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What is Minecraft Bedrock version?

Minecraft is available on every platform that you can play a game on. This includes desktop platforms, mobile platforms, gaming console including the Nintendo Switch. Across all these platforms, the game goes by the same name: Minecraft. On the Windows platform though, you will find that Minecraft is often referred to in one of two ways; Java or Bedrock.

minecraft bedrock version

Minecraft Bedrock version

Microsoft owns Minecraft but it didn’t develop the original game. It was originally a Java based game on desktop platforms. Once Microsoft bought the game, it developed a UWP version of Minecraft. This UWP version of Minecraft is separate from the Java version and it is what is called the Minecraft Bedrock version.

The Minecraft Bedrock version is different from the Java version and if you buy it, you should keep the following in mind.

  • The Minecraft Bedrock version costs the same as the Java version. It is neither cheaper nor more expensive than the other.
  • The Minecraft Bedrock version is only available in the Microsoft Store.
  • Generally speaking, the Bedrock version is considered to be more ‘buggy’ particularly in terms of mob spawning rates.
  • The Bedrock version and the Java version receive updates side-by-side. The Cliffs and Caves update, for example, rolled out to both at the same time.
  • There are small, almost negligible differences in how select blocks and mobs behave between the two.
  • Players who play on Java outnumber those who play the Bedrock version and to that end, most resources for Minecraft such as skins, resources, shaders, etc., are developed for the Java version. The Bedrock version has compatible resources in the Marketplace.
  • The Bedrock version supports the best version of cross-play on Minecraft.
  • The Bedrock version has native controller support while the Java version does not.
  • If you’re looking to create massive builds, you won’t find a lot of tools that work with the Bedrock version. 
  • The gameplay on the Bedrock version matches that on the Java version.

Which Minecraft version should you buy?

If you want to play Minecraft on Windows 10, you may not be sure which version is right for you. The gameplay that is offered is more or less the same on both versions. For a more detailed look at the differences between the two, ones that will help inform the decision to buy the game, check out our detailed analysis of the two versions. Minecraft also has a little advice to help you choose between the two.


Minecraft Bedrock as a name is slightly confusing because Bedrock is also the name of the bottom or last layer in the overworld. If you’ve been playing on Java for years and you suddenly hear the term Minecraft Bedrock, you may not associate with being a Windows 10 version. 

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