How To Link Directly To A Section Of A Web Page

Links to a Wikipedia page can be modified so that they link to a particular section of the article instead of just the page itself. It's pretty useful especially when the article is particularly long and only a section of it is relevant for whoever you need to share it with. This isn't a specific Wikipedia feature, it's a web page thing i.e., something to do with the HTML of the page. The link is modified with the HTML 'id' attribute attached to an element of a web page and this is something you can do with just about any web page that uses the 'id' attribute to define a style for an element. Here's how it work.Read More

Get A WYSIWYG Website HTML Editor In Chrome With PageEdit

The Web Inspector tool in Chrome allows you to edit the currently loaded web page and make changes to it, but it it’s hardly the easiest way to edit a web page. PageEdit is a Chrome extension that lets you modify web pages by simply turning the tab into a WYSIWYG editor. Everything from text, images, and links becomes editable, and you see the changes happen live. The editor itself features toolbars that are similar to the ones in MS Word 2007. The extension has two modes: basic and default, that decide which toolbars will be visible when the extension is activated. Read More

View Table Of Contents For HTML Elements On A Website In Chrome

Sophisticated web development programs help write code easily than if you were to do it without them. Not only do they speed work up and help avoid common syntax problems, they’re also a great tool for beginners who might feel overwhelmed with the amount of effort needed to write a simple HTML page. If nothing else, they can help you learn code. The only shortcoming you might experience with a web development program, particularly when you’re using it to learn to code, is how they aren’t equipped to analyze websites in your browser. If your particular area of interest is HTML, then HTML5 Outliner is a great Chrome extension that will help you analyze different HTML elements on a webpage. The extension adds a square icon to the URL bar that, when clicked, opens a table of contents view of all HTML 5 headings and sections. The extension also works for HTML 4 elements.Read More

MdCharm: Create Markdown Documents With Live Preview & PDF Export Support

Markdown is one of the various markup languages that allows you to write using a text format that is both easy to read and easy to write. You can use it to quickly create and publish your documents online without having to understand complex HTML syntax, because markdown documents can be easily converted into structurally valid HTML files. Previously, we have covered several tools that allow you to create and edit markdown documents, such as MarkdownPad, a feature-rich, fully customizable Markdown editor that shows a real time preview of the changes that you make, Dillinger, a web-based markdown editor that supports saving markdown documents directly to Dropbox storage or Github account, and Mou, a unique markdown editor for Mac programmed for web designers to get syntax highlighting, live preview of documents and much more. Today, we have another markdown editor for Windows called MdCharm that supports Live Preview and let you export the created document to HTML, PDF and ODT formats. The live preview option allows you to instantly view what the document will look like in HTML format even before you convert it. Keep reading to find out more about MdCharm.Read More

PilotEdit Lite: Advanced Text Editor That Can Handle Files Larger Than 50 GB

There are a host of text editors out there for Windows. Simpler text editing tasks can be performing using the default Windows Notepad, while for the complex ones, you can use Notepad++, an open-source text editor massively reviewed (and favored) on AddictiveTips. Previously, we covered a text editor for Windows, called Intype, which lets you perform advanced tasks using a host of sample code modules of several programming languages, including HTML, CSS, C, C++. Java, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL and a lot more. Today, we have another text editor called PilotEdit Lite, which doesn’t provide options to work with as many programming languages as Intype, but has a more focused approach. It works as a Text Editor, HTML editor, PHP editor, Java editor and Hex editor. The software can handle massive files - even those larger than 50 GB - and offers customizable syntax and keyword highlighting. More on the application past the break.Read More

HTML Cleaner: Auto Optimize HTML Files By Removing Junk Characters & Tags

If you are a web designer, then you might know that one thing people hate to see on a web page is junk items, such as extra spaces, quotation marks, optional end tags etc. Manually editing HTML files can become a tedious task, especially if you are dealing with a lot of web pages. Wouldn't it be great if an application could automatically optimize your HTML documents by removing all the unwanted characters? HTML Cleaner is a software for Windows that allows you to remove unnecessary characters from your HTML documents including spaces, commas, and other symbols as well as, reduce the file size. This reduction in number of elements and file size is helpful in reducing the download time and bandwidth usage of both the server and users. More on HTML Cleaner after the jump.Read More

PollHut: Create Your Own Polls And Vote/ Comment On Others’ [Web]

PollHut is a slick web application that lets you create polls and allows other users to vote on them. PollHut comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly create polls and gather opinions from all around the world. The poll can be either set as public or private, and other users can add options to it. The web app requires users to sign up for the service so they can create polls. Analytics for each poll can be viewed by users by clicking on View Statistics on post view page. Polls can further be sorted by Popular, Recent, Views or Votes. PollHut currently displays six basic categories for polls, all of which consist of further sub-categories. Each poll page allows registered users to comment on a set of options. This allows users to filter comments for each set of options provided. Moreover, PollHut allows bloggers and web developers to embed polls in their websites.Read More

DetoClip: Extract Source Code & Plain Text From Web Content In Clipboard

DetoClip is a multi-purpose clipboard manager for Windows that supports a wide range of file types, including TXT, RTF, HTML, BMP etc., allowing you to hold as many clipboard items in its stack as you want. The application is geared towards web developers who deal with dozens of code files, and copy code structures from one file to another. It provides switchable preview between plain text, formatted text and source code for text you copy from web pages, letting you quickly copy the HTML code of selected text to application development IDE. Unlike other clipboard managers, it allows you to edit the clipboard items, making it easy to create customized clipboard items which can then be pasted into required applications.Read More

NppExport For Notepad++: Export Highlighted Code In HTML/RTF Format

Notepad++ is becoming more and more versatile and useful text editor with every new plugin added to its arsenal. Each new plugin brings something different to the application allowing users to perform more and more functions and edit documents with ease using Notepad++. The default Notepad++ does not allow users to export the edited text or code in HTML or RTF format. So, if you want to generate an HTML report of a piece of code you have just written, you will have to use another tool for that. Today, we bring you another plugin called NppExport that allows you to generate reports of your source code in HTML and RTF format. You can also copy the source code to Windows clipboard in specified format (HTML or RTF), and paste it in your default Word Processor to get highlighted syntax of code. It may come helpful in situations where you need to share the code with those who don’t have the required software IDE to view the code with highlighted syntax. Using NppExport, instead of making the other person install the same tool on his system, or letting him view the code with the wrong syntax, you can easily generate an HTML report that will retain the complete syntax of your code in the generated report.Read More

Run Selected HTML: Instantly Execute And Preview HTML Code [Chrome]

HTML might be a very basic web language but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. Basic HTML is extremely easy to learn and you can literally teach yourself how to create a simple form in a day. Once you do get started, you will realize two things; one, that it really is easy to learn and two, that you have to refresh your HTML page each time you make the slightest change to the source file. Not just that, many of the best websites for learning HTML don’t give you a preview of what a particular tag does and if you only want to see how a certain bit of code renders as a webpage, you will have to create an HTML file for it. It’s time consuming to say the least. A Google Chrome extension, Run Selected HTML, can be of great help in such a case. With this extension, you can instantly run a demo of any selected HTML code. Usage is as simple as highlighting the code, clicking the Run Selected Code option in the context menu, and view the code as a webpage.Read More

Create HTML Snapshots Of File And Folder Structures With Snap2HTML

Windows is an elegant operating system and supports hundreds of thousands of applications. However, only a few ones seem quite worthy enough. Everyday I come across tens of different apps, but for me an application should be unique, intuitive and productive, only which feel worthwhile for a review.While browsing the web, i found Snap2 HTML, which is quite unique and handy application, and can help you troubleshoot various everyday computer problems. This portable utility lets you create an HTML snapshot of folder structures on your hard drive, with complete navigation. The snapshot is a complete copy of the real file and folder structure, and the user is able to navigate within them just like a real directory. This snapshot of folder structure can then be shared with anyone, for lets just say your friends, co-workers, your boos, allowing them to view where each file and folder is in the parent folder. This can be extremely useful in situations where tech support is required, as the troubleshooter can easily rectify the problem. The HTML file is created with a built-in search function that allows you to search any file and folder by name or extension.Read More

PageSnap Lets You Instantly Convert Web Pages To PDF [Web] is a web app that instantly converts any HTML page into a PDF document. Just enter the URL of the website, click Generate PDF, and the website will be converted into a PDF document that you can easily download. Each document is stored on the server for 7 days, after which it is deleted. Furthermore, the website offers users with two languages, English and Polish. You can convert the page to Polish language by clicking the button displayed at top of the page.Read More

Create Clickable Image Maps With 4dots Imagemapper

Creating clickable image maps can be a daunting task, as it requires going through a laborious procedure for defining and linking each section of an image to the respective URL. For example, if you are designing a website for an e-store, it might be required to link a banner image with separate URLs. In such a case, the mobile phone image in the banner may require being redirected to the mobile section of the website, whereas a laptop image may have to be linked to the laptop section. Fortunately, we feature an app that makes the whole process easier.Read More

Bayfiles: One-Click File Sharing Service With Larger File Size Limit [Web]

If you're looking for another useful, one-click file hosting service, then you should definitely check out Bayfiles. This is a web app similar to MegaUpload and Rapidshare, allowing you to upload, share, and download files in just a few clicks. Bayfiles offers unregistered users an upload limit of 250MB per file, while registered users get as much as 500MB file size. Premium service, which is paid, allows an upload of up to 5GB per file. There are three plans for premium users, $7 for a month, $35 for six months and $65 for a year.  Furthermore, it has a simple interface and also provides you with HTML and Forum links, which you can use on your blog or website.Read More

Online Tools Offers Various Web Development Tools Under One Hood [Web]

If you are a software developer and use multiple tools for testing and validating your code, then Online-Toolz can be of great help. It's a web service that provides software developers with a whole lot of validators, functions, generators and conversion tools. It offers HTML, XML validators, text conversion & encryption-decryption functions, date functions, password generators, color chooser and more.Read More

Duplicate Content Allows You To Detect Duplicate Content Online [Web]

Duplicate content on your website can hurt your website’s Google ranking, and can be a serious issue with respect to copyright violations as well. Duplicate Content is a web app that can help you detect similar content on two web pages. It is especially useful for web developers and bloggers who are interested in seeing similarity between two sites. It is a simple, online service that lets you check the extent of duplicity between two webpages by comparing the text as well as the HTML markup of both pages, and shows a comparison between the HTML, standard and smart text. You can also embed the duplicate checking code on your own website from the said web app. Details after the break.Read More

DirList: Create Filtered File Listings In HTML And CSV Format

DirList is an application for Windows that allows users to browse through both local and removable disks, and selected locations. What makes it unique from similar tools is its ability to apply wildcard entry filters over file listing, i.e., you can choose to filter out files by extensions, pre and post fixes in titles etc., by using asterisk (*) character. It lets you recurse subdirectories, list down sibling folders, and choose types of folders and files that you want to create the list for. The lists can be saved in CSV or HTML format, which can prove to be very useful while sharing file listing in online forums and exporting file and folder names to databases.Read More

Re Text: Edit & Save Markdown Files in HTML, PDF and ODT Format

Markdown is a text-to-HTML filter that translates structured text into HTML. Markdown editors allow users to customize text documents and convert them into various formats such as HTML and XHTML. Re Text is an open source, multi-tab markdown editor for Linux, allowing editing of files in markdown and HTML format. The application includes a list of pre-defined Symbols (Deg, Divide, Laquo, Larr, nbps, etc.) and Tags (<center>, <span>, <td>, <tr>, <u>) that you can insert in markdown documents. It also provides Preview Pane alongside the editor, which shows output of your markdown document in real-time. The edited files can be saved in ODT, RST, HTML or PDF formats. Re text is written in Python, and comes with a pre-compiled package.Read More

reView: View And Convert Outlook MSG Email File Into RTF & HTML Format

Want to read emails from Outlook’s MSG files without having to install and configure Outlook on your system? Although MSG files can be rendered by powerful text editors such as Notepad++, EditPad, they don’t have the ability to show all email elements including email header, date and time stamp, HTML formatted email body and other information saved in MSG file. reView is a freshly-baked, standalone application to not only read MSG files but also to convert them into HTML and RTF format to view emails with original formatting. It can read MSG files exported from Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Moreover, you can view the sub-messages, switch between plain text, RTF and HTML email previews, and save attachments embedded into MSG file.Read More

Flitskikker Info Tool: Compare System Specifications With Game Requirements

Sometimes, it happens that we buy a game, bring its CD home, install it, and when run the game for playing, we find that the game is not compatible with our hardware, meaning that either we need more processing power, more RAM, or a better graphic card in order to run the game. Sometimes, lowering the graphic requirements from the game options can be a solution, but that does not work every time. In order to avoid wasting money on games you cannot even play, it is important to know which ones is your PC capable of running. Flitskikker Info Tool is a system information utility that displays information related to hardware connected to your PC. The application generates a text file as well as BB Code with all the accurate system information which can be saved and posted on forums whenever you need help with a hardware issue. Flitskikker Info Tool includes a Game Advisor to help you identify compatible games exactly according to the specification of your system. You can select a game from a list to compare system’s specifications with the requirements of a game to check whether your PC hardware is capable to run the game or not.Read More