Feedly – News Reader That Lets You Save & View Pages Across Devices

Internet access is in no way restricted to just your desktop anymore; tablets, phones, netbooks and notebooks allow you to go online provided you have a working connection which isn’t a big deal. All this means that you don’t have to sit down at your desk to read a really great article. One of the many ways that people keep up with what they were reading is with a unified online feed reader like Google Reader. Feedly is a web service that lets you read your RSS feed and pulls your feed directly from Google Reader. The question is, why use a reader for Google Reader? Feedly lets you add any web page to your Feedly account for reading later, without needing an RSS feed. That means pages can be bookmarked using Feedly and read later from your laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android phone. Read More

Page2Rss – Monitor Sites That Don’t Have RSS In Google Reader [Chrome]

Have you ever come across a website that had great content but for some reason lacked something very basic like an RSS feed? It may seem hard to imagine that a good site would lack this essential feature but it can happen nonetheless and that makes it difficult to monitor a site for changes. Page2Rss is a Chrome extension that allows you to monitor web pages that lack an RSS feed by creating a feed link for them that you can add to Google Reader, Yahoo and Twitter. Read More

Send Web Articles And Items From Google Reader Directly To Kindle

Are you an avid Kindle fan and do you frequently wish you could read everything on it? While Kindle remains one of the popular ebook readers, the methods for pushing content, other than ebooks to the device are still evolving and it seems a down right waste to just use it for reading books. SENDtoREADER is a web service that lets you send articles from the web and from Google Reader to your Kindle. Read More

Mishra Reader – Metro UI Based Google Reader With Smooth Animations

Mishra Reader is an simple, elegant and an intriguing WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) based Google Reader client for Windows with a ability to display total number of unread items in system tray. Since the application was developed on one of the best application UI design renderer for Windows, you will experience smooth animations while switching between different sections under its unified interface. The interface is designed keeping Metro UI elements in mind; you will get to see minimal Metro UI navigation buttons, scroll bars, screen titles, etc. Apart from its looks, it is very responsive in terms of fetching RSS subscriptions’ updates off your Google Reader account. Read More

Readefine Desktop – Google Reader Desktop Client With Magazine Style Layout

A while back, we reviewed Snackr, which is an Adobe Air based desktop ticker for reading your Google Reader RSS feeds. This time we have another one called Readefine Desktop which is a stylish desktop application for reading Google Reader feeds, plain text files and HTML files. It allows you to view multiple articles at a time as well as a single article in a unique magazine like multi-column layout. Redefine Desktop is also an Adobe Air based application and therefore can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. Some of its main features include: division of text into multiple pages for easy reading, keyboard shortcuts to change font size, Instapaper Support, Next Page button in Magazine Layout marks the articles shown to you as read (in Google Reader), resize option for images and videos to make them fit within columns, remove stray newlines, and drag/drop support for adding plain text for easy reading. Read More

NewsSquares Offers Interactive Layout For Reading Google Reader Feeds

When you’re reading feeds from your favorite sites, it really doesn’t matter much what the interface you’re viewing them in looks like but if you’d want a bit more details and perhaps a richer interface interface for viewing your feeds you might not say no to NewsSquares; a Chrome app that changes the Google Reader layout to a colorful interactive one. It lets you scroll news items from a particular feed in a horizontal bar at the bottom and read them as popups in the same window. It also provides desktop notifications for new items. Read More

View Google Reader In Pure Reader Layout From Firefox & Chrome

Google Reader is a great way to keep up with different subscriptions, but if you were to count the things about Google Reader that kept you using the service, the interface might not make the list for some people. Pure Reader is an extension originally designed for Safari to make Google Reader more appealing, now Firefox and Chrome users can get that same clean structured look for Google Reader with Pure Reader’s extension for Firefox & Chrome. Read More

Listen To Google Reader Feed Items On Your Android Device

It’s tiring enough to read off a computer screen for long hours, let alone off the much smaller screen of a mobile device. New to the Android Market, GoogleReader Reading is a free app that reads out your Google Reader feed items for you – your very own RSS feed secretary. So whenever you feel like giving your eyes a few moments of rest, launch the app and let it do the reading. The app is in no way meant to replace conventional RSS feed readers, only to increase productivity and allow users to multitask – listening to their favorite feeds while driving or taking a walk. Read More

WebReader Is Cross-Platform Google Reader Desktop Client

WebReader is an Adobe Air based Google Reader client for desktop.  It makes it easy to manage Google Reader subscriptions right from the desktop with options to view feeds in three viewing modes including Full, Summary, and Titles. With WebReader you can quickly manage all your subscriptions, add new feed list, and perform all the other feeds related tasks that are available in Google Reader with convenience. Read More

Reeder Is One Of The Best Google Reader Apps For Mac

Reeder is a free RSS reader for Mac which is somewhat quite akin to previously reviewed Espresso Reader in terms of both usage pattern and features. The developer has kept configurations to bare minimum in order to set it up quickly. The main interface is laid wide across the screen with two panels for navigating through subscribed feeds and articles from selected website while main interface shows the complete story. Being a simple RSS reader, it takes nothing more than to sign-in with Google Reader credentials to populate the feeds list. With Reeder, one can switch between multiple accounts, change default reading behaviors and gestures, customize syncing options, and configure integrated services including, Twitter, Instapaper, Google Mobilizer, and so on. Read More

Snackr Brings Full-Featured RSS Feeds Ticker On Desktop

Since latest happenings are brought forward by all News channels at the bottom of screen in a news ticker to let viewers know about updates quickly, you might want a tool which shows latest feeds in similar fashion. Snackr implements this very pattern for reading subscribed web content. To put in a nutshell, it’s a ticker that can be handled in numerous ways. The application is not necessarily meant to replace Google Reader, it is solely designed to keep RSS feeds at your fingertips. While you’re surfing through the web, working on your projects, or roaming around files and folders, just glance at its ticker to keep tab on latest happening without having to manually sift through the feeds. Read More

GWatchman – GMail / Google Reader Notification Alerts On Desktop With Growl Support

Gmail Notifiers are abundant, we have reviewed some good ones, such as, Spiffy and Scott’s Gmail Alert, but it becomes quite difficult to find a good Google Services notifier which supports both Gmail and Google Reader – two tools which every webmaster and tech enthusiast is familiar with. GWatchman is a portable system tray app that offers notifications for both these services and also supports Growl (a great addition). Read More

Espresso Reader Is Full-Featured Visually Appealing Google Reader For Desktop

In the last few years, we have come across many applications claiming to provide the best feed reading experience on the desktop. Personally, I have seen countless of them but none are actually usable. Today, after much searching, I came across Espresso Reader. Not only is it usable but is also visually appealing, easy to use, and has almost every functionality that a user would expect. It is also the first 3rd party desktop Google Reader application that I actually plan on using. Read More

Gruml: Google Reader On Your Desktop [Mac]

The first website that most webmasters visit is Google Reader to check the latest news. Browser crash and slow loading are some of many problems users face from time to time. What better way than to manage all the Google RSS feeds from the desktop?  Gruml is a desktop version of the immensely popular Google Reader. At the moment it is only available for Mac. Read More

Desktop Google Reader Notifier

Most users are addicted to their Google Reader and is the first thing they check every time they login. Checking for updates frequently can be tiresome, what better way than to get notified every time a new unread item is added in one’s reading list? Google Reader Notifier Qt does exactly that. Read More