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View Google Reader In Pure Reader Layout From Firefox & Chrome

Google Reader is a great way to keep up with different subscriptions, but if you were to count the things about Google Reader that kept you using the service, the interface might not make the list for some people. Pure Reader is an extension originally designed for Safari to make Google Reader more appealing, now Firefox and Chrome users can get that same clean structured look for Google Reader with Pure Reader’s extension for Firefox & Chrome.

Pure reader

The extension is simple, once installed, you can view your feeds in this very simple and clean application-style layout. Created originally for Safari, other developers created Pure Reader extensions for the two browsers. Since the extensions were created by different developers, the extension may have more features in one browser than the other. Both extensions resizes the Home, Add new subscription, shared items, starred items links to small buttons on the top bar. The Firefox extension is the better of the two, it gives you great design and functionality. In Chrome the extension causes these buttons to overlap the Google mail, calendar, documents etc links and in Firefox, the link no longer appear on the top as per the original Safari extension.

Chrome users might not get too excited about it since adding a new feed or viewing starred items might prove a bit difficult. While Google’s links still appear on top, they are not functional, you can use Google Reader functions if you can make out the buttons. If I were a Chrome user (and I am), I might not want it but then I can always view my feeds in Firefox. There’s nothing wrong with a little browser betrayal once in a while.

Install Pure Reader For Firefox

Install Pure Reader For Chrome

Visit PureReader Website


  1. This is awesome and it looks great… all though im having an issue with overlapping in the google nav and the reader nav in chrome, on mac os x. Is anyone else experiencing this.

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