.Read More

15 Coins: Collect Coins As You Maneuver Your Ship Around Clones [Game Review]

Considering that Android has now become the most popular mobile platform on the planet, it's no surprise that the Google Play Store now carries a huge selection of games. As one of those non-paid downloadable games designed to make use of Android’s impressive capabilities, 15 Coins is a fun-loaded arcade game that makes a lasting impression with its creative design and gameplay. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still kind of like Snake from those classic Nokia phones, but with a few extra layers of depth to the mix. That said, instead of chasing a donut, in 15 Coins, the player has to collect 15 coins while dodging clones. Is it as fun as it says on paper? Let’s find out!Read More

GBA4iOS 2.0 Brings iPad Support, Controller Skins, Dropbox Sync & A New UI For iOS 7

When we covered GBA4iOS last year, it was already a pretty neat and feature-rich emulator but quite some time has passed since then without the app undergoing any changes. After the release of iOS 7, almost all major apps received updates to match the new flat UI, so it makes sense that GBA4iOS has joined the club as well, albeit a little late. GBA4iOS 2.0 comes with a revamped interface and some awesome new features. You can save the state of your games to Dropbox, and ROMs can also be stored in the cloud for easier management. To augment the new UI, GBA4iOS 2.0 has also added support for third-party skins for the emulator’s controller. If you own an iPad, GBA4iOS has finally been optimized for your tablet’s larger screen, letting users enjoy their favorite childhood games more thoroughly. Read More

OpenEmu For Mac Is A Robust Emulator For GBA, SNES & Other Classic Game Consoles [Review]

Classic Game emulators are available for virtually every modern platform. There is PSSP for iOS & Android, GBA4iOS for iOS, and EmiGens for Windows Phone. PCs are emulation utopia, with emulators for Playstation (1 and 2), and just about every gaming platform released sans the current consoles. Mac OS X, however, is not really a veteran of the emulation world. While modern gaming is all about immersion and high-end graphics, there is just something about classics that has continued to keep us hooked even after all these years. Consoles like NES, SNES, Mega Drive/Saturn, Gameboy et al. might have come and gone, but their games continue to hold space in our hearts and minds, and - thanks to multi-game emulators like OpenEmu for Mac - their ROMs in our hard disks.Read More

Reicast Is A Promising Dreamcast Emulator For Android [Review]

Reicast is a Dreamcast emulator for Android following the precedent of PSSP emulator for iOS & Android, GBA4iOS for iOS, and EmiGens for Windows Phone 8, but Reicast is more than just an emulator; it is part of a legacy. Some of you may or may not know that SEGA was once a powerful contender in the console market. It was the first console with a 128-bit vector graphics engine, and also the first to feature online connectivity. Dreamcast was eventually shut down along with Sega's console manufacturing business, however its fans refuse to let it die. Reicast is an opportunity for long-time fans to carry their favourite Dreamcast titles with them on their Android devices.Read More

Official GameTrailers App Comes To Android Phones & Tablets

Whether you’re a video game pundit, an avid console or PC gamer, or just someone who likes to keep an eye on the industry, you would surely be aware of GameTrailers. Known as GT for short, it’s one of the largest online gaming news, reviews and previews websites around, with focus on providing free access to the latest video game trailers. After over a year since it was first released on iOS, the official GameTrailers mobile app has finally made its way to Android.Read More

Roccat Power Grid Is A Customizable PC Remote Control, Gamepad & System Monitor For Android & iOS

Roccat is a popular name among PC hardware enthusiasts. The Germany-based company is completely focused on developing accessories for computer gamers and keeping a close connection with them as one of their strengths, which enables them to produce high quality peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and headsets that meet the requirements of their users. The company has built an app by the name of Roccat Power Grid that enables you to manage your PC from Android and iOS. It’s a fully customizable PC remote that lets you create custom controllers to monitor your system and even play games without touching the keyboard or mouse.Read More

Google Play Games For Android: A Detailed Hands-On Review

Google Play Games was one of the few new features of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean that were announced at at Google I/O this year, though back then, it was showcased in more of a developer-focused manner, highlighting how developers will be able to incorporate it into their games. At today’s “Breakfast with Sundar Pichai” event, the app was finally made available (along with Android 4.3 itself for the Nexus devices). We’ve taken it for a spin and from what we’ve seen, it looks impressive, apart from one rather major annoyance. So as always, join us as we go on an in-depth tour of Google Play Games and all the features it has to offer.Read More

Play Sega Genesis, MS, GG & CD Games On Windows Phone 8 With EmiGens Plus

Lately, video game emulators have been gaining considerable popularity on various smartphone platforms. The past week was all about GBA4iOS on iPhone, and now Windows Phone has received a new emulator of its own. WP8 already has a Game Boy emulator, and now it’s the turn of Sega to arrive on the platform. EmiGens Plus is capable of letting you play your favorite childhood games from various Sega consoles including Sega Genesis (Mega Drive in some regions), Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, and Sega CD. All you need is a dumped ROM of a game for any of these consoles, and EmiGens Plus will let you enjoy it right on your Windows Phone 8. The emulator comes with pretty decent controls, offers multiple import options for ROMs and allows users to tinker with audio/visual settings of games. Read More

You Can Still Install GBA4iOS To Play GameBoy Advance Games On iOS Without Jailbreak; Here’s How

Itching to play GameBoy Advance games on your iOS device, but can’t jailbreak it for one reason or another? Earlier this week, we published an article on how to do just that using GBA4iOS, but Apple found out about the workaround, and swiftly killed it because game emulation has a certain illegal aspect to it that could put Apple in trouble. Well, there’s good news for you. We have come across a way to continue using the game emulation app. Hurry up before Apple makes a move! Read More

Not A Verizon Customer? Get Halo: Spartan Assault For Windows Phone 8 On Any Carrier Right Now

Halo: Spartan Assault has been among the most wanted games for Windows Phone, and now that it is finally out, a lot of people are really disappointed to see that they have to wait 30 days more to get their hands on it unless they are on Verizon. Well, the WP8 community might not be as large as the Android one, but it still pretty good at coming up with workarounds for problems of this kind. With a little bit of extra effort, you can get your hands on Halo: Spartan Assault right now, regardless of the network you are currently on! The hack makes use of Fiddler 2 (the latest version of the tool we have covered in the past) in order to fool your device into thinking that it is on Verizon. We have seen the combination of Fiddler and Windows Phone in the past to let you enable the Zune Marketplace and creating direct download links of apps before the Windows Store had a web presence.Read More

GBA4iOS Is A Game Boy Advance Emulator For Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices

Emulators are nothing new for iOS, and we have already covered a PlayStation Pocket emulator for those of you with access to the Cydia store. There are a few Game Boy emulators available in the jailbreak store as well, but on other platforms like Windows Phone 8, you can start using such emulators via proper apps available in the official stores.  Apple’s App Store policies are a bit more stringent but now, there is finally a relatively easy way of getting a GBA emulator on any iOS device, even if it is not jailbroken! With GBA4iOS, your iPhone becomes capable of running any Game Boy ROM. The app has some pretty nice controls, lets you change game speed and supports saving up to 128 games states. Read More

[Giveaway] Play PC Racing Games With Your Android Or iPhone Using Tilt Racer

Though the trusty old keyboard and mouse combo works well for almost all PC games, the avid PC gamer never settles for anything less than what fits each genre the best, like the arcade fighting stick does fighting games and the Sidewinder does the racing genre. However, if your enthusiasm for PC games isn't at the point where you'd want to spend the dough required to buy a separate controller, you can always settle for using your smartphone or tablet as one. There are now more than just a couple virtual gamepad apps available for both Android and iOS; some meant for all genres - such as DroidPad and WiFiPad - and others, like FlyPad for iPhone, that are focused on racing games. New to the market, Tilt Racer for Android and iOS aims to improve upon the latter with a better control scheme. Join us past the break to learn what it has to offer. Read More

How To Create A Rovio Account & Sync Game Progress Across Devices

Game Center in iOS has always played the primary role in keeping record of any game achievements, but it does very little beyond that. Sure, you can challenge friends to a fruit slicing competition in Fruit Ninja, see what’s the farthest they've run in Temple Run, or find out who knows more words in Letterpress. As far as saving game progress is concerned though, there are little to no options. In the event that you accidentally (or purposely) wipe an iOS device and restore it from a slightly dated backup, you may lose some or all of your achievements and game data. Having personally gone through such a situation where my game data was lost, I can relate to the sinking feeling of losing so much hard work. Rovio - the makers of the famous Angry Birds game that has spawned a broad line of merchandise and its very own animated series - have announced Rovio accounts that will allow users to sync their game progress across devices.Read More

Play Any Game Boy Or GB Color Title On Windows Phone With VGBC8

VGBC8 for WP8 might not support as many platforms as RetroArch for Android, and those it does support are nowhere near as high-end as what PSSP emulates on iOS, but this Game Boy emulator does everything it is supposed to do in a really efficient and lag-free manner. The app is capable of running any Game Boy or Game Boy Color ROM, offering full controls and game saving options. VGBC8 is not the first emulator of this kind for Windows Phone, as the developer of this app has previously released a Game Boy Advance emulator in the WP Store as well. The new app works flawlessly, and loading new ROMs is really easy. Any game’s save state is uploaded to SkyDrive so that your progress doesn't get lost even if the app is uninstalled, and you start playing it right where you left even on another device.Read More

Pit Your Karaoke Skills Against Friends With Just Sing It! For iPhone

The popularity might have started to subside now, but games like Letterpress and Draw Something have managed to become the favorite time-killers for many iOS users. The main factor behind the success of such games is their ability to let you compete against real people, including your friends. So, you can easily show off your drawing skills or mental superiority using these games, but what if singing has always been your strongest point? Or maybe you just like karaoke and want to have some fun singing your favorite songs. Previously covered Sing! is a great app for karaoke singing but if you want an incentive to keep singing, you should definitely give Just Sing It! a try. Like Songify and Jam, the app augments your singing with different sound effects. You can share your songs over various social networks, and also challenge your friends (and strangers) to karaoke face-offs. Read More

Play Starcraft: Brood War & Caesar III On Android With Winulator

The concept of emulation, particularly for game consoles is not exactly a new one on Android. We've seen emulators for Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Play Station, Game Boy Advance and many more gaming systems since the advent of smartphones running this open-source OS. Now, the PC has been added to the list as well, and while it may not be a console, PC games have their own charm at times. Smartphones have become powerful enough to emulate many old classics, and Winulator proves just that point. To show things off, the Windows 95/98 app emulator supports the famous classic Starcraft: Brood War from Blizzard Entertainment. Not only that; Impression Games’ Caesar III has also made the cut. So if you're a fan of the classic RTS genre, we're sure you must be excited, so read on after the break for more on Winulator and how you can use it to start playing these games on your Android device.Read More